This Week in PlayStation

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This Week in PlayStation

Slim PS Vita! Gimme gimme gimme! Seriously, LOOK AT IT. This week’s other “big thing” was the release of The Last of Us: Left Behind. If you’ve played TLOU, you’d be silly not to play this new chapter of the story.

In other news this week, Ryan is apparently a robot, because he wrote four hands-on stories: EA Sports UFC, Evolve (which I got to play too — it’s lookin’ mighty fine so far), inFAMOUS Second Son, and a boatload of upcoming games from NIS America (including Disgaea 4 on Vita and Danganronpa 2).

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is out now on PS3, baseball is indeed better on PS4 with MLB The Show 14, and our pals at Naughty Dog dropped off some sweet (and kinda sick) Valentines for us.

What are you playing this weekend? Have you finished Left Behind yet? What did you think? No spoilers!

  • I’m playing: Dustforce, Spelunky
  • I’m watching: Community, Seinfeld
  • I’m listening to: Darren Korb’s Bastion Soundtrack

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  • Payday 2 almost makes me want to jump on my PS3 again

  • Where is the blogcast :(? I NEED MY FIX! IM GOING THROUGH WITHDRAWAL.

  • Yea what Shoe said^^

  • @Justin
    Do you ever watch Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee? It’s a pretty great show.

    • I do! I’ve seen maybe half a dozen episodes. Pretty good stuff, but it just makes me want new episodes of Seinfeld. The George Costanza bit from a couple weeks ago doesn’t count.

  • How long do we have to wait before you guys reveal the Actual release date for the Slim Vita / Borderlands 2

  • Have you given any more thought to “What We’re Reading”? I do miss it!

    I’m playing: Warframe, The Puppeteer

    I’m watching: The Americans, Hannibal, the Olympics

    I’m listening to: Blink 182: Enema of the State

    I’m reading: PlayStation Blog, but no “What We’re Reading” posts. ;)

  • I’m playing:
    Lightning Returns: FFXIII
    Persona 4: Golden (Bought it for $20 plus tax to see what all the fuss is about.)
    -Just played Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Ep. 1
    -Gonna be purchasing Strider for PS4 (Never played a Strider game before)

    My older brother comes home soon and I CAN’T WAIT to give him the PS Vita my father and I got for him all the way from Black Friday with 6 games i am giving him from my collection (i re-purchased them digitally when on sale and also through PS Plus)

  • Yay, we just got our Ps3 back today from repair shop. I have been playing a lot of Kill Zone Mercenary on the Vita, which i got for a steal when it was discounted on a PsPlus sale.

  • Don’t pretend the PS Vita 2000 is attractive. That thing is hideous beyond believe. I don’t know what it is with Sony and revisions of systems. Maybe all the design budget is gone and they let interns make it or something, but that thing is so hideous.

    The screen boarder is the worst. It wouldn’t be so bad if that wasn’t there.

  • @Elvick Yes I can’t even enjoy Tearaway because of it’s terrible borders design (sarcasm)

  • I want to know the release date of the ps vita t.v and modnation roadtrip free for the ps plus subscribers !!

  • Final Fantasy Type-0! Get it on the Vita! And PEACE WALKER HD?! WHERE IS IT! I LOVE YOU SONY WOOOOO

  • The new IPS LED Vita screens are a step down when compared to the original Vita’s OLED screens. When looking at comparison gameplay shots and videos, there’s a noticeable loss of clarity and color on the Slim screens.

  • I love my oled screen, but the new vita screen will still be pretty, plus it supposedly will make it way better for playing outdoors. I’m playing Txk and that’s it! I love it! Super addictive gameplay and killer soundtrack!I would love to see pixeljunk shooter 1 and 2 and sidescroller on vita too! Oh and Pacman CE Dx!

  • Fingers crossed on the PSVitaTV breaking out of Japan soon!

  • left behind was amazing left me wanting more!
    felt like fresh new gameplay also i think it was hott and i don’t care what people say!^_^

  • I’m Playing: Warframe and Payday 2.

    I’m watching: My friend playing his NBA 2K14 on my PS4 since he has TV Shenanigans.

    I’m listening to Neppu Shippu Cybasuter.

  • I’m Playing: Game Dev Tycoon

    I’m Watching: Titanfall Beta vids

    I’m Waiting: For inFAMOUS Second Son & Titanfall

    I Love Playstation!!!!

  • Sorry about that never been on p.s. blog sense, sense!!! lightning returns looks like a cool game even though it’s not like super cool!!! Wait when does this game come out?

  • @10: No where did I imply that. Or reference playing games on it. Justin was talking about how it looks “LOOK AT IT”. And it LOOKS UGLY.

    So… nice argument, genius. Maybe next time, don’t reply. Save yourself some foolishness.

  • Let us use multiple accounts on vita. This is such bull being stuck to using one account on my vita. And don’t tell me to switch memory cards and have to rebuild database every time to do so and go into settings and deactivate one account and reactive another and fix the bubbles again as it resets them during the memory card swaps. Thats too much junk to go through just to use different accounts on a vita. Give us multiple accounts like ps3 does. How hard is that to understand. You need to fire the person or people that make these updates and os on our devices. They never listen to us and take too long to fix anything. Ps3 came out in 2006 and we are in 2014 and a ps4 now here and we still have no sorting feature for our download list. That is PATHETIC. You know were complaining about it so fix it or bring over tech people from xbox live to help you. Good GOD!

  • I think the new Vita model looks nice. I like how it tapers off around the edges. I do like the look of the original better, which I have. The screen border doesn’t look nice to me either, BUT what I do like better about the new design is that it will be much easier to apply screen protectors. I also dig the way the Start and Select buttons are. They will be easier to press than on the original Vita.

  • Aesthetics aside, we all have either seen or heard that the new screen is inferior to the original OLED screen. That is what’s important to me. Clearly, Sony cut corners there to save money, but they shouldn’t have cut THAT corner. What they are losing in profit from the Vita system itself, they make up on software (games) and the overpriced proprietary memory cards, which was why they decided from the start not to allow the use of SD cards. I really don’t understand the move with the crappier screen. When they released the PS3 Slim 4 and a half years ago, it contained all the same hardware as the original, but was better in numerous ways. Then they released the “super slim”, which is made very cheaply and I don’t like that they did that to save money, but still, it does perform. They absolutely made the wrong choice with the new Vita. I wish they’d recall this and do it right, but that won’t happen, so for those who don’t already own the original, try and get that one at a reasonable price, if you can.

  • The new Vita actually isn’t that bad. I purchased one from Japan about a month ago and prefer it to the older model. The design is noticeably thinner and weighs less. The battery life is longer. The LCD change isn’t that huge of a difference (side by side comparison). The OLED screen does have a greater color range/detail, but you really don’t notice a difference unless you directly compare them screen-shot for screen-shot.

    It’s really up to everyone to make their own impressions, but battery life is fairly important to me. The old Vita battery life is abysmal. The newer model is a bit better (honestly could be better), by 1-2 hours or so. For someone who doesn’t like to be plugged into a wall every time I play, the extended battery life is a welcome change.

  • I’m playing: Toukiden: The Age of Demons (and loving it)

    I think I may have finally found that special something to fill that Monster Hunter sized hole in my heart : )

  • Epic

  • Hope to see a “Soul Sacrifice Delta release date announced!” link in the top 10 some time soon.

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