The Last of Us: Left Behind Out Tonight, Launch Trailer Revealed

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The Last of Us: Left Behind Out Tonight, Launch Trailer Revealed
The Last of Us: Left Behind Out Tonight, Launch Trailer Revealed
Update: Left Behind is out now! Download it here.

It’s been an incredible February. On the same night, The Last of Us won big at the 41st annual Annie Awards and the 2014 Writers Guild Awards. Five days later, we took home ten awards, including Game of the Year, Adventure Game of the Year, Outstanding Character Performance by Ashley Johnson for her role as Ellie — and many others at the 17th annual DICE Awards. To date we’ve received more than 230 Game of the Year picks around the globe. We are deeply honored and humbled to receive such high praise and recognition from our peers and industry fans. On behalf of everyone that worked on The Last of Us, thank you!

We’re proud to continue this strong month by releasing our first ever, single-player downloadable story campaign, The Last of Us: Left Behind. Unless you’re on a media blackout, check out the launch trailer for Left Behind.

Left Behind tells the story of Ellie and Riley. It continues the themes of survival, loyalty, and love that we explored in the full game. We wanted to dig deeper into the events that transformed Ellie into the fighter players were introduced to on her fateful meeting with Joel. What does it mean for two teenagers to survive in a world that offers little hope. How far will you go to save yourself? How far will you go to save the ones you love? While you might think you know how Left Behind ends, there are plenty of surprises and insights into who Ellie is. Fans of The Last of Us will not want to miss this new chapter that ties directly into the main story.

The Last of Us: Left BehindThe Last of Us: Left Behind

The Last of Us: Left Behind drops tonight. Within the hour it’ll be available on PlayStation Store in your region. It’s a hefty 5GB, so get ready for the download and be the first to play it!

After you’ve finished Left Behind, write down those burning questions as we’ll be holding a Reddit AMA on Friday, February 21st at 2:30 PM PT.

If you still haven’t played the full game, there are regional sales happening that offer The Last of Us and our season pass bundled at a great discount. Buy it online and enjoy the complete story.

Left Behind is really something special. It’s one of the most polished single-player experiences we’ve ever crafted. We are super proud of the quality of the gameplay and the depth of the story.

And once again, thank you for making The Last of Us so successful. None of this would be possible without your support.

Neil & Bruce

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  • Thank you ND so much for the “Shiv Dance” patch(and the other stuff) That move was hella annoying.

  • Congrats on all of the awards! You all truly deserve them; TLoU was my favorite gaming experience of the generation. Staying up late now to play Left Behind!

    • Of the generation? That’s very humbling. Thank you. Also, thank you for voting on the ones you did! We’ve had an incredible run.

  • I can’t take it anymore, I can’t wait for it any longer !

    and thanks guys, for making the best game I’ve ever played in my whole life … I can’t get enough of Naughty Dog’s experiences …


  • Finally!! A little dissapointed that this came in so late, I waited all day long for this post, It’s midnight already in here!

    Having said that,,I am super happy that is finally out, its a shame that its going to be the only one taking into consideration how much are you going to sell on the single player DLC alone.

    Thank you so much for your hard and beautiful work and Happy Valentines for all of you :D

    • Happy Valentine’s Day! Sorry for the wait but it’ll be rolling out very soon. Thank you for the support. Have fun playing!

  • Honestly, I’ve never waited this much for a DLC ><

    DAT launched trailer music! T^T

  • Awesome! :) I am downloading right now. I have been waiting for the DLC since I finished this game in June. :) Then I saw the trailer at the PS4 launch event and that was awesome. :) It got me even more pumped. Any word on if the The Last of Us Volume 2 Soundtrack will be available on CD soon?

  • I preordered the DLC back in November. Im trying to download it now, how would i do it. I go into the Whats New section and see it there, and i click on it, then it opens the store, once it opens the store and loads up the Left Behind page, there is no option to download it.

  • #7 – Go to the store in the in game menu. You have to go to “Downloads” and then “DLC”

  • Still unavailable here in Boston, where Joel started on his crazy trek with Ellie. Can’t wait to sink my proverbial teeth into this.

  • Update:downloading now wooooo

  • I have the season pass and i didn’t get the pre order bonuses, why?

  • Too bad its not a stand alone title =(

  • @11
    Check your download list. I have the season pass and after downloading Left Behind, the bonus dynamic theme just showed up in my list. I believe Naughty Dog is working out a way to get the comic book code to season pass holders at a later date.

  • Is the comic book coming later? Can’t wait until the download finishes! :)

  • I purchased the season pass some time ago, but I cannot download Left Behind, because the file says there isn´t space in the HHD, but the system says the is 8 GB, is so frustranting :(

  • And here i am, waiting for sony rewards to give me the 500 points for registering at music unlimited, so i can get a 10 dollar code and make use of the 5 i have saved. God this sucks.

  • Despite the fact that you’re a Mets fan Eric I just wanted to comment on how its awesome that you’re spending your time replying to people about TLOU. PSN is downloading Left Behind as slow as it possibly can but… TLOU is one of my favorite games of the last generation. It made me love the MP aspect despite never giving a damn about MP shooters and the single player is above all. Can’t wait to play the LB… though PSN dictates that.

  • I downloaded last of us through psn and then deleted it to save space.

    Do I need to redownload the game to play the dock?

  • So I meant to say do I need to redownload the game to play the dlc?

  • @elchorno Thanks for clearing that up, and thank you also eric, oh man i can’t wait still downloading i’m at 89%.

  • “So I meant to say do I need to redownload the game to play the dlc?”

    You have to play the main game to get to Left Behind. It isn’t a separate game.

  • eric: more SP DLC please, there’s more story, or are you planing to do something in TLOU 2 ????? :PPPP

  • I wonder what is better to buy – DLC or Season Pass. Any advice?

  • Hey, I recently preordered ‘Left Behind’ and downloaded it last night. It finished downloading so I started up the last of us but it wasn’t there. I read there was an update we needed done before it could be played so I waited til this morning. I done the update and sure enough in game it said ‘the last of us’ and underneath ‘Left Behind’. I went into it but it brought me to the store and I couldn’t see it. So I quit the game, went to ps store and checked my downloads and it’s not there?? Please help :'(

  • Wish they could re-release The last of Us on the PS4 like they did with Lara Croft!!

  • Glad theres a new story DLC but a Joel DLC would be great. Make it happen Neil.

  • I’ve never been waiting a game release sooooo bad. I pre-ordered the DLC on Amazon on the first days of February, and today I woke up to see that I received an e-mail saying that there’s a problem with the product keys provided by Sony.

    There’s no more information anywhere and I’m flipping out. Any update about this?

  • awesome DLC only played a little bit to savor it, but it’s a lot of fun. Thanks ND and Sony!

  • The DLC won’t start when I click on it on the TLOU title screen. I’ve downloaded the DLC 3 times now and installed it 3 times in a row but again and again when I click on “Left Behind”, it just goes to the in-game online shop for TLOU. The game is updated to 1.06. My main game is purchased in the same country as the DLC
    What gives :) ?

  • Damn I was fooled…thought a midnight release would not happen….damn I’ve put it to download only 1 hour ago…..and I’m afraid it won’t be downloaded when I go back home from work…5gb is a huge download.

    Anyway I’m super excited to play Left Behind…its for sure my most anticipated thing of 2014…thanks ND…the season pass was worth every penny – The MP maps and head items were great,I’m sure Left Behind is amazing and I’m sure the next MP stuff will be good as well.

  • @ 23 – WeibRabe

    If you like the MP…no doubt the season pass is the best choice.Now if you don’t like the MP,then just buy Left Behind alone.

  • I know what I’m downloading next week :D (Would have done this week, but I forgot about it last night and was distracted by Outlast).

    Loved TLoU, really looking forward to this story.

  • Even though I know all good things must end… you kinda just want more DLC well into PS5’s release just to stay in that visceral world with all those characters you feel so connected to…
    But like Cowboy Bebop – short n sweet is the best way. Cause heavy as they are you end up carrying that weight around with you for the rest of your days… Are we still talking about video games here?! ;)

    Thanks for another chance to get deep ND!

  • Hi, I pre-order Left Behind on Wednesday and i do recevied Ellie’s Dynamic Theme but no the code for American Dreams, what should I do?

  • I bought the Season Pass the day i bought the game ( when it camed out ) and i can’t download the left behind.. why ?

  • Well, i can’t download any of the DLC .. no content in the DLC section..

  • NO THANKS for getting rid of the shiv dance. No longer playing this game. Thanks for nothing.

  • Will Left Behind be available at some point as a standalone game? I don’t own TLOU anymore.

  • Anybody care to explain what “the shiv dance” refers to?

  • Great Game Naughty Dog has done it again!

  • Quick Question: If I do not own a copy of “The Last of Us”, can I still buy this DLC and play it standalone?

  • For a game with such a great single player story line, why did the DLC contain 2 multiplayer add-ons and just 1 single player DLC? In my opinion you got that backwards. I did not get the season pass just the 1 DLC. It would be great if more single player DLC were added but, such as there is a season pass, I do not anticipate any further content. Thanks for what you did produce.

  • @41 you need the original game weather DL or on disk.

  • I’m having an issue with the download. I just did my update and and tried downloading the DLC through the game menu. It keeps telling me I don’t have enough storage space, even after I cleared out 10 GB. I’ve tried downloading it though the PSN as well, instead of going through the in game menu! Please help!

  • @D-Squad3 Not playing it anymore because of that? Guess you’re going back to being a miserable troll again…

  • Where is the Digital Comic? I preordered and only receive the DLC and Dynamic Theme ?_?

    PD: Excellent DLC by the way.

  • Downloading!! So much time T.T

  • That 2-3 hour dlc was legit better some full video games. Naughty Dog strikes again.

  • You did it again naughty dog, awesome DLC, well worth the 15 bucks.

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