Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 Hands on: Old School

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Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 Hands on: Old School
Wolfenstein: The New Order pits players against seemingly insurmountable odds in a skewed 1960’s where the Nazis conquered the world. An FPS that’s old-school in all the best ways, it eschews modern niceties — no recharging shields here — in favor of merciless, finely honed shooting.

Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4

Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4

Our recent hands-on experiences with the PS4 version pointed to an invigoratingly confident single-player shooter of a distinctly different breed. Case in point: Original FPS hero B.J. Blazkowicz goes to battle with 100 health, which you’ll top off by collecting medkits and gorging on food scattered throughout levels. This traditional damage model combines with modern-day visuals, a surprisingly satisfying story, and strong character progression to create a unique and refreshing take on the genre. Old meets new, but in the best of ways.

Old-school in all the best ways

Clicking DualShock 4’s touchpad pulls up BJ’s journal. The Perks section drew particular attention. Rather than accruing experience points, you’ll unlock perks by completing specific challenges. Specialize in a particular weapon, and you’ll gain related skills in the skill tree’s Stealth, Tactical, Assault and Demolition sections. And depending on your playstyle, you’ll fill out some branches more quickly than others.

Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4

Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4

In terms of storytelling, The New Order seeks to similarly recalibrate the idea of the FPS by weaving a tale with unexpected turns, meaningful relationships, and diabolical antagonists. You’ll face tough choices, too. No spoilers, but at one point I put the controller down in hopes that the game would make a decision for me (it didn’t).

This reboot is a gutsy move

The arsenal is predictably expansive. Even the pistol BJ brandishes is massive and imposing, not to mention the myriad rifles, shotguns, machine guns and turrets you’ll employ. What’s more, BJ can dual-wield nearly any weapon in the game, which comes at the cost of some accuracy but is often worth the price of admission: hosing down a crowd of unsuspecting Nazis with akimbo assault rifles or full-auto machine guns is an experience you won’t soon forget. Another touch I appreciated was the ability to unmount and carry turrets, which you can warm up with L2 before unleashing a torrent of hot death.

Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4

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MachineGames‘ Wolfenstein reboot takes place in an alternate reality, and feels like it was devloped in one too. It’s a gutsy move that asks, “what if shooters evolved differently?” Find out for yourself when the game ships on PS4 and PS3 May 20th.

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  • Wow those are impressive character models. They look that good within the game? I haven’t really try playing the other games in the series but this might spark my interest in giving it a shot!

  • Looks great. Cant wait to play this. Love the story.

  • Loving the reversal of the “Tacked-On MP” trend.


  • I’m sorry but all I can think of when I see that character portrait is this:

    Game sounds interesting though!

  • I’m really looking forward to this game. It has an “Inglorious Bastards – Killzone fusion” kind of vibe that I’m really feeling. I give them huge props for not getting suckered into the multiplayer trend and just focusing on making a great story campaign. Hopefully the characters and story are as strong as the potential suggests.

    Day 1 purchase for sure.

    • I’m not usually an FPS guy, but the couple hours I played here really caught me off guard — I’m all-in come May 20th.

  • A wolfenstein Reboot! hell yes … Will be buying this for nostalgia and because it is looking good

  • Will preorders be available via the Playstation Store also.

  • You need to have these guys on the Blogcast to talk about some of the weapons and other mechanics.

  • nobody can deny the game will play well seeing as dev Machine Games is founded by Starbreeze co-founder Magnus Hogdhal and many Starbreeze employees comprise the company. Thank you Sweden for these guys, DICE/frosbite as well. Even Syndicate was underappreciated while boasting gorgeous graphics/lighting, tight gunplay, a stylish futuristic setting, and a flawless 4 player co op campaign. Syndicate was a well made product from Starbreeze which may have lacked some soul, something i will assure you that Machine Games Wolfenstein N.O. will have in spades – this game will have personality. By gamers for gamers – best of luck – here’s to a smaller studio making some noise and doing it the way they want to. If only you people would support them maybe we wouldn’t have so many clones out there. PRE-ORDER & DAY1 BUY FOR ME and my friends. We can’t wait!

  • Can not wait! LOVE the “retro sci-fi” feel to the game, it is about time someone does this iconic brand justice (though d3/DE/Raven’s iteration of Wolfenstein a few yrs ago was better than it got credit for). The game looks great and seems like it will be a visceral thrill ride focusing on a “kick a**” single player experience which i am fully in favor of. The screenshots look iconic giving me a plethora of Nazi robots ranging from towering behemoths who shoot lightning like electric streams to car sized attack dog robots with full metal teeth which look like they could crunch diamonds like they were poprocks or better yet bite off BumbleBee’s (transformers) manhood in one swoop. The videos also look stunning featuring dark Helghast like Nazi enemies, enveloping Killzone2/3 like antagonists and a dual wielding punch you in the mouth action packed feel. THIS GAME WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF – CoD drones need not apply.

  • Wow character models… Damn! This looks amazing.

  • This seems like this could be good, the beta also has me interested indeed!!!!!!!!!!

  • DOOM4 on PS4 ……… yes please. Wolfenstein, id tech5, Bethesda, Machine/Starbreeze people, focusing all your energy on a stunning single player all good things. Everyone i know is excited about this game and to get the DOOM4 beta with it is nice. They are having a midnight sale and having a special event for Wolfenstein at my local gamestop. Fear the Machine.

  • Is there any coop?

  • Though I like and Wolfe and DooM, not going to jump in Day 1.

  • what is the Frames on the PS4 version 60 or 30?

  • watched some gameplay of this in EG, looks generic at best.

  • This game sure looks good,looks a bit different from the typical FPS we get….I will pick up for PS3 and I gotta say great choice by going without MP…that alone got my attention and you guys will have my support.But I wish there was a demo for it.No word on that?

  • Glorious 1080p @ 60fps. Yes I’ll have one to go please.

  • great artcle a question for you?

    1.Since it will have a eprk system to cater to different playstyles do oyu know if will every level will allow steath or are they going to be some levels that you HAVE to shoot?

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