PlayStation Blogcast 108: The Brave and the Gold

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PlayStation Blogcast 108: The Brave and the Gold

On this week’s show, we highlight next week’s massive PlayStation Store bounty, running through Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Danganronpa to TxK on PS Vita, as well as more Dark Souls and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition talk. And even a Gold(en) new PlayStation headset! Expect even more off-topic nonsense than usual on today’s episode. Be sure to tune in next week, too! New interviews and juicy game talk await.

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
  • Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary
  • Toukiden: The Age of Demons
  • TxK
  • Dustforce
  • *sigh* Dark Souls
  • The new Gold Wireless Headset
  • Sportsfriends
  • Board / card games

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The Cast

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  • Great episode, I love the running joke of Dark Souls. Nick, if you liked Ready Player One, you should check out the books from Daniel Suarez.

    Daemon and Freedom TM. Freedom TM is far superior, but you need to read Daemon first to get into the latter. It makes me giddy to see what something like AR glasses has the potential to be. They would also make fantastic movies.

  • I thought Thursday was blogcast day???

  • Who you dodgedoors do you know what they where talking about cause i have no idea what they was talking about something maybe about video games on playstation i don’t know just guessing!!

  • where u came from avatarguy did u came from video game world or somethi’n

  • I don’t know how other gamers feel about this but I personally wish I could get the old layout for the PlayStation Store back. The new one is to cluttered and to unorganized. It also runs much slower then before. I would like to suggest a wish list feature similar to what iTunes has to keep future purchases organized and easy to find. Another suggestion I have is the option to move and delete what we want in the download list, trophy list, and avatar list. I really do miss the old PlayStation Store layout and hope Sony continues to listen to our feedback. You guys also haven’t mentioned anything about PlayStation Now beta invitations. Are they still sending out anymore invites to gamers?

  • davidxraw are you the new gamer cause i never seen you on ps blog before “SAY” “SOMETHING” “DAVIDXRAW” do you hear me!!!

  • Can someone at sony see what the hold up is for SKYRIM to be put digital on psn. Its been on my xbox 360 since last year digital. Its only 3.8 gigs on Live as a download and yet were still stuck with disc only on ps3. What gives here? Get it on psn whats the hold up. If you can put games that are 20 to 30 gigs on psn for download you sure can put skyrim on psn to. Im a digital only guy and hate having disc. Bluray laser killers out the butt is what they are. I love my vita and the way it does CARDS not disc. I hate disc. Wish ps4 did cards like vita for its games to but they went that dumb disc route again. Thank goodness for digital options. The future is cloud and digital anyways so Im prepared as I have over 3000 dollars invested in digital content mostly games on my main plus psn account not this one. Anyways keep the games coming!

  • HAHAha it seems hard to stop talking about Dark Souls :P

  • Nothing matters if it isn’t Crash 2: Cortex Strikes Back and CTR: Crash Team Racing on Vita!!

  • Another week another blogcast, yay! You guys really tricked me with the mystery theme the other week from mgs. lol.

  • That guy really liked Forrest Gump! I actually agree with Teflon02, I would love CTR on vita! I also want Legend of Legaia, Suikoden 2 and Dragon Warrior 7.

  • Ryan, I finally got my platinum trophy for Dragon’s Crown. What a fantastic game! Now if you could give us some more information about DARgon’s Crown that would be great. Lol! Referring to last weeks podcast.

  • Somebody need to “TALK” i’m “SERIOUS” right now!!!

  • Those games rabidninjamonky said would be great also!!

  • Looking forward to getting the new Gold Wireless Headset.

  • Great episode as always !! Keep it coming guys :D

  • KIngsley’s Adventure used the same “memememe” dialogue as Okami.'s_Adventure

  • Ya’ll like this i never watch this before germix27 cause i been play’n video games all this time!!

  • @ Ryan’s “Danganronpan,” dat pronounciation..

    Fully agree with #5, the new store is completely cluttered and disorganised. I thought it would surely be fixed after a few months but it’s been a year and NOTHING has changed at all – every week new content is just dumped in a mess, mislabled and disorganised. The new store is the bane of Playstation.

  • All that Anor Londo talk reminds me of this musical tribute:

  • I have recently been sucked into the souls universe as well. I’ve been contemplating instead g trying to blaze through dark souls like I did with demons souls I would just jump into dark souls 2 along with everyone else that way I’m not trying to catch up. Your not alone syd! Lol. Great show guys. I look forward to it every week!
    P.S. Of course goldfarb is leaving now! Syd is getting his twitter name correct now! Haha

  • Wow sorry about that guys. I was having a off day. Wrong podcast. Ugh.

  • Hi. Im unable to listen to this on ps4. When i click download its says data not supported by ps4. Also where it looks like i should be able to play it without downloading theres a link wanting me to update a flash player , which i also cannot do. Any tips how to listen would be great , i heard the show on itunes and really liked it. Id love to get it to play on my ps4.

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