Hands-on with Thief for PS4

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Hands-on with Thief for PS4


Garrett snuffs out a candle flame as he stalks through the closed jewelry shop, inches away from a snoring guard. While the jeweler toils in his basement and his wife basks by the fire, Garrett slips silently from room to room, rifling through drawers and pocketing valuable trinkets. Thief on PS4 is at its best when Garrett is left to his own devices, enabling players to vault through windows and pry open cabinets as the master thief himself.

This reboot of the classic stealth series takes a more open-world approach as players prowl the alleys and rooftops of The City, a shadowy nexus bathed in perpetual twilight. The City itself is a visual delight, steeped in long shadows and wavering fires that turn every nook and cranny into a sneaky play space.

And Thief’s thieving feels tactile. Coins, jewelry, and other collectibles litter cabinets and line hidden vaults, providing ample motivation for completionists to search every corner and crevice. The more loot you collect, the more resources you’ll be able to buy.


One resource worthy of investment is Garrett’s trusty bow, which supports many arrow types — some for extinguishing flames, others for stunning patrols with toxic vapors, and still others for knocking over vases or turning off light switches from afar. In a pinch, you can use lethal broadhead arrows to take out a guard, but it’s a risky move that could draw unwanted attention. These items are easy to access: just slide a finger over DualShock 4’s touchpad and click on the desired tool.

Like its predecessors, Thief offers a wealth of different play opportunities for each and every mission. Take, for example, the aforementioned scene in the jewelers. Some players may practice patience and timing to move through the environment unseen. Others may silently dispatch the guards with Garrett’s handy club before proceeding. Others may extinguish every light and use the shadows to their advantage. Each play style is wholly valid, and rewarded at the end of the mission with bonuses.

There’s much more to appreciate in Thief outside of its stealth systems and flexible play. Eidos Montreal has put tremendous effort into detailing the world and its story. Hallway tables are piled high with trinkets. Beggars reach out at Garrett with feeble hands. Guards mutter during patrols and complain about their love lives.


This attention to detail extends into play as well. Garret’s arms will begin to falter if his bow is drawn for too long, reducing accuracy. Newspaper clippings reveal additional narrative elements once collected. The lightbar grows in brightness when Garrett is exposed. And even Garrett’s trinkets (stat-boosting items) have stories to tell. The Cross-Wind Medallion, for example, reduces the chance of being hit by enemy projectiles. In its description, it tells of its previous owner, Silent Joff — a “long-dead archer who never spoke and never missed.”

Details such as these lend Thief authenticity, and make Garrett’s adventures all the more immersive from mission to mission. For those gamers that delight in keeping to the shadows and snatching up glittering loot, Thief launches on February 25th for PS4. You can pre-order it here.

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  • It’s about time we started to hear more about Theif.

  • Hey Ryan, will this game available for pre-order in PSN Store ?

  • I still don’t have an opinion on this game yet. I’ve never been a fan of 1st Person games that involve melee, though Dishonored definitely won me over. The footage showed at E3 wasn’t too impressive imo. Hopefully they’ve made some progress since then. Still, l’m looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for the preview Ryan.

  • Nice, looking forward to it.

    Any details on whether this is running at 1080p/60FPS?


  • “For those gamers that delight in keeping to the shadows and snatching up glittering loot, Thief launches on February 25th for PS4.”

    Woot XD

  • This game looks sooooo bad ass. Just picked up a vita and got a ps4 on launch day. and have all the launch games so add me! From Killzone to Need for Speed ANYWAY… Completely of topic but…. TOMB RAIDER. Never got a chance to play the original this past year so im sooooooo pumped!! #weareallpsplus+ #soaddme #keepupthegoodworksony

  • Wow Ryan,,, fantastic ,,,possible to see it on PS VITA? i mean a full port or something like that….anyway im optimistic.

  • I received my PS4 on the first day and this is the first game available for it that I’m exceited to play.

  • I feel like this is just a one-sided elder scrolls…. not too excited but ill check it out

  • I love, Love, LOVE the original games in the series, and I’m hoping the reboot delivers on their promise without compromising what made them so special. Anyone who liked Dishonored should be excited about this game, because both Dishonored and this new Thief are derived from Thief: The Dark Project.

    Is this a canonical sequel/prequel or a reboot of the originals? Any word on whether or not Garrett is facing the Trickster in this game, or a new foe? Will we see the Hammerites, the Mechanists or the Keepers? Will I be called a “Taffer” when a guard’s looking for me?

  • @9? You serious? Thief series has been around a long time and it’s nothing like elder scrolls……think before speaking.

  • The original games were great. I don’t know how I feel about this one yet though… I wish it was being made by the Dishonored team, since they did a great job with Dishonored. At the same time, Deus Ex Revolution was a great game so I don’t not have any faith in this being good… I just don’t know. Hopefully we get a demo of some sort, otherwise I don’t really see myself dropping $60 on a maybe.

  • Good really good….thanks for the info Mr.Clements….my interest on Thief is sky-high…..game would be much better in 3rd person but anyway I fell in love with the gameplay…the possibility of going always on stealth is amazing.I always was a stealth guy…can’t wait for this game…….on PS3.

  • Looks like one of the reasons to have Gamefly. The feedback on it last year was pretty bad, hopefully they kept it a stealth game and not an action game with stealth properties.

  • Stoked for Thief! Looks Great. Hope the Gameplay is the Best Part.

  • All I want to know is if it runs or looks better on PS4 than the X1. I have both and still coming to terms with making PS4 my platform of choice. I am 95% convinced but need more juicy details to put me over the edge. :)

  • Is this gonna be up for Preorder on the PS4’s PSN?? I was hoping that Tomb Raider was gonna be up for preorder like Second Son is. Not sure why it’s not.

  • Looking great so far. I remember when I first played Thief, the bow and arrow action was quite amazing at the time. I loved sniping guys with it. I’m glad we’re still getting news about the new Thief title, it’s looking like the game will shape up to be something great.

  • I still don’t like that they designed this game with casual gamers in mind. Sure they added some options to adjust difficulty settings in the hope of appeasing fans of the original Thief games. But the problem is the levels were designed with having all those options turned on so all they’re doing is creating an artificial difficulty. For example, there are floor traps that you can only see with Focus. Unless they redesigned the textures to make floor traps stand out to people not using Focus, then people who have Focus turned off will most likely set them off every time and then have to restore a save or, if Ironman mode is turned on, start the entire game over and that’s not fun. Also, even with all these options you can turn on and off, there’s still no jump button so Garrett can never fall to his death because all the jumps are context sensitive. You can still only fire rope arrows where they allow you to fire them because, once again, it’s a context-sensitive action.

  • Sounds pretty good. I never played an of this franchise, so maybe I can start with this one .. one day.

  • Loved this on PC back in the day, Can’t wait to play it on PS4!

  • @19
    If you watch the various bits of footage carefully, you can definitely see the traps without focus, though they are very subtle, which is pretty much what you’d hope for from a good trap. Definitely more than just a different texture, you can see raised pressure-sensitive tiles and such in certain videos.

  • Just pre-ordered this about a week ago. Decided I wanted something new before inFAMOUS in March. Looking forward to getting my hands on this next month. Gonna go for super stealthy playthrough, non-lethal whenever possible. Should be fun.

  • 60FPS?

  • This i hope will come out next month & not get pushed back. Like all the other games.

  • Have this preordered for PS4! Can’t wait to play

  • will you be able to undraw(?) the bow without firing? I am serious I will not buy the game if you cant

  • @22 – I’d ask you to link me to a specific video but then your post would be moderated and then I wouldn’t see it for a week at which point I’d forget I asked in the first place hence making you provide such link moot.

  • I don’t even know why I’m excited about this game… maybe because I always *love* playing as a thief in games and that’s what this game is all about? Not to mention that it *looks* gorgeous!

    Really curious if this’ll be available for digital pre-order with a pre-order bonus on PS4…?

  • I Have seen the new footage of Thief with Developer commentary. This game is freaking amazing. Trust me when I say DAY ONE PURCHASE.

  • Check out Thief on the IGN App for new videos straight from the game.

  • Is this really releasing on the 25th of February?!? We all know that the 25th is a Saturday right?

  • I wonder if this is another game developed for the previous gen consoles and ported to the new ones… I havent bought a ps4 yet (cant find one anyway) and this doesnt make me want to go out and plunk down $400 (still with only one controller – seriously?).

    I liked the old Thief games but they tended to become a little repetitive and boring. I hope they added some elements to make this more exciting.

    I will wait for some of the reviews to surface before making a decision on this game but I wont be buying a PS4 just for this, especially when my computer is more powerful and I already paid for it ;)

  • Have no interest in the series , but i’m starving for new content on my PS4 , so deff picking this one up while the wait for second son continues….

  • @#32
    Doubt we ever see a console that’s released with two controllers again, sadly.
    But i got the bundle with two and love it!

  • Will most definitely be picking this up next month. Hoping to get some good challenge and replay value. Do not disappoint me square-Enix.

  • Having loved Thief -The Dark Project (one of my favorite PC games of all time), I have great hopes for this. That being said I am tempering my expectations as way too many reboots forget what made the original great and base the new game off of games that “updated” the original.
    Tomb Raider is the best example of this as they rebooted the original but it felt far more like Uncharted than TR. Still a solid game but Lara Croft notwithstanding, it just wasn’t Tomb Raider.
    I have the feeling that they are going to make this more like Dishonored than Thief. Not entirely a bad thing but it’s still not Thief. That said they could trash it by making it like Thief – Deadly Shadows which was crap, especially after the masterpieces of Dark Project and Metal Age.

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