inFAMOUS Second Son Hands-on: Great Power, Great Responsibility

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inFAMOUS Second Son Hands-on: Great Power, Great Responsibility

Delsin Rowe strolls down a shadowy length of docks with ample confidence. Caches of illegal drugs have been hidden among the houseboats moored there, which is a disagreeable notion to our super-powered, rough-around-the-edges hero.

But with eye-searing neon and seething smoke at his disposal, Delsin has little to fear from the drug peddlers peppering him with gunfire. Bullets ricochet off the flashing neon light around his head as he flinches — they’re more an annoyance than a danger. As he leaps into the air to greet his enemies, powers flaring to life, he can destroy them or subdue them. And that’s up to the player.

Choice has always played a vital role in the inFAMOUS series, and inFAMOUS Second Son is no exception. Amidst all the open-world action that developer Sucker Punch has set in its own Seattle, Delsin can enter combat as a careful hero or a ruthless force. These methods of play not only affect how each battle scene is approached, but how Delsin’s powers manifest themselves.

inFAMOUS Second Son

inFAMOUS Second SoninFAMOUS Second Son

Smoke and neon, the two powers Sucker Punch has revealed so far, can cater to either play style. Players unconcerned with the lives of civilians can wreak havoc without fear, weaponizing the environment to destroy enemy APCs, or plunging into the ground to unleash devastating shockwaves that don’t differentiate between enemy DUP agents and innocent bystanders.

But Second Son also empowers heroic players in this digital playground. Players can modify Delsin’s basic neon blast with a slow-motion aim that highlights an enemy’s leg, tangling them in glowing binds. Subdued, they’re no longer a threat to Delsin, but they needn’t lose their lives to his super-human barrage.

When Delsin gets in close to stunned enemies, small prompts on screen allow players to choose between executing and subduing their targets. With one button press, Delsin can vaporize an enemy soldier in a flash of glittering light, or leave him struggling on the ground with a battered ego.

inFAMOUS Second Son

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Like past inFAMOUS games, these choices dramatically alter the way players perceive each scene. Crowded tunnels teeming with civilians may be a challenging test of patience and skill, or a gleeful shooting gallery. Regardless of a player’s preference, Delsin’s powers encourage both styles of play. Even traversal skills like the smoke-fueled dash can be turned into a lethal attack or an exercise in restraint.

But the choices presented to Delsin don’t all erupt in the heat of combat. When he catches up with the hot-headed Conduit known as Fetch, Delsin can take her under his wing and redeem her, or encourage her violent tendencies and corrupt her. These choices not only alter the course of the narrative, but change the mission sets presented to players afterwards.

With so much power at his fingertips, Delsin can save a lot of lives in inFAMOUS Second Son… or he can leave a long trail of bodies. Ultimately, that choice is up to the player when Second Son launches for PS4 on March 21st.

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  • PS Store Preordered already! Midnight download here we come!

  • I also have pre-ordered the digital version. Will there be a pre-install so that we can play immediately at midnight, or do we have to wait until midnight to start the download?

  • This game needs to come out. NOW! Already preordered the Collectors Ed. CANNOT WAIT

  • i will always be the hero, i will save these people, that i promise

    • A hero was born, with a promise lingering on his lips. And for ages the people of the city would whisper the name…


  • Can’t wait.

  • I am so hyped for this game!! I liked the first and second infamous games! I can’t see myself not liking this game when everything, from the first two infamous, are improved!! Pre-order CHECK!

  • Long trail of bodies here I come! Played evil first in the first two games, and I’ll continue on with that tradition in Second Son. Awesome write up Powerhouse. =)

  • Definitely looking forward to this! Will be preordering soon. Hopefully theres at least one more power to play around with. :)

  • Got the collectors edition and although I wished it came with a bag like infamous 2 did I’m still excited about it….hoping for a demo soon and some more videos

  • #8 I’m thinking there’s gonna be more than three powers..this is next gen infamous they had three last time

  • Please make another Infamous game for the PS3, and also start making some Infamous games for the PS Vita!
    Enjoyed the first 3 Infamous games, will definitely play this once I get a PS4.

  • whoohoo, can’t wait to play this amazing game.. 6 weeks away until March 21 to play.. already pre-ordered this game in PSN Store

  • Can’t wait. I love playing Infamous with bad karma first, so I can enjoy all the destruction. Then I immediately jump back into a second play-through using good karma, because (in my opinion) it’s more difficult to play as the good guy, since you need to be careful you don’t harm any civilians.

    Will there be hundreds of blast shards (or something similar) to collect around the city? Normally I find collecting things pretty tedious. But for some reason, collecting them in Infamous (and Saints Row IV actually) is so much fun, because you get to explore every inch of the city with super powers!

  • I’m with akisuo and T3D, I plan to leave a long, long~ trail of bodies as I burn through this on Hard mode on my first run. Then it’ll be the heroic run on easy for clean-up, as it’s a lot easier to not kill civilians when you don’t have to worry about the enemies being as deadly.

    Got my collector’s edition already paid for, and from the 21st through the 30th off of work so I can dive into this. Really looking forward to playing around with these powers, and seeing what else SP has in store for us. And totally not touching any demo that might be released, as I want to go into it completely fresh and unspoiled. Only five weeks and two days until Greatness Arrives!

  • I don’t have a PS4 but this is the kind of game that really gets me excited. First Person Shooters, with no story mode, and lobbies that eventually end up with hackers and trash talking kids just don’t interest me. Still hoping for an inFAMOUS on the Vita someday.

  • Suckerpunch, stop trying to make “fetch” happen. It’s not going to happen!

  • Oh looks very nice…so Fetch will play on the side of Delsin much like Zek did sometimes with Cole?….ha that will be nice….choices were obvious that would be included,anyway I’ll be the good guy in my 1st playthrough then in my 2nd I’ll be wreaking havoc like there is no tomorrow haha.Infamous is so fun and amazing,hope this one can delivers….game sure looks beautiful.Good thing that when I inevitably buy a PS4…2nd Son will be released already and it’ll be one of my 1st PS4 games no doubt about it.

  • No footage? LAME

  • Cant wait to play this game. Sadly I missed infamous 2. Will not miss this one for sure.

  • Please make it for PS Vita :( we need it for our vita and I just can purchase it for my vita

  • The graphics are well done in this game.

  • That’s cool and all, and I’m really excited for this game, but your powers changing wether you’re good or not, and having to decide between a good and evil mission has been in the game since the first one. Unless it’s more dynamic (like the good and evil mission choices actually modify the narrative a lot, unlike inFamous 2 where whatever mission you picked all would go back to the status quo after the mission and a cut-scene), this is nothing new.

  • Preordered the Digital version on the PSN Store!!! Hope there is a preload. :-)

  • CE pre-ordered long ago.

  • Unless it’s more dynamic (like the good and evil mission choices actually modify the narrative a lot)

  • CE preordered the day after it was announced. Cannot wait till I get my hands on this game.

  • Really looking forward to 2nd son … It’s looking very good so far … Almost there !!!

  • This and The Witcher 3 are my most anticipated games of the year… I can’t wait for March 21!!!

    Will there be a demo any time soon? Can you all discuss any plans for supporting the game post-launch? PLEASE let there be story DLC planned!!!

    inFamous: Second Son is the reason I made the jump to next gen on day one. I’m a huge fan of the series and this looks like everything I could have hoped for in a next gen sequel. Kudos to you Sucker Punch!

  • Also… I’m taking that Friday off of work. Sure hope the digital downloads start at midnight without any problems!

  • Interesting… I see a lot of ppl here plan to play evil on their first play through. I’m the opposite. I play as a hero first, and use my second play through to be evil.

    I usually find the powers and choices of being evil a little more fun… so it gives me more incentive to play a second time if I hold that off until my second play through.

  • I am so ready to get my hands on this. Loved the first two games on ps3.

  • Cannot expressed how hyped l am. Platinumed 1, 2, and 100% Festival of Blood.

  • Just over a month left to finish Infamous 2. Yipes.

  • i’m so stoked for this game!

  • Still hope to see an inFamous on Vita.

    Either way, can’t wait to play Second Son. Got it preordered. Wish the LE was morel like inFamous 2, then I’d have gotten it. Oh well.

    @18: There’s new footage elsewhere.

  • Ryan I was wondering if I pre order infamous second son on playstation store do we get Coles legacy I’m holding my pre order thank you

  • RYAN!!!! All the gaming community needs to know about hits game, Sony need to spend more $$$ in publicity, don’t let this gem be unknown.

  • Got my Digital Preorder, Can’t wait to see the preorder extra missions linking this to the ending of Infamous 2. Also, I’ll be keeping a lookout for Zeke, I expect him to show up and lighten up the mood, even if its just a cameo. My playstyle first Run, good or evil? How bout I do what I want based on how I feel at the moment. I’ll save the onesided runs for later playthroughs when I go for that Plat! ^_^

  • I think if you have a Music Unlimited subscription and this game you ought to be able to access a special playlist of Delsin’s favorites as you play.

  • Was there any HUD elements you could mention? I hope that there isn’t all that much to it other than the mini map and HP bar since the game looks so great

  • Pre-ordered the collectors! I wanna play the game the right way and wear Delsin’s beanie so i can feel the power course through my vains!!!!!!

  • Pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition the first day it was announced. Gonna look great next to my inFAMOUS 2: Hero Edition and Cole MacGrath’s 8.5′ statue.

  • Vein’s* An anti-hero doesn’t need to spell things right!

  • This series was my favourite of the last generation.

    Now I get to start this generation with this series… Awesome.

    I’ve already pre-ordered this from local Gamestop. :)

  • This game is the entire reason that I own a PS4. Cannot wait to play it; preorder already secured!

  • Collectors Edition here i come this game going so epic

  • My collectors ed. is set to go, but when i will be able to play this superb game will be another story. This will be fun to checkout the new cast of characters though.

  • @ ElektroDragon: Oh, psh… a month? I platted the second one in less than a week. A month is plenty of time. But, good luck! :)

  • I think it is in bad taste for you to allow people to murder masses of innocent people in the game. It is totally unnecessary considering we have the DUP and the illegal drug dealers to fight against in the game. I like the way the game is going so far in terms of storyline and the smoke and neon powers look awesome, so dont get me wrong, I feel that the part I mentioned above is completely wrong and not something to joke about in a game, like many other horrible games (Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row) do in-game.

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