Gran Turismo 6: Birthday Bonus, Red Bull X Challenge, New Concept Cars, More

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Gran Turismo 6: Birthday Bonus, Red Bull X Challenge, New Concept Cars, More

GT fans! For those of you recovering from the release of Toyota FT-1 Concept and most recently the GT documentary, KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide, today’s 1.04 Update will surely keep you busy for the rest of the week.

Red Bull X Challenge

The 2nd half of the “Red Bull X Challenge” has been added to the Career Mode. In these new challenges, learn how to drive an authentic Formula car directly from the world champion, Sebastian Vettel. Check out the trailer below.


Mercedes-Benz AMG VGT Racing Series
Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series
An alternative version of the “Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo”, released on December 2013 as the first Vision Gran Turismo car, is now available. It is possible to obtain the car by participating in the new Seasonal Event, available for a limited time.
Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept
Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept
The “Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept”, a car displayed at the 2013 SEMA show as a part of the collaboration between the Corvette development team and Gran Turismo, is now available in the Dealership in-game. It is also possible to obtain the car by participating in the new Seasonal Event, available for a limited time.

Birthday Login Bonus

An in-game car from a year near your year of birth will be sent as a gift when you log in to PSN. The gift car will be distributed within one week from your birthday (as listed in your Sony Entertainment Network account settings).

Remove Ghost Replay feature added

A Remove Ghost Replay button has been added to the Arcade Mode Time Trial and Free Run Quick Menu. You can display this feature by scrolling the right of the menu. This will allow you to remove ghost data that includes unintentional shortcuts.

Prize Information added to Seasonal Events

It is now possible to see what prizes are awarded in the Seasonal Events. This information is displayed on the right side of the Seasonal Events entry screen.

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2 Author Replies

  • I want Gran Turismo 6 on PS4 ):

  • Please bring Gran Turismo 6 on PS4 ):

  • Any plans to have the documentary on PSN? No Hulu for Canada :\

  • All those years for GTA6 to be on PS3 makes no sense, this game needs to be on PS4.

  • Man, this is the game that just keeps on giving, I don’t regret my Anniversary Edition purchase at all!

  • Lol only bummer is my birthday is 10 months away :)

  • really sucks for me my birthday was on the 19th

  • So I have to wait 354 days to get a birthday car?

  • @ snarls200,

    Mine too :)

  • I had my fill of GT on PS3. But hey, maybe if somehow we had GT on PS4 *wink wink*.

  • ive preordered second son speal edtion and next thurs im preordering final fantsy

  • Other than driving 7900 miles, I only have one other trophy to get … all gold in S license. And it’s annoying me.

  • Man this game is continuously giving and giving and giving. Unlike that other racing game on the competition that sells you so extra cars that cost you upwards of 60 bucks and selling you perks to level up faster. Shameful right there. I hope Polyphony continues this generous approach for Gran Turismo 7 on the PS4. And by that time the driving force pro and other steering wheels will be compatible with the PS4.

  • We need more events. Like A LOT more. This game is a very large downgrade from GT5 (in everything except visuals and overall gameplay performance, of course), where are all the community features GT5 had? where the heck are the Formula Ferraris? Where’s the Ayrton Senna event (and 80’s Honda Formula car while you’re at that??)

  • Even though I liked driving the F1 Ferraris in GT5 it really makes no sense for PD to renew the license for GT6 when they’re not even allowed to race with anything else on track. I can’t even imagine how much money that must cost. A better question would be: where the heck is the Ginetta G4? :(

    I’m very happy to see these updates coming up, but what I would really love is some info from PD on more technical fixes. Like with the murderous pyschopath AI that always does its very best to ram me off the track whenever I make a mistake. This is making the S-5 mission race complete hell for me.

    And props to PD for the sound in all the X cars. These things are vicious.

  • Keep it up, loving the continued seasonal events, new cars etc…

  • GT6 seriously needs more racing events, especially when it comes to rally. 3 dirt races isn’t gonna cut it. Game is way to short. The improved lighting, physics, UI and overall look of the game is great, but what happened to eveything else?

    I’m a sucker for this franchise, but with racing sims like Project Cars on the horizen, PD better step up their game with GT7.

  • This is great to see the continuing support from the developers. So much to play time is a factor for me know with school & work. That’s why for the next GT game it needs to be on PS Vita this way I can game on the go.

  • I would like them to tone the AI on the kart races a bit lol! I suck at those events big time.

    To those concerned about the lack of events and features and races. This game was developed much faster than 5 and they left out some things to make it that. This game is still in development as features like the 3D, endurance races, community, B spec, course designer, etc will be implemented in the future.

  • Ken, thanks for the update. Will my Logitech g27 be compatible with ps4? Please support the wheel with GT7 and Driveclub and I’ll buy a ps4.

  • yes!!!!!! time to race

  • that is awesome!! It’s always nice receiving the Happy Birthday Emails but to be a given an in game item on your birthday. Very nice! Hopefully other games where this could apply follow suite.

  • OMG so many whiners asking for a PS4 version…this game was meant to be played on PS3 so…

  • RE: Birthday car…
    Ok, I appreciate the birthday present when I logged in this morning…
    The crappy thing is I was born in 1983. Therefore, GT6 thought it prudent to give me a 1983 Honda Civic 25i… AND I CAN’T SELL IT! Ugh.

  • I acquired the Corvette StingRay Concept. That car is gorgeous, I wish it was a production model & I wish I had the cash to buy one.

  • I also must add that they added an “Interior ” field setting when buying a car so you can distinguish if it’s a “premium” or “simple” car interior. This is helpful since you couldn’t tell before unless the gallery setting was greyed out.
    I also must say I absolutely hate the go kart challenges and find the ai on them very aggressive and disrespectful. I get very frustrated on those challenges and have had no problem placing first in every other challenge. Very frustrating.

  • The Red Bull X challenge was so much fun! The fan car is insanely fast and ridiculously fun to drive. The different variants of the X2014 are also really cool.

    I really like the addition of new free cars. I’d really like to see more of the new 2014/15 editions of some recently unveiled cars like the new 2015 mustang, the new z06 corvette, and the new impreza just to name a few.

    Also, thanks for bringing back the birthday gift car. I thought it was strange that it wasn’t included at launch.

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