Experience More Together: Introducing the PS Plus TV Spot

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Experience More Together: Introducing the PS Plus TV Spot

It’s hard to believe that PlayStation Plus is nearly four years old. Since its launch, we’ve continued to add benefits, including our wildly popular Instant Game Collection, deep game discounts, cloud storage and online multiplayer on PS4. We’ve continued to up the ante with recent Instant Game Collection offerings such as Game of the Year nominee BioShock Infinite, PS3 action epic DmC, headspinning PS Vita adventure Gravity Rush, and most recently, PS4 favorites Resogun and Outlast.

Today, I’m delighted to show you our very first TV spot for PS Plus, which debuts this week and celebrates the fact that with PS Plus you can experience more together.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks to you all for your amazing support.

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  • You’re welcome PS+ is a good deal

  • Been a PS Plus Member since day one and it’s been amazing

    I know the membership is its own reward but is there a special reward or recognition for long-term fidelity?

  • I love PS+ but this was a horrible way to promote it.

  • Why not just make a smart simple commercial explaining the benefits. Cloud saves (Scene of guy playing in multiple locations) Free games monthly for all devices (Scene of a guy dumping a barrels of games on his friend.) and all the money you can save on discounts (scene of friends pockets exploding cash.) 30 seconds edited and done.

    That commercial just seems like an uninformative waste of resources.

  • Pretty simple, Sony gives you more bang for your buck. If all you care about is dude bro shooters then go somewhere else.

  • Love my Plus, but I gotta agree with viceforce & OneMoreVillain: I don’t get this ad. Maybe the marketing gurus at Sony are seeing something the rest of us aren’t.

    @fmykdisbad: You apparently don’t even have Plus, so what do you care? Nobody’s forcing you to do anything. Just don’t play online if you don’t like paying for it.

    Sony has very limited control over which games are released when, other than first-party titles obviously.

  • That was fun to watch.

    PS+ is an amazing service.

  • @ThumbsOfSteel74 haha i just find it funny that people think they have a benefit from PLUS when sony is laughing hard at you as you spent way more time than ever in their store and buying games WITH PLUS. The average money a plus customer spends is 5 times higher than non-plus member because by the constant visits to the blog and store you are forced to, you spend way more money on average, hahahaha. I rather play a game than visit the blog or news sites or store constantly, wonder why on ps3/ps4 is only short games always and you have nothing like titanfall to play all year. BECAUSE SONY rather have you in the store and in their media/news sites because your attention is hard cash.

  • Hey guy? Will there more tv spots like this? I really love the way how guys did this it’s really funny and great also will u guys be doing more bundles with ps+ coming soon ps vita,ps3,ps4? Just asking thanks and keep up the great work, u and the PlayStation plus team!

  • “I rather play a game than visit the blog … constantly” says the guy that’s commented on this twice already.

    I’ve had plus forever and I do spend more time in the store, for sure. Sometimes it’s taking advantage of a plus discount on something I was going to buy already, but more often it’s downloading the free game I didn’t get a chance to get when it was released that’s now on plus.

    Say what you want (you obviously are a TF fanboy with no plus experience whatsoever), but plus is definitely one of the best things out there. The ratio of what I’ve gotten free to what I paid for the membership is probably close to 10-to-1 (if not higher). PS4 multiplayer is a non-issue. If you didn’t have plus before, you’re missing out big time.

  • Vita TV in North America!!!!! Btw I love PS+

  • @fmykdisbad Wait, what? Some one who obviously is paying for Live Gold is complaining about having to pay to play online? Have you ever heard the phrase, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?”. Cause trust me, your “house” is very much made of glass…. at least we don’t have to pay extra to go online with our device or play Netflix or eventually HBO Go.

    You have to pay to play online (some how MS has managed to make you forget that is the whole point of Live Gold, in fact MS’s motivation to get you to pay for Live Gold is to gimp your machine entirely so if you want to have full use you have to pay it). So I’m not sure why you are complaining about PS4 users having to. You should be used to it, MS is the one who introduced this concept and the fact that xbox users complied with it is what taught Sony that they could do it too. They at least were reasonable enough not to make you pay extra for anything other than MP (hell, games that already have sub fees for MP Sony exempts… you won’t have to pay for PS+ to play Elder Scrolls Online. No such luck on the xbox one).

  • Hey guy ? So s o do u know what we are getting for PlayStation plus? Just asking u do a great job!

  • Hey PlayStation plus is really worth the money get PlayStation plus really great games and discounts really great PlayStation plus rules PlayStation plus forever! Keep blogging

  • Don’t feed the troll guys.

    Love PS+.

  • Unfortunately, in my opinion, that was a waste of about 1 minute and 13 seconds of commercial time. The live action stuff says absolutely nothing about what product you are advertising.

    Someone will see this on tv and not even pay attention or know its about gaming.

    Dear marketing team, no one will know your are advertising video games, if you never show anything that resembles a video game.

    Oh well. not my problem. but you have my opinion.

  • this ads is a waste of time, no offence

  • Yeah Ive been a playstation plus member for like 2 years now, but what is a TV Spot?

  • @16

    Secret Ponchos is coming eventually, most likely April as that’s its release date

    The Binding of Isaac is coming, and it may be the game for March

  • Driveclub is most likely May

    My guess:

    March – The Binding of Isaac
    April – Secret Ponchos
    May – Driveclub
    June and on – Unknown at this point

  • I was answering to @14 not 16. Sorry!

  • Now that we have entered the current, in my opinion, underpowered “new generation” what happens to all the Playstation 3 Playstation Plus games when the PS3 is no longer able to log in to PSN and essentially no longer be supported?

    With all the people that have asked this question over a period of time, why the silence? I believe many Plus members would like to know exactly what is going to happen to their PS# games on their HDD.

  • The commercial is OK, although it seems somewhat long for a TV spot. It’s a fairly entertaining ad if you “know” modern video games. I think the message about the PS Plus benefits could have been communicated more effectively to “outsiders” if you included a quick montage of some of the games being offered in the Instant Game Collection. This segment could be updated each month to reflect the new games being offered for that particular month.

  • CORRECTION @comment 23
    *PS3 games on their HDD.*

  • PS+ is the best online service out there!!! Great work Sony!!!

  • I’ve been a PS+ member since the day it was first made available. It’s a great service with a really compelling hook – “If you own any Playstation system, you can get a bunch of free games for a few bucks a month and keep them as long as you subscribe.”

    So, I have to question the direction of the creative here, because it fails to communicate that point effectively. Nothing about the creative suggests gaming to a broad audience — it shows a bunch of dudes moving through movie tropes. The idea that players are busting through games together in such a rapid-fire progression is silly, because many of the games aren’t multiplayer. There are no anchors to the Playstation brand, either — no game consoles, no recognizable characters, or anything else of the sort. It’s asking way too much of your target market (non-gamers or casual owners, I’d assume?) to understand the messaging here.

    Why spend all this obvious effort, time and money on a concept and forget to tie the creative more firmly to Sony’s staggering library of IP or the Playstation brand? Are you guys really that afraid that consumers won’t recognize Sackboy or Nathan Drake that you need to spoof 2001, Pirates OTC and The Hobbit instead?

  • @23 & @25, as long as you are paying for plus, you will not lose access.
    This applies the other way as well.

    As long as the machine has plus, you won’t lose the games.
    I’m sure they can think of something if the next PS5 or PS6 supports emulating PS3 (and prior, and maybe PS4), but I’ll be talking out my ass then.
    In other words, don’t worry about it.

  • Keep on going with PS+ on all PS systems for years! Such an amazing service for the price.

  • that seems like a misleading commercial. To my eyes, it looks like Last of Us, Dead Space (?), The Order, and AC4 – none of which are on PS+. Why werent actual PS+ games shown? I understand the PS4+ lineup isnt all that solid, but this is most definitely misleading at the very least

  • Nice commercial…..I’ve been a Plus member since January 2012 and I will be a Plus member until death.PSPlus just keeps on being my most well spent money of the year.

    Thank you Sony for such INCREDIBLE service.

  • really good video, though the punchline failed, it wasnt to the point, completely broke the mood of the video and overall just didnt seem to fit.

  • @Boyanime010 where is your avatar lol. I like the commercial it brings the concept together nicely.

  • I want to say this was a good ad, but there was no mention of PS3 or Vita, hypothetically if I was a casual consumer whom very little connected online with my ps3 due to not caring for multiplayer but still bought games for cheap at retail, this ad would have done very little to say how PS PLus would help me.

  • Thank you Sony for PS+ ! you wont here any complaints from me. The online save feature has saved my life several times now. I have also gotten to play games I probably would’t have bought and ended up enjoying them. So yes Thank you very much for all that you give us!

  • PS Plus is incredible. I joined back in November when PS4 launched, and have not regretted it. In just over three months, I have saved over $300 worth on PS3 and PS4, and that number will continue to grow when I get a Vita. It is the best value not only in gaming, but one of the best deals in entertainment history. PS Plus is what premium membership should be. Thanks Sony and keep up the great work!!! Proud PlayStation owner for over a decade!


  • I’ve been a PS Plus member from Day 1 & I’m very pleased with it! It offers great value due to the fact that you pay 1 membership fee and it is valid across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. Thanks for getting this one right, Sony!!!

  • omg! You gotta be kidding, this ad is horrible. I love my ps plus membership it’s amazing. This ad is so dumb, tells you nothing. Doesn’t even say the games are free?! I don’t get it. Oh, and where is my HBOgo!

  • PS plus indeed is a good deal.You get free games and discounts for all platforms. But I wish we had more variation in themes, wallpapers and avatars. We need more updates in this part.

  • Thanks a lot for the PS+ is the most awesome deal in the videogame history!!

  • I love PS+ but i hate HATE the fact that u are charging for online multiplayer on the ps4… PS+ was a whole value w/o charging for online…. I keep saying NOT KOOL sony not kool…

  • at Godfathergig….

    Dude… The ps4 its just 2 months Out and theres barely anything on the next gen games… WTF are u expecting from them? to give u EVERYTHING even the new games for free? just give it time and STFU.

  • This ad is so grossly and retardedly violent and extreme in all aspects, so bad.

  • @ Mando44646: To address a specific part of your post, no AC4 is not on PS+, BUT… it does have multiplayer, which on PS4 requires PS+, hence the inclusion of the pirate theme during the part of the commercial where they mention “next-gen multiplayer”.

    To me, it looked like a bunch of random game locales, just like in the Perfect Day commercial (random RPG, random racer, but the last one was obviously Killzone). Here, random post-apocalypse, random sci-fi, random fantasy, and what is obviously AC4.
    Sure, it wasn’t nearly as sleek as the Perfect Day or #4thePlayers commercials, but it was interesting enough. I think it does its job of making someone who would be interested in the service want to go look it up for more info. I wouldn’t really think it’s targeted at casuals, as they either don’t play enough games to care, or already have it so that they can play the new CoD every year.

    Final verdict: Weakest of the three commercials you’ve done so far, but still serviceable.

  • Loved this ad!

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