Curve Studios Mega Bundle Out Now

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Curve Studios Mega Bundle Out Now

Curve Studios Mega Bundle

Hey everyone! Rob here from Curve Studios. We’re probably one of the most active indie studios on PlayStation right now — we released five indie titles for PS3 and four titles for Vita in 2013, and we’ve got at least four more coming this year that we’ll be announcing very soon.

We’ve been thinking about making a bundle of our games for a while, and we’re happy to announce that you’ll be able to pick up four of our best titles from 2013 in a single, happy package right now.

These games would cost over $45 if you purchased them individually, but we’re launching the bundle for the first two weeks at only $14.99, with a further discount for PlayStation Plus members, which means Plus subscribers only pay $13.49 for the following games:

  • Lone Survivor (Survival Horror)
  • Thomas Was Alone (Puzzle Platformer)
  • Proteus (Exploration)
  • Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark (Action Platformer)

Curve Studios Mega BundleCurve Studios Mega Bundle

That’s four titles for the regular price of one — way better than buy one, get one free — and did we mention all of these games are cross buy enabled? No, we did not! But they are, so you can swap between the PS3 and PS Vita versions to your heart’s content.

We’ve worked on some very unique games in 2013, from Mike Bithell’s BAFTA award-winning puzzle game, Thomas Was Alone, to our very own fast-paced stealth platformer, Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark. We haven’t stuck to a single genre or style, and that’s helped make this bundle become a really interesting mix of different games and a great example of what indie gaming can bring to platforms like Vita.

Thomas Was Alone for PS3 and PS VitaLone Survivor: The Director's Cut on PS3 and PS Vita

Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark on PS3 and PS Vita

You could think of it as an indie selection pack, or perhaps like a selection of starters at a restaurant. Or a cheeseboard. We don’t mind.

We humbly (Ahem!) believe we’ve brought some of the best indie gaming talent to Vita and PS3, working with great developers like Ed Key and Jasper Byrne. We always try to add something new to every release to make sure our PlayStation versions are the absolute best way to play these games.

We’ve been very happy with the outcome, too — both by the glowing reviews of our games in the press and the excellent feedback we’ve had from the PlayStation community in the last year. If you missed these titles the first time around, or want to check out a wide range of different indie titles without risking your bank balance, this is the bundle for you.

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7 Author Replies

  • This bundle really is a great deal. If I didn’t already own two of the games in it, I’d have jumped all over it.

    Hope it sells well for you guys.

    (By the way, Velocity Ultra on the PS3 is awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed it!)

  • i already own all games but it is ah great deal for those that already dont.

  • I already own all these games but I recommend this bundle to anyone interested. Great deal.

  • You guys over there or doing an great job finding incredible talent. keep up the good work

  • Own all these myself but this bundle is a steal. All of these games are amazing. Can’t wait to go back and play Lone Survivor again.

  • You guys over there r doing an great job finding incredible talent. keep up the good work

  • I had to do a double take when I saw this bundle and the price. This is an amazing deal, too bad I already own all four. :) Hey, Rob, is there any chance we’ll see a bundle for the Stealth Inc DLC?

    • All 4, nice one! We’ll be discounting all our DLC soon – but we don’t quite have enough to be able to justify setting up a separate bundle for them!

  • I own 3/4 of these already, but this is a great deal for someone out there who doesn’t have any of them.
    Proteus.. man, I just love that game.

  • I would so buy this! If I didn’t already own all 4 of these games.(: I’ve yet to play Stealth Inc. & Lone Survivor but they’re both on my Vita as I type. Backlog is huge at the moment so I’m waiting to play them. But I can’t wait to get to them.

    If you guys were to bring Mark of the Ninja (If that’s possible?), To The Moon and/or FTL: Faster Than Light to Vita, I’d literally explode.

    You’re probably my favorite indie studio Curve because you keep busy. I’m excited to see what 4 games you announce in February. Keep up with the great work Curve!

    • Thanks! We haven’t ever spoken to any of the guys you mention but they are two of my all time favourite indie games so it would be awesome – Mark of the Ninja was made by the same guys who did Don’t Starve and as that’s on the PS4 it might be worth asking them if they have any plans!

  • This is a spectacular deal for games & you can play them on your PS Vita. I hope to see more games for the platformer & more support from the gaming community as well. Proteus is the only game I haven’t bought yet. Long live PS Vita!!!!!!!!


  • Nice i have wanted to try out lone survivor and now i can with 3 extra games attached to it hell yea!! good thing i waited.

  • Wow, sadly I don’t own any of these titles. However, I will gladly jump on this deal! Thanks Curve Studios!

  • Yep… Definitely can’t pass this up! Gonna go get it right now! Thank you for the deal!

  • I wish you guys could have kept the original name for Stealth Inc, I thought it was better than “Inc”. Oh well, the price you pay…

  • I own stealth and Thomas was alone on the vita. I could not put them down, they were awesome. Lone survivor will be my next purchase. I hope those announcements will be on the Vita as well.

  • im having trobles buying movies and tv shows on my ps4 is anyone else having that problem

  • I may be nitpicking but on the Europe blog you said “We’re probably one of the most PROLIFIC indie studios on PlayStation right now” and here you said “We’re probably one of the most ACTIVE indie studios on PlayStation right now”. Obviously there’s a subtle difference between the two. Why the specific choice of word for the specific regions?

  • This sounds like such a great deal. I still wish you guys would of at least provided us with some demos though. I don’t buy games unless I get to try it out first. Demos really do make a difference.

    • Lone Survivor has a web demo you can Google and if you’ve got a PC you can play the Stealth Inc PC demo too. Obviously not the same as the PlayStation versions which have had a lot more work put into them, but it could give you an idea.

  • This bundle is fantastic value. I bought every game separately and the two I’ve played (Proteus and Thomas was alone) were completely worth the price. I still have the other two waiting on my backlog.

  • I just started downloading this. Honestly, I’ve been tempted to buy every one of these games in the past, and now there is no excuse at all not to. I am very excited to finally take a crack at Thomas Was Alone and Proteus this weekend!

  • agreed. If you haven’t bought one or more of the games already why do you even own a Vita?
    Too bad they don’t have some sort of buy 2 save X, buy 3 save, etc.

  • Nice value for 4 great titles, that are cross-buy in a package of 14.99$ ! This I call a deal .

  • This is an amazing deal. But lucky for me, I can’t take advantage of it as I already own all four titles. Lone Survivor was my most recent purchase from this bundle and I haven’t had a chance to get around to it yet, but I’ve played the other three and they are all great games. For $14.99/$13.49, everyone should pick this up. You will not find a better value.
    Really looking forward to whatever you’re planning to bring us this year.

  • So glad I didn’t jump on last week’s deals on some of these titles (mainly because I already own them on Steam)! Totally getting this bundle now. And I’m looking forward to the annoucements of the new titles! Keep ’em coming! \o/

  • already bought all 4 :/ roughly around the time they all came out. oh well amazing bundle/deal. really hope a lot of people buy this. some truly great games, can’t wait to see what is in store for the future!

  • Already bought all 4, but this bundle is amazing. Curve, please keep making wonderful titles for the PS Vita. You guys, in my opinion, are keeping the Vita afloat with great titles and the cross-buy option!

  • Bought all but Lone Survivor when they came out. Didn’t get Lone Survival because I’m afraid it’ll be too scary for me. D:

    Great to have bundles like this though and I hope it brings these games to more gamers.

  • Had no idea these were all the same studio. Gonna use my PS4 $10 code on this for sure. Thanks team.

  • @DonaldDarko I know! I would never have guessed these games all came from one studio. And yes, I’ve bought them all already, otherwise I’d pounce on this in a heartbeat.

    Can’t wait to see what you guys do next.

  • i spent 12 on 3 of these just a week or so ago… but it’s ok. moving on. not upset in the slightest

  • Oh damn this is too good….sadly I bought Thomas was Alone a few weeks ago when it was discounted….if it wasn’t for that…I would get this bundle for sure.4 titles for the price of one…damn.

  • HAve already bought all of them, and dig them all. It would have been cool for Proteus to have 3D support on PS3, maybe that’ll be in a future patch?

    Please keep the bar for audio quality high on Vita. Some other indie game sound like 128kbps MP3 or something, but the ones that use 320kbps AAC/Ogg are really noticeably better. There’s been a few demos I tried that I didn’t purchase because of audio quality.

    Here’s another vote for To The Moon, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, FTL: Faster Than Light, Banner Saga…

    I keep hoping Double Fine will bring their games to Vita, since most of them are now on iOS. Great opportunities for battles in Costume Quest to use all the Vita’s capabilities!

  • I already have Lone Survivor (I love horror, bring us some more Horror!) but I had to jump on this. I’d been eyeing Proteus for a while but was waiting for a good sale, and with Stealth Inc and Thomas was Alone as bonuses I couldnt resist!

    Awesome bundle, can’t wait to see what else you grace the Vita with!

  • So is this the best deal possible, Taking in consideration the previous sale that the games were part of? I was really thinking of picking up Stealth Inc.

  • Because of the Playstation Vita having so many awesome sales I have been eating nothing but Vienna Sausages and Ramen Noodles for the past year because I spend so much money on the games. But the thing is, these sales are so awesome and cheap with ps+ most of the time that Vienna Sausages and Ramen noodles have become the staple of my diet and I don’t mind it anymore.

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