Gran Turismo Documentary, KAZ, Now Available Everywhere

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Gran Turismo Documentary, KAZ, Now Available Everywhere

Hi everyone, my name is Tamir, Director of KAZ: Pushing The Virtual Divide. it’s been over a year since we started the journey in documenting the evolution of Gran Turismo with Kazunori and his team. Since its debut on Hulu on 1/22, the response of the film from the PlayStation and Gran Turismo community has been overwhelming. KAZ has earned the #1 spot for the Most Popular Documentary and Video Game category for two weeks.

Due to the overwhelming response, I am very happy to announce that PlayStation is now releasing the full film in HD through the following video-sharing channels: YouTube, Vimeo, and Reel House starting today.

For those that want to watch the film with subtitles, Vimeo will have English available immediately, and we’ll be updating the site with additional languages as they become available, including Japanese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Canadian French.

Additionally, the GT team has partnered with Reel House to provide bonus content from the film. For those interested in the film soundtrack, be sure to visit the site as we’re planning to release a few of the originally composed tracks.

Thank you for your support of the film – we are incredibly proud of the project.

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  • Will we ever be able to download this?

    I will not/cannot do streaming media with bandwidth limitations being a big deal.

    I want to be able to view this and not have to stream it every single time and waste money.

    Enough of the video sharing sites, just upload it to the PSN so we can DL it on the PS3 or PS4.

  • why u cant download this its just some type of car game on the ps3 or ps4, owah it’s not on ps store that’s why.

  • Thanks for putting it up on YouTube.

    And yeah, it’s odd this isn’t up on the PS Store or something.

  • This was wonderful. So much passion and emotion out of everyone involved, one can’t help but feel inspired.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  • This guy is such a genius, but he can’t even get the engine sounds right. Some of them are ok, but it’s obvious that they don’t care in addressing the countless complaints about this issue. Premium cars look nice, but the standard cars are horrible. The cockpit view for the 37 Audi Auto Union looks like it was made for the PS One version. After driving it for 10 minutes, I had to sell the damn car because I couldn’t take it anymore. People say graphics aren’t everything, but this game brags about how stunning the graphics are so it does matter. So what happens when Gran Turismo 7 comes to the PS4? Are we going to have PS2 era cars on there too? No B-Spec and proper endurance races also sucks in GT6. Maybe some don’t care about this, but there are a ton of people who wants this feature. I feel as if people on here are giving him a free pass for the lack of quality this game has. He should stop promoting himself and spend the time in fixing some of these issues.

  • Inspiring and Challenging for all artists. Brought tears to my eyes at a few points, seeing the love, enregy, and care put into these works. So much more than a video game. Great Film.

  • Could you please provide Vimeo link to the documentary. Can’t find it.

  • Great ViDoc, watched thx to Hulu and now on Youtube. But I agree with others, put it on PS Store for Download.

  • Guys, relax. There are a lot of ways to download video from youtube… =)

    Just google it.

  • Wow, you have a computer and a PS4 and you don’t know how to download Youtube videos?

  • I looked up the doc on vimeo (after joining) and I don’t see closed captions/subtitles on the film yet (a CC icon will be on the bottom bar if it has subs or captions). Are you going to add these over the next few days? You said “immediately” for English so I was assuming the subs would be available today. I’m deaf so subtitles are a big help.

  • @9 google youtube or what?

    I tried a couple years ago to figure out how to download youtube videos and the only luck I had was a bunch of sites offereing programs you have to pay for to download videos from youtube.

    I just want to watch this I should have to pay for it.

  • @10 if that was to me.

    I have pc and PS4.

    I use my ps4 to play games. I use my pc to check my email and watch the occasional show.

    Why would any of that have anything to do with youtube. I avoid streaming media like the plague.

  • lol sorry for triple post but Sony still won’t allow us such a basic feature like post editing/deleting.

    Obviously I meant ‘shouldn’t have to pay’

  • i absolutely loved this! wish i had gt6 but too many holiday bills paying off. soon enough.

  • Hay!!! polo155 want to fiend me on ps3 , sorry for being off topic man!!!

  • When will it have spanish subtitles?

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