The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition, Pre-order Bonuses Announced

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition, Pre-order Bonuses Announced

Today we released an all-new cinematic trailer, The Arrival, to celebrate the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition and The Explorer’s Pack pre-order bonus.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition, Pre-order Bonuses Announced

The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition, a limited-quantity premium collector’s edition, comes packed with awesome physical and digital rewards. Pre-order the Imperial Edition for PS4 at a participating retailer today and you’ll get:

  • Molag Bal Statue. A 12” statue featuring Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement.
  • The Improved Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel. A 224-page illustrated guide annotated by the Imperial scholar Flaccus Terentius.
  • Physical Map of Tamriel. A 21” x 26” printed map detailing Alliance-controlled zones and the ultimate conquest: Cyrodiil.
  • Steelbook Packaging. A limited edition steel case decorated in the color of the Imperials.
  • Exclusive Collection of Digital Content.
    • Play as an Imperial: Become an Imperial and play in any Alliance. Gain unique bonuses, crafting styles, gear, and more.
    • White Imperial Horse: Summon this Imperial mount and journey through Tamriel with speed.
    • Mudcrab Vanity Pet: Explore Tamriel with a mudcrab pet by your side.
    • Rings of Mara: Complete the Ritual of Mara with a friend and receive an experience bonus when you play together.

All those that pre-order either the standard edition or the Imperial Edition will also receive The Explorer’s Pack, which included these digital bonuses:

  • The characters you create can join any alliance, no matter which race you choose
  • The Scuttler, a tiny but loyal vanity pet
  • A bundle of four bonus treasure maps

We can’t wait for your adventure to begin!

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3 Author Replies

  • Yessir, Cant wait. Going to pre-order now

  • As much fun as the game probably will be, a monthly subscription fee equals no buy for this gamer on a tight budget.

  • This will be mines:)

  • Love me some Elder Scrolls but I’m not going to get this because of the monthly subscription.

  • Can’t wait to play this, once it goes F2P. Will not pay $15 a month for one game when there are plenty others that don’t require a sub.

  • I’ll need to try the beta, but this is looking good.

  • Is the Explorer’s Pack something that will be offered separately?

  • Such a shame. I am already paying for a PS Plus account, then I need to buy the game and THEN pay an additional monthly fee? Sorry, no buy for this guy.

  • love elder scrolls games but i hate mmo’s the real players are always way to annoying and unpredictable hopefully a new elder scrolls game comes out soon. it would be cool to get skyrim updated for the ps4 maybe bethesda should support the modding community and port the game with a few of the high res texture packs

  • Lookin forward to it as long the membership doesn’t go above $15/mo

  • The cinematic is impressive… guys should focus on that and make a movie out of it.

  • Any word on if we will have A digital pre-order option?

  • I’d like to pre-order the digital Imperial Edition for PS4, $79.99, unless that’s PC/Mac only…

  • Best news is that it’s rated M.

  • I won’t be buying this game because of the monthly fee, but that CGI trailer was STUNNING!

    Make a movie with those assets and I would certainly purchase THAT! ….unless of course there was a monthly viewing charge. :)

  • I don’t get why people are complaining about the monthly fee. Your posts over and over of I’m not getting the game because of the monthly fee is asinine. Your posts will change nothing. You are just wasting your time. The fact of the matter is there are more people that can and will pay the fee than not. So until all those people who can pay buy the game and pay the fee it won’t go free to play, if at all.

  • @Mecha-Samurai

    Because this is a comment section and we are giving our personal feedback.

    …. I guess time will tell.

  • If this game is anything like other elder scrolls games I can expect to play for 100s of hours and not get bored. I will love the choice to play as an imperial or other race in any faction. This is exciting.

  • I have a complaint about the complainers.
    If this was Free to Play, that means we will not get decent upgrades in the future.It will depend on how much people will spend real money on virtual items. If this was a F2P game, this game would be an item mall game and if you want the best gear, you will probably spend more money than if you was to pay a monthly fee.
    Pay to Play is the better option, it pays the developers to make more content, it pays for the servers to keep them running smoothly, it pays for needed maintenance and upgrades.
    All Free to Play games turns into crap. Guild Wars and League of Legends are the only exception, but then again, LOL wants real money to unlock game winning items and characters.

  • I really want this game to be good, but I really don’t think it’s shaping up like an ES MMO should. I’ll probably give it a shot, because I really enjoy MMOs… but I don’t know where I stand on it right now. Seems like too many steps in the wrong direction and the beta feedback hasn’t been the most positive.

  • That trailer was incredible. The game can’t possibly be that good. I’m a huge Elder Scrolls fan so I’m going to give it a try even though I have never played multiplayer or online (except Demon’s/Dark Souls) before. I guess I need to find a clan.

    I sympathize with the complainers. I wouldn’t have been able to afford this when I was still in school either. But I agree with both # 16 and 19. At least anybody will be able to watch free live gameplay over PS4 Twitch.

  • When your game sucks, which by all the feedback I’ve read it does, I guess you can always lure people in with a shiny CG trailer. CG trailers seem to have an uncanny ability to make people throw money at shoddy MMO products. Just look at SWTOR.

    Free to play a few months after it launches, then a slow decline in to obscure death. You can quote me a year after this launches. I can’t wait for the tears.

  • I like ES games, but not interested in paying so much money to play. I haven’t subscribed to PS+ (not a big enough gamer to pay money for games I won’t play, and currently no online I play). So I’d have to get that AND a subscription to play this game? No thanks. Too much money in the long run.

    I wish Sony would come up with different base subscriptions, for instance, $5.00 a month just for online play (heck, or go free again), no PSN deals. Hence save money with features I personally don’t need with a full PS+ thing going.

  • So the bonuses make it sound like alliances will normally be very restrictive.

    That makes me lose a lot of the minor interest in this game I had.

    Also very important, how big will this be? How big will updates/expansions likely make it in the future? The 500GB drive is pretty small on the PS4 considering the size of games, mandatory install, and more games will be out before this.

  • @23 if you buy plus year long cards, it’s already 5$ a month, why pay more for less?

  • Jaw-dropping cinematic trailer. Amazing. But, is that video a compilation of everything the game ISN’T going to be like or all the contrary? I ask because I’ve played Oblivion and Skyrim and they are NOTHING like what that video shows. That video is amazing and implies lots of things never accomplished in an Elder Scrolls game, gameplay or dramatic wise, so I wonder if you guys are setting your fanbase up for a huge disappointment or maybe you’re trying to bite off more than you can chew.

  • @23 – Folkeye

    You DO NOT need a Playstation Plus account to play this game online. Just the game itself and the monthly game charge.

  • From my experience with the game it has gotten better each test and I’m pretty excited. I’ve spent 1000’s of hours playing ES games.

  • The most beautiful, well made cg cinematics I ever saw. You guys need to do a series of elder scrolls movies like this.

  • Gating a character race behind a collector’s edition purchase?

    Really? This is a thing now!?

  • @22 It’s in Beta problems are expected. If you go into a Beta expecting there not to be any issues, you have never been part of a Beta before.

  • So how much is the Imperial Edition?

    • The digital Imperial Edition is priced at $79.99 (€79.99 / £69.99), and the physical Imperial Edition will retail for $99.99 (€99.99 / £89.99) on all platforms.

  • Does buying the Imperial Edition give you more time without having to pay more the subscription?

    • Once you purchase the game (any edition), you have unlimited access for 30 days and can continue beyond that with a subscription of $14.99/30 days (€12.99 / £8.99). The first 30 days begin at or after the official launch of the game when players select their preferred subscription plan. Subscription fees will only be charged after the first 30 days.

  • Cool CG trailer though!


    Unfortunately, I am participating in a boycott of ESO because of ZeniMax’s anti-consumer (and frankly unrealistic) demand that we pay (I’m guessing at least $60) for this game and also a mandatory monthly subscription fee of $15.

    On the PS4, we now have (or will have soon) plenty of good MMO alternatives that are either free-to-play and/or offer an in-game market and/or an optional subscription fee. Here’s the list of titles that are either currently available or coming soon:
    1) DC Universe Online
    2) Blacklight: Retribution
    3) Warframe
    4) Everquest Next (launching in 2015)
    5) PlanetSide 2 (launching in first half of 2014)
    6) War Thunder (already released in Europe but will come to North America soon)
    7) Deep Down (unknown launch window)

  • FTP does not necessarily equal MMO.

    Many MMOs have launched with a subscription and $15 dollars a month has been pretty standard for many years. Some MMOs have been able to charge this subscription fee for many years where as other games just couldn’t compete. I am okay with paying a fee if the game stays fresh and I don’t get bored. If sales start to drop off andn subscription base dwindles then the FTP can sometimes save a game.

    Some games have built a worldwide player base over many years where as some have lost numbers in the first year. Only time will tell, but I’m in from day 1.

  • Damn… $100 retail and a monthly fee!!! Ouch. Sure, it looks cool, but the price is a lot to take.

  • Will the digital Imperial edition be available via the Playstation store ? Will ESO be available to pre order via the Playstation store ?

  • Nope, nope nope. The next time Bethesda is seeing any of my money, it will be for Fallout 4, and only Fallout 4.

  • why does no one seem to care about the fact that there’s going to be ORCS walking around my ELF Towns???

  • If I have to have a Playstation Membership to play my other games online and I have to pay the Original $59.99 on top of that pay the monthly $15 fee to play Elders Scrolls Online. Will there be any special pricing for Plus Members, because to play this game through my PS4 is getting pretty pricey. Why do I need to pay more to play on the console than the PC? :/

  • Free to play games aren’t what they are all hyped up to be. I play WoW, and i also play Marvel Heroes. I just looked over my last 6 months of payments and realized that my husband and i spent $250 dollars on Marvel Heroes…a”free” game…vs WoW. We could get over 8 months of WoW time with that $250 dollars. Marvel is great…but there is no with most free to play games. They provide you with basics..the bare minimum resources to play the game. If you want to excel or look different or have anything more than basic, you have to dish out cash for it. ESO is truly worth paying $15 per month. Honestly i hope they don’t go free to play, because as soon as that happens, the quality of the game will drop so drastically. Then you will all be on here whining about that too, lol.

  • I know there was alot of whining about being forced to play as an alliance but I was looking forward to seeing the dynamic of and seeing what type of personality would be molded into each. Also it KILLS THE STORY!!!

    I may be late in finding this out, but I wont be getting ESO because of this, only place I want to meet the Bretons, Redguards, Orcs, Wood Elves, Khajiit, and High Elves is at the end of my knife.

  • include an official exact replica of an Elder Scroll to that imperial edition …Then you’ll have my attention.

  • Looks good.
    Can’t wait.
    Make my first month worth it and I will keep playing.

  • Not crazy about the initial $60. Im ok with the subscription. Undecided. A 24hr trial or something similar would help me decide.

  • this could have been turned into a movie, what an epic trailer.

  • This will be best game ever 4 me personally. Cant wait to craft armour, weapons,and trade all with my friends who love it as much as every gamer should. This will be the bomb, better than destiny, better than wow, Ive playd games4 over 20 years and this is it finally here,, a complete package”)

  • The cinematic didn’t make any sense to me. Hey I’m a fan of elder scrolls / morrowind but the video didn’t show me anything about the perks of being online!

    You have to do better to justify spending $60 for a 30day trial.

    I can understand 4 months for $60 at least. And that plus member get a small monthly discount on subscription based services. He’ll even DCUO offers packages at $30 for 3/mo with access to all dlcs.

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