PlayStation Mobile Monthly Recap – January

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PlayStation Mobile Monthly Recap – January

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Hey PlayStation community, January was a great month for PlayStation Mobile. We not only had a decent showing at CES, but we also launched some really cool games over the last few weeks. On January 22nd, we kicked off a promotion with Sony Mobile to celebrate the launch of the Xperia Z1S smartphone and finished up our Festive Giveaway promotion. Going forward, we will be changing our weekly posts to a monthly format in order to highlight the best content, features and promotions for your consumption. Enjoy!

Featured Games for January

Check out some of our featured games for the month of January:


Gunhouse by Necrosoft Games ($3.29)

Gunhouse is a game about making tiny blocks become bigger blocks so that you can make those bigger blocks become guns and special attacks, so you can attack horrible enemy bad dudes that want to steal your dang orphans. It has things like: turn based combat, kinda! A bunch of guns to upgrade! Old-timey weirdo writing! Three different kinds of skeleton!

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Tiki Rush: Escape from Lava Island by Mercury Active (Full game $2.79, DLC $2.29-99.99)

Tiki Rush: Escape From Lava Island is a side-scrolling, endless runner game where you must
run, jump, slide and glide to escape from the boiling, red-hot lava thatʼs hot on your trail.
You will be challenged to use your jungle skills to avoid obstacles such as fallen branches,
rocks, spikes, and fire pits all while collecting jewels and unlocking achievements along the
way. This game also features an in-game store allowing you to trade in your jewels for an
array of awesome power-ups and funky outfits so that even while you’re running for your
life, you can at least do it in style!

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Battle of Puppets by Tama Games ($2.79)

Don’t let the charming puppets fool you; these characters are in for a ruthless battle across America! Battle of Puppets is where artistically brilliant, unique and insanely addictive meet together to perform… an opera?!

Follow Tama Games on their website.


Crystal Ice by The Liverpool Office ($4.99)

Crystal Ice is an addicting action puzzle game with a chilly fresh new take on the familiar matching game formula. In Marathon mode, Crystal Ice Players must clear as many Crystal Clusters as they can before the game grid fills up with the fast dropping Ice Blocks. Additional game modes include Challenge and Puzzle levels where Players can prove their Crystal clearing skills.

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xperia image z1s promo

We have another great promotion for our PlayStation Mobile community going on right now. From now through March 31st, 2014, when you purchase the Xperia Z1S smartphone and open the Xperia Lounge app, preloaded on your device, you’ll receive the following:

  • 10 free PlayStation Mobile games
    • Chromatic Aberration by Hiive LLC (Rated E)
    • Crystal Ice by The Liverpool Office (Rated E)
    • Gunhouse by Necrosoft (Rated E 10+ for Fantasy Violence and Crude Humor)
    • Hills of Glory: WW2 by AMA Ltd (Rated E 10+ for Violence)
    • Rymdkapsel by Martin Jonasson (Rated E)
    • Ten by Eight by Action Button Entertainment LLC (Rated E)
    • Tokyo Jungle by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (Rated T for Violence, Blood and Sexual Reference)
    • Trucks and Skulls by Appy Entertainment (Rated E)
    • UFO Dad by Edit Mode (Rated E)
    • Zen Accumulator by Hiive LLC (Rated E)
  • 6 free movies, including Captain Phillips
  • 60 day Music Unlimited trial

For more details, click here.

PS Vita owners can download these games from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store; Owners of PlayStation certified devices such as the Sony Xperia Z1S smartphone, HTC One or Sony Xperia Tablet Z, can obtain them through the PlayStation Mobile Store. Click here for a full list of the certified devices or here for installation instructions.

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4 Author Replies

  • This is sweet!

    Sorry for changing the subject but how do u get into the PlayStation now beta?

  • I have three questions
    1. Can i get sony rewards points if i upgrade my tmobile phone to the Xperia Z1s?
    2. When are we getting the long time promised trophies for psmobile games or this is gonna be like pshome trophy room, The Last Guardian kinda promise?
    3. How can i link up knack mobile app with the ps4 game?

  • I will happily buy an Xperia phone. As soon as you make a new one with a slide-out Playstation controller. :D

  • Awesome deals. Out of curiosity why do I only see the free movies/games for the mobile platform via PS blog? Why isn’t this advertised to the general public, you would think that this would be the target audience vs gamers who probably already have the phone.

    • The promotion is being run by Sony Mobile. We just wanted to amplify this to make sure that our gamers know about it as well :-)

  • I have three questions, too!

    First: Is there any plan to add DualShock compatibility to the Playstation Certification for all certified devices?

    Second: Will the Xperia Z1s be coming to any other carriers like AT&T?

    Last: Are there any plans to combine PS Mobile and the Official Playstation app?

  • Tiki Rush looks good…I might buy it on Vita.

  • I’d love to have an Xperia Z but sadly my smelly carrier refuses to offer Sony products. Verizon why do you do this to me!?! :P

  • Any idea if and when the well be a section with the mobile games we already bought?

    Already got My z1s and loving it so far.

  • Hmm had no idea that the HTC One support PS Mobile..

  • Gunhouse sounds similar to Slam Bolt Scrappers, which was a *really* fun game on PS3. I’ll have to check it out!

    Hopefully firehose brings Slam Bolt Scrappers to Vita with online multiplayer — that would be awesome.

    Battle of the Puppets also sounds cool.

    I’m done with match-3 and endless runners at this point, unless they are visually stunning in some way. I just prefer games that have a definite “end” to them, even if it’s not story-oriented. Hopefully more story-oriented adventure-ish games like Quiet, Please! are coming :)


    You guys have to be high for not having trophies on PS Mobile games. You know it will sell more games. MS has Achievements on their mobile games. Come on, make it happen already.

  • Sony needs to bring those Final Fantasy on smartphones to the Vita, pay Square Enix if you need to.

  • You guys are missing out on a lot of money only making certain phones “PlayStation Certified.” I have a Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, which I made both PlayStation Certified thanks to the fine folks over at XDA, and can play every game I bought from the PS Mobile Store absolutely perfectly on them.

    Since PlayStation Mobile is on non-Sony branded devices such as HTC and Sharp, I don’t see why you guys won’t open availability to almost all phones and such.

    Also, it would be nice to have PSM on Google Play, that way when there’s an update available, that person will know instead of having to go to the site to download and install, on top of ON TOP OF having to bring down their security by enabling “Install from unknown sources.”

  • ^ because Apple and Android have their own store…

  • I wonder are these still free now? because if so i have to get these.

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