XBlaze Code: Embryo — Visual Novel Set in BlazBlue Universe Coming to PS3

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XBlaze Code: Embryo — Visual Novel Set in BlazBlue Universe Coming to PS3

Hello… again… and again… Aksys Games, purveyors of quality digital entertainment, is pleased to announce that we will be releasing Arc System Works’ latest tour de force, XBlaze Code: Embryo!

Taking place almost two centuries before the events of BlazBlue, XBlaze tells the story of Touya Kagari, a mostly unremarkable high school sophomore with a remarkable past, and his transformation from a typical teenager into the target of secret organizations, renegade mages, homicidal maniacs, and curry-obsessed co-workers. And though XBlaze touches on the origins of some of the more important elements of the BlazBlue mythos (The Azure, Black Beast, and Takamagahara spring immediately to mind), its story stands on its own as an epic tale of disparate groups all fighting for control of the power responsible for the creation of the universe.

XBlaze Code: Embryo

XBlaze Code: EmbryoXBlaze Code: Embryo

Screens taken from the Japanese version of the game

As for the game itself, XBlaze is a visual novel with a number of twists on the formula. One of the biggest differences is that, unlike most games in the genre that simple use static character images during conversation scenes, story scenes in XBlaze are more akin to an animated feature, complete with shifting camera angles, dramatic music cues, and all sorts of various trickery to make an already great story just that much more engrossing. Also, players can control the course of the story via the TOi System, the in-game information aggregation program used by the characters in the game. By choosing to read (or ignore) the various articles and blog postings recommended by TOi, different story paths will open and close. Not sure which articles to read? Just pay attention to what the other characters are reading…

There’s a lot more that I could write about right now (alternate endings, possible gag routes, etc.), but I figured it’d be better if I just let you, the reader, ask your own questions in the comments section below. I’ll be camping out for a few hours and will try to answer what questions I can. However, please keep your questions limited to things about XBlaze, maybe BlazBlue, and queries about localization in general. Asking about potential titles, sales numbers, and what not will be met with resounding silence and perhaps a vague, discomforting smile.

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  • I’ll be hanging out answering questions, so fire away!

  • Purple suit? Green accents? Sly, manic grin?

    Are we witnessing the Blaz-verse’s Joker?

  • Any word on a release date or price point? Also, English dialogue?

    • No price/release date as of yet. As for voices, it will be Japanese audio only, with hopefully coherent English text.

  • What About PSVita version?! As a Blazblue fanboy (really a fanboy) and a Vita owner I want a XBlaze vita edition… TOO!!

    Well, anyway visual novels are a great genre, I hope this is the first of a lot localizations of this genre, I have a long wishlist! (a lot are on Vita too).

    • And lo! I can grant you your heart’s desire! Yes, XBlaze will be available on both PS3 AND PSVita.

      As for other visual novels, might I recommend Virtue’s Last Reward? /shameless plug

  • Mike, what about psvita version? Today info leaks from Amazon.

  • Hi. I have only tried a little of BB, but XBlaze looks like fun. Any info if we are going to get the ps Vita version as well? I really think it would be good for this game in the US too!

  • Ok, this is awesome, thank you guys so much! BlazBlue is one of the best new IP’s in the PS3’s generation and it’s awesome that we’re finally starting to see some visual novels getting localized.

    And I have a huge, sort of off-topic question that many of us have been wondering, Mike. When will we get the +R update for Guilty Gear XX ^ Core Plus in the States for PS3? We’ve been dying for it! LOL

  • VN + Vita = I’ll buy it.

  • No questions here, just wanted to say thanks for bringing a Visual Novel to the West!

    I can’t believe SCEA (reportedly) used to reject Visual Novels from being published. What were they thinking?

    Anyways, I hope more come our way.

    • Just glad people are looking forward to game in general. As for visual novels, they were a hard sell way back when, but as they become more accepted amongst gamers (hopefully) more will see the light of day.

  • Thank you Mike and Akysys Games for making this possible. I was talking to a friend on facebook about playing a visual novel game on console and thanks to you and Akysys Games for making this possible.

  • But I’ll be seriously tempted to get this even though I don’t know the world/franchise it’s set in.

  • Is this going to be disc based or just a downloadable?

    • Both the PS3 and PSVita will be getting physical releases as well as digital versions. So for those who like their games tangible, pre-order away!

  • will this be coming to the UK as well or just the US?

  • physical or digital?

  • I have been curious about this game for a long time, but i tought it was never going to be localized so i had given up, what a surprise. Thank you based aksys and keep being the best localization company.
    As for the question, the game takes place 200 years before the events of BlazBlue, but can we expect any mentions at least from the BB cast?

  • Physical release on Vita?

  • The Aksys site says PS3 and Vita but this post only mentions PS3! Please confirm. Definitely would prefer playing on Vita.

    • Yep. it’s on the Vita, both physical and digital. Wasn’t sure if we were announcing both version when I wrote this, but yes, you can enjoy it on the go.

  • I saw this Earlier this morning on Amazon. And Amazon has a set Release Date for June 24th 2014.

    And Amazon also has a price for $39.99 for both the PS3 & PSVITA versions

    Is it safe to say that Amazons info is incorrect?

    • Just checked with the powers that be, and yes, Amazon is correct on all counts.

      *Sigh* I wish I knew all of this beforehand…

  • How did you forget to mention the Vita in the blog and blog title? :(

  • Another one: Will include spanish? some of your games release in Europe at the same time as in Amaerica, even the Trophies are in SPANISH in Blazblue CSExtend!! But the game doesn’t include spanish like erupeans, WHY?! I don’t have so much problem with the english.. but some friends haven’t get into BB series (or other Aksys games like Zero Escape: virtue’s Last Reward, one of my personal favorites wich own on physical and digital) because of the idiom wall.

    With a game so fixed on the text, would be great if included multiple languages…

  • Oh, btw, Mike! TODAY is the day I finish Virtue’s Last Reward! I simply cannot wait for all the juicy revelations that certainly are about to come :D

    You guys did AMAZING localization work on the Zero Escape series. That’s why I’m always looking forward to new stuff from you guys :)

  • Well this is certainly a good surprise, was thinking of importing this seeing as I’m a pretty big fan of Blazblue, glad I held off on it.

    Slightly disappointed in the lack localized dialogue, but I don’t so much, Jap dub works just fine with me. Still will probably buy two copies to go with my Vita and my PS3 respectively.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for bringing it over to the West.


  • Just saw the reply after publishing my second one.. Thanks! **Thumbs up for you guys**

  • As the question has been skipped and it would be good to know before a news post, will the title be published digitally in the EU by you or can it not be talked about for one of many reasons?

  • Just wanted to say thanks for bringing over these Japanese titles. I will be supporting Aksys by buying Mind=0 and Xblaze.

    I really hope you guys can keep bringing over more games

  • Aksys just can’t be stopped! You guys are seriously delivering like no other right now.

  • What? It’s coming for PS Vita as well as PS3 but never mentioned that in your thread so it won’t be good for you and your game specially for selling,future is for PS4 and PS Vita but still stick with… It doesn’t matter anyway!!!

  • @19 totally agree with you it’s kinda shame :(

  • @Mike Engler No problem and thanks for the response. We know how the ship sails.

  • Oh guys, you just keep up the amazing work. You are clearly gunning for my favorite publisher spot. At this rate, you just may take it too.

    Thank you very much! Depending on the release date (and other games around that date), I’ll buy both versions day 1. If it’s a busy time, then I’ll get the PS Vita version day 1 and the PS3 version later.

  • I never did get into this fighting game, but it seems interesting & fun nonetheless.

  • Wow wasn’t really expecting this to make it over, not much for visual novels but if its at a decent price I might bite the bullet and get it.
    Although I kinda figured the Vita version would be the most likely to make it over

  • ho boy this is going to be awesome!

  • Wow.. Didn’t expect something like this to ever get localized.. times are indeed changing. I will definitely get this to show my support as a Blazblue fan and a thank you to Aksys for giving the Western audience a chance to play these unique Japanese games

  • “Touya Kagari, a mostly unremarkable high school sophomore with a remarkable past, and his transformation from a typical teenager into the target of secret organizations, renegade mages, homicidal maniacs, and curry-obsessed co-workers.”
    Describes every VN protagonist ever. More or less. :p

    Haven’t played any of the BlazBlue games, but Aksys has done right by me in visual novels so far (Sweet Fuse, Hakuoki PSP games… and soon PS3!) so I’ll give this game a shot. Having actual animation as opposed to the usual talking heads sounds like a nice way to set it apart from other VNs.

    Also: obligatory fate/extra ccc begging

  • Aksys, ever since Arc System Works announced this, I’ve been saying to myself “It’s coming over. It’s just gotta! I mean, Aksys does VNs and BlazBlue, so how could they not?” Today I can finally stop saying that because it’s actually happening!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pull out my iPod and PS Vita to rewatch that GORGEOUS anime opening!!

  • Cross Buy? Cross Save? Cross Trophies?

  • Damn. I just imported this from Japan.

  • Any limited editions planned?

  • Well actually Ripper is not Terumi from those wondering and on a BlazBlue radio Terumi’s name is not his actual one either.

  • Also I am curious will there be a Xblaze sequal on PS4? because on twitter mori said Xblaze is not over so I want to be sure and along with BlazBlue 4?

    • No idea. I just finished doing the text for the current game. If there is a sequel planned, it’s mostly likely many moons out.

  • So happy that Aksys is localizating this for PS3 and Vita and will be importing this 2 games :)

  • YAY!!! I’ll be buying on vita, and if I love it also on PS3! I’m glad you guys are bringing over some VN’s! Might I add that it’d be awesome if you guys also brought over Steins;Gate since apparently no other developer or publisher wants to bring it to the vita or PS3.

  • Why do you guys charge full price for these visual novels? They don’t require no where nearly as much resources and development as real games.

  • Because we want to know how BlazBlue began and since this is a prequel that’s way.

  • Nice! I was about to import this game as well when I went to japan last year. Glad it’s getting localized. Will definitely get it for my PS Vita.

  • Oh cool, so you can play this game with no prior knowledge of anything BlazBlue? BlazBlue hasn’t really been on my radar, but I’m always interested in new localized visual novels. Thanks for continuing to bring visual novels to the West! :)

    • Knowledge of the BlazBlue story isn’t really a requirement, as the story in Xblaze is more or less self-contained, but if you’re familiar with the exploits of Ragna and Co. there will be a number of “Holy crap, really?!” moments.

  • hey when are you guys going to shipping out more ps4 camera they are impossible to find and when is the US getting the Sony dualshock 4 charging station

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