LEGO The Hobbit PS3 Bundle Heads to North America This Spring

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LEGO The Hobbit PS3 Bundle Heads to North America This Spring

LEGO The Hobbit on PS3

Many of you are probably looking forward to the final film in The Hobbit Trilogy, The Hobbit: There and Back Again, hitting theaters in December – I know I am. That’s why at PlayStation, we’re excited to announce that a new LEGO The Hobbit PlayStation 3 bundle is heading to Middle-earth – er, sorry – heading to North America. The bundle comes with a 500GB PS3 system and LEGO The Hobbit, the latest LEGO game inspired by the first two Hobbit films. The bundle hits store shelves this Spring for $269 (MSRP).

LEGO The Hobbit on PS3

LEGO The Hobbit on PS3LEGO The Hobbit on PS3

The PS3 bundle is perfect for gamers of all ages. You can join Bilbo, Gandalf, and Thorin Oakenshield’s Company of Dwarves as they journey across Middle-earth on an epic quest to reclaim the lost Kingdom of Erebor from the Dragon Smaug. Visit some of the film trilogy’s most iconic locations, including The Shire, Rivendell, and the Misty Mountains, where Bilbo first meets Gollum and discovers The One Ring. Along the way, you can test your mettle with Treasure Quests, mine for gems, discover loot from enemies and craft powerful magical items. The game offers a different take on The Hobbit film universe, infusing the legendary journey with the familiar humorous gags we have come to love from LEGO games, as well as the ability to build immense new LEGO structures.

Like Gandalf, we’re looking for someone to share in the adventure. Join us!

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  • cool. Hobbits!

  • No image of the bundle box?

  • ……..

  • Very cool.

  • Please tell me the Vita version will be the same as the PS3 version. It’s more than capable of handling it, but too many shortcuts have been taking on the handheld version in the past.

  • Cool bundle for PS3 & thos ethat like lego games.

  • I know this is probably no the right place, but I have a small sort of wish list I would like to see available in the classics selection. They are sort of hard to find, and very original games.

    Fox Hunt
    Psychic Detective
    Nightmare Creatures 1&2

    I suppose I will get no reply, but I am hopeful somebody will look into these games.

  • @5 Every LEGO game on Vita has been a 3DS/DS port. I doubt that will ever change.

  • I ditto what @8, generic says. These Lego games have to also be on 3ds in order to make money and have to be dumbed down vis-a-vis Vita. If you boycott these versions it only makes it less likely we’ll get great games on Vita. Economics suck but still rule the world.

    Having acknowledged that, I’ll still say that Lego makes the only fun movie tie-ins and I really enjoyed the Vita versions of Harry Potter and LoTR and Batman 2 so I will definitely buy this new Hobbit game for Vita, at least.

  • No Lego Hobbit for PS4? Boooo!!!!

  • Never mind, just looked it up. It is coming to PS4.

  • I’m guessing the third movie will come as DLC?

  • I’ve enjoyed the Vita versions of the Lego games alot, its nice to have a different experience. What color is the console going to be?

  • I love the LEGO games, but seems like an odd choice for a bundle, especially for the “legacy” PS3 instead of PS4. Maybe if the bundle included all the LEGO games it would be worth it.

  • I need to pick up a new PS3, so I guess this is the bundle for me!

  • @7 lol Foxhunt is old school fun. FMV games have gone the way of the dinosaur. Yet, I bet they could be reborn in a new form.
    Still FOXHUNT is a classic to me..I was young and I’am getting flashes of the game, so I’m down with that wishlist of yours.

    As for this bundle, it’s a good way to start the year with..Bestbuy are out of PS3’s and Vitas at my local area. PS4 is sold out everywhere. I’ll get the Vita bundle and wait for another PS3 super slim bundle. Still a good deal for others.

  • @9: Don’t blame the 3DS. The original DS is the problem. They need to drop it as a platform. Both 3DS and Vita are capable of more.

    And if you enjoyed the garbage that is Harry Potter Years 5-7 on Vita then I feel bad for you. You should play some Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey. That’s a solid LEGO game on Vita. With cutscenes that don’t look like compressed garbage.

  • @17 Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey was/is a great game on the PS Vita! I didn’t expect the horrid experience that came in Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril. I’m hoping that was just some crazy idea they had, thinking it fit the model of the story (which I have to say NO to!) PS4 version was super great and remote playing it made me so dislike the PS Vita version more.

    I agree about the DS and just hope that somebody, somewhere knows PS Vita and 3DS are capable of much more, and that PS Vita is especially. I love LEGO! LEGO on PS Vita is something I don’t want to have to pass up in the future.

    This bundle is nice for some people. I may use it to get a PS3 copy of the game and a new PS3 somewhere in the house. I’ll be playing it on PS4, for the most part. :)

  • Really want the game, but really not buying it until they tell us what their plans are for the last movie. I owned both Lego Star Wars Trilogies but the combined game seemed like the complete experience. So is the 3rd movie going to be DLC, a separate game for maybe $20, or will there be a new game w/ all 3? Not buying until I know. Why they are even coming out w/ this games 8 months before the 3rd movie really makes no sense.

  • If this has a custom PS3 console design I’m totally getting one.

  • You REALLY, REALLY need to put these games at much more affordable prices.

    (IE – Lego Batman 2 – Vita ,and PS3)
    They make the little kids happy, but are not really much in the way of gaming.

  • Looks funny :)

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