PlayStation Blogcast 106: The Dark Souls of Podcasts

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PlayStation Blogcast 106: The Dark Souls of Podcasts

We’re back! While I continue to explore the nerve-jangling depths of Dark Souls, the rest of the Blogcast cast rewinds time to chat about all sorts of old favorites. Plus: A major PS4 release highlights the new PlayStation releases for January 28th, we debut a voicemail you can’t afford to miss, and end with an especially sneaky Mystery Theme. Not too shabby!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • OlliOlli
  • Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition
  • Dark Souls
  • EDF 2025
  • New goodies in The Playroom
  • Our good friend Bill Dafoe
  • A very interesting voicemail

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The Cast

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  • I might rent Tomb Raider Definitive edition off gamefly but theres no way i’m spending another full $60 for the same game.

  • Perfect timing. Thanks for the hard work and entertainment you provide us.

  • Does anybody know if we are going to see another Best of PlayStation Network? I really enjoyed the first one and would of never discovered how amazing Sound Shapes was if it wasn’t for the hard copy.

  • Oh my gosh, every time I turn my PlayStation 3 on, Sid is playing the freaking game!! Haha… in fact *checks PS3* Yup! He’s playing it as I’m typing this! Lmao, he seems to really like the game! =P

    • Hah! Sid actually — get this — keeps his PS3 running all the time. He never turns it off! What a weirdo!

  • Haha, man he is a weirdo! The soothing sound of the disc-drive spinning all night must calm him to sleep at night, lol

  • check it out on my vita while playing far cry: blood dragon ^ ^

  • You responded to me! :D No worries about butchering the name, all my friends do too. I honestly don’t have a way to say it, everyone calls me by other names I play under. I only have the PSN I do because I was made to change it years ago when someone who can’t read properly reported my old name as something it wasn’t.

    I tried not to be spoilery by saying when you get the Lordvessel, but you seem to be ok with looking stuff up about the game (which isn’t bad about Dark Souls really). It’s the item you get when you complete Anor Londo.

    If you’re ever under the impression that Dark Souls is too hard, you’re welcome to take a break and read my old blog for some inspiration, where I wrote about a playthrough using only shields as weapons, complete with 30-60 minute boss fights (some with video, though no sound). ;) I can’t change its reverse order for some reason. :(

    Good luck with Dark Souls! Maybe I’ll run into you in Dark Souls 2, or hop on one of my PvP characters and come terrorize you in the first. ;) Honestly, though, if you need a co-op buddy, feel free to poke me on the PSN. I bodyguarded one of my friends all through getting him his platinum trophy.

  • Ok, so I’m on the PlayStation Blog with my PlayStation 4 trying to listen to the PlayStation Blogcast. Guess what, it doesn’t work… It tells me I need Adobe Flash to play sounds. If I try to download it, it says this data is not supported by the PS4. You guys really thought this through huh?

  • Sure wish I could listen to this on my ps4

    $60 for Tomb Raider even though I have the ps3 digital version is nuts

  • Always makes my day! Thanks for all the hard work guys.

  • Love the movie talk this episode. Some comments:

    Sid, if you don’t like Clue, you might like Murder By Death. It’s similar, but has wittier, more sardonic humour. It’s also got a fantastic cast (including Alec Guinness as a blind butler – he made Star Wars right after this film). It also predates Clue. I think it’s a much funnier movie.

    Only God Forgives was my movie of 2013 (for real). I watched Drive because you guys hyped it up so much, and fell in love with Winding Refn’s films. I really enjoyed OGF, but I can see why it would put some people off.

    I never understood the hate Predator 2 got. Sure, it’s cornball at times, but so was the original. If anything, I feel Predator 2 compliments the original very well, as it does a good job playing up the ‘urban jungle’ theme. I really can’t stand Predators though – what a lame sequel.

  • More movie thoughts:

    Prometheus had so much potential, and I still like it, but I feel like Ridley Scott second guessed himself too much, doing odd things like putting Guy Pearce in awful old man makeup, hiring Damon Lindelof to rewrite the script (which just made it confusing, conflicted and full of plot holes – seriously how does this guy keep getting hired?), and it really was odd how it played up the thought that it was a direct Alien prequel, only to crush (haha) those notions very quickly. Great ideas and a lot of potential, but it’s definitely a flawed film.

    And on a final note, Red Letter Media is indeed great. Their Resident Evil movie marathon is incredible, and the part where they lose it watching the Wesker fight in film 4 or 5 (I forget which) had me in stitches.

  • I have this downIoaded. But I can’t listen to it, I’m playing TLOU MP with the headset.

    BTW for those who haven’t played TLOU, I recommend playing with a headset. Much better experience.

  • As always, enjoyed listening to the blogcasts. You guys are just too damn entertaining to listen to. You guys had several interesting discussions that I felt I had to participate in. But before I do, after you guys played the voicemail, when Justin made the comment “Mr. Macintosh”, was it because of the actual voice from the Apple computer or was it a reference to the kids classic film, Blank Check? If the latter, then AWESOME. :p

    Anyways, there are a few movies and games that I can remember completing and starting it up again immediately after. Actually, for the movie, I’ve only done that once, and that was The Prestige. As soon as I finished watching it, I watched it again the same night. The funniest part is looking at the disc cover and noticing the tagline “You will watch it again the second it’s over.”

  • As for video games, The Last of Us comes to mind. I started up on Survivor immediately after completing it the first time. And Sid, I highly recommend playing the game on Survivor. I wish I knew this when I first got the game but playing on Survivor is THE best way to play the game, in my opinion.

    Uncharted 2 is another game, along with BioShock Infinite, Resistance 2, God of War 3, Silent Hill 2, and of course, Resident Evil 4. Those are the games I remember starting a new game as soon as the credits ended.

    As for the best God of War game, I’m with Sid. God of War 2 is by far my most favorite in the series. I am a huge fan of the series and loved every game, but the second game is so damn good, especially the boss fights.

    Last but not least, thanks for the great blogcast. You guys had a lot of fun with this one. Keep up all the great work you do and wish you all a happy new year!

  • Demons Souls 2 Exclusive for the ps4! MAKE IT HAPPEN SONY!

  • I miss Ryan on podcast BEYOND :(

  • really tomb raider full price for 1080p that is really stupid imo because why not do the upgrade for 10 like other games that would have been the best way to do this.

  • When are you guys going to announce the February Plus games? Europe always gets their announcements almost 2 weeks in advance, why are we waiting so long? Please announce them soon. Thank you.

  • I want to talk about the PS Vita.

    Sony doesn’t seem to know what their market is.
    It tries to become the next Nintendo DS but fails at being a worthy successor to the PSP.

    Nintendo DS, it’s simple. A cost-effective console for parents to buy for their children to play games.
    Family friendly and low price goes hand in hand.

    The PS Vita has power, but power that nobody is using because you’re not leading by example.

  • What was the 20 best selling PSP games?
    1-Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
    2-Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
    3-Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
    4-Monster Hunter Freedom 3
    6-Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
    7-Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition
    8-God of War: Chains of Olympus
    9-Gran Turismo (PSP)
    10-Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
    11-Medal of Honor Heroes
    12-Tekken: Dark Resurrection
    13-Monster Hunter Freedom 2
    15-Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City
    16-Dissidia: Final Fantasy
    17-Call of Duty: Roads to Victory
    18-Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
    19-Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0
    20-Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

    See anything particular about those games? How many of them are kids games? 4 and 3 of them came bundled with a PSP system. Probably some dude bought it on sale and got an extra memory card.
    Either way, you focus too much energy on kid games and not enought on Mature or Teen titles.

  • What you need to do, is to bring Infamous, based off Second Son on the Vita.
    Announce a new God of War for the Vita.
    Show case Helldivers.
    Create 3 new ips, 1 Action and 2 new First Person Shooters for the Vita.
    Still bring Invizimals for Vita.
    Make a new Legend of Dragoon for PS4 and/or Vita.
    Make a new White Knight Chronicles exclusive for the Vita but change the system so that it’s Action RPG like Ys on Vita.

  • Third Party support is also primordial.
    Capcom: Pay them to make a 3 new Resident Evil series games exclusive for PlayStation and PlayStation Vita.
    Pay them to make a new Devil May Cry based off the REAL Dante with the studio that made DMC 3&4 to make that game for PS3, PS Vita.
    Pay them to make a new Monster Hunter here for the East for the PS Vita and PS4.

    Square-Enix: Pay them to release Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on the PSN Store for PSP/PS Vita.
    Pay them to release a translated digital copy of Final Fantasy XIII Type-0 for N/A and Europe.
    Pay them for a new Dissidia Game Exclusive on the PS4.
    Pay them for a new Final Fantasy franchise game exclusive for the Vita.
    Pay them for an exclusive Chrono Trigger 2 for the Vita.
    Pay them to make a new Action-Oriented RPG of Dragon Warrior for PS Vita/PS4.
    Get them to make a new Grandia Game.

  • Rockstar “Take-Two Interactive” : Pay them a good sum for 3 exclusive GTA games that wil be exclusive to the Vita from the launch of the game on the market till 6 years has pass.

    Pay Namco Bandai to make a few exclusive games on the Vita.
    Get Konami to bring some AAA games to the Vita and PS4
    Get Platinum Games to make an exclusive Vita and PS4 Game like Metal Gear Rising and Bayonetta 2.

    Bring on PS2 era 3rd party exclusive for the Vita.

  • I want YouTube on my ps4.

  • Does Sid’s inability to recognize the greatness that is “Clue” negate any opinion he’s ever had, or ever will? I think it might…

  • Dammit Sid, now I want to play Dark Souls again… Well, at least now I have a chance to go through the Artorias dlc…

  • Guys! Gotta say i love the blogcasts when it’s all about you talking games and the stuff you’re doing a lot more than the shows with interviews. Both are welcome, don’t get me wrong but these shows feel really refreshing and in my opinion have a better pace.

  • When will you guys make the blogcast viewable on the vita?

  • That voice mail was awesome!! I was laughing the whole time while V’s Mask is running around my head ala Anonymous. Awesome! The episodes just keeps on getting better and better!

    Speaking of Dark Souls, I haven’t played it yet but i have Demon Souls, is there a big difference?

  • Starting to get the itch to play Dark Souls… I have owned a copy for a long while but it has been on the backburner ever since.

  • Nick, seeing as you’re also big fan of EDF, I highly recommend checking out Robot Alchemic Drive on PS2. It’s another Sandlot game using the exact same engine.

    In a nutshell you control a kid from a 3rd person view and from their perspective control a MASSIVE Gundam-style mech and have a entire fully-destructible city (which puts BF4’s “levelution” to shame). Imagine Shadow of the Colossus, but YOU control the colossus! It’s basically Evangelion but you pilot it remotely so you can take your character anywhere; perched up a skyscraper or even sitting on your mech’s shoulders -that’s what makes the game so immersive, you share your human character’s view so it really puts the whole scale into perspective.
    The controls also make it feel VERY believable, it’s like a sober version of Octodad.

    I’d also rate it as one of my top 5 gems of the PS2 gen. Not just a great game but there’s simply never been anything like it, not even close.

  • Oh and I googled Sandlot and From Software straight after my comment last week – immediate facepalm, should’ve done that before submitting. I keep getting them mixed up, but both are some of my favourite devs.

  • My God! Hearing that version at the end of MGS was great. So much memories. ;’)

  • Hello Playstation BlogCast Crew , 1st off love the show listen to it every week. 2 questions for you my 1st question is why have we not seen hardly any news on MLB 14 The Show on PS4 , PS3 and PS Vita since last November when the teaser trailer came out? My 2nd question is with EA / Dice doing the Star Wars Videogames besides Star Wars Battlefront that is coming out in 2015 what other Star Wars Videogames do you guys want EA / Dice to make? I would like to see a return to the style of those old X-Wing , Tie Fighter videogames that where on the PC in the early 90’s plus the Rouge Squadron games that where on N64 and GameCube. Your thoughts? Thanks guys and keep up the great work.

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