The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for February 4th, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for February 4th, 2014
The Drop

Word on the (dark, abandoned) street is that Outlast frightens people. Intensely. PlayStation gamers can experience that for themselves when the hit survival horror game comes to PS4 this week, bringing with it a torrent of nightmares and cold sweats.

Set in the abandoned Mount Massive Asylum, Outlast depicts the chilling and dangerous investigation of freelance journalist Miles Upshur. Miles enters Mount Massive following an anonymous tip, and soon finds himself engulfed in unimaginable horrors. This first-person survival game showcases immense scares and a focus on atmosphere. Night lights may be required.

For those gamers averse to horror games, the fast-paced platformer Dustforce also launches on PS3 and PS Vita this week. Traverse 2D environments and sweep up dust while racing the clock. Perfect every jump, nail every attack, and clear increasingly complex stages — all while freeing adorable animals from the clutches of dirt and grime. Really!

There’s lots more coming to the world of PlayStation, so read on for a complete list of new releases. And enjoy the Drop!


Adam's Venture Chronicles
Gex: Enter the Gecko
King Oddball
The LEGO Movie Videogame
Surge Deluxe
Truck Racer

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3 — Digital
Join Adam Venture and Evelyn on their quest to find ancient artifacts and thwart the Clairvoix Corporation. More than 10 hours of classic adventure play with 60+ puzzles throughout Europe and the Middle East.
PS3, PS Vita — Digital
Grab your broom. Leap into this 2D platformer that requires great skill and good timing to succeed. Select an acrobatic janitor and clean up the world by dashing off walls and ceilings in a race against the clock.
PSone Classic — Digital
The classic platformer returns, starring the titular green-skinned Gex. Following years of solitude, Gex is drawn back into the action when his nemesis, Rez, returns. Help Gex stop Rez from taking over the world.
PS Vita — Digital
Destroy the world with a trio of boulders. Throw them towards targets with the King’s outrageously long tongue. Packed with more than 120 levels and secrets.
The LEGO Movie Videogame
PS4, PS3, PS Vita — Digital, Retail (Available Friday)
Join Emmet, a perfectly average person, on his extraordinary adventure. Please note: he’s totally unprepared for it. Guide Emmet to victory with an eclectic mix of more than 90 characters including Batman, Superman, and Gandalf.
PS4 — Digital
The walls of Mount Massive Asylum conceal a wealth of horrors. Freelance journalist Miles Upshur discovers this terror for himself following an anonymous tip that the asylum was secretly reopened. Keep Miles alive as he struggles against the monsters within Mount Massive.
PS Vita — Digital
A block matching game of electric proportions. A new energy source bestows humanity with tremendous electrical power, but the by-product builds up fast. Help clear it out, or the pressure levels will blow sky high.
PS2 Classic — Digital
Princess Allura must save her kingdom. How? By laying traps for her enemies and snaring them with perfect chains.
PS3 — Digital
Drive fully destructible trucks towards the finish line. Compete on 48 different tracks across four game modes. Race friends online or via split-screen multiplayer.

Demos and Betas

Ace Combat Infinity — PS3 Beta
Dustforce — PS3, PS Vita Demo
Ethan: Meteor Hunter — PS3 Demo
King Oddball — PS Vita Demo

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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18 Author Replies

  • Don’t Drop your camera.

  • YES Gex: Enter the Gecko, I’ve been waiting so long for this. A great Super Mario 64 clone in my opinion. Please tell me it will be playable on Vita. rated it for PS3 and Vita. THANK YOU SO MUCH SONY!!!

  • Also if u can pass the word, try to get the other Eidos PS1 games on NA PSN which the UK PSN has had for so long. (Tomb Raider: Chronicles and Fear Effect 1 and 2)

    • Hey Sonicfan11589! I don’t have any control over what PSone classics appear on PlayStation Store, but I appreciate your feedback!

  • nice week blog.. can’t wait to play Outlast on ps4 this tuesday :).. hope it gonna be good game

  • Yes! The PS2 Classics are back!!! Thank you.

  • Nice Demos!

  • Sorry to keep posting, but it seems Sony is really starting add more and more PS1 and PS2 games to the PSN which is always welcome. AGAIN, THANK YOU!!

  • Can we have a PS Blog App!! for the PS4 I mean IGN has one come on!

  • “Surge Deluxe”, yes please. :-D

  • Wasn’t planning to get anything, but Gex? You just made my day worth

    If I were Sony, I would not let this opportunity pass.
    I certainly wouldn’t let it fall in the hands of Microsoft nor EA.

    Why Sony PS4 would be the best partner?

    Well, on a technology level, they share a lot in common.
    The Motion Sensors are built-in the PS4 DS4 just like the Wii U Game Pad, it also has a touch pad.
    So Does the Vita and it too has a touchscreen. So when we are talking fun, PS would be by far the best platform to port games.

    What I would do is an associtation.
    Let’s face it, the Vita and the Wii U aren’t selling all that well.

    The first thing I would try is to combine force to get AAA Wii U & PS Vita exclusive only titles that takes advantage of the technology.
    At the very least, do what Rayman Legend did and add some game play elements using that technology to make it better on those platforms.

  • Holly molly I can’t wait to play Outlast in a dark room with headphones! I hope the developers made a good use of the light and sound on the controller

  • Meh nothing for me on any of the 3 platforms. Still waiting to actually have some use for my PS4 :/

  • If they can’t be as great of successes as the PS4 / 3DS are.
    They I would just make games on the competing platform and a mutual partnership for the time being.

    Do whatever is necessary to get a deal done.

  • You guys should by Surge Deluxe.

  • I second a PS Blog app. Would love it and make it much more convenient, you can have a place for the blog, and another for Podcasts, ect. :D

  • Outlast… did Sony give some sort of Mandate to Indie Devs that PS4 games have to be creepy/horror/survival/etc…?

    Not a fan of those games in any way, very disappointing as a PS4 owner to keep seeing more of the same when there’s so little to choose from to begin with.

    At least Resogun is good and different from the rest.

    No more Horror/Survival/etc… games, the ps3 and ps4 are overfilled with those almost as badly as the FPS.

  • Hey Ryan Clements, i want ask you question about ps4 pre-order this week Tuesday.. will Thief available for pre-order on ps4 in psn store on Tuesday ?

    • Hello! I don’t have access to that information, unfortunately. I would hit up Square Enix on Twitter to ask, since they are the publisher!

  • Hey ryan does that mean that outlast is the free ps plus game this week?

  • just wondering if were gonna get some NHL Avatars we got themes but no Avatars I mean you got NBA, NFL Avatars but not NHL whys that?

  • Thanks ryan and as always Beyond!!!

  • I’d forgotten all about Trapt! (I’m sure many people have never heard of it in the first place). Talk about your obscure PS2 titles.

    If you like the idea of Dungeon Keeper or Orcs Must Die, you should try Trapt. It’s a neat change of pace and quite satisfying when your traps take out a pesky enemy. The graphics aren’t great (Princess Allura has some of the most awkward running animations I’ve ever seen in a game and is a victim of that weird PS2-era Japanese design that’s all form and no function), but the game itself is a lot of fun, and quite different from modern tower defense-style games.

  • Finally, dustforce on the go! Gonna grab it as soon as it appears

  • I find this blog app idea intriguing.

    Ryan, if you’re able to pass on consumer requests, could you also let someone know I’d really want some Intelligent Qube?

  • to the drop which i love can we get the dlc lists for the week

  • There’s a link to the blog in the mobile app, but one on PS4 itself would be good.

    BTW, Basement Crawl in the store shows a release date that has since passed.

  • Hey Ryan!

    I have two questions. I thought I read somewhere that M rated games aren’t allowed to be on PS+ in certain circumstances. Is there any truth to that? I ask because I was surprised to see that Outlast will be free on PS+(which I’m extremely happy about), due to it likely being rated M.

    My second question is in regards to Master and Sub-accounts. Do you have any information on the supposed changes in progress that’ll allow Sub-accounts to finally separate from Master accounts? I really hope this will get changed soon, because there are many people who’re missing out on a lot of privileges on PS4 due to having a Sub-account – even when they’ve become old enough to qualify for a Master account.


  • I wish I got a PS Now invite.

  • Dustforce maybe, i luv platforms.

  • Can’t wait to put my hands on Outlast!

    I’m really glad I choose Playstation this generation and beyond!

  • Is the Vita version The LEGO Movie Videogame going to be more like PS3? Or is it going to be a more watered down version like the last Vita Lego Marvel Heroes? I wish the Vita lego games were more like they were in the PSP days.

  • outlast and gex!!!! soooooo excited for both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Good looking drop. I’ve been looking forward to dustforce for a real long time. I’m still working on Bit Trip on my vita for now but I’m real excited I can finally try dustforce with that demo!

  • Now that Trapt is out, can we please get Tecmo’s Deception and Decption 2 as PS1 classics..? Please.

    Also, Diablo for Ps1 will sell well.

  • P.S. I have owned Outlast on Steam for 4 or 5 months..


  • Nice to see Trapt as a PS2 Classic in preparation of the new Deception game. I second the idea of seeing the original PS4 Deception games as well.
    Also looking forward to playing Outlast on my PS4. :)

  • *PS1 Deception games, not PS4. Using my phone to comment and it auto-corrected to PS4 for some reason. Haha.

  • In the almighty names of 18 Wheeler and Big Motha Truckers… the resurgence of a forgotten genre is upon us!

  • Gex 2!!!? Finally. I’ll be buying this the moment it hits. I knew there were rights issues and figured it would never make it online. so happy it is, it’s not only the best in the series but one of the Playstation’s best platformers despite its quirks. Also glad to see Trapt, always wanted to try it. With Deception 4 hitting in March, I hope we can see the three original Deception titles from Playstation hit a Classics soon too. Such great games, especially the first one.

  • I have both of those classic titles, but glad to see them getting released. Keep it up, please!

  • Surge Deluxe and Dusk Force Deluxe look pretty slick for indie type games. Not everyone likes indie games though (I do though).

    What I really would like to see is some more Sony AAA titles like Uncharted, Tearaway, and Killzone Mercs. It appears to me that Sony isn’t working on any new first party Vita games. The Indies/3rd party devs are picking up the slack though. It would be really cool if Sony did.

  • I’m finally getting a PS4 on Tuesday via Amazon! SO awesome that we will be getting Outlast for free on that same day! It looks amazing.

  • How about prices on these posts? I do not and will not believe that u dont have them finalized at this point, two days before they go on sale.

  • Why are all digital titles not available on the PS4?
    will Gex enter the Gecko be playable?

  • Outlast, Dustforce, and Gex for me.

    Great week! =D

  • just dustforce for me. you guys seriously need to flip the switch and allow all ps1 games on the ps3 to be on the vita store. its getting old

  • Wow nice new VITA games :) lol Capcom is back cool but still waiting for a proper release of Resident Evil for VITA :)

  • YES finally Gex: enter the gecko is coming(I’ve been waiting for that game), thanks Sony. :)

  • @yowzagabowza: Yeah, but that’s not the point of this post.

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