New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

This Week’s Featured Releases

See what’s new on Sony Entertainment Network! This week’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited info below:

Music Unlimited Highlights

New Releases on SEN

The 2nd full-length album from indie darlings Phantogram and their biggest shot at mainstream success thus far with the hit, “Fall in Love.”

Reggae star Sean Paul’s 6th album, featuring guest appearances from Damien Marley, 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj and more.

American Idol Season 12 winner Candice Glover’s debut album, featuring the singles “Cried” & “I Am Beautiful.”

Cole Swindell’s debut, most akin to his country predecessors Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean & Kip Moore, with some fun romps like “Brought to You by Beer.”

For further exclusive access to all the new album releases – see details here.

Video Unlimited Highlights

Drama… So much drama. But all of it is oh so good. Acclaimed film 12 Years A Slave, the epic Season 3 of Game of Thrones and lots more fill this week’s New Release Recap.

12 Years A Slave: Don’t take our word for it, take the Golden Globes and Oscar nominations this film has under its belt as the proof. Not only is it one of the (or arguably THE) most gripping and powerful films of the year, it’s packed with one heck of an all-star cast, including: Benedict Cumberbatch, Brad Pitt, Paul Dano and more.

12 Years A Slave

From acclaimed director Steve McQueen (Shame, Hunger) comes this moving film based on a true story. In the pre-Civil War United States, free citizen Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is abducted and sold into slavery. Through years living as a slave to a vicious plantation owner (Michael Fassbender), Solomon struggles not only to stay alive, but to retain his dignity. It’s only after a chance meeting with a Canadian abolitionist that he finds hope to change his life.
Game of Thrones | Season 3: Winter is coming… and so are wildlings, armies and lots of gripping, action- and drama-packed episodes in Season 3. Catch up on the entire season (or watch it all over again) right now, new on PlayStation Store!

Game of Thrones

The Lannisters continue to hold onto King’s Landing, though an uprising in the North threatens the balance of power in the realm. Meanwhile, Robb Stark faces a disaster, an army of wildlings march for the Wall and Dany is finally reunited with her dragons.

Want to get more Video Unlimited scoop on all the new releases? View further details here.

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  • Game of Thrones for me.

  • really sony ???
    What happens to mp3 support ?

  • Why do you do this?? Bring the Important stuff first then update the old stuff, god.
    Where’s the DNLA and the mp3?? Its the only things holding me back from buying a ps4

    • Hi xscp, we completely respect your opinion, but here’s some good info. in case you’ve missed the previous news: on how MP3 & DLNA may be included for future considerations. Our PS4 Dev team plan to look into it.

  • UltraViolet?

    When is UltraViolet compatibility coming to VideoUnlimited?

    • Hi MKPACK, thanks for checking back with us every week. Our technical team is always looking for new compatibility options on the Video Unlimited service. We don’t have an exact date yet, but will definitely keep you posted if things further develop!

  • I’m sorry is this the crybaby club? You know their gonna update everything. How would you like it if Sony kept asking you when are you gonna finally hit puberty and stop thumb suckin? I just discovered music unlimited and it’s the greatest thing ever I’m gonna keep it forever.

  • I don’t know why but I got a year subscription for $12 or $3/month and today I realized that they charged me $9 for just a month. I’m talking about music unlimited.

  • @6

    Last year music unlimited was on sale for plus members 12$/year – 3$/month. Its original subscription fees is 9$/month – 60$/year

  • Better support for 3D movies please. Why can I only rent Wizard of Oz in 3D? I want to buy it

  • Im enjoying my subscription , wish it was a tad bit cheaper

  • I’ll tell you what’s NOT new:

    – no PS4 mp3 support
    – no PS4 CD support
    – no PS4 DLNA support
    – no PS4 mp4 support (Yes, I don’t want to stream all my purchased videos)
    – no PS4 JPEG support
    – no PS4 3D Blu-ray (movies) support
    – no PS4 Remote (I want a remote darnit!)

    And, yes, I have a PS3 that I love at home. It would be nice though if Sony could fix these glaring issues with the PS4. I love both consoles and their redheaded stepchild Vita as well.

  • @6 – machinextreme.

    You should check your account as most likely the automatic renewal is checked.

    You will have to un check it if you no longer want Music Unlimited.

  • @ 7 – tulaib_100

    $9.99 per mth = 120 per year.

    The $12 per year was $1 per mth only offered last year.

  • Music Unlimted team.

    On the PS4, not sure if I’m remembering correctly, but weren’t there Album icons beside the song while you listen originally ?

    I was using Music Unlimited this week and noticed that when I play a song, no Album cover is displayed; only the song, artist, etc.

    Was this removed due to Music Unlimited not be stable at launch on the PS4 ?

    I know on the Vita, PC and PS3 that the album icons are displayed.


    • Hi GGCAN, our technical team is currently investigating the album cover issue on PS4 for you. If you continue to see it happen in the next few days, kindly reach out to our support center to further trouble-shoot at: Hope this helps!

  • @10 blu-ray remote is slated for release 4-22-14 .

  • i like when they say they where making it in the next firmware update that you can play your mp3 and audio cds again but no they are still milking this crap

  • Where is mp3 and DLNA for PS4? In case Sony hasn’t noticed it, the Music Unlimited service is terrible.

    Yoshida was saying before launch that the update would be considered, it isn’t a huge firmware update. I have a TV that can play music and video via USB.

  • There will NEVER be mp3 or DNLA support as long as Music Unlimited exists. Why would anyone spend $120 a year to play Sony’s selection of music when you could play YOUR music for free?!

    Of course they don’t want to make people angry so they will continue to “Look into this option” for the remaining life of the PS4.. just as they were looking into the possibility of Cross-System Chat… how did that work out for you??

    I own the PS4 and think it’s a pretty average system so far… lots of rehashes (Tomb Raider, Rayman, Flower) as well as games with minor difference between the PS3 & PS4 version… seeing how I have to connect my PS3 to play music, videos, and photos it seems hardly worth owning a PS4 right now.

  • Can u download this on your ps3? Cause i never herd of video unlimited

  • As a happy paying customer (check my library) here are a few things I would like to see that would pull many more people over to your services, and make SEN, PSN, PS4, and Sony better, and make me a much happier paying customer;

    Music Unlimited
    —-offline mode
    —-MP3/AAC support so I can use the CD’s I own that are not on MU
    —-Buy option for those that prefer not to have subscriptions

    Video Unlimited
    —-High bite rate download option (basically the blu-ray file for download)
    —-3D Playback support
    —-4K Films streaming + high bit rate download
    —-Music Videos (Vidzone is great, but I would like full HD version, and local storage)
    —-Subscription option for those that prefer that method.

    I love both of these apps, and the flawless integration of them on the PS4 OS. With the addition of these options, I think Sony would be the undisputed King of Digital Content and services.

    • Hi KBG29, thanks for your great feedbacks. Our Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited technical teams are aware of these user needs. They are working hard every day to enhancing the best user experience on PS4.

      We’ll keep you posted if things further develop for sure! :)

  • @17 You are judging a system that released 90 and change days ago to not have that many games yet? Play PS3 games while PS4 games come out. It’s not a “must buy” system until 2-3 years in, any early adopter who has had a system since day 1 knows that. It was like that with.. every video game system ever.

  • @20: I disagree.
    As an owner of just about every US system since the Atari VCS I have had quite a lot of systems that were “must buy” at launch.
    N64 with Super Mario 64 (killer app), SNES with Super Mario World, F-Zero, Pilot Wings. The Xbox with Halo, etc..

    My point was it that it’s crazy to release a console in 2014 that can’t play mp3’s. It’s nonsense and the only viable reason why it doesn’t is because Sony wants to sell Music Unlimited accounts.

  • please come back for the buck ill even try access instead of premium for the buck please sony! Chant: Buck a month! Buck a month

  • The Northerners will never forget

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