The Order on PS4: New Trailer, Story Details Revealed

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The Order on PS4: New Trailer, Story Details Revealed

Over the past few months, we shared with you our vision of a Neo-Victorian London in The Order: 1886, an alternate version of human history filled with mystery and advances in technology that take center stage in an age-old war.

This conflict that started centuries ago pitted mankind against half-breeds in a battle for survival. This became the catalyst for the noblest warriors of their time to come together in an alliance, an Order that waged war and held the line for hundreds of years. Through the centuries, their vigil has kept humanity safe and the war in a status quo while The Order’s members remained hidden behind history and legend.

But everything changes with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The tide of war shifts as the Knights finally bring the battle to the half-breeds with the help of new weaponry.

The Order: 1886 on PS4

A glimpse of the Thermite Rifle, a key weapon in the Order’s arsenal

But with progress comes civil unrest and rebellion, by the very people they have sworn to protect. Oppressed by what they perceive to be a dictatorship, the Rebellion rises out of the streets of Whitechapel and quickly prove themselves a dangerous foe, taking up arms against the Monarchy and The Order.

The Order: 1886 on PS4

Concept art of Rebels

The Order now lives in a world where they must face and fight their fellow man while protecting their kind from the half-breeds. In The Order: 1886, you will be confronted by a diverse group of adversaries and use your weaponry against different factions.

We recently shared a first look at gameplay that illustrates the rebel uprising and that coverage is hitting today so be sure to check it out. Everyone here at Ready At Dawn is hard at work on the game. It’s been great to see all the excitement and we promise to share more of the game soon!

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  • The TINGLES!! so excited for this game!

  • Cant wait too play this game, me and my ps4 are READY!!!!!

  • Thank you!! i just wanna say this is going to be legen… wait for it… dary!!

  • Looks good.

    I hope to see a stunning gameplay demo at e3.

  • extremely excited. thank you for teasing, again. LOL!

  • Looks really good. New IP is refreshing for new hardware. Would have been nice to see this a coop game in the sense of gears perhaps. But I think it can detract for the immersion.
    Probably going to get a ps4 late this year when a few big games are out.

  • Looks awesome, I REALLY wish there was co op incorporated!

  • Corridor shooting and quick time events. EXACTLY what you SHOULD’NT show in your first trailer for a new shooter ip.

    PLEASE reassure me that this trailer does not represent what the majority of the game is otherwise i will be severely disappointed along with a thousand other hardcore gamers who just want innovative and new gameplay experiences that we expect from next gen hardware.

    If the order is more than this, then fire you’re marketing team. They’re doing a poor job of selling this game to us so far.

    Constructive criticism over

  • Am I the only one who picked up a hint of Jack the Ripper in the trailer. 2 years before his time but not to much of a gap to be ludicrous.

  • I really like the setting and aesthetic. You really need to show some more gameplay. Gameplay wise it looked like a standard knee high walls, corridor TPS, same kind of gameplay we’ve seen a hundred times before. There was little compelling about the tiny glimpses we’ve seen.

    It’s a real shame there is not 4 player co op in this game too. Seems like a glaring omission given there are four main characters in the game. Maybe in the sequel?


  • Simply AWESOME!! more new IPs like this please!


    @9, yes Jack the Ripper is in it. In IGN’s commentary on the demo they saw, it mentions Jack

  • Also another note for the developer, THANK YOU for no multiplayer. I’d rather have all resources devoted to a fantastic single player experience over any kind of multiplayer any day of the week. Good decisions all around

  • This is ridiculous. I’m really excited for this game but WHEN AM I GOING TO SEE SOME ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE???? Cinematic trailers don’t tell me anything about the quality of the game

  • That trailer gave me chills, I’m loving what I see so far.

  • When will we get to see actual gameplay footage?

  • Looks good. Can’t wait to see some more at E3!

  • yes! cannot wait!!!

  • looks good but I am not convinced yet, I need to see more actual gameplay.

  • I saw the footage on many sites and it’s all super low-res, low-quality streaming quality that doesn’t really show off the graphic fidelity of the game that much. Can we please get some good quality direct feed footage? I want to pore over every detail of the footage I’m getting but I can’t do that when it’s a pixelated mess. Why is this game getting such horrible disservice in that department?


  • Looks interesting but please release a demo/free trial.


  • RAD doing a terrible job selling this game, nice setting, and premise, then show a linear cooridoor, QTE gameplay. ugh. What sets this game apart? Needs to shoe better gameplay then that, cinematic trailers don;t mean anything.

  • @11, not every game needs MP..there is already over crowding with games with tacked on MP ,see tomb raider, whoch no one plays online. people only have time for so many MP games.

  • My body is ready

  • Great trailer, but I’m dying to see some actual gameplay already…

  • no gameplay?

  • For those who want to see the gameplay:

  • When are we going to see GAMEPLAY? like an actual section of the game to get a good sense of the flow of combat mechanics and such? And pleae, don’t refer me to those snippets going around the net, I saw those and while it looks very good (though no very clean HD quality, to be hoenst), it barely showed any gameplay. How is this game played? We don’t know yet. It’s a new IP, it needs to start communicating in GAME LANGUAGE already.

  • After reading through some of the comments, I want to take the time to commend you, Ready At Dawn Studios, for making a quality single player experience. Every game doesn’t need to be multiplayer, and I for one, am more of a single player gamer, and really appreciate the dedication to a single player experience.

    The trailer looked great, really enjoy the look and feel of the game, but after all this time, waiting to see the new gameplay footage, and not getting it was kind of a let down. Almost 3 mins of trailer, and nothing was shown with any action, no gameplay. I understand the claim that gameplay will look just like the cinematic, but as cool as the trailer was, I’m walking away feeling let down. Seems we should have seen the game in action and got a release date, or nothing should have been shown at all.

    I say all this with all due respect. I have high hopes for this game, and can’t wait to play it. Just be careful not to wear out the patience of your fans, with trailers that are more teaser than trailer. Keep up the hard work guys, very excited for the game and a release date!

  • Looking forward to play this game once it hits stores.

  • I’ll be keeping an eye on this game! Looks really interesting so far.

    @11 Not every game needs multiplayer shoehorned into it. I’d take a well done single player story driven experience over multiplayer any day.

  • RAD wants you to know: this game has no QTE and is not about steampunk. Nope.

  • Cautiously optimistic about this one. I love a good story and any story about an alternate, Victorian London with Knights fighting supernatural creatures with steampunk-esque gear has my attention. Innovation is less of a concern for me as long as the game mechanics they do provide are tight and the story is engaging. We shall see . . .

  • The setting looks kinda generic but we need something new on ps4. I’ll most likely rent this.

  • This looks phenomenal…since the announcement I knew it would be something beyond epic…Santa Monica is involved so top-notch impressive work is guaranteed.Nice trailer…I recently saw some screenshots of gameplay and my jaw dropped.Cant wait for that gameplay showcase at E3.

  • I’m am looking forward to playing this game very much, indeed.

    But please, please, please, take all of the time you need to achieve your vision, Ready at Dawn.

  • I have only one question: How long is the single player campaign? The sooner I know this information the sooner I will preorder the game. I better be long.

  • Also please get rid of the letterbox or at least tell me there will be a option to turn it off.That really spoils the enjoyment of the game.

  • @11

    MP doesn’t give a game an edge in fact it’ll be better off without it. Putting MP in a game thats been single player is only going to screw the game up. Look what happen to God of War Ascension and Tomb Raider, No one pays attention to the MP and reviews says that games like that could’ve been done without it.

  • @ 11 nYcFrEeWiLL82 – Been a while since I’ve read such amount of bullsh**.No online ALWAYS means a better game.80% of the time MP spoils the games.Good decision not implementing a MP…to be honest I’m glad Sony didn’t forced them to do so.

  • One of my most anticipated games this year. IGN said, however, there are some performance issues, but this was from un-optimized snippet of the game. Hopefully those get worked out before launch… cause my wife and I are really excited for this.

  • I’ll take 10 copies!

  • The game looks visually stunning, that much is certain, but I do question the decision of making a traditional cover-based shooter without any multiplayer component. I also have some questions I’d like to see addressed in future updates if possible:
    – How long is the game going to be?
    – The gorgeous setting (Victorian London) is definitely one of the most unique and interesting aspects about this game, so I’d like to know if there’s going to be any room to explore it.
    – Are you guys planning to include any side activities such as side quests?

    Thanks in advance.

  • it doesn’t matter what people think about this game, it will be epic. A fresh new experience gottal luv that!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, this looks pretty awesome!

  • This game looks absolutely unreal. So happy it’s single-player focused. Hopefully it’s still a 2014 release!

  • Forgive me for not reading every comment so far but am I the only one who sees a connection between the order and Clive barkers Jericho? At least gameplay wise. I probably will be getting this but just pointing out something I see

  • Arthurian legend, Victorian setting, Tesla-inspired technology, Jack the Ripper… consider me intrigued!

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