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This Week in PlayStation

The beta for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PS4 is now live — go play! The game’s official release is April 14th, so now’s a good time to get a taste of Square Enix’s wildly popular MMORPG before diving into the full game.

Want to be a PlayStation MVP, and get inside access at events like E3? This here post will be relevant to your interests — and judging by the activity on the post, the interests of many others as well.

We finally got some new info on The Order: 1886, which is highly relevant to my interests, we got release dates forWolfenstein: The New Order (pre-order for access to the beta for the next Doom game… yeah, that Doom) and TowerFall Ascension, Strider is out now on PS3 and PS4, Daylight will let spectators scare the bejeezus out of livestreamers, and PlayStation Plus got its very own TV spot.

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Strider, Final Fantasy XIV Beta
  • I’m watching: Seinfeld
  • I’m listening to: Silversun Pickups, Giraffage

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This Week in PlayStation

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  • WAIT what tomba 2 how did i miss that

  • If u like Seinfeld, I came across this Super Mario version on Youtube, it was done very well the animation and it is amusing.

  • I’m playing: Ni No Kuni,Crysis 3 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma +
    I’m watching: Game of Thrones Season 1
    I’m listening to: THIS

  • I’d would like the PS4 version of Strider to have its texture filtering bug fixed before picking it up.

    • For what it’s worth, I’m three hours in and haven’t noticed any sort of graphical issues. Game looks great!

  • I love Silversun Pickups! What exactly are you listening to, Justin?

    • Mostly Carnavas, though I’ve finally started listening to Neck of the Woods (missed it when it came out). Best album in your opinion?

  • I’m playing: Ni No Kuni,Crysis 3 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma +
    I’m watching: Game of Thrones Season 1
    I’m listening to: Dubstep mixes on youtube

  • @3 that was a good article thx … That being said there was minimal difference in graphics between the XB1 version and PS4 version… The XB1 version being slightly better looking … Really hard to tell without the side by side comparison … Double helix made a really good reboot well worth the $15 dollar price tag … Just my 2 cents :o)

  • @6
    Strider being a good game probably has Capcom’s Osaka Studio to thank for that, it’s a collaboration project between them and Double Helix after all. In any case, such a bug should not have been able to slip past their quality checking in the first place, so I don’t think that $15 is justifiable as long that the it remains unfixed (doesn’t if it’s by Double Helix themselves or by Capcom.)

  • *doesn’t matter

  • I understand how and why you feel that way … It’s just a matter of a difference in opinion … If you feel it doesnt justify a $15 price tag then by all means wait for a price drop or for them to fix it … As for me I am thoroughly enjoying STRIDER in full 1080P at 60 FPS… I won’t let a small difference in graphics keep me from enjoying a solid STRIDER reboot … Keep gaming people !!!

  • @9
    Well, I’m glad you’re having fun ;)

  • What up INFIDEL_JIHAD!! Why did you send me a message on my ps3 saying if I have a ps4, INFIDEL_JIHAD I might get a ps4 for my birthday!!! Anyway helldivers is this weeks top 10 posts cool wasn’t exspecting that but, ok. Because I was exspecting a P.S. store sale.

  • TY bloodios … and thx for keeping the conversation mature I’m glad there are still people out there that can carry on a conversation so to speak without it having to degenerate into something negative or insulting :o)

  • LoL hi genius … I hope you do get a PS4 … It’s nice to see the PS4 community grow … The PS4 library is growing faster than the ps3’s library was in the beginning of it’s life cycle thx to the X86 64 PC architecture … BTW happy B-Day early :o)

  • Wait, what are you talking about INFIDEL_JIHAD i’m saying why did you say I have a ps4? Anyway you friending me on ps3, hold up do have both ps3 and ps4.

  • Dang man!!! What up INFIDEL_JIHAD you send that post that quick man!!! You go on playstation home on ps3?

  • INFIDEL_JIHAD birthday on May 27th 2014 in about 3 months can’t wait man!!! I’m serious.

  • Yes i still have a ps3 but i am hardly ever on it these days … I’m mainly on my PS4 ( the dual shock 4 & PS4 multi tasking have spoiled me )

  • If you would like to have a conversation plz do it via playstation messages … I don’t want to spam the blog :o)

  • Sorry INFIDEL_JIHAD I am trying to work on getting Wi-Fi on my ps vita so it either would take a week to two weeks to do it. And if I get the WI-Fi in a week on my ps vita then my online ID is @amazing346!!

  • I’m Playing: The Last of Us: Left Behind, Assassin’s Creed IV on PS4
    I’m Watching: The Waltons, the 2014 Olympics (as horrid as NBC’s coverage is)
    I’m Listening to: Led Zeppelin
    I’m Reading: Stephen King’s Under the Dome (Much better than the TV show, by the way)

  • Any knowledge on DOOM beta when is it coming and I am watching Youtube videos, playing Bordelands 2, and listen to Survival by Eminem

  • @ Bloodios

    Ha ha! Suit yourself, pal. Go ahead and miss out on a great game because of a single minor visual flaw that you wouldn’t even notice if you were actually playing the game.

    Does the game do everything else well? Yes? OK then…

    Did you really develop your opinion of the game’s value based on a single section of a single review that never even implied that this was a game-breaking glitch, or even a minor annoyance?

  • I’m playing: (more) Toukiden, Dangan Ronpa, and DJ Max Technika Tune.

    And PS Vita celebrates its 2nd birthday today. We’ve come pretty far in 2 years, can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    Happy Vita Day everyone!

  • I was hoping to see something about Vita today, like a flash sale, celebrating its anniversary…

  • @1: unless you can read Japanese, don’t bother: it’s the Japanese version, and NONE of the text is in English.

  • I’m playing: Cytus Lambda (again) -Thanks RayArk for new Chapters IX and X!
    I’m watching: Just watched Slither and Super in preparation for Guardians of the Galaxy. Fun times.
    I’m listening to: Nothing, really.
    I’m reading: A Study in Emerald, 2004 Hugo Short story winner, by Neil Gaiman

    Finally got sick of Smart As and uninstalled it (despite reaching #3 spot in active players). Game is slow, buggy, unresponsive, and took nearly 10 minutes to uninstall (was afraid it was going to brick my Vita). What a piece of junk.

  • @22
    I’m not sure how I’m going to be “missing out” when the game is more than likely going to be available on PSN for the next half a decade… And it’s rather simple really, if the same game on Xbox One and PC costs the same as the PS4 version but with the added benefit of having proper texture filtering then to me, that $15 isn’t justified until it’s patched. All I’ve said there is that I’m willing to wait for a fix, not that I’m going to ditch the game for good just because of a single flaw. And even if there isn’t a fix for the game, it will probably be discounted or even be included in the list of free games for Plus subscribers within the next 5 years, so I can always get it then. You may argue that you get to enjoy it earlier than I do, but it will still be the same game when I finally decide to pick it up, so the experience and enjoyment that I’m going have with the game really isn’t going anywhere. So, I’m not really missing out on this game at all. You simply paid more to get the game early.

  • I’m playing: Far Cry 3
    I’m watching: Through The Wormhole
    I’m listening to: Sirensceol

  • I’m playing: FF14 Beta
    I’m watching: The walking Dead, Arrow, Madmen
    Im waiting on: Diablo 3 release date

  • @ Bloodios

    Dude, I’m just going by your own words. You said you wanted the bug fixed before picking it up. Well, there’s a possibility that this “bug” might never get fixed. They might not even see it as a bug, or as something that’s even worthy of the time and effort required to patch it up. So, if you stay true to your words, that means you would just never “pick it up”, meaning you would miss out… all because of some silly hang-up over a minor flaw related to visuals – something that doesn’t negatively impact the gameplay.

    If you already had the plan of buying it after the price dropped whether the “bug” gets fixed or not, or if you’re willing to take it as a Plus freebie, or even buy it on the other console, well, you didn’t make that clear in the beginning. I could only go by what you said. And although you did say it wasn’t worth $15, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you established an interest in buying the game at a lower price. It seems that your problem is with the flaw much more than it is with the price anyway, am I right?

  • As far as your “interest not going anywhere”, well it could, actually. Enough time goes by and you might start to lose interest or feel differently about the game. Yes, you really could miss out. (Speaking from experience.)

    And you didn’t address the other questions… Does the game do everything else well? Isn’t it still worth buying? Does a problem with texture filtering really render it unworthy of the asking price? Did you really form your opinion of the game’s worth based on this single article and/or this single insignificant flaw? Are you a true gamer, or merely a graphics snob? Have you even played it and seen this terrible flaw with your own eyes yet? How do you know it will really bother you that much? Why put so much stock into one review? Without hands-on experience of your own to speak from, you can only speculate as to how bad it truly is.

    I played the demo for the PS3 version and I enjoyed it so much that I bought the full game (but haven’t played it yet.) And that’s the inferior PS3 version. Obviously, the PS4 version (your version) is superior in every way. I doubt this little “glitch” is that bad…

  • Playing: BLEACH – Soul Carnival 2
    Watching: Nisekoi, Ace of Diamond
    Listening: “The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring” Audiobook (Just finished)

    Anyone else hyped and have J-Stars Victory VS pre-ordered? I’ve pretty much abandoned games since school is back in session, but that’s one title I know I’m carving out time for.

  • Is that a Bravely Default picture on the Sony Blog page?

  • @29
    Funny that you said you were just going by my own words when the exact wording is “I would like the PS4 version of Strider to have its texture filtering bug fixed before picking it up”, and no where in that sentence did I mention that I will not pick the game up if it doesn’t get patched. Wanting something to be fixed before picking it up isn’t the equivalent of not picking it up unless it gets fixed, you just came to that conclusion on your own for whatever reason that I failed to comprehend. I’m sorry, I can’t understand how saying a product not worth a specific price would be the same as it’s not worth buying at all. That’s quite an absurd spin on your part. You seem to make a lot of unfounded speculations though, even though I had already clearly stated that I simply want the parity between PS4, XBO or PC, nothing more, nothing less. After all, the game costs the same on all platforms so why do the version I want to pick up has issues that other two don’t? It’s likely paying the same price for slightly worse product and happily smile about it.

  • @30
    If my interest for the game fades with time, it only means that the game really isn’t good enough withstand the passage of time. A good game that I enjoy will always be enjoyable, doesn’t matter if I play now or twenty years later (maybe I’m just wrong in the head for being this way…) And why do you keep asking me these irrelevant questions about other aspects of the game, then tried stereotyping and passing judgement on what kind of person I am? It’s very simple, if I’m going to pay $15 like the owners of Xbox One then I expect my version of the game to also offer same experience. It’s never even about how bad the problem is, it’s a simple matter of fairness and equality. The same experience for the same price is all I asked for, so do you really need to go about insulting me and insinuating that I’m a “graphics snob”?

  • @32 Nope that’s a FFXIV picture.

  • No blogcast, no drop. This is VERY inconsiderate for those of us who have a deep-rooted sickness and live and die by these postings. I sure hope FFXIV is worth the agony we are forced to endure. :)

    • Dude, you posted this like five minutes after the Drop usually goes live. But yes, FFXIV is a good way to kill some time while waiting. :)

  • Naugty Dog should make The Last Of Us 2. Leaving off where the first one ended. And you should be able to teach Ellie how to swim. I think that would be awesome!

  • Remember me is a fun game. Really am enjoying it is far hopefully I will finish it this week.

  • B**ch please. Take that list and shove it up your @$$. Nintendo will always be better than you Sony.

  • @ Bloodios

    What’s funny is that you claim I make unfounded speculations… well, first of all, ALL speculation is unfounded, genius, hence the word; look up the definition, comprehend it, then try again… and second, you ironically expected me to SPECULATE and come to the conclusion that you were going to buy more than just the PS4 version? Why on Earth would I jump to a conclusion like that? It seems you typed “PS4 version” to identify that it’s the only version that has this apparent problem, and you also expressed interest in purchasing it. Should I have SPECULATED that you were going to buy other versions too, even though you didn’t even mention any of them? Really?

    And why are you sensitive about this? I wasn’t trying to battle you, or insult you as you claimed… I didn’t say you were a graphics snob, I was asking you if you were.

  • Screw the equality argument too. Different versions of games have always had noticeable differences between them, sometimes subtle, other times much more blatant. Very rarely will you come across a game that is EXACTLY the same across all platforms. If you’re really expecting such a thing, your expectations are beyond unrealistic, and it only reveals how little you truly understand the things you’re talking about.

    Also, your interest can fade for other reasons other than just the passage of time eroding the collective sentiment. You could lose interest simply from something inside of you evolving. Your personal tastes may develop a penchant for a new flavor and disregard what it used to crave, while the rest of your peers may still hold the very same game in high regard. It’s not as black-and-white as you think… or as you had SPECULATED.

    Now, don’t SPECULATE and decide that I’m trying to insult you again. Truth is, I speak firmly to get the point across.

  • “The same experience for the same price is all I asked for”

    It is the same experience. A barely noticeable flaw in texture filtering doesn’t alter the gameplay or fun factor one bit. If a minor thing like texture filtering is enough to break a player’s focus, throw them off track, and completely ruin the game for them, then that person is probably playing games for the wrong reasons… and it would indicate that they have other problems (in the head) that need tending to, honestly…

    Like I said earlier, you probably wouldn’t even notice it unless you were really looking for it. In fact, you probably wouldn’t have known about it at all had it not been for that Eurogamer article that put a spotlight on it (and really shouldn’t have, because it’s a minor difference), but even the author of the article explained how it wasn’t anything to get hung up on. The implication of insignificance was clearly apparent. Most importantly, the game still plays the same, flows the same, and handles the same… and that’s where the “experience” in a swift-moving platformer comes from.

  • Disregard my post @ 40. I had the wrong idea. My posts at 41 & 42 still stand though.

    I know I shouldn’t make excuses, but, I really did have a long, tiring day today (after a tiring night), and I can still feel the tension in my head and it’s distracting me. My bad.

    What I meant to say was that it would actually require SPECULATION on my part to assume that you would go ahead and buy the PS4 version even if it never gets patched, when there was nothing to indicate that you felt that way. So like I said, I was just going by your words. I’m pretty sure most people would interpret your initial post as saying that you won’t buy the game until it gets patched. After all, it’s not like it would be anything out of the ordinary in this community, with all their frivolous “boycotts” over similarly petty things all the time. Conditioning and all that…

    To me, it was ironic that you said I was speculating when it actually seemed like you expected me to speculate.

    Anyway, I’m tired and I need to go relax. I’ll check for a reply tomorrow if you wish to continue discussing this.

  • @41
    Ideally I would like all versions to be same, but I also realize that it is neither feasible to ensure that parity is achieved across all platforms nor simple to even identify some differences. However, for perceivable issues like the texture filtering bugs, I would at least like that to be ironed out if it’s going to be offered for purchase at the same price as other versions. Also whether or not my interest is going to fade is up to me, so let’s just leave that there.
    As I’ve kept saying, whether or not does the bug actually effects the gameplay really doesn’t matter. It has a bug that shouldn’t have been there and I would like it to be fixed. It’s like buying the same coffee mug as someone else, only to later find out that there’s a small chip on the inner side of my mug’s handle, whereas the one bought by the other person doesn’t have any. We both pay $15 for the same kind of mug, so of course I’m not happy that my mug has a small defects that others don’t have.

  • @43
    No, I said you were making unfounded speculations. While all speculations are just conjectures without firm evidence, they are still made based on the given information, whereas yours felt to me like something that was pulled completely out of the void. By my own common sense, I couldn’t comprehend how you could come possibly come up with such wild speculations. But fine, it could just be that the way I view things are so different from yours that it made me felt as such. I’ve been too busy and also had too much trouble sleeping lately and given that this really isn’t going no where as it is, let’s just leave it. Sorry for losing my cool before and I’m glad you are enjoying the game.

  • The fact that the non-full trailer got more views is evidence that you probably should avoid that method of releasing a trailer again.

    The Pledge is the trailer to get people to see. And less people have seen it. smh

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