MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush Week 5: Wolf Fang

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MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush Week 5: Wolf Fang

With a new week comes a new title from the MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush event. Week 5 brings Wolf Fang — an action shoot-’em-up centered around customizable robots — to PlayStation Store.

Retro Rush Week 5: Wolf Fang

Wolf Fang was originally released in arcades in Japan in the early 1990s, and made its way to PlayStation a few years later. The story is set in the future: an evil military faction looks to control all the mechs in the world, and the last places on Earth they haven’t conquered are Australia and New Zealand (It’s always nice to know which areas on future Earth will be the last bastions of freedom, isn’t it?). To stop the bad guys from total domination, you pilot your own customized mech to save Oceania.

The customization process allows you to swap out a special weapon, main weapon and legs to fit your personal play style. If you lose all your lives, you can try a different set of parts or keep rocking the same mech. The choice is always yours, which is good because Wolf Fang’s difficulty has a… wait for it… bite to it (sorry, I’ve been saving that pun for a long time). Overall, there are 12 pieces to choose from so you can play around with the parts to find the sweet spot between speed and power.

If that level of customization isn’t enough, Wolf Fang’s features branching missions and multiple endings, so you’ll want to gear up for multiple playthroughs to make sure you don’t miss any of the action.

So, when can you get the game? You’ll be able to pick up Wolf Fang from PlayStation Store for your PS3, PS Vita and PSP starting February 11th.

That does it for the Week 5 game of the Retro Rush from MonkeyPaw Games. That means we are now down to the last title, and it’s sure turn a lot of hair pink. Yes, Tomba! 2 is the final entry into the Retro Rush! See you next week!

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  • Hoou this looks good…never heard of Wolf Fang before…I love shoot-’em-ups so this is right up my alley.I’ll have to get this game.Thanks for the great work guys.I’m waiting eagerly for Tomba 2.

    • Yeah! Wolf Fang is actually the sequel to another arcade game called Vapor Trail. It’s a really action packed game with a lot of moving set pieces and action. Did I mention action?

  • we need Team Buddies on PSN! Plz!

  • I purchased this off the Japanese PSN, its a pretty cool game. Mechs + Explosions + Shooting, whats not to love? Will double dip to have it on my US Vita and give Monkey Paw some love.

  • The honorable Todd Ciolek of the great X Button columns on Anime News Network said of Wolf Fang: “…it’s an excellent treatment of the side-scrolling mecha shooter.” That’s all the recommendation I need.

  • This looks sweet and pretty easy to play(maybe the customization will be a little hard to figure out, not sure) so I’ll pick it up fairly soon. Looking forward to Tomba 2 as well.

    • It’s pretty easy to figure out. You can get a glimpse of it on the MonkeyPaw Games YouTube channel for the Wolf Fang Gameplay Footage video at 43-ish seconds.

  • Yeah can’t wait. My vita is ready for this. Thanks monkeypaw. Looking forward to see what you guys release in the future.

  • Looks cool!

  • This sounds quite good, alongside the second Tomba. Thanks for working to put this sort of stuff out. Preserving classic games in the digital market–especially on a flexible service like PSN where you only need one purchase to play on all your Sony platforms–can be a very noble cause, and at the very least a very appreciable one for many die-hard fans.

    • Thanks so much for the kind, kind words! We do our best to be that bridge between retro and modern, eastern and western game regions.

  • Question, what happened to the game that was supposed to be out last week? The drop had no mention of that whatsoever and it was not on last week’s PSN update. Can’t be a Retro Rush Week 5 is there isn’t a Retro Rush Week 4. I believe that game is called Hyper Crazy Climber. Did you skip it? I’m just curious is all.

    • Hyper Crazy Climber hit a legal hurdle at the last minute. We had to take precautions and hold off on the release until we could solve the issue. The game is still coming but at a later time (we’re working as fast as possible!). In it’s place, we ran a contest to win some Retro Rush games for week 4 and picked back up with Wolf Fang.

      That’s the scoop! Just be sure to keep your ear to the ground for Hyper Crazy Climber’s new release date.

  • yo can you try and make gta san anreas for the vita i really need that gameon my vita

  • Is this coming to the UK PSN?

  • Wait, the import version of Tomba 2? Not the english version?

    • It is. We had to make a choice since the Japanese version was the one that was ready now versus continuing to wait for the NA version. We’ll have a guide on our website that will help through the missions and items if you get stuck.

  • English version of Rapid Realod (aka Gunner’s Heaven in Europe) and Panzer Bandit, pretty please.

  • I’m always late to these, so I never know if you guys see it, but as usual, I’ll make some PS1 requests: Einhander, DonPachi, DoDonPachi, and Little Princess. All available in Japan on PSN already, Einhander also had an English release back in 1998.

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