Warframe Update: New Warframe, Trophies, Custom Controls

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Warframe Update: New Warframe, Trophies, Custom Controls

Warframe Update 11.5: The Cicero Crisis

Warframe fans! Update 11.5 is here and we have a ton of goodies in store. Many of our players have been vocal on our forums about features they’d like to see in Warframe and the Lotus continues to listen. On top of our 10 new weapons, weapon skins, and level expansion sets in Update 11.5, we’ve included a brand new Warframe, fully customizable controls, and last but not least, Trophy support!

Oberon – the Paladin Warframe

Players using the new Paladin Warframe, Oberon, will make an immediate impact within their squad, assisting in all team efforts across the board. Whether you’re looking to assist your co-op bros with Oberon’s Renewal power or simply inflict effortless pain amongst your enemies with Smite, Oberon is the perfect balance for players looking to aid in both healing and dishing out the pain. But don’t take my word for it, check this out…

Warframe Update: New Warframe, Trophies, Custom Controls

Customizable Controls

In Warframe there is a huge emphasis on customization as we want you, the player, to make the Solar System your personal playground. You can customize the appearance of your Warframe and Sentinel, add a touch of class to your Clan Dojo, and create thousands of badass weapon combinations with the Mod Card system (just as a few examples) but you can’t customize your controls…”WHY CAN’T I CUSTOMIZE MY CONTROLS, YOU MONSTERS!?” Easy big fella – we hear you!

Players can now map the DualShock 4 controller to their liking, creating hundreds of layout possibilities. Find what works best for you or simply revert your changes back to the default layout with the simple press of a button.

Warframe Wanted

Trophy Support

In the eyes of the fans, Trophy Support is likely our biggest feature addition in Update 11.5 and it couldn’t come soon enough. Trophies will have to be earned as they are not retroactive. A total of 20 Trophies are available, encouraging players to rank up their equipment, build items in the Foundry with collected resources, and participate in co-operative play; a key feature we like to emphasize in the Warframe universe. Co-op is king!

With Trophies now supported, I’m hoping I can take down the Wanted posters around the studio clamoring for my head. Now my question is, can I collect my own bounty? I could really use that crusty old danish. Mmmmm…crusty old danish.

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7 Author Replies

  • yeas trophies!!!!!!!!!

  • I haven’t played this yet, but nice to know it’ll have trophy support.

  • Cool, I’ll think i’ll give this game another go, was fun when i last played, and were u referencing The Simpsons with that Danish line?

  • Awesome, when I get my Ps4 I will have an automatic Platinum because this game is addicting. Been playing on PC for 200+ hours.

  • Perhaps trophy support will get me playing this again. I feel this game has too much grinding though. Not enough payouts for platinum. They need more special events for weekend and such. My brother loves this game though. Custom controls are a plus too.

  • Umm.. can you guys fix the trophies, I have done most of those trophies multiple times and they won’t unlock. I have lvl 30 for most things I got in it. I build everything in the game that I have. But non of these things unlocked smh

    • Hi Teflon02,

      Please note that PlayStation Trophies are not retroactive so you’ll have to complete each Trophy task with this latest update. Happy hunting!

  • I tried the game out on launch day to see if I would like it and I did very much. I haven’t played since because I was waiting for trophy support so this is huge imo. Will definitely be playing this after work tonight.

  • Are the devs answering questions?

    Curious to know how successful Warframe has been on Ps4 in comparison to PC

    • Hi GotDanny1989,

      To answer your question we’re having a lot of success on both the PC and the PS4. The PS4 sign-ups continue to grow daily and I think 2014 is going to be a big year for free-to-play titles on the PlayStation 4. Thanks for playing Warframe, we hope you enjoy this latest update!

  • Too bad there is no platinum trophy for this game. I guess it’s better than not having trophies at all. Hope to see you add more trophies for each patch you release,

  • @ #6-From the post:

    “Trophies will have to be earned as they are not retroactive. ” So if you want the trophies, you have to do everything all over again.

  • Does this patch allow us to modify the controls for Remote Play and the Vita as well? Thanks for the trophy support!

    • Hi CrusadeForever,

      The controller customization options in this update are for the DualShock4 controller and not the Vita. Remote Play seems to be a hot topic so I expect the development team over here at Digital Extremes will look into this further.

      You’re welcome for the Trophies, thanks for playing Warframe :)

  • Guys this is crazy good uve been hearing the fans! I have not been on the forums but if theres something i think u guys can fix its the melee system. how about a lock on button for the melee? like if u lock an enemy u cant use guns only the melee weapons so u cant cheat obviously. :) hope u guys read this.

  • +DarkOne_PR
    Just turn the melee assist on. I turn it off cause once you get use to melee it’s easiest to do more the current way.

    I know what it says and what it means. Doesn’t change the fact that they screwed over players who put hours in the game, I wouldn’t mind no retroactive if it gives you for what’s currently in front of you. Example, I have level 30 Kunai, MAG, Mk Braxton (what ever the special version is called), the starting pistol, and dual fang. These are requirements and technically not retroactive seeing it’s also current.

  • Thank God I can shoot with R1 just like all the Playstation controllers in the past! R2 to shoot sucks. Of course Warframe doesn’t have really any recoil or shooting mechanics that require much dexterity like BF4, for example.

  • Such a beast of a game.

  • Finally, a reason to invest time in this game now that it has trophy support.

  • Excellent news! CTC clan, ASSEMBLLLLLE!

  • yes trophies!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Teflon02: Considering that they have been saying the trophies WOULD NOT be retroactive, I played the game a bit and when I decided I liked it, I moved on to games I’d actually purchased while waiting for them to patch in trophies. Most of the trophies say “Reach level 30 with X”. If you’re already level 30, you can’t “reach” it to unlock the trophy. That’s what not being retroactive means, you don’t get them for things you’ve already done.
    So your line ” I wouldn’t mind no retroactive if it gives you for what’s currently in front of you.” is basically saying “I wouldn’t mind no retroactive if it gave you retroactive.”

    Yes it sucks, but if you had been paying attention, you would have known this was the situation. Too late to complain about it now. There’s nothing to fix.

    @ DE: Thanks for the Cicero Crisis update which should finally allow cross-play again, and for trophies.

  • Trophies makes me buy games that didn’t support it. Definitely will be playing this soon.

  • Wish they would fix the framerate. It seems to get to chppy sometimes. That and the stuttering/juddering

  • Can we customize the remote play controls? I hate using the claw method for aiming.

    If you won’t let us customize it (or can’t), please move aim to the L button. I find aiming easily is rather important in a third person shooter. Who knew? I mean, it wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t need to be able to move and aim at the same time… but, standing still isn’t really smart.

    Glad there’s some trophies now.

  • This is spectacular to hear ,i have to revisit this game for sure now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • earned my first trophy today via remote play……………..

    i am happy.

  • in regards to CrusaderForever comments about remote play, the only issue i found playing it was using the Katana, it feels a tad off trying to hold the d pad down and still moving with the analog to land a melee kill. id also like to use the left shoulder button to zoom in my weapon, makes it easier to move, aim and shoot all at once.

    beyond that, no complaints from me playing it remotely, im just glad i can play it on the go.

    thing works like a charm when im at work playing it (60 miles away from my console)

  • now that trophies have been added, i might actually get back to playing it again.

  • Havent played it think i will now for the trophys and see what the game is like!

    It’s amazing what adding trophy’s to a game, have it as an easy platinum and people will play your game!

  • AWESOME!!! Thank’s for getting trophy support out to us. The game is one of the best F2P games ever. My friends are always playing… I waited for trophy support to clock in some hours… so away I go.

  • I am SO happy to finally see a Warframe blog post! As of this moment, my friend and I have been playing Warframe nonstop today for 10-11 hours straight. The new update is killing us and we love it!
    I go to the WF website all the time for news, but I hope to see regular posts like this in the PS Blog. This game needs to be talked about and given this sort of recognition!

    Now if only we could stop hearing about new LBP costumes Every. Single. Week. That only 12 people are still interested in.

  • OMFG I been slipping on my Warframe gameplay but Im about to be playing this nonstop again…YES!

  • Trophies in general are not retroactive. BUT no one can justify lvl 30 specifics requirement being met as just being retroactive. If the games done correctly, you’d automatically unlock any trophies that currently meet the requirement. No one can tell me otherwise. It does so in plenty of games, When I restarted my Vita and put back my saves, you know that Ragnarok gave me back EVERY TROPHY INCLUDING Platinum all at the title screen because it knew what I earned from my save file alone lol. I’m sorry but you can try use any logic you want, fact is like LBP, if you’re going to have a game based so much on online interactions, your code should accommodate for retroctive play. End of story, I’m satisfied with the reply to my first comment. I know now they just didn’t code the game in a way that would do so. Trophies are earned depending on the games coding, blaming Sony’s trophies is not right or truthful. Either way, I don’t intend to give the game much more game time. Put quite a bit of time in already

  • I do not play this game ,but as a disabled gamer its pretty classy of you guys to add custom control configs thru an update. I have always been told that such a thing was not possible thru an update from some pretty large studios hmmmm EA . I’m sure for a lot of you players will like this enjoy.

    • Hi CarlsbadCARTEL,

      Thank you for your kind comments. The decision to allow customizable controls was an easy one to make because of the variety of options to offer the players. We actually received a private email a few weeks back from a disabled player who was having troubles with some of the required button actions on the DualShock 4 Controller. Our Creative Director Steve Sinclair saw this email and immediately forwarded it to me to ensure this was addressed ASAP by allowing all controls to be customizable. The rest is history!

      Thanks for playing Warframe – enjoy the update!

  • I just have to say me and my wife been playin this day one since ps4 launch and damn this game is addictive! Nice call on the trophy support…didn’t matter to us but i’m sure others are happy. Keep those updates and events coming and we’ll keep coming back for more.

  • @ Teflon02: Ragnarok on your Vita didn’t “give you back” trophies. Once you earn a trophy, it is synced on Sony’s servers. You didn’t re-unlock those with your save file, haha.
    However, you’re mostly right, trophies in general are not retroactive, because very few games get them patched in after release these days. The only one I can think of is the first Uncharted, because it looked at your “medals” to see which trophies you had already done. A few cross-save titles have “retroactive” trophy unlocks, like Motorstorm RC and Sound Shapes, where the game reads your cloud save and unlocks trophies associated with your save.
    I was simply stating that ED had said that Warframe’s trophies would not be retroactive, meaning they wouldn’t read your save file. I don’t know why they chose to do this, as they could have easily coded it to read your save and unlock the level 30 trophies for you. I’m in agreement with you that they SHOULD have done that. But they said early on that they weren’t, so I waited because I didn’t want to get screwed like you did. Good luck in the future, though.

  • Would love to support you guys, but in reality i’m not a big fan of Free to play models.

    Now, would gladly pay top dollars IF… You Bring Warframe to retail with added LAN / system link and split screen support. That way, when the inevitable server shutdown happens, people who really want to play warframe could do so.

    Please consider bringing Warframe to retail with those features. Until then, Not a dime from me towards any free to play model.

    My .02

  • This games free to play model is pretty darn good in comparison to most. You can earn everything available in the shop for platinum (and more) without paying a dime except for colors. Colors are the only item that require platinum to obtain. Very good stuff!

  • Yes, thanks … to make it all complete is the migration. Then you will see me on it all the time… I was on it strong on PC. I love how it looks and the controls on PS4 …even becca voice coming from the controller.

  • Why only 20 Trophies?

    The PC version of Warframe has 132 Steam Achievements (the equivalent of Trophies) & I’ve already unlocked 89 of them. I used to be excited about the idea of migrating my PC account over to PS4 – but this TREMENDOUS DIFFERENCE between both versions of Warframe is quite upsetting to me.

    1) Will the PS4 version ever get all 132 Trophies?

    2) If yes, then when?

    • Hi JKar275,

      Sounds like you’re a dedicated Warframe player and we thank you for that!

      We’re working hard to ensure the builds are similar across both skus but it will take some time and we ask everyone for their patience. Free-to-play is a fairly new concept on consoles and we’re working with Sony on a daily basis to ensure that we both reach our goals on the PS4.

      “Why only 20 Trophies?”
      Freemium games such as Warframe can only allocate so many points for Trophies, but we feel 20 Trophies off the hop is quite rewarding for the player and we thank Sony for that. Just having any Trophy support is a huge bonus for the players and we hope everyone has fun trying to unlock them all.

      “Will the PS4 version ever get all 132 Trophies?”
      New Trophies will be released each patch for Warframe and we try to update the title as frequently as possible. Will we ever reach 132? Time will tell :)

      Thanks for the great questions!

  • Need more friends on my list that are playing WARFRAME , really want to get into this, add me!

  • #38
    I think they’ll add all 132 eventually which each update.
    It’ll just take awhile, which gives us more of a reason to play.
    Dev can you answer this though, would love to know if all trophies coming (if anymore are) will be free?

  • @38: You can’t compare the joke that are Steam achievements with PSN Trophies. Steam achievements have no metascore or level, nothing organized or regulated. A dev could put in 200 trophies if they wanted. I’ve never seen a more poorly implemented system. If you care about it that much and like playing on the PC anyway, you might as well stick to playing there.

  • Got my PS4 this Monday. Be sure I will take Warframe along with Killzone Shadow Fall / AC 4 & Resogun.

  • @34 Yeah that was exactly my point, it was a odd choice, I can see they just had no intention of coding to do so. That’s all I wanted to hear, but I get some “Trophies are not retroactive excuse.” As a developer if you did care about that, you’d code your game to make it retroactive, but if you just don’t have the plans to do so, just say it no excuses.
    Also I know what you’re talking about with Ragnarok Odyssey but no, I actually mean what I said. I’ll give a better explanation (You can try it out if you like honestly). I completely reset my Vita, Copied my save of Ragnarok Odyssey, but then left the house, I was litterally on the bus with my Wi-Fi only PS Vita. I started up Ragnarok Odyssey, and before I could load my file, every single trophy in the game started unlocking instantly. Note: this is before I synced my Vita which is why they unlocked again. After I signed into PSN, it updated my newsfeed saying I just unlocked every trophy within minutes time. It shows retroactively trophy can be unlocked if coded in. Also it was why you’re forced to erase a cartridge for Vita before a next account can use because in some games they code it to do so.

  • to whom it may concern warframe is a grate game. it is suppose to be possible to cross play with pc when the versions are in sync and that is the problem. the time it takes for them to get the updates thy put out for this game leaves the ps4 about a month behind or about 3 updates i got in to this game on ps4 but the friends i got in to by showing it to them on ps4 got have pc because thy cant get i want to play threw the ps4 i like the controls better i use my ps4 controller on the pc to play this the ppl in charge at sony need to see this as a flaw and fined a way to let the games like warframe to get the updates it needs to stay in sync with there pc counter parts

  • Any chance you’ll allow players the option to reset their account? You don’t get a really good chance to try the three Warfames and the one you pick you’re stuck with until you grind your way to another one. This has been a really big factor in the fact that I don’t play it anymore.

  • Add me on psn, i play this game alot and need more active warfrmane friends.

  • well if those + update 1 & update 2 trophies were any indication, i was already under the assumption that it was likely that more trophies were coming.

    if its true we get upwards of 130+ trophies, that would easily be a record for most trophies on any playstation title.


  • I have sunk a crazy amount of time into this game and continue to be addicted – it was my favorite game of 2013 and single-handedly justified my PS4 purchase. I don’t have any issues with the trophies not being retroactive, because honestly they’re all pretty much things I’ll be continuing to do anyway. Leveling up weapons and frames is the name of the game!

    I haven’t put this much time into an online title since Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast, and I wanted to thank you guys for providing an incredible game and then continuing to support it by making it even more awesome. Keep up the good work! :)

  • @ Pat Kurdika

    I wouldn’t take that wanted poster down just yet. For the GARGANTUAN grind required to get rank 30 on all those things in your game, this trophy list is poor and deserved a Platinum.

  • Trophies are the best way to challenge yourself and other players so this is a good thing.

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