Battlefield 4 Second Assault Hits PlayStation on February 18th

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Battlefield 4 Second Assault Hits PlayStation on February 18th

Next week, you’ll take a step back in time with Battlefield 4 Second Assault, featuring four fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3 — Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, and Operation Firestorm — reimagined with Frostbite 3 graphics. Battlefield 4 Second Assault will be released on February 18th for Battlefield 4 Premium members on PS4 and PS3, and for all Battlefield 4 players two weeks later on March 4th.

Battlefield 4 Second Assault

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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

Following Battlefield 4 Second Assault will be the third expansion pack, Battlefield 4 Naval Strike, launching in late March for Battlefield 4 Premium members. Stay tuned for the exact date and find all expansion pack information on In this expansion, PlayStation owners will experience intense water-based combat as the Chinese armada takes the fight to the sea. You’ll have access to new weapons, gadgets, and amphibious vehicles, and four all-new maps: Lost Island, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar.

Battlefield 4 Second Assault Hits PlayStation on February 18th

And don’t forget, every day you log into the game in February, you’ll get a free Battlepack as part of Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month.

We’ll see you on the battlefield.

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2 Author Replies

  • Nice… Finally some great BF3 MAPS !!!

  • I have a important question. I seen where for this month you guys will be unlocking all handguns with a free add-on, when is that suppose to be available, I wanna get that pistol trophy over with but don’t do pistol kills enough to get the gun anytime soon

  • you plan to fix somemore of the problems with the game blank screen on mp cruption in the save files sound problems

  • i mean all the problems with this game and the people that paid 50 dollars for the dlc and making people wait for the dlc you cant make a game without so many problems you need to make some stuff free for what you put people throu

  • Is the game really as broken as I hear?

  • you dont make a game with this many updates as this game has got over the past months

  • Not as broken as @3 and 4 EatmyShorts984’s grammar and spelling.

  • and the game still dont work that great and they think they fixed half of the problems with it

  • What, ever, EA. charging us for some tired OLD “A–” BF3 maps. Still have not learned your lesson Huh. FREE add ON It Must Be , make it so. and fix your broken “A–” game.

  • Hell I Love BF2 Better then BF4. and stop nerfing the recon class. we are ment to be hidden not see Lame D.I.C.E. Lame.

  • please fix the ps3 single player campagin save corruption, its still happening months after release and is getting ignored

  • march 18th for naval strike please :) that’s my birthday

  • the community an invite party system but you guys don’t seem to listen. that’s one of the reasons I don’t play this game

  • The game still has problems. Since the last patch there are sound problems now(the sound cutting out all together), there is still flickering in the graphics on a couple of the maps, when someone kills you but you know you shot them at least some, their health shows 0 and this used to be showing 100 before the patch. From one extreme to the next. I bought the first batch of dlc, in good faith that problems were going to be fixed, but even the save corruption problem still exists. I wouldn’t buy anymore dlc and I won’t buy the next game either.

  • Gulf of Oman again being released as DLC….oh man…milk,milk,mlik….on BF3 I had lots of fun on Gulf of Man with matches during more than 1h…but seriously re-releasing this as DLC is too much,at least give it for free….operation firestorm?…damn.I’ll never support this cash-grabber.

    @ 11 aznxchunky

    That happened with me too.No way they’ll ever fix that…BF has turned into that typical franchise where all the devs care about is their most new game.

  • About damn time!!! I hate how Microsoft had exclusive timed rights to the DLC.

  • Would like to see Daqing Oilfield redone, maybe some of the oil silo’s would explode for the levolution event or a storm comes through or something…
    Anyway Gulf of Oman looks cool with the dust storm, just personally getting tired of this map having played all the way from BF2.

  • I enjoy BF4 on PS4, it’s a great game. My big problem however is my single player campaign got deleted on PS4 launch day & because of that I’m jaded to ever try the campaign again. So my question is simple, is the single player “safe” to play now?

    Or will it randomly boot me to the dashboard again & say my save file is deleted? Thanks. I have Premium, so I’m excited for Firestorm & Caspian.

  • im not gonna buy any dlc since you release an unplayble buggy mess and to this date the game has a ****load of bugs/glitch.

  • I would love to play some sort of Battlefield game on my Vita

  • Wow, way to milk the franchise! First, Microsoft pays you guys to release map rehashes first on Xbone, THEN release it to other platforms BUT give the maps to those who paid $110 for the game and expansions up front! Screw you DICE, and SCREW YOU EA!

  • I just love how I rate this 1 star and belongs negative 100. I love how we rate 1 start but the rating goes up not down. Seems to not matter what we rate on the blog it always goes up anyways as they rigg it to do that anyways. No point in rating. Just like hiding what we want to say on games to. Anyways, I stop supporting battlefield at 3. When you acted like babies and giving noob players their way by patching in where everyone can see where our claymores are. I stopped playing. Such bull you patched in to be able to see all claymores. Thats the point of some of our play styles. Not everyone is going to run around in the open giving a easy target to snipe and FIND. You think real military run around openly yelling SHOOT ME! They camp and camp with skills. Thanks for ruining that skill we had to kill the hacking noobs that run around none stop whining our claymores killed them. Cry me a river! You ruined it for a lot of us. So no purchase from me anymore. Go hold the whiners hands some more.

  • Sorry, I traded in my copy of battlefield 3.5 weeks after I bought it at launch because the servers were STILL not allowing me to play. Maybe I’ll try a future game in the franchise, though now I know to stay far, far away from expecting to play at launch

  • It’s good to see Dice continuing to straighten out all of the problems that this game was plagued with. The dlc seems to be very good though from reading & watching the video.

  • @Teflon02 The Pistol Trophy was really easy, just do what I did and only you the pistol. It sucked at first but once I got the hang of it I was the top player most rounds. I levels like Lockout on TDM you will rack up the kills.
    This is my gameplay on ps4.

  • So when is Battlefield: Bad Company 3 coming out? That’s the true battlefield game for me.

  • LoL so much negativity …. I’m excited we got a firm release date on second assault … And news on naval warfare to boot… awesome can’t wait for operation metro personally … And naval warfare has really got my interest because it’s so diffrent from dice has ever done before … I’ve had every battlefield dice has ever done BTW :o)

  • Really really hoping we get close quarters type maps for BF4 … Me and my PC buddies have tons of hours on BF3 close quarters

  • I love how you guys fragment the player base with these dlc maps!

    Its so great to see my friends playing a game I own and trying to join them to get a message that I must go to the store and pay some more money before I can play with them again.

    I mean who doesnt love paying more money for a game they barely play anyways?

    I was losing interest in the game until I found some friends from previous games, now they have some DLC and it seems I cant join any of their games if even one of the maps in the server rotation is a dlc map!!

    Its fantastic that you guys are making it easier for me to move on to another game which for some stupid reason gives all the maps away for free so you never have to worry “if” you can play with your friends at no additional cost as you did the day before.

    Thank you oh so much.

    Oh and by the way frostbyte 3 on PS3 looks way worse then Frostbyte 2 on PS3.
    I dont even want to see what metro looks like this time around after it was so pretty on BF3, oh but I bet one addittional wall explodes now, thanks again!

  • All i can say is LoL

  • Came here expecting to see comments about how broken it still is, and left satisfied. Looks like I won’t be buying the game at all now.

  • After the lastest patch on PS4, I lost all my progress in the campaign. My buddy did too. Don’t you test your patches? I’ve had it with this game. Into the trash for you.

  • How about DICE finishes fixing the game first.

    Lag, Bullets failing to register on a stationary target, Game crashing, Single-player data being lost.
    And there’s the little stuff like some hand-guns not registering all trigger presses, lack of sound, looping “end of match” music, and the fact that it takes so much work to join a match with a friend.

    This game is THE worst experience in gaming and I WISH I had never spent the money.
    Everyone who worked on this game should be ashamed to have their name in the credits.

  • Man you guys are really over dramatic. BF4 has some issues, but it is still an amazing experience. Once every 10 or 11 mp matchups, I get a black screen and have to restart the game. Not that big of a deal. It happens at the beginning of a match, so I don’t lose any progress. The mp matchup could last as long as an hour, so is it really that big of a deal if you have to spend 2 min. to reset your game? I can’t wait for these DLC. Maybe you guys are having a lot more issues than I am with BF4, but I am enjoying the heck out of this game!


  • You know there was a time when I would get so freaking excited about these updates … now I feel like for me (who experience all kinds of issues with this game) it’s like a solid slap in the face …

    Here’s the thing, I want to play this game .. I want to enjoy these lovely sand storm, and do all that it has to offer … it’s just well …

    I can’t because the Game won’t let me enjoy it long enough … : /

  • I’ve had no problems since the first month of release..The game runs crystal clear and smooth for me. I also beat the game single player on hard in the first month. I’ not saying the problems are not real but it’s maybe more client side than server side. Also I’ve noticed it’s butter smooth when wired in internet instead of wireless(especially on CQ). As alot of people can notice peeps at like 115 rank and wonder, why are so many peeps saying they can’t play the game?

    Well, back on topic, since the Second assault is releasing I may just buy premium next week. I love all those maps from BF3. I’m going to buy a year worth of PS+ at bestbuy and get $10 ps store credit free, then buy $40 worth of PSN credit. Boom! My PS+ ran out yesterday :(

  • I just had to log in to URGE everyone to BUY a game from a developer that CARES to TEST their game and make SURE it RUNS BEAUTIFULLY…….BEFORE releasing that game to the public. Buy KILLZONE: SHADOW FALL, OR…… wait for a game like H-HOUR to come out at the end of the year….because true war games don’t have “perks” where you can see enemy claymores, true war games don’t have “radar” where you can see where the enemy is even if they’re hiding behind a wall. True war games don’t have AIM ASSIST either…..make a REAL war game DICE and true gamers will praise you.

    Battlefield 4 has great destruction / physics….but it was released with WAY too many problems and the same silly respawn perks/assists….plus it was rushed by DICE / EA, so why reward them for being lazy and RUSHING the game? Especially because they CONTINUALLY rip customers off with overpriced DLC packs ….at the very least be smart like me and ONLY CONSIDER buying this game up when the eventual “BF4 PREMIUM EDITION” comes out with ALL the map packs included for a FAIR price. Because at this price and with all these bugs… it definitely ain’t worth it. Thanks for making my decision for me for now DICE.. KILLZONE: SHADOW FALL !

  • And by the way…next time try making a great 1 player game as well or don’t make 1 at all. If you CUT the 1p mode altogether you might have actually had time to TEST the online for OBVIOUS bugs/missing content…. maybe???? ;) Doesn’t take a genius to figure these things out…which is why it’s a SHAME a HUGE company like DICE / EA continue to make such HUGE mistakes. With such a huge budget and a HISTORY of games you should KNOW how to make a MUCH more complete game by now. Sorry for giving you the 3rd degree…but I’m hoping BF5 will actually be released with a BANG…..

  • So, in the spirit of BF5 or any other game that wants to STEP IT UP….here is 1 last issue that is preventing BF4 from being AMAZING – releasing maps people already played and CHARGING people for them. $15 to play the SAME maps? Why wouldn’t I just boot up BF3 and play it on there when the games play VERY similarly. Yes I know some other games also release “classic” maps, but the point still stands. The games are too similar to be releasing the same maps over again AND charging for them. Nothing wrong with bringing back maps..but charging $15 for them when they’re too similar to what we’ve played for YEARS – there is definitely a problem with THAT…at least in MY book. I’ll vote with my wallet, and I hope other smart gamers do the same. It’s a shame, because as I said – BF4 has great physics / destruction…but that’s not enough to make a $120 game….

  • Looking forward to playing Metro of course if EA hasn’t F!@#$$% it up. Probably have tp what for a patch next month to even play it.

  • Last 1. As you can see I’m really passionate about this – because I want to see BETTER games from ALL devs:

    A game that is THIS focused on MP should have WAY more maps to BEGIN with too. What happened to games with MAP MAKERS? THOUSANDS of maps for $60, imagine that… WHEN a developer decides to put THE GAME first and EMBRACES the REPLAY VALUE + BEAUTY of MAP MAKERS (LITTLE BIG PLANET, UT anyone??), they’ll have a game where fans truly ADORE the devs and WILL buy extra DLC with NO hesitation (if it’s GOOD DLC). A map maker can make a great game even better than the designers could have EVER imagined… I hope I’ve given SOME dev an idea + I hope SOMEone takes these points to heart. I’m challenging ALL devs – PLEASE have the foresight+GUTS to bring back MAP EDITORS and just SEE how much more acclaim your game gets! IF you give us the FREEDOM to create maps for YOUR game, we could make YOUR game more FUN for EVERYONE… YOUR game would get 10x the word of mouth that other games get….isn’t that worth more than a rushed game + $15 DLC ppl complain about? Think long-term, think value+most fun game, think of making fans happy instead of thinking of making a quick buck. You’ll end up making more $, ironically.

  • I’ll throw my .02 cents.

    1- I dislike EA but like Dice.

    2- Battlefield 4 is a great experience (and the best version) on the PS4…when it works.

    3- Will wait for the reviews on bugs and network stability in future titles from EA/Dice.

    4- Stop blaming Sony updates for breaking your already broken/unfinished game(when it was/still broken on ALL platforms, including PC).

    5- There’s reason why EA get a bit of Hatetorade , Stop being a blight to the hobby.
    Thank you

    You got .05, keep the change.

  • Operation metro is the most poorly designed map I have ever played on. Disappointed to see it make a return.

  • HEY PLASTATION lol, i need a sound mode for battlefield on my pulse elite, please and thank you

  • Wow, the trolls are not kidding about Battlefield 4 being broken. In fact, I’m going to side with them. Glad I decided not to buy it when it was $25 on Black Friday. I was planning to but was disappointed that it turned out to be an udder mess.

    You guys should not blame DICE for this. If anyone is to blame, it’s EA. They’re the ones who rushed them to release it so they can compete with Ghosts. Damage has been done, deal with it.

    @D-Squad3 Prepared to be disappointed if BFBC3 suffers from the same fate as BF4.

  • There’s no way that ANYONE’s game could run “Crystal smooth”…. The framerate drop during the Dam Breaking or Skyscraper falling is horrible!

    Why would they cut SP out? That’s stupid.. not everyone wants to pay $60 for a MP game… look how bad this one was… could happen easily again even with full attention on MP.

  • So glad I didn’t buy this. All the problems people are having with it just… sheesh. Thanks for saving me money EA. Maybe next time, care more about the quality of your products rather than beating Call of Duty out the door.

  • Also glad I didn’t buy this I just checked this article out to see if it’d been patched yet haha wasn’t surprised to see it’s still got plenty of bugs.Sucks that they are re-releasing old BF3 maps with updated graphics.. kind of lame..
    I had the choice between Battlefield 4 for $20 or Battlefield 3 Premium Edition for $25 on black friday I chose BF3 and glad I did and even that game still has frozen PS3 glitch..
    I just hope they don’t do this premature release crap again for Bad Company otherwise im going to be pissed and never buy another DICE anything.

  • I bought the ps4 17 days ago and got BF4 with it, so far onle 3 crash msgs on Seige Of Shanghai Conquest, overall very good game with very little left to smooth out in my oppinion. It’s not as broken as they say. I will be buying premium now that i know that second assult is finally comming out to PS4.

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