TowerFall Ascension Coming to PS4 on March 11

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TowerFall Ascension Coming to PS4 on March 11

TowerFall Ascension on PS4

TowerFall Ascension is finally nearing release on PS4. I’ve been getting tons of tweets and emails imploring me for a release date, and I’m super excited to announce that the game will be available on PlayStation Store March 11th in North America. We’re still ironing out the details for Europe, but it shouldn’t be far behind.

For the uninitiated, TowerFall Ascension is a 4-player archery combat platformer. It’s a competitive party game inspired by classics from the glory days of local multiplayer. You’ll get plenty of chaos, close calls, and comebacks. Be sure to have a few friends (or enemies) handy when you download it. Gloating is encouraged and noise complaints just mean you’re playing it right.

Hands-on footage of TowerFall Ascension, courtesy of hojjoshMC

If you’ve played the original TowerFall you know that at its core, the game is about intense 4-­player battles. In Ascension there are 50 new Versus arenas to fight on, for a total of 120 unique levels, and a bunch of new variants to customize your matches with. There are a few new powerups too, which change the game up considerably. My favorite: drill arrows that burrow through walls.

Ascension also introduces the new 1­ or 2­-player co-­op Quest mode. It’s an arena mode where monsters spawn from portals as you defend yourself using the same skills you’ve honed in Versus mode. Quest mode is an interesting new take on the same core mechanics, and adds a bunch of new content to explore even when you don’t have three friends around.

TowerFall Ascension on PS4

The game’s previous incarnation, simply called TowerFall, was awarded #3 game of the year from Polygon. TowerFall Ascension has gone on to become a PAX 10 selection and an IndieCade awardee, and now it’s a finalist at the Independent Games Festival. But what I really can’t wait to hear is feedback from players. And I’m eager to see what you guys and gals share with PS4’s livestreaming and video sharing features. See you in March!

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  • Ohh cant wait Something to tide me over till Second son!!

  • Great! I’ll buy it for sure, what will be the price? also, will it have online and/or offline multiplayer?

  • Another indie title pushing the boundaries of the PS4’s graphical capabilities.

    In all seriousness, I wish y’all a great launch.

  • Is there any chance at all that online mutliplayer will ever be added? I’d love to play this, but I don’t have 3 other PS4 controllers and the times I’d have people over to play this wouldn’t be that often.

  • Loved this game on OUYA, glad I can finally stop toting that little box around and start playing it on PS4. Ouya was such a hassle to setup and about 5 or 6 hours of towerfall controllers would die without indication of battery health since we used DS3’s and X360 controllers.

    Thank you for bringing this to PS4. Any plans to bring this to my friends on PS3?

  • seems beatifull crafted…. some day hits da vita?

  • Wish I had friends who would want to play this with me.

  • @dallow
    Just talk them into playing two short rounds and they’ll be hooked. Everyone thought I was nuts bringing this out at party on OUYA, now people ask me to bring the “Towerfall Box” where ever I go. Rounds are short, but the game is so easy to pick up and play.

  • Titanfall and TowerFall on the same day! HA!

  • So the OUYA loses its only high profile exclusive.

    RIP, OUYA.

  • Is ot going to be on PS3? Or is it just to “powerful” for the old generation? I really want this game :(

  • sony what is the next system software update for psvita like wha kind of other features

  • Wouldn’t this game be better suited for mobile platforms like phones or the Vita? I’m not saying the game is good/bad or indifferent, but I’m just saying it doesn’t seem like a good fit for a “next gen” gaming console

  • ohhhhh myyyy gawwwwwwd, thank you. FINNALLY, I have been nagging about info for this and some other stuff for months, thank you so much matt.

  • can’t wait for this game. definitely getting on day of release

  • March 11? Hmm and similar title to another TF game coming out the same date ;)

  • on my list thanks for bringing it over =)

  • Can somebody PLEASE explain to me why this couldn’t have been made for PS3?
    This is getting annoying.

  • What is with all this spotlight attention on these games with graphics equal to the NES/SNES days on a console with so much power the graphics capabilities are so “realistic”. These dev’s just mass produce crap quality slap a $20-$30 price tag on it and here you go hyping up their so called “great work” How about work on giving us the promised quality you showed us at the technical showing you gave us. After all WE spent the money for that

  • why are you so fickle to the graphics of a game? last time I checked, games with that kind of quality that youre looking for have the most bugs, take the most time to develop and all that after the longest and most frequent delays. cant you just be happy that people are trying to make a good game instead of a good looking game? if you want graphics and cosmetic beauty, go see a god damn movie

  • This looks like it would be great on the Vita. Maybe bring it to Vita with an ability to play crossplay with PS4 owners?

  • This is great to see games from way back when being recreated on the PS4. With a new twist on the game also. I like the concept behind this & will support the game !!!!!!!!

  • @ Asumos

    You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • it’s like Bubble Bobble meets Gauntlet meets the original Mario Bros (not Super Mario Bros the original Mario Bros). could be fun. for free there isn’t much i won’t give a shot.

  • Asumos kinda has a point. It’s ironic that as soon as we get the most powerful Playstation yet, we’re bombarded with games with very basic low-res graphics. That’s not to say the games are bad, it’s just a bit ironic. I’d rather buy this on PS3 as I’ve already got 3 extra DS3s. Buying 3 more DS4s would not be practical.

    That said, this game looks a lot like Jump n Bump (PC) and that was an amazing 4p VS game.

  • hoping for a Vita version for sure

  • Another one note “Indie” game for the “IndieStation 4”. I miss the PS2 and 1 days where no one would give a damn about these “games”.

  • Looks cool ;) But why no ‘1 to 4­-player co-­op Quest mode’ to for? That would be cool to ;)

  • If it’s not your thing then it’s just not your thing … But how is having more games a bad thing … More choices is always good in my book … Keep the games rolling in !

  • Just a little side note … Your seeing alot of indies on the ps4 due to it running X86 64 ( PC architecture )

  • @Asumos666 Holy crap your comment just blew me away with its ignorance. That was such an awful thing to say I’m not even sure if you’re being serious or if you were performing a rendition of the stereotypical awful gamer.

  • @20
    Maybe because Sony talked so highly of their consoles graphics and framerate speed yet we get games that look like they were made in the 80s.. i don’t mind it really but to release these so close to Nov 15 (it’s only been a few months) seems very pitiful. I will say nice job to the developer though to capture the mood of the old-school gaming era. :)

  • God people, not every game will push hardware or has to. You expect small indie developers to invest millions? Check yourselves into a mental health hospital, because you’re insane.

    Games are games. They are played for entertainment. If they entertain someone, they succeed. If they are pretty and suck to play, that’s just a waste of time for everyone.

    If you don’t like games like this, do not play them. There is no need to whine about them. The people who create them won’t be making GTAVI or whatever it is you “need” to feel happy. So you’re just whining about more games.

    Like whining about Netflix getting more content just because it’s not for you. You are not the center of the universe.

  • Vita would be great, especially with cross play. :D

  • Very excited for this game.

  • Haha there went my one reason to pick up an Ouya! Seriously though, I’m thrilled that Towerfall is coming to PS4! I don’t remember you saying in the video, does it have online multiplayer? I only have one DS4 and don’t have people over to play often anymore, so though I’m very excited to get this, I’d probably have to wait until I owned more controllers if it doesn’t support online.

  • A PS+ Freebie for PS4 I guess )) since Octodad it still not coming until April i think.

  • Well im buying it, its old school, i for one thank these people for this release. Indie games are fun, yall should quit crying and just play .Plus these aint the developers to moan about graphics to, try the other developers who make those big budget games.

  • The ouya isnt too bad, i haver towerfall on it, but there is tons of indie games worth checking out. That said towerfall on ps4 will be better cause that ouya controller is cheap

  • I agree with Asumos, and laugh at those in disagreement. He has a very valid point, and to dismiss that is just to be ignorant or stupid. This is a NEXT GEN console, and from the look of this game, it looks reminiscent of an SNES title at best. Guy buys a brand new console and then comes across a new game looking like THIS, after being teased with the potential power that this great system has, and people want to rag on him why? The system was bought to play games NEXT GEN, that generally means using it’s power and potential to show off what games can do on this new platform. If we wanted sub-par graphics on a game, we would buy it on psn on our ps3. So maybe the flamers should take this into consideration before flying off the handle without a notion of thought. And as for the comment about better games having better graphics and more bugs. Rotflmgdfao! Your comment amused me most I think, bugs are generally technical issues with the game code or programming, graphics are what you see displayed. Two different things.

  • It’s sad that people boast about the PS4’s “power” then mock the Xbox One and its 720p games. Then you look at the stuff that comes out of this supposedly much more “powerful” machine and you get a big *sigh*. Sony, get your act together and deliver games that showcase the power and stop publicizing these kinds of “games”.

  • LoL I just looked up people that complained on this post & alot don’t even have a ps4 … Why complain ? I don’t get it … If your not happy with PlayStation there are other companies out there that may be better suited to your needs

  • @42: It’s not “supposedly”. Just because it has games like this doesn’t stop all multiplatform games from running better on PS4 with few exceptions. Even if you boil it down to base hardware functionality, PS4 installs games better allows patching in the background while installing data, quicker start ups.

    @41: Games are for fun. If you want only graphics, go watch a movie. Games can be fun without “AAA” graphics. Or even b-tier graphics.

  • @ mdkfuzz187

    Those “powerful” games you want are still on the way. Indie games aren’t obstructing the progress of those games, nor keeping them from seeing the light of day in the marketplace. You indie haters continue to fail at comprehending this.

    Sony is awesome for encouraging all kinds of developers (with varying visions, talents, AND BUDGETS) to sell their creations in their store. It could only be a good thing to increase the variety of products available for consumers to experience and enjoy.

    You don’t have to worry about low-budget indie games bumping the big-budget games off the shelf, and you don’t have to buy them if you’re not interested. I see not one reason why anyone would complain about a game like this being released for the PS4. Is it threatening you in some way? Seriously, I don’t get the whining.

  • Hey I’m all for seeing more indie games on the console. It’s not like it will be priced higher than Flow or Flower right?

  • I’ll wait to buy the HD version.

    You may now reply with hate.

  • you know what, yes, its a next gen system, meaning it can do more, which is why things like this are being introduced to the console side of gaming.this isn’t bungie, or treyarch or insomniac, which may I remind all of you, had their rough patches even recently and had rough starts. developers have to start somewhere right? and besides.its not being advertised as “THE MOST ASTETICALLY PLEASING GAME EVER MADE!!!!” is it? its meant to reinvent a concept that’s apparently been long abandoned : A GOOD GAME. if youre that shallow and immature as to faithfully relate amazing graphics with good games, than you should probably just go back under the rock you crawled from under to post such ignorant comments. any of these indie companys could very well become the next amazing developers, but with people like you running around, theyd never even get a foot off the ground. so PLEASE, just stick to youre call of dutys and killzones and -add amazing looking turd here- and etc etc. this is becoming a community for GAMERS, please don’t ruin it. thank you, that is all

  • Ok, im not trying to sound ungrateful or anything but why is it that every month Sony always releases Indie games for the PS4, I understand that they cant give us “top of the line” games but wtf, we did not pay $50 for PS+ to receive the same type of “Published” games every month, like look at this month we only got 1 freaking game ONE! while the PS3 and PS Vita got like 3-5 a piece! what the hell is up with that! Outlast is a fun game yes, but once you beat it, that’s it their is nothing more to do other than play harder difficulties through the same exact story line, all I am saying is if Sony is making us pay $50 per year to receive top of the line gaming entertainment maybe they should start releasing top of the line games for PS+ members. Not to mention we have to have it now to even play most of the games online now.

  • For people complaining about the high amount of indie titles on PS4 1. They talked about indie games like crazy at E3 if you didn’t see it coming you need to go back to school 2. Good games don’t NEED to push technical limits to be great this is a fun highly addictive multiplayer game that just happens to have 8bit-16bit style graphics 3. We ARE getting those high end graphical powerhouse games they just take longer to make to my knowledge the only one that was delayed so we didn’t get it as promised was Drive Club big deal 4. Its not on PS3 because Sonly wants to encourage as many people as possible to upgrade so they can slowly push the PS3 out the door and 5. Being disappointed because you wanted one thing but got the other is fine but the sense of entitlement on here astounds me

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