Standalone Edition of Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry Launches Today

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Standalone Edition of Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry Launches Today

Get ready to fight for the liberation of the West Indies in Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry, available as a stand-alone downloadable game on PS3 and PS4 today! Set in 18th century Haiti, Freedom Cry tells the story of Adéwalé, a slave-turned-assassin fighting to liberate the Maroon slave community and bring justice to the oppressed colony of Port au Prince.

Plunged into a conflict of deep personal significance, Adéwalé leads the charge of a resistance set on bringing the slave trade to its knees. To get a brief glimpse at Adéwalé’s quest, be sure to check out our latest gameplay walkthrough, led by Freedom Cry’s mission director Hugo Giard.

Standalone Edition of Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry Launches Today

You can download Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry as a stand-alone game on PS3 and PS4 for $14.99 starting today. For those who have yet to play any game in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Freedom Cry represents a great opportunity to step into the epic saga. For more on Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry, be sure to head on over to

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  • It’s a solid 4-5 hours of content if you really flesh it out.

  • I’ve been waiting to get this on my PS4. Thank you Sony and Ubisoft! Can’t wait to try it with my PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset when it arrives tomorrow. :)

  • Does it add any more content or is the same DLC that was released?

  • Id like to know if there’s going to be anymore story DLC or is this it for Black Flag

  • @3
    The same content

  • @Cali

    This is the only solo DLC for Black Flag.

  • Kinda smart releasing dlc like this as standalone. I know developers/sony would prefer ppl not to trade in used games. But at least this way you could still sell the additional content.

    Just watch the pricing on it….

  • Great piece of DLC. Adewale is actually a likable character unlike Edward. Plus he’s an actual Assassin, unlike Edward’s fake attempts at being one

  • @8: Edward became a true assassin by the end, don’t give me that rubbish. And if not for Edward, Adewale would never have even heard of the Assassins.

  • @ #8 hilarious u saying he’s unlikable and not a real assassin YET you have his avatar as your picture and even adi said if it wasn’t for Edward he wouldn’t be where he is now and ac4 is one of the best ac games out there

  • @6/Ryusennin: There was a second solo DLC that consisted of the three different preorder missions.

  • It’s cool to see this as a stand alone game this gives the consumers more options.

  • How do the trophies work for this? Do they have their own unique list, does it count towards the AC IV list, or what? I’d like to know before I consider buying it.

  • Is there naval combat. I didnt like the naval combat in part 3 and decided not to pick up part 4 because of it. If there is no naval combat in this, I’ll definitely pick it up.

  • @13

    12 trophies (1gold, 2silver, 9bronze)

  • will season pass owners get the standalone release free as well or will we always need to have ACIV installed to play Freedom Cry?

  • does it have any online multiplayer features?

  • I was saying because i don’t want to buy the Season Pass so if i buy the DLC for 10.00 bucks they better not release another DLC that when added with the cost of the first its more than the Season Pass


  • Does anyone actually want to dish out the money for a DLC being re-sold as stand alone content?
    Wasn’t there a “special”, all DLC included, version of AC IV as well?

  • This still makes ZERO sense to me. Who’s buying this? Just buy AC:IV and the season pass. Why would you support stand-alone DLC?

  • I’m buying this since I’ve played and beat AC4 on PS3 and sold it last December.
    Now I’m moving to next gen and don’t want to buy the same game again but want to try the single player DLC.
    I hope there will be more stand alone DLCs in the future for players who sells their games after beating them.

  • Ubisoft, Freedom Cry does not work. I downloaded the game yesterday and woke up today to start playing; however, I get a CE-34878-0 error! I haven’t even STARTED the game yet, it crashes once I start my new game profile. I’ve been hyping for this game and I spent MY $15 for it. Please fix this

  • Actually it seems to work now. I just uninstalled it then re-installed it. It’s good now. But its still giving me a scare

  • @21
    This is for people like myself, who did not buy ACIV and have no interest in buying it, but still like the AC universe. I’ll get it soon, but won’t buy IV, as I just want a short story type AC to go through on the PS4 and remote play.

  • @25 agreed. I don’t have Black Flags but seeing a budget standalone game set in its universe kinda interests me. Just like Farcry 3 Blood Dragon.

  • Also, i really wish this was cross buy between ps3 and ps4.

  • Like DarkStar83x I also must know if the trophies link to the main game. The fact that the trophies auto link to DLC has a serious chilling effect on my desire to buy any games. Why can’t we get 100% based on the content we OWN vs. Every possible DLC out there? This aspect of Sony makes me want to go back to the box where you don’t loose 100% on the main game unless you buy and download the DLC. In other words, I will buy Freedom Cry only if it does not link back to the main game on the trophy list. :(

  • Of course, my trophy list was already ruined by “the playroom”. Thsnks, Sony.

  • Maybe Adewale will be the main character in ACV?

  • Are the add on and the stand alone the same game or does the stand alone have more game play? I need to know because I already have AC4 and would like to save the $5 by getting just the extension.

    I started the Assassins Creed Games backward by the way and the only one I don’t really like is the first one. There are no merchants and the game play is way restricted by the fact that every time you do anything but walk you all of a sudden become notorious and have to fight almost every guard on the whole map. It makes certain missions very frustrating. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever play it again and would DEFINATELY NOT suggest it to anyone else.

    I love the Ezio ones though! He is kick ass. He seems to be the only AC character who has a true path. Connor from the third one is and angry Native American bent on revenge and Edward is a greedy fool chasing gold and fortune. Don’t get me wrong 3 and 4 are awesome games. I also don’t fully understand the plot for the 4th one in accordance to 1, 2 and 3. It’s as if the Apple of Eden never existed.

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