Redbox Instant on PS4: What Do You Want to Stream?

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Redbox Instant on PS4: What Do You Want to Stream?

Hi PlayStation community!

Since we launched the Redbox Instant by Verizon app on PS3 and PS4 late last year, we’ve noticed that the PlayStation community is one of the most engaged groups of movie lovers we’ve ever seen!

To show our appreciation and to make sure you’re getting the best possible experience with our service, we want you to tell us what types of movies you want to stream most on your PS3 or PS4.

Our next update to Redbox Instant by Verizon’s The Playlist collection will go live on your PS3 and PS4 systems Tuesday, February 25th. While we have a ton of ideas for the movies we want to feature, we want to let you drive the decision and put our team to work to find the best movies for you.

Place your vote now through Sunday, February 23rd, and we’ll come back to you on Monday with the winning Playlist theme and the movies that come with it on the following Monday!

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Redbox Instant PlayListRedbox Instant PlayList

Redbox Instant PlayListRedbox Instant PlayList

Thanks for your vote and for being part of the Redhead Nation!

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  • I want Redbox Instant off my PS4. I will never use your service and therefore I don’t want to see it. Also tell verizon to stop throttling netflix.

  • Could you please allow us to delete the Redbox app from PS3? I’ve never used it, I have no interest in using it, and I can’t stand Verizon.

    To reiterate: please get your app off my PlayStation.

  • *not available in Canada

  • Yep, we don’t need it.

  • You could feature a category of movies that are on redbox but not other superior streaming services. But that might not be smart since there wouldn’t be anything there. PS get your app off my dashboard.

  • I love my Redbox, just rented Escape Plan last night. Pretty good flick. I would choose 80’s Faves. I missed some really good stuff from that era.
    Also, when scrolling down to view my movie list, the slight delay should be adjusted.
    Looking forward to seeing more titles added to the streaming options too……… More cotent is always welcomed.

  • Movies that have been released within the last 1-2 years. I understand that you can’t afford the rights to stream all new releases through your subscription service, but why not pay for 1 or 2 blockbuster new releases a month? You need to offer something that isn’t already available on a competitors subscription service. I do like the 4 blu-ray rentals with my sub, but that is not enough to justify paying double. The included streaming offerings are less of the same that Amazon & Netflix offer…

  • Funny how as soon as Redbox streaming launched my netflix viewing with Verizon fios suddenly got shaky. Real funny. But hey, congrats Verizon on defeating net neutrality.

  • I want more info on the HBOgo app. It’s been over a month that we were told it was “coming soon” to PS3, but not a peep since then.

  • I have still not seen a reason to get this app over netflix or even hulu plus (which i don’t have anymore because of annoying ads).

    It would have been better if you had instead offered a digital rental service akin to your redbox kiosiks, where i can download/stream a new release for a set amount of time at a low price of around $2.99.

    It could be similiar to how psn store has movie rentals, except not as insanely overpriced.

  • I want to be able to remove the Redbox app from my PS3 and PS4. I don’t use it at the moment and don’t want to have to navigate around an app I don’t use. Let me have the choice to delete it.

  • Another app Canada doesn’t get? Ohh well lol

  • I’d like to be able to delete the Redbox app too…

  • I love how people whine about this kind of thing. “Let me delete it so I don’t have to navigate around it.” Really? It takes one click/push of the directional pad to go past it. I use Netflix all the time on my PS3/PS4 and forget it’s there because I rarely even notice it. It’s not in the way. And it’s for sure not taking up much, if any, space.

    If you don’t want to vote here, why come here to complain? Just go around it like the app on your dashboard.

  • @14 — The issue is that the other streaming services didn’t force their way onto our XMB. With Redbox, they pushed it to the PS3 without giving users the option. That seems to be standard operating procedure for Verizon.

    Do you like it when you purchase a smartphone that has been subsidized by a carrier and customized by a manufacturer, and they bundle all kinds of useless apps on it that you can’t remove? Do you like it when you buy a PC that comes with a bunch of bloatware installed?

    It’s the same thing for a game console. I don’t know about you, but I bought my PS3 for $500 and for that price, I shouldn’t have to stare at ads for services I have no interest in.

    Dear Verizon: I am not your customer. I don’t want your apps on any of my devices.

  • It’s so sad to see nothing but people watching movies as I scroll my friend’s list.

    Time to delete some posers.

  • How about this Let us stream / watch youtube… As in i want the youtube app for the ps4, IDC for Redbox

  • I think having netflix is like having basic cable. Having red box instant should be like having the premium movie channels. I can’t afford both right now but when I can that is what I would like to see.

    I agree, I would like the ability to delete the apps I don’t want under the tv and video section and also from in my library. This goes along with customizing the dashboard the way we would want it. There are things that should take precedence over that though like pausing downloads and a YouTube app.

  • Crispybacon

    Why are you complaining about people complaining. Pull the plank out of your eye.

  • Offer films we want to see that is not on Netflix already.

  • What do you call when superfluous and redundant make a baby love child?
    Redbox Instant on PS4 (or any platform).

    Now if it were instead/also a digital game rental service… well that would be a horse of a different color.

    But I doubt Sony would allow that with PSNow kind of going that direction.

  • Bunch of morons complaining about ads and such.

    How about the ads on every web page, and the commercials that roll on for 3 to 4 minutes in between segments of every TV show you watch? Are they “strong-arming” their way into your lives without your consent? What are you little babies going to do about it? Nothing. Sit there and take it, slaves. Or shut off the tube and go outside. Oh, but the billboards outside! And the newspapers! And ads on every bus stop and public bench! There’s no escape!!!

    @ hahpurr

    Complaining about a single icon on your dashboard is not a valid complaint, sorry. It’s the definition of petty. And pathetic.

  • The wealth of content that is on the Red Box is so much more diverse than Netflix. i like that they are here on the PS4!!!!!!!!!!

  • i’m sure verizon paid good money to make the app manatory,, hopefully its only a timed mandate and we will be able to delete it after a year. lets boycott redbox kiosks too beause i do not want to support this new generation of intrusive advetising.

  • Not happy with what Verizon has been doing (net neutrality), so any interest and curiosity in the Redbox app has gone down the tubes with that.

  • “Intrusive advertisiing”

    Ha ha hahahhahahahahahah!!!!!!!!

    The Carl’s Jr. commercial with the hot chick eating the Western Bacon Cheeseburger is playing on my TV as I type this. So damn intrusive! I didn’t ask for hot babes eating burgers on my screen! Damn greedy corporations always forcing ads on me! WAAAAAAA!!!!!

    Oh, and before anyone says “I paid for my console so it shouldn’t have ads on it”, yeah well, you pay for your TV package too, but they still run commercials on every show, don’t they? Do you ever call the cable or satellite company to complain about that? Of course not. You guys need to learn a little bit about business finance and economic strategies.

    “New generation”… hee hee… it’s nothing new. Imagine if people back in the 20s complained about ads for Coca-Cola showing up in their 5-cent newspapers. “Dammit! I paid for this paper to read the news, not to be bombarded by advertisements! Boycott newspapers!” So dumb.

  • Make it like the kiosk. I like the kiosk, but if you cut out the picking up and dropping off part that would make it even better.

  • Stop putting store ads and coupons in my mailbox, postman! I don’t care that Albertson’s is selling watermelons for 79 cents per pound for 3 days only! WAAAAAAA!!!

    (I’d rather stop receiving bills in the mail, but that’s just me.)

  • My best advice for Redbox is to add a section of streaming exclusives like Amazon Prime does to make it clear how the service is different. If you can’t highlight any content as exclusive then there’s no reason to switch. B/C my assumption is that there is simply less content than Netflix. On the flipside, if you have the exact same amount of streaming content as Netflix, say that. B/C the DVD rentals would then be the difference and make you better.

  • Michael Phelps is trying to sell me a Subway sandwich right now… get off my screen, loser! I didn’t ask for this! I’m going to call Time Warner and complain! WAAAAA!!!

  • UltraViolet Compatibility

    Please add UVVU compatibility to your movie and TV purchases. I won’t use your service until you do as UVVU compatible services provide much greater value.

  • At least the choices are less moronic and sexist this time. I hate seeing this garbage icon on my PS4 and PS3. Redbox must’ve paid a nice chunk of money for me to have to move over it every time I launch Netflix.

    I’ll never subscribe to your service because you made the decision to come so late to an already saturated market.

    The difference between paying for streaming and paying for streaming should be obvious- with one, you’re paying the content provider directly, with the other you’re paying a third party service to bring other content providers’ content to you.

    Also, if I’m paying a content provider directly, I expect them to charge me enough so they won’t have to show me ads.

  • @ TheFunkyPhantom

    Your post was hilarious. Every sentence made me chuckle.

  • I have seen a ton of users asking to delete and/or remove from their ps3’s. I can hit triangle and delete the application w/out any issues. What are you seeing where you are asking Sony to remove it? Are you not able to do the same thing?

  • More movies that we would like to see, and less ‘b’ movies that only a small few have even heard of, would be nice for the streaming part. As others have mentioned, bust out a few ‘hit’ movies before other streaming companies offer them once a month. I’ve been a subscriber since they offered the beta on the pc, and basically only keep my subscription (for now) for my 4 free credits a month to use at the redbox machines. I for one am glad redbox streaming service is on other platforms instead of just the pc these days.

  • Dear Verizon:
    I got rid of your telephone service because I wanted away from you. I would really like not to have to see your icon anymore because I really don’t want to be reminded of you. I hope your contract to get your icon off my dashboard expires soon. I really wish I could have a restraining order against you…it’s like an ex that won’t go away.

  • I just want to add my voice to all of those requesting the ability to delete this app. If it weren’t forced onto my XMB i’d download it and try it out. I greatly resent it being forced onto my system and having no choice in the matter. In protest i refuse to use it. It’s not much of a protest but my boycott, and posting my distaste here, are all the only options i’ve got. i just hope someone at Sony takes notice of all of the displeased playstation owners posting here. Please do not force install 3rd party software onto our systems.

  • Feel bad for the worker that has to comment here lol, not their fault really.
    But bad app… outdated movies. Netflix wins… Verizon should just give up.. terrible phone company too.

  • I want old TV cartoons back. Those days we all grew up. Like Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner show back from 60s. Spiderman from late 60s. Fat Albert from 70s. Sci Fi shows like lost in space and land of the giants back in 60s Comedy shows like Hogans Heroes,Get Smart and Gilligans Island from 60s. my title would be cause 60s Faves.

  • i dont like verizon app

  • So another app not being released on the Vita.

  • @22 — Do you really think it’s difficult to avoid ads on the internet and TV? I have Adblock installed on my browser, and I don’t subscribe to cable, so I don’t have to watch commercials on TV. It’s actually very easy to avoid unwanted ads.

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