This Week in PlayStation

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This Week in PlayStation

Heyo! Welcome to the weekend.

This week was a good one, with the official unveiling of the Gold Wireless Headset (check out these fancy photos that Rey and I took), the release of PS4 frightfest Outlast and PS3/Vita amazingfest Dustforce (seriously, dat soundtrack), the Gran Turismo documentary KAZ being released in lots of easy-to-find places, and more.

Before I ask what you’re playing this weekend, I’ll say I can’t stop playing Dustforce. Dustforce Dustforce Dustforce. Its vibrant visuals, mega-chill soundtrack, and perfection-driven gameplay coalesce into a deadly combination of pure videogame that I just can’t pull myself away from. Except to write this recap.

So… what are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: Dustforce, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
  • I’m watching: The Lego Movie, Community
  • I’m listening to: Chipzel, Disasterpeace
  • I’m wishing: that I had this amazing Back to the Future II poster

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  • When does the headset release? The Blogcast said it was out but i can’t find any

  • I played Outlast and beat it, that is one of the best good horror games in a while, Really atmospheric. There was one scene i felt like i was gonna feel the character in that game was gonna feel. Hint: It takes place in the “Male Ward” section of the game with a certain crazy person.

    I’m currently playing Gex: Enter the Gecko on PS Vita.
    Can’t wait for Lightning Returns: FFXIII, Rayman Legends (PS4), Strider (PS4; never played this series), and Castlevania: Lords of Shadlow 2.

  • Tomb Raider: DE on PS4 i bought and loved it as much as i did on the PS3, i still have to get the multplayer trophies in order to get the platinum, must gotta get to Level 60 and buy everything in the shop.

  • Ahem-hem-hem! :)

    I have yet to try Dustforce, although I did buy it on day 1. It must be really amazing if it knocked OlliOlli off of your list.

    I’m playing: Warframe, The Puppeteer
    I’m watching: Hannibal, Boardwalk Empire, The Americans
    I’m llistening to: The stove vent rattling nonstop. Darn wind!

  • Please improve the download list, i need to access my games more easily, like filters or export to a text file.

  • All these games for this week are some cool games becuase this week i play on my ps3!!

  • miku miku miku mikuu i ned this gameeeeeeeeeee*¥*

  • Man what do you do pandoraboxly you a blogger and a gamer or what!!!

  • We need good gaes for Vita, no iphone games. Please, more dedication for Vita. Sorrowful the situation of Vita =/

  • Somebody need tell me about this forum because i know some of the info about this forum!!

  • I’m playing:

    Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, Kidou Senshi Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost, Warframe

    I’m watching:


    I’m Listening:


    I’m Wishing:

    That I had a lot of money and that I have a 64GB Memory Stick for the Vita.

  • Me too viceforce!!! i wish i have some cash right now!!! And i might call of duty ghosts this week!!!

  • Liked the blogcast as always. Have yet to get dusforce. l

    Im playing: Battlefield 3, Hitman Absolution
    Im watching: KYR_SPEEDY and VanossGaming on Youtube.
    Im listening to: Anything and everything
    Im wishing: A Ratchet and Clank game would be free on PS+ sometime soon.

  • i´m a gamer GIRL and a otaku too :/

  • I’m a boy not a girl genius527 means i a genius at gaming or i’m a genius boy a gaming pandoraboxley!!!

  • HEY! just wondering when are we going to have AAA games on the vita again? like gravity rush 2 and such… bc the vita its in a dire situation… not bc of the lack of games but the lack of triple AAA games… I’m tired of playing indie games… i didn’t buy this awesome piece of tech for 250 bucks just to play SNES caliber games… just letting u know.

    Toukiden > another monster hunter clone instead of actually giving us MH which was the thing to save the psp…
    (still probably gonna get toukiden…)

    Danganrompa > if u are not into the anime u wouldn’t know about this….

    Borderlands 2 > awesome that we are receiving this but its just another port and still dont even have a date.

    FFX-X2 > awesome again but ANOTHER port.

    Demon Gaze > JRPG nobody knows about and the gameplay looks really weird and doesn’t look like a AAA

    thats it…. 5 games… sigh… sony still waiting for the vita year…hope u bring the big guns announcements with the entry of the vita slim…

  • I have no idea man!!! Why you waiting to see a AAA game to come out owah because you might want it for your psp i nothing to say because i a psp and i bearly play on it so, might not be no more psp games!!!

  • @16 DarkOne The vita support has gotten way better lately. FYI Borderlands 2 does have a release date, it’s Mar 18. We also have Conception 2 and Mind Zero coming soon besides the ones you mentioned. Plus even though TxK may not be a big AAA game, it is a vita exclusive, and if it’s as fun as it looks, it will be a big seller. E3 is coming in a few months as well and I would be shocked if vita doesn’t have some huge announcements planned.

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