The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for February 18th, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for February 18th, 2014
The Drop

The world has fallen under the tyrannical rule of Grand Master Meio. As people suffocate in his steely grip, Special A-Class Strider Hiryu is sent into the wintry winds of Kazakh City to assassinate the dictator. The arcade classic series returns with Strider, which launches for PS3 and PS4 this week.

Guide Hiryu through an expansive map and cut down Grand Master Meio’s forces in a flurry of strikes. Using Hiryu’s indestructible plasma Cypher — and a host of unlockable special moves — players can traverse the dark halls, harrowing heights, and gleaming towers of Kazakh City with speed and skill.

For those gamers hungry for a more old-fashioned quest, the PS4 beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn also launches this week. Saddle up a chocobo and ride through Eorzea in this staggering MMO from Square Enix. Interested parties can head here for more information about the beta.

There’s plenty more coming to PlayStation, so head below for the full list. And enjoy the Drop!

Strider on PS4

Earth Defense Force 2025
Forest Legends: The Call of Love
Mr. Driller
Neo Contra
Rayman Legends
Tomba! 2

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3 — Digital, Retail
Blast through legions of bugs in the latest from a cult-classic series. More than 80 missions, 700 weapons, local and online multiplayer, and four character classes. Fans of B movies, take note!
PS3 — Digital
A story of both magic and love. Guide a young girl named Eveline through a dark forest in search of her beloved, a werecat named Aurelio. Meet werewolves, goblins, and challenging puzzles in this fantastical adventure.
PS Vita — Digital
A chaotic, run-and-gun shooter with a gigantic collection of upgrades and bonuses. Tackle brutal challenges in randomly-generated stages with retro-style graphics.
PSone Classic — Digital
Caution: big, bright blocks have buried downtown! It’s going to take a drilling professional to solve this conundrum. Fortunately, Mr. Driller is on the case. Help drill and solve puzzles in this PlayStation classic.
PS2 Classic — Digital
The year is 4444 A.D. Earth has been remade into a ghastly prison planet rife with criminals. When a threat emerges from this underworld society, Bill Rizer is awakened from his 2,000-year slumber to destroy the Neo Contra menace. Dive back into this PS2 classic shooter from Konami.
PS4 — Digital, Retail (Already Available on PS3, PS Vita)
The eye-catching platformer from Ubisoft makes its PS4 debut. Built with new features that take advantage of DualShock 4, experience Rayman’s latest adventure with enhanced visuals and PS Vita remote play.
PS3, PS4 — Digital
The arcade classic from Capcom gets a titanic visual upgrade with this new action platformer for PS3 and PS4. Take up the scarf and plasma Cypher of Strider Hiryu in order to take out the tyrannical Grand Master Meio. Revel in the lightning-fast play and expansive map of Kazakh City.
PSone Import — Digital
An old-school, side-scrolling platformer. Guide the feral boy named Tomba through a variety of environments, in search of his childhood friend.

Demos and Betas

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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12 Author Replies

  • Strider Hiryu is Dropping into Grand Master Meio’s plans.

  • Dang it Ryan!

  • what’s about PS Plus?

  • Just in case Monster Monpiece gets a ninja release this week, i will not support anything censored

    Do not support censorship

  • When are we going to see a pause downloads option on PS4?

  • Sweet drop! Hope to see more like it

  • Can’t wait for Strider! Beyond, Ryan!

  • Yay for Strider! Also Neo Contra was a fun game, lookin forward to that one too :)

  • YES……… Strider. PS4 Love baby…….. Im all over this.
    Hey Ryan, an word on Puppeteer coming to PS4 ?

  • hey Ryan Clement, will Thief available for pre-order in PSN Store on Tuesday when psn store update ?

  • Earth Defense Force 2025… might have to bite.

  • Oh will Strider be cross-buy?

  • So does that mean that the PSN date is wrong and Monster Monpiece isn’t coming to NA this week?

  • So Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry Standalone isn’t happening this week I take it? It was going to be a fight between Strider and it for my $20 card. Now it’s rather one sided.

    • Hi! According to my documentation, it is actually still coming (though that is subject to change)! But since it’s not a “new game” of sorts, I didn’t include it above.

      Hope that helps!

  • Still no Digimon World 3 :(

  • TOMBA 2!
    thanks sony.

  • Finally! Tomba 2! I freaking love this game so much and I have been waiting so long for it to come to PSN. Great week ahead!

  • EDF! EDF!

  • Guys forgot nascar 2014

  • Hesitant on Strider I’ve seen Capcom drop the ball before so I’ll wait for judgement then buy it unless it’s on sale never mind it won’t be on sale

  • I bought Rayman on PS3 awhile back, will there be any discount getting it on PS4 also? No problem either way, just curious. Thanks.

  • Great to see all the Classics love, even if I’m not personally interested in this week’s offerings. :)

    Might try the PS3 demos because why not.

    @Monterossa: Plus post is Monday.

  • #10 – I don’t think Thief will be on PSN. If you do a search for it you’ll see disc only.

  • Is Strider cross-buy? If not any idea what the PS4 price will be?

  • Awesome Drop this week.

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta is for anyone with a PS4. I may try this out to see if a 15 dollar a month sub is worth it to me

  • Can’t believe you guys left out NASCAR 14 on here. Only game im buying this week

  • Mr. Driller, that game was evil. Fun, but evil.

    Also glad to see Tomba 2. Since I know a large swath of people won’t pay attention, I’ll point out this is the IMPORT version, meaning it is in JAPANESE! Don’t expect it to be in English. There is a legitimate reason why this is as Monkey Paw explains on their site. The short answer is that the US version of the game simply doesn’t paly nice with emulators. They’d release it if they could, but it would be glitched. Regardless, the game is easily playable despite the Japanese text, so don’t worry. It’s still worth it And it has a better intro.

  • Awesome to see Tomba. Neo Contra would be great to play on the Vita. Why aren’t the PS2 classics not on the Vita? Imagine being able to play Neo Contra or San Andreas on the go.

  • Also, Mr driller gives me faith that the Namco Classics parade isn’t over. hoping to see some other stuff, especially Tales games and the other Pac Man titles (Maze Madness in particular).

  • Strider Demo for me and maybe that Final Fantasy XIV beta.

  • TOMBA 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet! I can’t wait to play it :D

  • looks like 2014 is starting to get interesting, I hope I get my Vita PLAY 10$ in time for Strider

  • I can not find confirmation of this anywhere not on square enix twitter or anywhere. I do not care if its preorderable or not I just want to know if there is going to be a ps4 digital copy of thief on the 25th again not worried about if i can preorder it I just want to know if digital will happen at all.

  • so wheres SXT at

  • #18 you beat me to it

  • Is the FFXIV beta open for everyone?

  • Gunslugs is looking great… and cheap. Can’t wait to pick it up.

    Hey Ryan, not sure if you want to change it, but the image you have up for Gunslugs isn’t actually from the game. That’s the pic from the original conception for the game that would evolve into Gunslugs. Just FYI.

  • @4 Don’t count on it. ….Wait, were the Vita ports of the Atelier games on their respective week’s Drop posts?

    Also, can’t wait for Strider! Though I preordered the Steam version, since I don’t have a PS4.

    Lastly, I thought the Blogcast would’ve been posted by now…?

  • @30 Haha, you’re right! I bought Pac-Man World last week, and I really hope World 2 comes to PSN as a PS2 classic too! (it’s much better than World 1 IMO) Same goes with Tales. (particularly of Destiny 2/Eternia)

  • another week goes by WITHOUT Mercenary Kings…what a damn shame.

  • Mr. Driller PS1 Classic?

  • ay yo ryannnn lol you forgot battlefield 4 second assault dropping for premium members mannn

  • Strider HD for me! That’s ALL I’m looking forward to! :)

  • Tomba! 2 “PSone Import”? This better be a mistake. The game had a north american release so it would be the dumbest thing to ever happen on psn if they give us the japanese version. Tomba 2 is my all time favorite platformer and they better not screw me like that

  • YaY STRIDER ! … That is all

  • Well, I guess that’s it then. No word about Strider 1&2 available in the US PSN as a bonus for those buying Strider in the week of release. That is truly, truly disappointing. Japan not only got a physical copy of the game (only on PS3), but also got the PSX classics to play on their consoles, PSP and PS Vita. This would be a fantastic time to release Strider 1&2 PSX Classic on the US PSN. Interest for the character will be on an all time high. And Strider 2 is a superb game to play on a portable console.

    Then again, this is Crapcom. We should be used by now with them screwing with fan expectations and desires…

  • All you guys mentioning nascar 2014 don’t expect much mention by the blog. They all seem to hate racers such as nascar. Let it be they and the commenters all suck at racers I don’t know, but their is a lot of hate towards nascar in these blogs. Never a mention of it and never nascar on the psn to buy. Its always stupid disc. They have nascar the game 2011 and inside line on psn in the uk to buy as a digital option but never here where the sport is from… THE USA! But they constantly put formula one games on psn for download. Its pissing me off. I’m a digital guy so its annoying to be FORCED to buy disc to play nascar. Heck even nascar inside line is on xbox live for gods sake so what is up with sony not putting them on psn. But I wouldn’t buy the new one anyways. The uk
    developer can’t make a good nascar game for crap. I’m still amazed I was able to platinum nascar 2011 and almost platinum inside line but due to the terrible online you can’t platinum inside line unless you cheat with multiple disc and ps3’s and set up a room online and even that would be stupid and cheating and cost a lot of money. Who ever buys nascar 2014 will be mad cause it will glitch bad like every game before it and never got fixed.

  • Valkyrie Profile (ps1) and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2) as psn classics please bring them some day. Thanks playstation staff for the great updates

  • Also, if Sony would just allow multiple accounts on the Vita, as they do on the PS3, I could just have my japanese account on the Vita to play the PSX classics that I want.

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