New Velocity 2X Trailer and Update: So Far, So Good!

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New Velocity 2X Trailer and Update: So Far, So Good!

Hi folks. Today I’m here to reveal a brand new video showing alpha footage of Velocity 2X; to talk through some of the things we’ve been working towards; and to outline what we’re going to be adding next!

First, the video:

It’s starting to look the part, but there’s still a lot to do. The major thing left to do is improve the animation on the player character Lt. Kai Tana. We’re working on that right now.

The art style

One of the major influences for Velocity 2X was the art style of Flashback on the Amiga. For those of you too young to have played Flashback (poor you, play the original!), it was a stunning visual achievement, using rotoscoped animation and a simple yet stylish art style to create a highly atmospheric experience. 12-year-old me fell in love with it.

Artistically speaking, we wanted Velocity 2X to be the spiritual successor to Flashback (and indeed Another World), and also to create a level of atmosphere and production value that is rarely seen in 2D games.

Art style mockup 1 of 2

Click here to see the full gallery

Despite being a small team of 10 (only three of which are artists), we set ourselves the ambitious challenge of reaching the kind of visual fidelity that makes people say “oooh” and “ahhh” and “take my money!”.

These are the benchmark images that we started with at the beginning of development. Chris (Goff) didn’t really know what was going to be possible visually, so he spent most of his time getting the art style in shape.

Art style mockup 2 of 2

Hussain (Sheikh) our technical director, who worked as visual effects lead on Split/Second, was confident he could bring his experience in creating high end effects to the PS Vita, so Chris (Goff) set about creating some benchmark images that we could aim towards.

Chris set the bar pretty high, but when Shahid Ahmad at SCEE asked if we could raise the bar higher for PS4, Chris created these images:

Benchmark for PS4 2 of 2

Benchmark for PS4 1 of 2

Most of the team got very excited about what we were aiming for on PS4, but Hussain shrugged and smiled a quiet smile to himself.

When we showed the game at Eurogamer Expo, it had none of the effects that Hussain had been working on, and the artists had yet to make use of the dynamic environment lights. We also didn’t have a PS4 build underway yet.

However, as time went on it became clear that the game was actually going to visually exceed our original benchmarks, and it was even starting to look as good as the PS4 benchmarks on PS Vita.

It was then that Hussain told me he knew all along we could achieve the PS4 benchmark on PS Vita, but didn’t want to make any promises in case something came up.

But we have achieved and surpassed what we hoped to achieve, and now have the following high-end effects in the game:

  • Particle explosions
  • Dynamic environment lighting
  • Vignetting
  • Environment effects such as leaves in the wind, twinkling stars etc
  • Bloom
  • Light refraction
  • Anamorphic lens flare
  • Colour correction
  • Smooth 3D camera zoom
  • Screen shake & camera turbulence

As I said, there’s still plenty left to do. The artists have only just begun dressing the levels with all the effects at their disposal, and the design team still has many levels to design. And of course the animation on Kai is getting another pass. Rest assured we’ll put every drop of energy we have into making this game a delight.

If you don’t have a PS Vita, we want Velocity 2X to help convince you to pick one up. Why? We absolutely love the system. Pure and simple, it’s the best handheld ever, and that’s something I hear people saying more and more as time goes on – because it’s simply true. The amount of ENLIGHTENING FUN you get from the wealth of great games on PS Vita – indie and otherwise – makes it the most worthwhile gaming investment you can make.

We’re supporting PS Vita with Velocity 2X, and we suggest you do likewise!

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  • Good morning USA :p

    Any questions, let me have ’em =)

    James @FuturLab

  • Awesome, l loved the first one.

    Are you working on other projects?

  • This looks like a huge step in the right direction. Looks great. Any plans of co-op or ship upgrades?

    • We did have plans for co-op, but it’s beyond the scope that we can afford.

      We want to polish this game beyond a fine shine, so co-op will need to wait until DLC or a subsequent game.

  • Can’t watch the trailer because I don’t think my Physics professor would appreciate it as much as I. :P But I am excited reading about the development in the graphics of the game. Having never played Flashback, Another World, or Split/Second, I won’t understand the references in those cases, but what I’ve seen really makes this game feel like a natural evolution of Velocity Ultra. It makes me smile seeing that evolution in the graphics and gameplay.

    I might have asked this already in a previous blog post, but I can’t remember the answers, so… is there going to be Cross Buy and Cross Save for this game? And will the trophies be shared or on two different lists? (For that latter question… if it’s two different lists, I would highly recommend keeping the trophies on a shared list, because a lot of people seem to be trophy hunters and just want to add to their numbers… it’s still the same game.) Any word on pricing and release date, as well?

    Long comment, but I hope it quenches your thirst for reading and answering stuff! :D Can’t wait to hear more of you guys for this game and future titles. <3 FuturLab!

  • Wow. Looks awesome. Picked up the first one during the 14 for ’14 sale and I’m loving it. Can’t wait for this.

  • Cross Save sync… eww. Well, at least the majority of PlayStation users will be happy. And at least there’s Cross Buy. Thank you for the answers. :)

  • I will be there day one. This game looks amazing.

  • i bought velocity ultra thinking it was this

  • Game looks amazing! So, are we looking at early 2014 or later 2014? Thanks!

  • Looking good.

  • OMG I can’t wait for this!!! Velocity Ultra was an absolute masterpiece and this one looks even better. I am so impressed with FuturLab. Every game they put out is awesome!

  • Wow…

    FuturLab, you never fail to impress me (and I’m not impressed easily).

    Velocity Ultra really shined with it’s smooth and tight gameplay, and the sequel surely looks like it’s going to retain all of that buttery-smooth goodness. Velocity 2X is looking absolutely spectacular. I can not wait to play it!

    I hope you guys never stop making games. You’re definitely one of the most talented and passionate teams out there, and it truly shows in your work! Keep it going!

    Velocity 2X = DAY ONE BUY, GUARANTEED.

    • Hooray!

      That’s the kind of comment we work for, thank you very much =)

      Velocity 2X doesn’t just retain the buttery smoothness, it’s significantly smoother. We’re using a totally new physics system so there’s no snagging on the terrain, the camera is smooth (jerky in VU), and we’ve improved the teleport cursor movement.

      It’s genuinely a lot better =)

  • This looks fun and the art style is nice. I still need to finish velocity ultra on the Vita. And I want to play Surge Deluxe., too. No release date, yet?

  • looking awesome so far :) I know ps4 will have it running at 60fps but what about the Vita version? is the current Vita build running at 60fps and native full res? The first Velocity was a dream to play at 60fps on the Vita and really hope this one lives up to the standards of the previous one!

    • It would be suicide to release this game at anything less than 60fps natively on PS Vita and 60fps 1080p on PS4.

      That is the truth :)

  • Dear James

    Thank you for supporting our VITA,we would support you and your company likewise by purchasing your games,I only buy PS VITA games Cause I love it,VITA is truly such a powerful device with great hardware and good future.

  • O.O Wow! I love Velocity Ultra on my Vita and was super excited by the announcement of Velocity 2x, but now I”m glad to see you guys are really pushing hard on this. The game looks fantastic and I love how the out of ship segments and the creativity that went into trying to expand on it. I can’t wait to get this on my Vita/PS4. It really gives me something to shoot for on my PSM/XNA project with my team. Also excellent job on Surge, I think I just may be a FuturLabs fan. Now if we could just get a release date :-)

  • I loved Velocity as a Mini and even more as a native Vita game, I really can’t wait for this. You guys rock! :)

  • Jebus guys, that trailer was amazing.

  • Okay, jeez, enough: just take my money!

  • Absolutely LOVE the art style! Looks so amazing! Especially screen Benchmark for PS4 2/2 :D

  • Will game carry a Platnum trophy

  • Will the game carry a Platnum trophy like its predecessor

  • Wow, just checked out the soundtrack clips on your SoundCloud! OMG amazing! <3

  • I got the Velocity mini through PS+ and with all the great games i have for my Vita, that mini is one of my favorites. truly fantastic. 2x looks even more amazing (i hope that music in the trailer is in the final game!). can’t wait for this to come out. day 1 purchase from me. keep up the great work.

  • Looks really really good, any info on price?

    • More than Velocity Ultra, that’s for sure. We will charge accordingly.

      What would you be happy to pay for it?

  • It’s looking fantastic so far guys, a big step up from Velocity Ultra (which is still great). Are there critical urgency levels this time around? If the L1 button still does nothing I’d love for it to become a quick restart button.

    • Nice idea. L1 opens the map. L2 will throw telepod when on foot…

      There are still lots of critical urgency levels, it wouldn’t be Velocity without them =)

  • I can not wait for the Vita version! I know I would love it on my PS4, but these type of games I enjoy playing on my Vita (i.e. Guacameele) Will this be a cross buy? Or will there be a discounted bundle deal if you get for both systems?

  • @James Marsden
    Oh yea, I totally forgot. Haha, I’m an idiot. Oh well, I’d still love for a quick restart button somehow.

  • What about the story?? Will I care for the characters this time? Or what’s going on in the world??

    Love VU and this will be a day one purchase regardless, but still, I’m curious…

  • Dear FuturLab,

    I never loved a scrolling shooter until Velocity Ultra. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for that – and for this.

    Yours sincerely,


  • That looks amazingly good. Very impressed!

  • I brought Velocity Ultra when it came out which happen to be my birthday. Please do the same you guys provide the best birthday gifts.

  • You guys know the seizure warnings that appear before you start games? I never thought those could apply to me. Then I saw this trailer. I wonder when the twitching is supposed to stop. Hopefully soon enough for me to preorder.

  • I can honestly say I’m excited to see this coming. I’m currently playing through VU and enjoying it a lot (only 5-10 perfects left to get!). I’m also glad there’s a Vita version planned for this game, the touch screen for teleporting is super nice to have, and even though there’s a PS4 version, the Vita is probably where I’d end up playing it just for that.

  • @James Marsden
    I would be happy to pay $10 as plus user,but $15 for crossbuy is okay too.

  • Sorry, I support the PS Vita, I keep importing games from Japan since no one bothers to localize most of the fun, true Vita games.

    This looks fun (although the colours make my head hurt), but it’s the last thing I want on my Vita right now when I look at how much great stuff Asia has that we never will.

    Sony has to be the one to support the Vita, at this point customers are running out of reasons.

    I would likely have bought this on the PS3, but Vita and PS4 have way too many indie/small games lately and I will no longer be supporting such a path for those systems.

  • You guys are awesome, as always! Cannot wait for this game.

  • got this game on the 14 for 14 sale on the ps3. was horrible at it. 2 hours in and i couldnt properly transport pass the walls. none stop getting stuck and blowing up as the bottom screen caught up with me. fun game though but i wasnt at all good at it even after 2 full hours.

  • I bought Velocity Ultra to support this game, I’m really looking forward to this, thank you for the Cross Buy, I always prefer to play a game natively on the Vita for portability and sharper visuals over Remote Play with my PS4, so happy days to hear it supports cross platforming action :) The game looks great, I’m hoping there will be quite some enemy variety in the Platforming sections but if they’re simpler to give the game a greater flowing feeling.. Then that’s just as well :)

  • So I have never played the first one; heck, I never even looked up video or gameplay of it. But HO-LEE CRAP this looks insane. Definitely will download it when it’s available. Keep us updated!

  • Oooo this game looks cool it’s just that is there gonna be a new one of these soon cause it seems like this game is selling out “FAST” maybe!!

  • I only recently finished Velocity Ultra on the Vita. Man, what a game. It’s amazing how games keep evolving to this day. I was so impressed by the fact that the game seemed like a simple shooter, and almost immediately became a mind-bending teleporting/speed/action fest.

    Getting that platinum made me feel like a badass. I’ll keep an eye on the new one. =)

  • Man, Erlaxis kinda funny man if you have a ps3 friend me cause i’d do not know noth’n about this game exsep for it’s a new game man!! i might try to see if i can get that game on ps vita or ps3 man!!!

  • @boomstickbhg

    Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not like indie titles are taking away development time from AAA games. That’s why they’re called indies. They’re independent developers. Your crusade to boycott those games (even if you would enjoy them), isn’t going to get more AAA games made. All it’s going to do is harm these talented folks who bust their rear ends to make games for you to enjoy.

    That out of the way; Futurlab has yet to disappoint me. Velocity and Velocity Ultra were excellent and I just got Surge Deluxe (which has been loads of fun as well). Can’t wait for 2x, because that trailer was just awesome.

  • Glad I bought the 1st game when it was on sale. Getting the 2nd game when it comes out will be a definite for sure Doods. These are those original experiences that can be found on the PS Vita, this makes me happy that I bought the platform!!!!!!!!!

  • [quote]If you don’t have a PS Vita, we want Velocity 2X to help convince you to pick one up. Why? We absolutely love the system. Pure and simple, it’s the best handheld ever, and that’s something I hear people saying more and more as time goes on – because it’s simply true. The amount of ENLIGHTENING FUN you get from the wealth of great games on PS Vita – indie and otherwise – makes it the most worthwhile gaming investment you can make[/quote]

    WOW, seriously, what a great quote. I really hope this mindset spreads to developers like wildfire. Never even played your first game but you can bet on me picking this one up on day one, not only because it looks awesome but because of your philosophy. Bravo – bravo. :D

  • “]If you don’t have a PS Vita, we want Velocity 2X to help convince you to pick one up. Why? We absolutely love the system.”

    Making this game available to additional platforms other than the PSV decreases its exclusivity… ;x

  • As someone above already stated… FutureLab, don’t EVER stop making games!! You guys are the reason why I play games in the first place. When I see/read about brilliant devs like yourselves, I realize that while there is always room for the multi-million dollar AAA titles, the smaller games like the ones you guys have so expertly created help to remind me (and hopefully everyone else) that these types of games can be and often are just as fun as the AAA titles (sometimes more fun). The type of games you guys produce are similar to those types of games that I played when I first started gaming way back when… and the fact that these smaller games are making such a huge comeback and are such a big & important part of the gaming “scene,” proves that there are still a lot of people out there who are aware of AND can truly appreciate the meaning of gaming and its origins.

  • The very fact that you guys have found out how to combine these ‘oldskool’ styles with the modern age style of gaming only further demonstrates how valuable small devs are to today’s gamer’s (even if they don’t know it). I mean, it’s more often than not that nowadays, out of the gigantic pool of gaming creators out there, it’s the smaller devs who are coming up with most of the new/creative/original ideas/styles in the world of video games.

    More specifically about this game… upon looking at all of these pics/videos of V2X, I became slightly worried by the possibility that the PS4 version might look perhaps too far advanced as compared to the Vita version!? I thought that maybe by focusing too much on the PS4 version (understandable because it’s a brand-new console), you guys were possibly going a little too far beyond what the Vita is capable of?! But, after reading through this informative article, the fact that it’s pretty much a sure thing that the two versions will look almost identical makes me glad (and amazed!!) that the Vita version won’t be some gimped-down and or left-behind version compared to the PS4 version.

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