Far Cry Classic & Far Cry Compilation Out Today on PS3

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Far Cry Classic & Far Cry Compilation Out Today on PS3

From the islands of the South Pacific to the jungles of Africa, the Far Cry series has taken you on an unforgettable journey.

And now it’s time to go back.

Far Cry Classic & Far Cry Compilation Out Today on PS3

With the simultaneous release of Far Cry Compilation and Far Cry Classic on February 11th, players can relive the action and the excitement that has defined a decade of gaming.

With Far Cry Classic, step into the shoes of Jack Carver, ex-Special Forces, and uncover the dark secrets of a covert operation in Micronesia. The original 2004 game has been given an HD overhaul with remastered graphics, cutscenes, and UI, and redesigned controls optimized for PS3. Rediscover the classic today when it launches on PlayStation Store.

Far Cry Classic on PS3

Far Cry Classic on PS3Far Cry Classic on PS3

In Far Cry Compilation, experience Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, in a single retail box set. Experience the expansive open world beauty, original narrative and characters combined with classic FPS gameplay. Each is a unique adventure, whether for the heightened realism of 2, the brutality and insanity of 3 or the 80’s vision of the future that is Blood Dragon. Combined with Classic, it’s the perfect way to relive and rediscover one of gaming’s strongest franchises.

Get them today on PS3.

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  • Would be great to see them on vita,either via port or via new title

  • would surely buy this on Vita

  • So the Compilation doesn’t include the first one? Damn :(

  • Boo! I’d love to have the first one on the Compilation disc. Welp, guess I’m forced into supporting a damn digital version if I want the first one…

  • I can’t buy anything on Vita anymore until they remove the silly 100 icon limit.

    Getting this on PS3 for sure. I never finished it on PC a decade ago because I got stuck in a corridor of baddies with no ability to proceed without using God Mode. Will be nice to finish it now with a Platinum!

  • I love Far Cry 1! but I don’t want to play it again, it’s perfectly fine in my memory (don’t want to see what time has done to it).

  • @4 you could always import the EU version of the Compilation, that includes Far Cry 1 on a Disc I think.
    Anyway Never got a chance to play Farcry, hell I remember downloading a demo for it back when it came out, and that my PC couldn’t run it lol

  • Release this for PS4 and I’ll buy it.

  • Thanks, never got to play Far Cry on PC.

  • hey when are you guys going to shipping out more ps4 camera they are impossible to find and when is the US getting the Sony dualshock 4 charging station

  • I can’t wait to get far cry classic it’s the best far cry game. I never thought I’d get to play this game again, I still own it for original xbox. I miss the mutagen abilities in far cry, I wish ubisoft would bring them to far cry 4.

  • Farcry 1 has been my Fav so far i will buy this some time soon. Febuary has been a kick-ass month for PS3 with PS+ , TLOU DLC , now farcry. BF4 & Bioshock DLC next month. make me happy i have a Playstation

  • Now as far as this compilation goes FC2’s multiplayer is still a train wreak. FC3 is awesome & I should have bought it when it was on sale for PS Plus members. Far Cry Blood Dragon I bought when it was on sale for Plus members. But FC1 will be spectacular & it’s only 10 deneros a must pickup if I say so myself!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The original Far Cry is the only one that appealed to me…

    So tempting.

  • Is Blood Dragon on disc or is it a download?

  • i loved Farcry 3 and Blood Dragon, but i thought Farcry 2 was really dull. I’m hoping this game will be alot more interesting than 2 was, though i don’t expect it to top Farcry 3. Thanks for only charging $9.99 though. :)

  • I loved how 3 let us save anywhere and quit the game unlike 2 where I had to find certain locations to save and then could quit the game. Never played the first one. Will be buying it digital today. I’m a digital only gamer now so bring on the digital. The future is digital and cloud so you disc only people need to get with the new times I swear. You only whine for disc cause you always sell a game after you beat it and that hurts developers cause another guy buys that used copy and the developer loses a sell that would’ve put money in their pocket. I personally hate disc cause they are ps3 laser killers. Once that laser goes bad you have a cup holder for a disc. With digital. I get two copies for the price of one and a ps3 that will last way longer going digital only. Do what you want, my ps3’s last me years and years going digital. Have fun replacing yours every 2 or so years with lasers burning out lol.

  • Oh and thanks for bringing the first one to psn guys. I’ll but it today and I really enjoyed 3 and blood dragon. I platinum 3 on my main plus psn account last year and did it in less than a week. Loved the online on 3 as well. Blood dragon was a blast and I still play it almost daily. Love the humor of it. Great games guys.

  • Yeah, cool new far cry coming out, just wondering even though i don’t have far cry and i saw it on youtube than still will it have adventures or big effects cause every time i play a shooting game it always have effects and adventuring owah and i forgot shotting or assassinating!!!

  • Does it have trophies now??

  • I already got Farcry 2,Farcry 3 and Blood Dragon….quite a shame cuz I woud like to get that Compilation…plus I still haven’t played any of the 3….besides Blood Dragon demo….so to complete the collection I’ll be getting the Classic one….but I’ll wait for a sale since I won’t play straight away.

  • Awesome. I never played the Far Cry series. Now’s my chance.

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