PlayStation Blogcast 110: The Secrets of Left Behind

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PlayStation Blogcast 110: The Secrets of Left Behind

Safely tucked at the end of this week’s show is our long-awaited spoilercast for The Last of Us: Left Behind, with Naughty Dogs Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann discussing the creative process and challenges in developing a downloadable follow-up to the 2013 game of the year. Today’s show also features new PS4 interviews for Helldivers and Daylight, a guest appearance by World Wide Studios SVP Scott Rohde, topped off with next week’s new releases. Enjoy!

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  • Yesss finally! Okay, now you’re allowed to get back to Dark Souls Sid =P

    Also, happy birthday Ryan! =D BEYOND!

    P.S. – RIP Nick, lol

  • When will the podcast be coming to PS4?

  • Hi if u guys could answer:
    Will there be more PS1 classics added to the Vita PS store that are already released on PSP and PS3 that are yet to be compatible on the Vita?
    i.e. Bloody Roar 1 and 2 and also if possible the Crash and Spyro games.

  • damn. that was who i killed off Outlast?

  • see. I meant “killed off”. This is where the horror comes in, Sid.

  • Is the Left Behind discussion spoiler free?(the DLC specially)

    You guys always do a great job, you will make my Monday at work suck a little bit less.

  • seriously. is there any way I could get some solid confirmation on any of this stuff? its getting way past annoying to keep asking and getting ignored. what about mercenary kings? any solid info on it? cause the trailer said February, the psn store page said march 4th I think and theres been nothing on the blog, so anything really concrete? oh and a few other quick questions, what about helldivers, rouge legacy, the mp3/4 and dnla support, planetside 2, n++? oh and on a request-like note, It may seem kinda farfetched and out of the blue, but could there be a behemoth game bundle in the works to be released on ps4 and vita? one that has alien hominid, castle crashers, battleblock theater and maybe game 4 if its out by the time the bundle could possibly be released. I mean I know you guys are all about the indie developers right now, I so I figured that that’d be a great addition to the growing library. just a thought

  • You guys really know how to keep a fella waiting with those mystery theme codes. I won back in November and the anticipation is killing me! :)

    I was hoping for some Strider talk this week, but this is even better!

  • Additionally, playing on the highest difficulty is a must, especially when going for trophies, that saves a ton of time until platinum

    And the highest difficulty really isn’t that hard 90% of the time and is actually more fun in some cases – there’s exceptions like Bioshock 199 mode and Mass Effect Insanity modes that are actually very hard but once again those are exceptions and picking hard mode is mostly a good choice!

    I would recommend that you guys start on hard difficulty from now on on your games, most games allow you to drop it to easier in settings if you ever find you’re having trouble! ;)

  • Yeah, nice job playstation blogcast 110, ya’ll finally are talking about “NEW” games on ps3 and ps4 or ps vita!!!

  • Well that’s disappointing, I was hoping for some EDF 2025 talk this week but it seems as though it’s been *puts on sunglasses*.. left behind.

  • Is there going to be a Vita sale for its birthday that happened recently? Also will MGS HD be on sale for Vita? Thanks guys.

  • live from playstationの機能を日本(JAPAN)のpsVITAにも是非付けてください。

  • Love that these are on Sunday. Load them up to my iPod for my Monday commute.

  • So incredibly sick of hearing about this frooking overrated crappy “game”.

    I miss the days when video games were like video games and put gameplay above everything else. Not sure why westerners are so super obsessed over their games being highly restrictive, linear, flooded with QTES and set pieces and in game scripted event cutscenes. Story is copied and pasted from The Road and every zombie story ever.

    Such an incredibly mediocre game heralded as great and no freaking idea why.

  • @neuropunk – 15

    Normally I never bother to try to debate other peoples opinions about games but after reading yours I feel I have to try to answer your question, why TLOUs getting such high praise. But firstly I have to tell you that TLOU is NOT just another zombie game because no other zombie game I’ve ever seen had an actual real life infection that was brilliantly written in to its story. ND even devised a whole biological cycle of infection/germination and different stages of infection that tied into all of it.

    Such as the Clickers. To have an idea like that about a real life fungus and then write it and develop it to the extent that these severely infected people with fungus sprouting out their faces making them blind, causing them to use echo location to be able to get around and ending with a nickname ‘Clickers’, that is ALL world class and amazingly talented design and writing. That is NOT just another zombie game to the extent that ND were going to have the story just about humans n not have any infected in it. But to tell the story of what happened to the worlds population through gameplay they brought them back in.

  • @neuropunk – 15

    But all of that, the infected, the post apocalyptic setting, all of that wasn’t what the game was about. It was about the story of 2 people and their changing relationship. As I’ve always said about TLOU since finishing it, if your the type of gamer that only really likes getting killstreaks, headshots and shouting “OooohAhhhhhhh!” Then TLOU is probably not gonna be your kinda game.

    But, if your the type of gamer that likes immersive story telling, excellently written characters and you love to fully invest in that story AND it’s characters, then TLOU will possibly be one of the best games you’ve ever played.

    But I suspect you haven’t even played it. No gameplay? QTEs? Both totally wrong. TLOUs dynamic stealth/combat/stealth was superb and especially the combat! It was BRUTAL!

    The story isn’t cut n pasted from the Road either. It’s similar but different in LOTS of ways.

  • @neuropunk – 15

    Apologies friend, you have played and finished it. My bad, sorry about that but your grasp on what made up the gameplay baffles me it really does

  • The last of us is overrated (still a great game tho) It’s ending could have been better I don’t know how it could have been better but it could have.

  • Yo, I hate Call of Duty and FPS in general, CAMONSON! I hate western games since they’re so shallow.

    If you want a great story then try playing Xenogears, Tactics Ogre, Vampire the Masquerade Redemption, Soul Reaver, etc. The Last of Us is as poorly written as an episode of The Walking Dead.

    Wow, you have a teenager that curses and an older gruff guy that is hurt and is closed off with his emotions – WHOAH GREAT WRITING THURRR!!!! (sarcasm)

    The gameplay blows. The original Splinter Cell that is like a decade old now still has better gameplay and stealth. You want brutal? Then play something like RE4, Ninja Gaiden or Dead Space if you would like brutal. What baffles you about the gameplay, that it is the same as Uncharted’s gameplay and there’s really nothing special about it. Just another shallow western game. Why do western games lack any depth?

  • @neuropunk

    I never said YOU like COD personally, just that I have said that since finishing the game. You like Japanese games and that’s fine but to me Japanese games and Japanese story telling BLOWS as you so intelligently put it. Half of it is lost in translation and for example, I always have the urge the skip cutscenes in even the most Westernised Japan games like MGS and RE cos they just drag on n on. But I never ONCE wanted to skip a SINGLE cutscene in TLOU even on my THIRD playthrough.

    Oh and btw, I have played all 3 of those games you told me to play. I have got the Platinum/100% for ALL of them, EVEN Ninja Gaiden Sigma on a vita so I know all about them and TLOUs dynamic combat was better and more brutal than ALL of them.

    Not the games fault if you probably only ever used the same melee method over n over.

  • @neuropunk

    Oh and by the way, maybe you have played and finished TLOU but your trophies say you’ve only finished it once and only on EASY. Why don’t you try it on a real difficulty and challenge yourself? Maybe then when the AI makes you work hard to beat it you will then have to sample all of the games different combat n stealth options.

    Finishing a world class, genre defining, generation beating, masterpiece on easy and then using that to base your argument that it BLOWS?

    No wonder you thought there was nothing special about it.

  • Great podcast, really enjoyed it. Glad that TxK is getting lots of love. Jeff Minter back at his best.

  • I don’t want to force myself to play through a sucky game I hate. Not playing it ever again.

    Why do you place so much emphasis on story, especially since The Last of Us’ story blows? Western video games, especially modern ones, these days it’s like they don’t even hire writers for them anymore. And then the stories blow, yet all the casuals say the stories are great, when they’re not.

    How will playing the last of us on a higher difficult not make the characters, story, and gameplay blow?

    TLOU does not have nearly as good of combat as any of the games I listed.

    More brutal?????????????????? HOW???! All the other games are more gory and brutal. So, you’re just a fanboy I guess?

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