Orangepixel Games Coming to PS Vita, Starting with Gunslugs

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Orangepixel Games Coming to PS Vita, Starting with Gunslugs

I’m Pascal Bestebroer, the indie developer known as Orangepixel. I’ve been developing games since 2004, which have appeared on older mobile platforms like J2ME, as well as newer ones like Android and iOS. That said, it’s likely you don’t know Orangepixel… yet!

Gunslugs on PS Vita

With the help of the guys at Abstraction games, I hope to change that and make my games more known to new audiences, starting with PlayStation gamers. So, Gunslugs will be the first of the Orangepixel titles to hopefully land a spot on your PS Vita this month!

As I mentioned above, I’ve been creating games since 2004, and all the Orangepixel games have a few key elements in common:

First, they feel, look and sound “retro.” This is a very commonly used term these days, but don’t judge the games because they looks retro — I also try to imbue my games with newer tricks, gameplay concepts and even some triple-A ideas, bringing old-school style games to a more modern audience.

Gunslugs on PS Vita

The final element that all Orangepixel games share, is that they are hard. Not brutal, and always fair… but they are really hard. Lucky for all you PS Vita players, you’ll get to experience them with actual sticks and buttons! It will be interesting to see if people actually manage to reach the Hell world and survive in Gunslugs.

But what IS Gunslugs? Well, it’s a chaotic run-n-gun style game — some might yell “Metal Slug” when they first see it, but that’s not it. Gunslugs is more chaotic, with a huge collection of weird and wonderful upgrades, bonus stages, unlockables, and an extremely satisfying soundtrack.

Originally, Gunslugs started as a single sentence that I had in my mind: “Extremely chaotic shooting action.” So, the first version of the game looked like this:

Gunslugs on PS Vita

Just you and a bunch of enemies running around on a single screen, shooting each other. Not much to look at, but it did have a very pleasing core gameplay element that eventually became the basis for Gunslugs as it exists now.

The single screen got replaced with bigger, randomly generated levels. This means every game will be different (adding to the chaotic gameplay I wanted to achieve). It also makes a game much more fun for the developer if the levels are generated in this way — I get to play my own game without getting bored of the same levels over and over! It’s a win-win.

Creating Gunslugs, from this first prototype to the final product, took about 7 or 8 months with me doing all the programming, graphics and sound effects by myself. But you can’t have an action game like this without a good soundtrack! And since my musical talents are non-existing, I had to find a partner in crime.

Gunslugs on PS VitaGunslugs on PS Vita

So I contacted the talented Gavin Harrison, who did music for most of my other games, and together we decided to get some “80’s hero movie” music going. Make sure you play Gunslugs with headphones on… it’s really worth it!

Gunslugs is comprised of six worlds, not counting the various bonus worlds spread all over the place, and six unlockable characters. Each world has two levels — and an old-school end boss to deal with. On top of that, there are over 50 mission objectives to try and complete.

Let’s meet on the leaderboards… show me what you’ve got!

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  • Looks great and can’t wait to try it out! Is the game a Playstation Mobile or a Vita game? Please clarify. Thanks.

  • It was to be expected, for the PSVITA just throw theses types games. We need exclusive games like God Of War Collection or God Of War 3 for Vita. Unfortunate situation of Vita =/

  • Looks awesome. I actually haven’t heard of this game until now! Definitely on my radar!

  • Damn Damn great game looks like ViTA is getting stronger every day :) anyway looking for this game but when is the release date?

  • Please stop giving us mobile games! We want real games not iPhone games :(

  • Now I agreed with others guys we need real big titles and AAA games

  • I hope your game is no more then a $1.99 because that’s how much it cost on Apple App Store

  • Ignore all these people. Your games look great.

  • Can we get Metal Slug instead of this knock off

  • Looks like a lot of fun. More Vita games are always welcome.

  • Not the type of game Vita needs but the one it deserves……

  • OrangePixel confirmed trophies for there games on vita.

  • I know Orange Pixel. And I love ya.

    I’m thrilled to have your games on PS Vita.

    I hope we see many of your other games on Vita. I heard Heroes of Loot was coming, is that true? Because, it looks awesome.

    Anything you and Abstraction Games bring to Vita is a day 1 purchase.

  • GunSlugs looks like a blast. And I like old school “Hard” challenges. Orange Pixel, you should someday make a game like old school Castlevania. I’ve been waiting so long for someone to do this. Please consider it.

  • Any chance you guys do retro or whatever style RPGs?

    There are already tons of these kind of games out there and they should stay on PC/Cell phones instead of taking up space/time etc… on consoles.

  • what a shame…

  • Awesome! I’ve played pretty much everything you released on iOS to death! Can’t wait to play them with actual controls. :-)

  • Love it! Old-school 2D games + PSV = perfection

  • @alexroedor, ocray, and Monterossa: I know right?! What’s WRONG with this guy getting to put his highly-rated mobile game on Vita!? It’s so messed up. He should have made God of War 4 or Uncharted Golden Abyss 2 all by himself, not a retro game! ARGH!!!!

  • Poor vita, so much power and the only thing it receives is a buch of games for mobile with atari graphics. makes me want to sell it. :(

  • @Vcheese Makes me want to smash that head of yours. There’s already games out there that uses the Vita’s power. That comment of yours proves how stupid you are.

  • Wait, wait, wait… All of you in this thread complaining about a game coming to Vita certainly can’t be that limited in terms of smarts. Can you?

    You do realize that games on a console space isn’t a zero sum situation? You do realize that the MORE games we have on the system, the MORE vibrant the system becomes? You do understand that OrangePixel developed this game, not Sony? Additionally, you do understand that he wouldn’t be developing God of War or whatever AAA title for which you’re crying? (Neat aside: Did you know that AAA titles can be sold right along with smaller/indie/mobile-type games? Cool, huh?) Lastly, you do understand that since Vita is a mobile platform, that it’s the perfect home for… yep, mobile games. My guess is that the complainers already do know all this stuff, but just love to complain (i.e. troll). If AAA games are your heart’s desire, the Vita certainly has them, but maybe you should just stick to HTS console gaming.

    Anyhow… Good for OrangePixel, good for Vita, and good for us! I can’t wait to see more and more games like this on the system. Bring ’em on! Well done.

  • @ocray Metal Slug already exists on Vita. Do you know what that is? Metal Slug Anthology and Metal Slug XX on PSP, both Vita compatible. I like you see you make a game like rotten Vcheese here, dipstick.

  • nice to see more vita love, looking forward to this!

    P.S. #13 Elvick_ haven’t seen a comment from you in a while, welcome back.

  • Oooo Gmaerzlimited is “BACK” any way this game look like i wanted to get it on my psvita because that game look pretty cool!!

  • Gamerzlimited dont you call me a spoiled brat again man!!! And what do you think about this game while ya’ll talk’n about it. I like this game it’s just that i want to hear ya’ll ideas.

  • Also, this game reminds me of Super Crate Box. Hope this game plays good.

    @genius527 Grow a spine, I never said you were a spoiled brat. Those comments I see are never directed to you. I have no reason to say stuff to you because I don’t know who you are. Have I seen you before?

    Plus, you don’t even have an avatar or a PS+ membership. I can’t recognize you if you don’t have either of those.

  • Yeah ure you said it to me before Gamerzlimited quit lie man!!! i’m already trying to get along with you the best way i can please quit trying to start something!!!! And what do mean you dont know who i’m am you do i’m genius527 come on man!!! You need to stop tripp’n. and #1. I might get a PS+membership #2. I’m getting me a avatar eventually. So you do know what you talk’n about “MAN”!!!!

  • i mean you don’t know what you talk’n about and i dare you to somthing back man!!! I dare you gamerzlimited. And you dont know you are talk’n to a young video gamer right now!!! thats sad!!!

  • Looks like it could be a PS Mobile game (for obvious reasons). I’m wondering about the price point tho, considering it’s origin.

    Not hating on it. Just thinking realistically.

  • Thank you for bringing games to the Vita. For me it’s about choice. We now have one more game we can choose to play and I think that’s awesome. I don’t play mobile games on phones but I love them and all kinds of games on the Vita. I look forward to this game and more of your games in the future.

  • Really Manjoume Thunder really i see you in almost in all the CONVO’s man!!! And wanna friend me on ps3 just saying because i need more friends in my friends list!!!

  • @genius527 Since when? That Freedom Cry topic? That wasn’t directed to you. Who? Listen, I honestly don’t know who you are. Yes, I can tell by your name but that doesn’t mean I heard of you before. We never played a game against each other, I never seen you around in the blog when I post, and I don’t I ever commented to you until now. You’re not a spoiled brat at all, you’re just a complete stranger. I know which people I commented to here and I know you are not one of them. Stop trying to get my attention.

    If you have an avatar, I would have recognized you. PS+ is optional, but it’s makes it easier for me to remember. Since you posting here, you must have a PS console. There’s a bunch of free avatars, just go to your account management on your system and pick one there.

  • Looks fun.

    Will we ever see Playmore/SNK release Metal Slug 3 on Neo-Geo Station?

    Probably not…

  • Now look hear sorry for checking you i wasn’t trying to get attention and checking you mean you was being rude to me you need to say sorry Gamerzlimited i actually don’t need to say sorry to you man!!! And i know you in your 30’s so and i’m in my teens ok about to be a grown up like u in a few years. Do you hear me Gamerzlimited i’m a stanger at lease a good one man!!! Not trying to be rude to your fiend but, can you tell you friend named Death8u4u that i said he need to be the heck quit!!

  • Gamerzlimited “SAY” “SOMETHING”

  • I don’t know why people think this game is crap, it must be because of the art style. If you don’t like it, then you guys have no sense of nostalgia. This retro style is what audience this game targets to.

    @genius527 Ok, I hear you. You know I can’t comment here all the time because I have a life other than video games. Be patient with me, alright? Next time, let’s keep this conversation though PMs instead of going off topic so the whole world can read it. I may not answer but I will at least listen. And that guy ain’t my friend, just another stranger giving me proper advice.

    Also, I’m in my 20s. I’m not that old, but old enough to play those retro PS games back in the day.

  • Dude #1 what is PMs a website #2. I’m sure your 30’s i heard somebody saying your inyour 30’s and not to be rude but do you want to play me on call of duty ghosts on ps3 if you’ll play me i will be in the game evenually gamerzlimited!!! And so you never met that dude that was be rude to me trying to defend you that dude need to quit talking to me gamerzlimited!!!

  • Uh I guess glad to see more games being made for PS Vita. But for me I’ll pass.

  • who you tusunami a friend of gamerzlimited

  • @genius527 PMs are personal messages. You send them to people via your PS3 or Vita. Well, your mistaken. I know for a fact I’m not in the 30s, I wouldn’t lie to you and told you that I am if I did. And sorry, no because I do not have that game. I don’t play any COD games other than Black Ops. And who’s the dude you’re talking to exactly? Sounds like you are talking to another person other than me.

    I think I’m derailing this blog, I’ll stop here before I continue to go off topic.

  • Dude do you got a psvita or a ps3 thats what i wanna no maybe on my ps3 i can send you messages but, not on my psvita nooo!!! And that dude is named tusunami u know him man!!! you proplobly you play on your gaming console almost everyday!!

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