inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4: Enjoy Your Power

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inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4: Enjoy Your Power

In just under a month from now we’ll launch one of the most anticipated games of the year — inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4. To fuel the growing excitement for the March 21st launch date, we worked closely with Sucker Punch Productions to create an adrenaline-fueled gameplay spot that dives into the defiant attitude of the game, combining both music and industrial superpowers.

In Second Son you’ll play as Delsin Rowe, a superhuman being who decides that possessing spectacular powers is extraordinarily thrilling. He quickly learns the freedom that comes with mastering his abilities and we can’t wait for you to experience that exhilaration for yourself.

Featuring new in-game footage and a track from Seattle grunge band Mudhoney, this spot highlights the game’s jaw-dropping visuals. It also gives you the opportunity to revel in mastering Delsin’s power as you stand up to the oppressive Department of Unified Protection.

The wait is almost over. Prepare to enjoy your power when inFAMOUS Second Son launches on March 21st.

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  • This game is going to be sick. Can’t wait.

  • Is there like a surprise multiplayer feature that we weren’t told about? O.o So excited for this game limited edition is on the way!

  • @Rabzinatorz Not at all. This game is single-player.

    I cannot wait! This is going to be awesomeness.

  • i have this on the top on my gamefly queue. :)

  • all your money already huh?..Well i on the other hand wouldve loved to buy this game only..its just not that impressive to me anymore..same ol same powers but nothing extra.I wouldve like to see a CO-OP implimation and even better a MULTIPLAYER mode as well..this to me would add more fun to the game and get my moneys worth. Paying 60 buks for a game that just has a story is not enough for me anymore. Uncharted has single and multiplayer modes why cant this game have it. Do you know how much fun it would be if i could play with my friends and family (bros ofcourse) online..IT WOULD ALOT OF FUN! Yes the game looks AMAZING but it just needs more options. but thats just MY OPINION. Keep up the FANTASTIC work SP!

  • Day 1 purchase

  • Dhat neon! March 21st cant come any sooner.

  • Got the Collector’s Edition pre-ordered :D FREE HAT!!

  • FREE HAT FREE HAT FREE HAT FREE HAT, and if no one knows what I’m talking about then it’s because it’s a South Park episode called Free Hat., look it up.

  • Nice ad. To be honest some of the gameplay previews have looked a bit sterile so it’s good to highlight the carnage that can be created in the game. Would love to see a spot with Soundgarden’s Hands All Over, amazing song.

  • with Thief having mixed reviews (and also me not being the biggest stealth game fan), this game has been bumped up to my next PS4 purchase, well maybe if Tomb Raider hits $30 or less ahead of this release

  • Rad trailer, love the song. I can’t wait, day 1 buy for me. Will this version have UGC like Infamous 2? I played some really fun UGC levels this morning. A really cool feature you don’t see in that many games.

  • Nice lil trailer but…terrible choice of song.

    @ 5 nYcFrEeWiLL82 – OMG damn man you and people who thinks like you are one of the reasons why this generation is so spoiled.

  • Awesome!! the wait is almost over

  • “@5 Well i on the other hand wouldve loved to buy this game only..its just not that impressive to me anymore..same ol same powers but nothing extra”

    Not same old powers, wait what? The old powers were Electric (Infamous 1 & 2). This new Infamous is Smoke & Neon powers, plus whatever powers are not announced yet. Nothing extra eh, other than it’s completely different & really impressive. Maybe you would be impressed if you paid attention to the facts.

  • I can afford this, so no rental here. Day 1 purchase.

  • SICK!!!

    Already got the Collector’s Edition pre ordered!

  • Nice job sticking with the grunge tunes. Glad it’s not just a bunch of the obvious “big 3” but some of the lesser known bands. Fits so well with Seattle. Game looks great!

  • Why don’t the US Limited Edition or Collector’s Edition comes with the condoms??.

  • Can’t watch, must experience the real deal. Hope it lives up to 1 and 2, they were my favorite PS3 games.

  • @19 uhhhh what ? Really looking forward to this game on the new hardware seeing as how i enjoyed both infamous 1 & 2

  • Been waiting a long time for this! On a side note: Love the ‘Single’s reference. Nicely done!

  • Is the Infamous bundle being released in US? I haven’t been able to find a ps4 since launch and looking to pick one up. Currently have a xbox one, but really want to get a ps4 with Infamous before the other big 1st party titles start dropping this fall.

  • This game looks very very good! :D

  • So you can buy the limited edition online with the coles legacy dlc.

  • So excited to play this.
    Since I don’t care about reviews, and am just going off my gut instincts and the streams I’ve been seeing, I’m still looking forward to Thief. Love me some uber stealth gameplay. That will just have to keep me going until March 21st.

  • This is a day one purchase for me….even though I don’t actually have a PS4.

  • I can’t wait.

  • I can’t believe this game will be better compare to beyond two souls i hope i get a copy for my PS4 any plan to sell the jacket as a collector edition? i bet the jacket will look good on me So i hope this game will be amazing

  • too early to nominate this as a GOTY candidate? this game is going to be amazing.

  • do we need PlUS to enjoy the “enjoyourpower” campaign?

  • It is finally out guys! wooooo!

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