Spread the Love: Naughty Dog Celebrates Valentine’s Day 2014

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Spread the Love: Naughty Dog Celebrates Valentine’s Day 2014

It’s that time of year again. The time when many people’s thoughts and most things you find in stores turn to hearts, sparkles, and some form of red and white paper craft. Or maybe this kind of heartfelt celebration is a joyful, everyday occurrence for you. Even if you’re the Who-needs-love type we have something special for you to mark the occasion.

The Last of Us: Happy Valentine's Day!

As you might recall last year we posted up some funny Valentines featuring heroes, villains, and objects from our games. We’ve expanded the cast of characters this year. Check out a few sentimental reflections on love, tenderness, and romantic etiquette from our beloved IP – The Last of Us, Uncharted, and Jak and Daxter.

Drawn by Alexandria Neonakis and Lily Nishita, two of our many talented artists at Naughty Dog, these ardent wishes are the perfect surprise for your favorite friend or biggest crush. So select a proper sentiment or favorite character and paste it into an email. It’s sure to bring a smile.

The Last of Us: Left Behind

The Last of Us Soundtrack Volume 2

If you’re not into hearts, but still enjoy cool stuff, check out our latest collaboration with We Love Fine, a new The Last of Us: Left Behind t-shirt by fan art design contest winner Brandon Meier up above. Pretty sweet, huh? You can order it on the We Love Fine website now.

Also, hitting the online stores and your local music shop is the new The Last of Us: Left Behind soundtrack by world-renowned composer Gustavo Santaolalla.  Featuring twenty-five, brand new, sonically beautiful tracks, it is now available on Amazon and will be available via iTunes.

The Last of Us: Left Behind, our first ever single player downloadable chapter, arrives in less than 48 hours. Happy Valentine’s Day — spread the love!

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9 Author Replies

  • I can’t wait it’s like a late birthday gift

  • I look forward to it like I look forward to dinner with my wife.

  • Will this be available at midnight PDT? I’d like to start the download before work so I can play when I get home. Making Friday a little happier since I have no plans.

  • Man Nintendo Direct Tomorow (please be a U.S release for Kirby 3D) and Last of Us DLC.
    Good way to cap off the week

  • At least I have something to do on valentines.. I hope it’s put up early.. At night it would be cool then I could record a LP without being distracted

  • is the Last Of Us coming to PS4? :)

  • Please port Last of Us over to PS4 c:

  • I have been playing the Jak and Daxter Collection and Im reminded how much the gaming industry needs a Jak 4. I can understand why even the highly talented developers couldn’t make it happen on the PS3 with the limitations it had, but it should be more than possible with the PS4’s capabilities. Please try again to make a new Jak!

  • i can see it now….picture of a clicker biting into someones neck. caption reads: if i were a clicker, i’d infect you. happy valentines day.

  • @8
    Why not a Jak, Ratchet, Sly Crossover, that actually plays like platformer.

  • These t-shirts i like alot & would like to get everyone at some point. I am glad that i bought the season pass, so that hopefully i can play this for the upcoming weekend. I still haven’t played the game yet lol.

  • Can you guys make The Last Of Us 2 online Co Op? I’d rather have people controlling the other characters instead of the CPU. Thanks and please consider this for ALL of your Ip’s Naughty Dog. We should only play alone if we don’t have the internet.

  • Is your guy’s plan to take over my wardrobe? If I could rep all ND games at all times I would :)

  • Since Left Behind is coming on Friday, will the season pass disappear after it released? I just want to make sure so I don’t miss out on the exclusive season pass content.

    @Hayterfan And not a bunch of mini games like PlayStation Move Heroes. Don’t forget about that.

    • The Season Pass will remain for awhile yet. We have another DLC pack to go. Get it now if you want the best deal tho!

  • These are awesome Valentine’s images – fantastic job once again, Naughty Dog. I look forward to playing “Left Behind” and also purchasing even more of the soundtrack.

    Will there be anymore MP DLC for TLOU? (If so, please don’t add trophies, haha. I have the Season Pass, but I hate MP trophies.)

    More importantly – the new TLOU avatars are awesome, but any chance y’all can craft an additional one or two of Joel?

    Thanks for being the most awesome game studio in the biz! (I mean it!)

    • Thanks for the support! Yes, the next Season Pass drop will be multiplayer focused. We’ll have details on that soon.

  • Very excited for this Friday! Going to be a great day for The Last Of Us: Left Behind :)

  • Anymore shirts coming?

  • my birhday is today to. happy birhday everyone hope you join your days!!!!!

  • Aw, these are adorable!

  • Your the best developer ever Naughty Dog can’t wait for Left Behind going be epic! Also can’t wait for Uncharted 4 on PS4 and other amazing projects that will come. Thanks for making probably the best survival action game ever :D

  • Cant wait to see the other Spin-off (or prequel, may be?) of The Last of Us coming to PSVita?!

  • Hi Eric, how do i get the pre order bonuses for left behind? I have the season pass.

  • OMG, these are adorable. :-)

  • Does anyone know if the season pass still comes with the making of documentary called Grounded, of if you get it when you buy the Left Behind DLC? I want to get the doc, but it’s not listed on the playstation store under the season pass. I’m not interested in the multiplayer content, but if I’m getting Left Behind anyway, I figure an extra $5 is worth it for the doc. I just don’t want to buy the season pass if the movie isn’t part of it anymore.

    Eric, or anyone else, can you help? Thanks guys!

  • Oh very cool stuff,nice job…I’m waiting eagerly for Left Behind.I’m getting the feeling this will be the best DLC ever….my season pass is on the wait…this friday will be epic.

  • Also I forgot to mention….I’m looking forward to the next batch of MP DLC….been a month already that I dont play the MP(got occupied with other games)…I’ll be getting back to it soon…and I bet the next maps will be great.Any chance of more masks?…we need a Gas Mask ASAP…I don’t understand how you guys left that out.

  • Any news on how Season Pass holders will be getting the pre-order stuff for this DLC? Someone said you guys were working on it. I know it’s only a theme and a comic set, but I would still have loved to have gotten it…

    @24 I bought it a few days ago and yeah, Grounded video was there.

  • Will the Soundtrack volume come out on disc?

  • Cool, thanks Ventus_Fury. I’ll pick up the season pass tonight then so I can get ready for Left Behind!

  • Hi, Any plans to release “Last of us Volume 2 Soundtrack” on physical cd ? Would be a shame if not. This one deserves a physical release! Please make it happen!

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