DC Universe Online: New Characters, Operations and More

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DC Universe Online: New Characters, Operations and More

The War of the Light has begun! The first of a three-part series of DLC Packs, War of the Light Part I will incorporate several of the fantastic additions to the Green Lantern canon of the past few years. We’ll be adding even more Green Lantern depth to DC Universe Online over the course of the trilogy. Part I will feature new four-player and eight-player Operations, new Legends characters, and a new Red Lantern-inspired power – Rage.

DC Universe Online: War of the Light Part I

New Operations

Launching with War of the Light Part I is a new version of Metropolis, separate from the version in the core game. Set just after the events of Braniac’s Battle for Earth, it will be the canvas on which the entire War of the Light Trilogy of DLCs will be drawn. In part one, mysterious colored mists have appeared in the city. The mists are beginning to alter the behavior of the citizens of Metropolis, causing them to exhibit emotions linked to those colors: topaz elicits fear, crimson mist – rage, azure – hope, emerald – determination, and purple – love. The various Lantern Corps have come to Earth to determine what connection these mists have with the Emotional Spectrum, and in the process they’ve begun the War of the Light. In low Earth orbit, Mogo and Ranx, moon-sized members of the Green and Yellow Lanterns respectively, have arrived. You can see a battle between these Titans from the streets of Metropolis.

Players will answer the call to arms by undertaking any of three new Operations per faction: two four-player Operations and one eight-player Operation per side. These operations take players into all new environments, to Mogo and Ranx, in addition to the streets of Metropolis. Players will interact with both new and old iconic characters from DCUO. One of the more exciting aspects is the way the mist can sometimes take control of an iconic character, infusing them with raw emotional might and turning them into a powerful avatar of Will, Fear, Rage or Hope. Two of my favorites are Yellow Lantern Black Adam and Blue Lantern Flash. In addition to the mist-infused iconics, we’re also introducing many new characters: Red Lantern Guy Gardner, Blue Lantern Kyle Rayner, Brother Warth, Bleeze, and Arisia, among others. There will be a lot to enjoy for our comic book fans. Best of all, this is only the beginning!

DC Universe Online: War of the Light Part IDC Universe Online: War of the Light Part I

Rage Powers

Rage is inspired by the Red Lantern Corps, and is a Tank/Damage power that incorporates a brand new tanking mechanic – Rage Crash. It’s a unique power that can be used by both Heroes and Villains.

Inspired by the Red Lanterns, who derive their power from the Red Light of the Emotional Spectrum, Rage powers will channel this light to great effect. Heroes and Villains will be able to channel this light using a new power ring unique to DC Universe Online, similar to the green and yellow power rings already in the game. This red power ring will tap into the Rage of the emotional spectrum to create plasma attacks, hard light constructs, and energy blasts. The ring will also keep Rage in check, so players can take control of their destiny.

Unique to the power is the Rage Crash mechanic. When players activate certain abilities, it will send them into an enraged state. While enraged, damage is instantly healed – for a time. As soon as the rage subsides, all damage taken during that time is instantly reapplied, in a “Rage Crash.” There are ways to mitigate and even avoid the crash, but it will take practice and skill. In the right hands, it can be devastating, and really fits the emotion from which it is named.

New Legends Characters

War of the Light Part I also brings two new Legends characters to the game, Saint Walker and Atrocitus. Saint Walker, as a member of the Blue Lantern Corps, wields the blue light of Hope. His fighting style is martial arts, fitting for a warrior monk. He has some great combos, very effective protective abilities, and a powerful finisher with a great new animation.

Atrocitus is a beast. He is an offensive powerhouse, but requires Rage-like mastery to stay alive and fighting. He can go into a Rage that instantly heals incoming damage, and does not have to worry about a Rage Crash.

New Gear and Styles

There are three new Lantern-inspired styles to collect in War of the Light Part I. Inspired by the Green, Yellow, and Red Lantern Corps, the designs are detailed yet sleek. They are also designed to mix-and-match to allow players to create unique and varied combinations, while still looking like they belong in the ranks of each Corps. For the first time in DC Universe Online, you will be able to collect style gear with the Corps logos attached. Heroes will be able to earn the Green Lantern inspired gear, while villains can earn the Sinestro Corps inspired gear. Both factions will be able to obtain the Red Lantern inspired gear, to go along with the new Rage powers.

Log in today to master Rage, compete in Legends, and pick a side in the War of the Light!

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