Q&A: PS4 By the Numbers

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Q&A: PS4 By the Numbers

PlayStation 4

Though the slimmer, lighter PS Vita — and its upcoming North American release — was squarely in the spotlight of this week’s PlayStation Showcase, PS4 wasn’t left behind. Today, I caught up with Sony Computer Entertainment America Marketing Vice President John Koller for a status check on PS4’s global rollout – an especially relevant topic, with the Japanese PS4 debut less than two weeks away.

PlayStation.Blog: Can you share any updates on PS4’s global sell-through?
John Koller: The response has been fantastic. In the US, PS4 was #1 in sales for next-gen consoles in January, nearly doubling the nearest next-gen competitor. And PS4 remains the cumulative leader here based on today’s report from the NPD Group.

Globally, we announced last month that we’ve sold through more than 4.2 million units as of the holiday season, making PS4’s launch the biggest in console gaming history. I think the PS4 demand is indicative of how we’ve tapped into something special – and that’s that gamers want to be recognized for their greatness and want to enjoy experiences together.

We’re looking forward to what 2014 has to offer, starting with inFAMOUS Second Son next month, Destiny in the fall and The Order 1886 later in the year . There will be lots more games to come too – more than 100 total in North America this year.

PSB: How’s the PS4 supply chain holding up to demand, especially with the Japanese launch in just a few weeks?
JK: Since we launched on November 15th, we’ve sold every PS4 available in the US. It’s clear that PS4 is seeing strong appeal all over the world, and we’ll continue doing our best to provide additional inventory in all of the 53 countries where PS4 is available. We’ve got supply refreshing throughout the channel regularly, so I encourage everyone to check in with their local retailers regularly.
PSB: How are PS4 owners taking to PlayStation Plus?
JK: I’ve been a bit taken aback by the explosion of PlayStation Plus memberships, where we’ve seen more than 90% growth since PS4’s launch. Instant Game Collection is a big hit, with gamers sharing their experiences across Resogun, Contrast, Don’t Starve and now Outlast. PS Plus members are not only discovering great games on PS4, they’re also playing together online, logging a total of 172 million hours. It’s a great start, we’re delighted, but clearly we’ll continue to work on making PlayStation Plus the best value in gaming.

Engagement for PS4 is through the roof in general, though. More than 90 percent of PS4s in the US are connected online already. PS4 is clearly helping to define a broader cultural shift centered on social connections and sharing.

We’ve tapped into something special here with PS4 – and while it’s easy to look at the incredible topline demand, the engagement numbers are equally revealing. This is the beginning of something big.

PSB: How about the Share button? Are players embracing livestreaming, video capture and image sharing of gameplay?
JK: What people love about playing games are all of the great moments you experience; that’s what you remember long after you’ve played through a title. During PS4’s development, we knew we wanted to take that a step further by connecting players socially and emotionally, which is why we made it easy for gamers to celebritize themselves with Live from PlayStation. Livestreaming has really picked up steam, with 1.7 million gameplay broadcasts via Twitch and Ustream globally. Overall, the DualShock 4’s Share button is certainly getting a lot of action. More than 48 million “shares” have been captured globally, including millions of videos and photos shared via Facebook and Twitter, which proves that the desire to show off your accomplishments has become a cherished and regular behavior in gaming.
PSB: Exporting gameplay videos is a promising feature, but the editing process is currently a bit limited. Down the road, will there be more ways to add post-production to PS4 Share videos?
JK: We’re just scratching the surface of the potential of PS4. We know that there’s a lot we can do to expand the available toolset for editing, but I don’t have anything specific to announce right now. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the system and are seriously evaluating various areas of enhancement for PS4.
PSB: On that note, PS4’s latest software update 1.6 brought long-awaited official headset compatibility. Do you have a sense of features that might be included in an upcoming update and approximately when they might happen?
JK: Nothing to share for now, but I can say that we are listening carefully to feedback from our fans. But on the headset point, I do hope that PS4 gamers are enjoying the new Gold Headset. It was developed specifically to emphasize the audio that developers place in their games – and because it’s from PlayStation, gamers know that this is how their games were meant to sound.

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4 Author Replies

  • For future firmware update, please enable Share functionality for sub accounts or sub account to master account upgrade. Bullet point feature on PS4 and some of us can’t use it because we created a PSN account when we were under 18.

  • I hope Sony continues to do these updates.

    Sony, you let 20 year old Xbox fanboy lie about your sales numbers on his fake sales site vgchartz all through the PS3’s life.

    Hopefully Sony will give constant worldwide sales updates so we can put an end to vgchartz lies about Sony sales.

    And congrats Sony.

  • What about the real questions about PS4???

    1. Alphabetical trophy list
    2. Having an option to pause an update instead of two or 3 updating at the same time.
    3. Changing the standby mode to be more like PS3 where the system is off and not running.
    4. If reading a message on my ps3 why does it show up as a new message on pa4?

  • I know that the common response is to create a new PSN account that is a master account, but some of us have invested into our PSN accounts with years worth of purchases, trophies and PS Plus subscriptions.




    when will there be a game video section on the store for ps4?

    a reply would be appreciated

  • I can’t lie the updates for the PS4 seem to be taking too long honestly… That and there still have been no news updates on games like Drive Club or Planetside 2. When will we hear more…? I keep wanting more as ever since I got my PS4 I just don’t feel like using my PS3 any more. I need more. :P

    • We’re working on it! :) We’ll definitely keep you posted. Luckily, Thief is right around the corner, Strider’s out Tuesday, and inFAMOUS Second Son in March, with FFXIV in April and MLB in May, so games are coming :)

  • What about 3D Bluray compatibility, i need it now!

  • Break the walls down!

  • MP3 support please!

  • And a Pandora app would be incredible, but I know that’s never going to happen because that would directly compete with music unlimited (which absolutely sucks)

  • FYI our next ps plus game for PS4 is Secret Ponchos

  • Oh my bad, secret Ponchos is actually the game for April. March is still unknown at this point

  • Youtube and camera support for recording videos please!

  • Basically, everything the PS3 -*and Vita- have since the beginning : MUSIC, PICTURES, VIDEO. And DLNA media server support. Make it happen, PRONTO. Shouldn’t need to say it, but that demands external USB drive support too. DO IT.

  • @sid

    thank you. u rock man

  • Where are Vita numbers….

  • VHS support please. I have a lot of old tapes in my closet.

  • Congrats….here are some suggestions.

    1. Change PlayStation Now. Instead of or in addition to making it a subscription and rental service, please make it as a standalone streaming service. Right now, I can purchase or rent a movie and either stream it without downloading it or download it to watch it. I would like that ability to games. I can purchase a game digital and to play it I can either download it or stream it. And for those, like me, who already purchased 68 games digitally, I will be able to stream all of them without needing to download them on my ps3 and ps4 with no additional cost.

    2. Please add two step verification to the online store.

  • When will we get more avatars for the Ps4? Please reply. Thanks

  • A few things I’d like to chime in with…

    #1. We need an option to save videos to Twitch.tv (or export to YouTube); without it the majority of streaming is useless in the long term.

    #2. Fix the messaging system – once I’ve answered a message on one platform, it shouldn’t show as new on another (agreeing with saab01)

    #3. Why do demos I’ve downloaded and then deleted show in Library? That’s going to get confusing really fast when my Library grows and I start buying the games I’ve demoed.

    #4. Improve set-up for Remote Play; the way it is now makes it hard to get the PS4/Vita ready for first time usage outside the home (connecting over the internet).

    #5. I know it may be sort of redundant in certain markets with PSNow coming, but we’d all love PS1/PS2 compatibility to be added in (and the games we’ve bought that way on past systems to transfer over). There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to play Resident Evil 2 on PS4 as it should not only be easier to emulate than on PS3 but makes sense regarding how this “ecosystem” is set up. I’m not asking for PS3 emulation (I know that’s a more complicated process and takes much more power), but PS1/PS2 emulation via the PSN should be feasible without too much work.

  • oh yeah, as #6 ERC1980 says, the PS4 PSN Store is barren of content. No downloadable trailers, really? Does the PS4 have a video player at all? I know is stupid to ask, but since you can’t do all these expected things on it like on PS3 like watching a freaking video saved on your HDD or external USB (that isn’t a clip captured by the “share” button, that is).

  • I just downloaded 1.6 and tried to get into the store, but I am locked out. Any word on when this will be resolved?

  • Please re-name PS Vita TV to just PS TV and bring it to the US. Allow us to play via streaming of ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4, and ps vita games. Just like you can do with videos without the need to download it. And for those who already purchase games digitally, this should be no additional cost.

  • @1

    +1000! Cant do a lot of promoted features on PS4 & PS3 since my account was made when I was under 18 and now it’s still a sub account. I don’t want to make a new PSN account since i’ll lose all my purchases and stuff. Please allow sub accounts to be upgraded to master accounts!

  • Glad PS4 is doing well. Pump some more cameras out though Sony! They’ve been sold out since launch near me and I want to try some Playroom.

  • 1. MP3 support
    2. Video support
    3. Photo support
    4. Custom wallpapers/background
    5. DLNA

  • I want to delete trophies for games I don’t wish to finsh no option for it tho.

  • And please fix the sharing features, it’s not recording the last 15 minutes of footage everytime.

  • When will sub accounts be able to connect to facebook on ps4 ? Like on ps vita I really wanna be able to have a profile picture and share videos , photos and stream.

  • Where are all the cameras

  • Do Vita Q&A next please.

  • +Kcow23 – thanks for keeping the pressure on the “sub-account” situation. much appreciated. now if i didnt have to wipe my whole Vita clean to use my ancient master account…

  • I never liked using headsets that cover both ears. So will there be an update for the standard PSN bluetooth headset that I’ve been using with my PS3? It works great and much easier to use. Some of us do need to hear the phone etc.

    Its clear the PS4 is like a newborn baby growing slowly. But the main question for the holdouts is PS Home. Granted it peaked over 2 years ago and now has gone into a big decline. Mostly because of the common knowledge it will not be on the PS4. I see great potential for Home on PS4. Since so much work went into the beta and nobody else has anything like it. It would greatly improve the daily PSN revenue if its done right on the PS4. Is there any chance Home could be on the PS4?

  • Please allow us to delete games from our Trophies list with 0% progress. It’s aggravating and XBOX allows this.

  • mp3 and dlna support among others.i havent bought the ps4 because it lacks features that my ps3 currently has.only sony can go backwards and call it progress.also,i’m waiting for the hardware and software side of the system to be more stable because i’m hearing stories about some ps4s malfunctioning and others not even turning on at all.there is even a guy on neogaf that is by his 4th or 5th ps4 replacement already.:0

  • WHEN IS IT GETTING MP3 SUPPORT DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWW EVEN THE FREAKING VITA CAN DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Need a status update on Awesomenauts please! Me and my girlfriend can’t wait to play with the new characters!

  • When are we going to hear a release date for Drive Club?

  • They lied about bring MP3 and DNLA support to the PS4.. Let’s face it.

    “1. MP3 support
    2. Video support
    3. Photo support
    4. Custom wallpapers/background
    5. DLNA”

    If you want music support… BUY MUSIC UNLIMITED
    If you want video support…..BUY VIDEO UNLIMITED
    If you want photo support….Wait for the Flicker app?

    If you want this stuff Sony will be happy to sell it to you. The PS4 is insignificant. It’s a box in which Sony will stream content to you and gladly accept your money.

    The whole reason they’ve been telling us they “Are discussing this with the Sony development team” is because they didn’t want anyone to cancel their pre-orders and hurt their 4 million consoles in 4 months numbers..
    They duped us.

    And yes I own a PS4, but haven’t opened it yet. I have been a huge PlayStation fan since 1995, but I’m not happy with the PS4. It should do at least as much as my PS3.

  • Hopefully there’s a patch for being able to use game recorders like Elgato or HD PVR’s soon :D That’s the only thing i’m waiting for now.

  • @Sid Shuman

    please ask them about sorting out your Download List (for PS3 and PS4 and the portables). By now we have hundreds of items and it’s difficult to get to what we want specifically. Options to sort by category (demo, purchased, add-on, etc), alphabetically, date, etc. would be greatly appreciated by users everywhere. Thanks.

  • Ok Sid or Mr. Koller answer this question please . It has been avoided like the plague. But how can a launch title be void of information like WarThunder ? Gaijin has stated that their ready to release in USA just like they have in Europe and there seems to be a problem with SCEA launching in US . A lot of new PS4 owners are asking why ? Especially if this title was a one of the keys in the reason for their purchase. Hopefully you can break the silence on this subject.

  • Sid, One thing that I am hoping for is dedicated servers on the PS4 like the Xbox One has, granted Microsoft has been building cloud storage for years, but is there any chance of the PS4 getting this.

    Also Youtube uploading would be cool, and an update on Planetside 2.

    PS4 is great BTW, great Job!

  • MP3, Video, DLNA, and Photo support when? WHEN??? Oh and i want to be able to change the background with a nice wallpaper. It almost feels like having a Nintendo console, man!!

  • 5 things that absolutely must happen for me to continue to enjoy my PS4…

    1. PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility (DISC and digital)

    2. Local media playback support

    3. DLNA media streaming support

    4. Pause/resume feature that was shown at reveal event

    5. Keep on doing a great job, gamers/consumers really appreciate what you have done so far.

  • Congrats! Happy to see you at #1, you guys deserve it.

  • Too much talking, where are the new games? Killzone and knack are getting boring, im wondering if it was a smart idea to invest on a ps4 at launch, bring the games and stop with the delays.

  • So will there ever be Bluetooth Mic support? Not sure why Sony will not provide an answer for this. The headset options are very limited. Is there going to be more official mics that are single ear only? Many of us don’t like over the ear headsets.

  • How about and extension cable for the PS4 camera? Like others, my entertainment center is not less than 6 feet away from the TV

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