Dying Light on PS4: New Trailer, New Epidemic

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Dying Light on PS4: New Trailer, New Epidemic

Hello, everyone! I’m Tymon Smektala, the producer of Dying LightTechland‘s latest first-person, action survival-horror game coming this year. I’d like to use this opportunity to tell you more about Dying Light and its Humanity trailer that we released today.

Dying Light on PS4: New Trailer, New Epidemic

Let’s start with a simple statement: we’ve gotten accustomed to mindless zombie killing, right? Movies, TV series, books, and of course games — no matter what the medium, zombies became the cannon fodder of our times. After all, no one should bat an eye at taking down thousands of already dead, walking corpses. Or should they? In Dying Light, we make things a little bit more complicated.

With our latest Humanity trailer, we wanted to present a deeper vision of what a zombie epidemic would mean for humankind. “Epidemic” being the crucial word here. Mutating into a zombie is a result of infection, not some kind of a supernatural transformation, but simply a disease, just like flu, pneumonia, or SARS.

This realization helped us create one of the most outstanding features of Dying Light: its setting. A quarantined city just several weeks after the outbreak.

It’s an intriguing locale that shows the horrible reality of living in the quarantine zone infested with the raging infected. “We were doctors, teachers, fathers, sons” — says the trailer’s narrator. People who just two months or so earlier had families, homes, and jobs, had to become scavengers and hunters in order to survive. Now their everyday routine consists of gathering supplies, repairing barricades, fighting for medicines — struggling to stay alive, to put it simply. In this world, things that we take for granted are in fact precious commodities.

When traversing the city of Harran, the player will encounter survivors in a variety of situations. You may find them hidden, trapped or surrounded by the infected in the most unlikely places, calling hopelessly for help. Your help. It’s up to you whether you’ll decide to come to their aid or not. Lending a helping hand, be it out of kind heart or want for reward, is always a risk, though. The grim reality of Harran doesn’t allow any safe choices.

“But so they were,” continues the narrator. In the quarantine zone, the line between the infected and the sane is very thin. The player should remember that not only the survivors were common people like you and me months earlier — so were the infected. Imagine that in order to stay alive, you could be forced to shoot your family doctor, chop a colleague from your office to pieces, or leave your best friend for certain death.

It’s either you or them. But you should never forget that they’re not walking corpses — they’re just infected, although as of yet there’s no cure for their illness. What would you do if there was one?

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6 Author Replies

  • Doesn’t look as good as Yakuza Dead Souls

  • Release Date?

  • man, very meh information to reveal is trailer.. gosh.. i want the demo and release date. not trailer.. that really shame.. i am very tired of waiting too long for release date announcement

  • I noticed some guns in the new trailer, but are we going to be able to kill zombies with guns? I have yet to see any firearm gameplay for this game, only melee

    • Yup, there are firearms in the game, and you will be able to use them against both the infected and hostile “human” survivors.

  • After the awful jankfest that was Dead Island, a trailer alone isn’t enough to warrant my interest from any game that comes out of Techland. I’ll wait a few weeks until it’s inevitably $30, or possible Redbox it.

  • Seriously, THIS is a “big surprise” you teased for today?


  • This is definitely one of the games I’m looking forward to playing especially since I’m into playing zombie games ……Can’t wait and very excited for this game to be released and playing.

  • Textures look a little more bland, dull, and unfinished than expected for next gen

  • Kinda expected a demo, or at least a release date.

  • Are you kidding? This is what you revealed today, not a release date or a demo. No just another trailer showing really nothing we haven’t seen already. We already have gameplay footage, we already know it’s zombies and free roam. What we don’t know is when it’s releasing. What we would like is a nice demo of the game and not a 5 min 3gig demo. Maybe 30 mins to explore the game a little.

    This is a big disappointment and waste of time.

  • Dear Tymon I really would like to see it on PS VITA,can you release or port it to vita?

    • For now, we announced the game for PS3, X360, PS4, XO and PC. It’s already a lot of platforms, so even if we decide to release the game on other platforms, it will have to take time. But hey, you can play the game on your VITA thanks to PS4’s Remote Play function anyway!

  • wow…all the hype for another trailer that doesn’t even show a release date. you guys could have at least shown us something NEW or let us get in on a demo..

  • Lots of people whining in the comments, but I for one am interested. Can’t wait to see more and hear more info on this. Looks cool.

  • Really glad to see a different, compassionate-yet-practical take on pandemic scenario. Are there any GLBT characters in the game?

  • hey when are you guys going to shipping out more ps4 camera they are impossible to find and when is the US getting the Sony dualshock 4 charging station

  • Seriously. Stop overhyping this game.
    People are getting bored of all those teasers/trailers.
    Can we just get a release date and a demo please?

  • “Be the Zombie mode”?…now that looks interesting….will we be able to play as a zombie?…btw I hope you guys release that as a later “free” DLC because I won’t have the chance to pre-order Dying Light…but I will buy it for sure…game looks really good.

    • Yes, you play as a special zombie type with some very intersting “zombie skills”. By invading other peoples games you’ll be able to upgrade your zombie character, to make it even more dangerous.

  • Can’t say I’m looking forward to playing a First Person Survival Horror Game. I’ll Wait til’ its added to the instant game collection.

  • I am just going to echo jSETH’s comment for emphasis:

    Seriously. Stop overhyping this game.
    People are getting bored of all those teasers/trailers.
    Can we just get a release date and a demo please?

    And seriously, saying there is something big coming and it ends up just being a trailer is a joke.

    I honestly thought you were going to pull an awesome move and just release the game. I am waiting for a publisher to realize that you don’t need to hype a PS4 game, just release it. We need more games.

  • WOOOOW….. you gotta be kidding me. Ive been wating to get just a trailer. Why would any company amp up a world of people for a little trailer. Like the concept but seriously…. just release the trailer without the hype cause you are just letting the people waiting for the game down. What a joke.

  • Will this have co op? it better thats what made Dead Island great

  • Dang it on ps4, just if only if i have a ps4 then i will get Dying Light!! But, no my parents wouldn’t get for me on christmas!!!(i only have a ps vita, ps3, and a psp!!)

  • Looks like a PS3 game. Hot garbage.

  • Loved Dead Island and RipTide and I for one have been very impressed with what I’ve seen of Dying Light so far.

    Fingers crossed that PS4 will be the definative console version, I suspect it will be!

  • This is definitely one of the games on my radar… I was hoping we’d have a summer release date by now though. If it doesn’t come out until the fall, there are too many other games I want around that time and I’ll probably miss out on this one.

  • I love the concept. I think it’s going to be a great game. “Kill the dead, eat the living.’ I’m guessing of course but from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like cannibalism might be a part of the game. It would make perfect sense too considering that food supply drops and areas still carrying supplies are scarce and infrequent. In any case I’m excited for this game.

    By the way, remember the quote in the beginning of the video? Its from a book called The call of the wild. Great book.

  • I just have one question Is there going to be online Multiplayer?

    • Yeah, of course. The co-op mode for up to 4 players is a form of online multiplayer, and on top of that there’s still the exciting Be the Zombie dlc mode.

  • Ok Thanks Sounds Great Already Pre-Ordered It :D

  • Its going to have local Co-op mode or only online mode?

  • Just one question (if possible ) . I have been always a great fan of Zombie games , movies and stuff ,My love for it started when I started playing Dead Island and after watching World War Z well everyone has it’s own tastes .. but this ! I love every trailer that is coming out ! they are amazing but getting to the point will we be able to have gain survivors ? like make a “tribe” like form a group of people that is with you after maybe you have saved them . I liked the way you have putted it in the first trailer (Run boy Run Dying Light ) I just loved it . Please respond to this comment .THANKS !

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