Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Launches January 28th on PS3, PS Vita

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Launches January 28th on PS3, PS Vita

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is the first entirely new Dragon Ball Z game in over two years, and it launches next week, January 28th, on PS3 and digitally on PS Vita. It comes packed with a number of attractive features, including team battle and co-op missions. It also allows players to create their own team of up to four players.

The game’s battle system has also evolved from a “one-on-one” setup to more team battle focus. Furthermore, this is the first Dragon Ball Z game that allows players to enjoy co-op battles with players from around the world through an online multiplayer mode. Of course, a Dragon Ball Z game also has to feature epic battles against gigantic bosses on huge 3D maps.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z features an enormous roster of Z warriors. With up to 8 characters gathering in a one place to do battle, players can never let their guard down during the intense action. With so many warriors fighting at once, these battles will surely give players a sense of camaraderie in hyper-fast gameplay.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of ZDragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, everyone will be able to create their favorite Dragon Ball Z team; perhaps your “dream team” is made up of Goku, Frieza, or Yamcha. For me, it was really fun to see and play with all Yamcha on my team and fight against other mighty Z warriors. These crazy mash-ups are truly unique to Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.

For fans that love to play with character abilities, they can now be greatly increased through customization via cards. Players can also expand upon their battle style by changing Regulations in the online team battle settings. By changing the settings, you can fight against one other player and have the A.I. control the rest of the characters.

Finally, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a challenging title that takes players through Dragon Ball Z game history. If you or your friends are interested in trying out this game, please download our free demo on PlayStation Store. The demo will allow you to play the first four missions from the final game; you can also enjoy online team battles against other players playing the demo!

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

But the best part of the demo: you can carry over most of your demo save data to the final release version of the game, so you can continue playing from where you left off in the demo version.

On behalf of the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z development team, I want to thank our fans for their support. And in the spirit of Dragon Ball Z: Everyone… GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR ENERGY!

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  • Looking forward to playing this on my Birthday. I’ll be grabbing the Vita version though.

  • Looking forward to this next week. Loved the demo on the vita and that’s the version i’m getting next week. =)

  • I just played the vita version and loved it?? Plz say crosssave and buy plz. Cuz i want it for both! F U mortal kombat.! lol

  • Also for PS VITA on Jan 28 and you should aleady mention that!!!

  • can we plz get some character from dragball gt plz they could be dlc.

  • Getting this on Vita! (maybe that should be included in the title…?)

    Thanks for the day one PS+ discount :)

  • i loved the demo on vita enough so that even though wanna preorder from gamestop for the extra stuff im gonna get it on psn for my vita cause i can play it at work or whenever im not at home and enjoy the greatness of goku n friends

  • The last good DBZ game was Budokai Tenkaichi 3 on PS2.Shame these new ones can’t even get close to that.

    • We think the 3D brawler-style is crazy, wild, and awesome! It’s definitely something I always wanted to see done well. I can thoroughly appreciate everyone’s love for Tenkaichi 3 though too. <3 that game.

  • @ Kunio Hashimoto

    Hi! Please could you include information about this game being released for PSVITA too?

    Vita gamers can enjoy it …

    Thank you.

  • PS Vita version coming soon I imagine.

  • @10 Have you ever seen this?


    Date/Price is the same just I wonder why not mentioned in this topic… Anyway cause PSVITA lovers and fans are getting more and more.,,

  • I’m planning on downloading the VIta version ASAP. The game sure feels different (at least on the demo) from the others – particularly on getting away from the one-on-one battles. Still not sure I’m 100% with you there, but as long as the gameplay is solid I’ll be happy. I’m not big on online, but the single-player was pretty fun.

  • Man this game looks awesome. but is there a chance it might come to PS4

  • Best DBZ game in years. I’ll buy it for sure.

  • This is that namco ish…
    Release only digital on Vita, and don’t even acknowledge it’s existence. But thereason they’ll have for not releasing Vita Games in NA is because no one is buying the games… You can’t buy what you don’t know exists lol. It’s only about 9 characters to add “& PS Vita” unless that version was delayed smh. Either way it looks horrible

    • Thanks for the feedback – Working on getting a shout-out in the post. It’s definitely available for Vita day 1 digitally. Cheers ^^

  • looks horrible on you guys*
    The game is great from how much I’ve played the demo

  • If this has offline Versus like any fighting game does (one on one, not just the odd 4 man battles) then I will 100% be buying this soon.

    If this does not have a standard offline Versus mode, I will never buy it.

  • Wow they didn’t even mention in the post that its also coming out on the Vita, that’s pretty sad if you ask me. Unless it got delayed or something? Not only that but people are speculating that Vita owners don’t even get the bonuses for buying the game like people on other systems are doing. How exactly does that make sense? Its really making me question if i should even get the game. As a big DBZ fan, its sad when companies do this! Is it so hard to even acknowledge the Vita?

  • @boomstickbhg – Did you try the demo? That’s one part that gives me pause. It looks like the battle mode is multiplayer online only (no local play) with the 4 v. 4. The single player encounters seem to be focused on the 4 v. 4 as well. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do a single-player Goku vs. Vegeta match. :(

  • Zs sounds nice.
    The Vita PLAY titles having a discount is good too.
    I used to watch this show when I was a kid. Though it felt like the Freeza saga never ended.

  • The background and world is beautiful. The characters look like trash.

    I dont like how it plays.

    Rather go back to Budukai 3 gameplay.

    yet another pass on DBZ game. Sigh.

  • So hype for this game since the 1st day have seen the trailer and teaser info. Already play the demo but its took so long and a lot of time to “sync” when the room/lobby have more than 2 online player.

    Please fix that!

  • Can you confirm if the DLC provided to EU consumers for buying on pre-order will be available on the Vita???

  • And why ignore the Vita on this announcement?

  • Getting this on Vita.

    Think you guys could maybe patch in custom control mapping? I really don’t like the attack button being Triangle. Totally trips me up.

  • are we able to download this game on a ps3

  • I hope so I’ve been saving my money for 3 weeks now

  • Yeah I did play the demo and I thought the gameplay in it was solid.

    The lack of any sort of VS mode in the demo worries me.

  • im getting the vita version.. also my team is going to be nappa, vegeta, broly, bojack.. if possible , if the game has him super garlic jr, ill drop nappa. But I doubt he is there.

    you want our energy for spirit bomb??

  • Not even a mention of PS Vita. Despite the demo being rated more on the PS Vita store than the PS3 store…

    I mean sheesh, the game will be a part of the Play program. You could have mentioned it.

    I will be giving money to the EU branch and importing a physical version.

  • I didn’t download the demo because I didn’t want to spoil the fun

  • Any chance of the Preorder DLC making it’s way for first week purchases?

  • $59.99 is hard to come buy so I hoping we get some free Day1 DLC + I don’t shop that gamestop any more blu ray games are no good

  • the dragon ball z i wanted all along, and i get the pleasure to enjoy it with my vita. i love the demo guys, see you next week.

    tomb raider for ps4 and dragon ball z on vita will hold me over until march 21st

  • 5) no, just no to that mockery.

    8)time to update your library.

  • can you confirm whether or not PS Vita owners will get the preorder bonuses if bought day one?? cause im buying it on vita

  • This game is absolutely sick on the Vita, day 1 pick up.

  • i really enjoyed the demo but i feel the game is overpriced at $60, considering how lower quality the graphics looks compared to even the first Raging Blast. The combat is incredibly simplistic as well and theres a limited roster.

    I have the ps3 version of the game on my gamefly queue. Had it been more reasonably priced at like $35-$40 i would have bought it instead.

    I’m also annoyed by how you guys at Namco treat NA customers with making certain titles digital only (like One Piece and Battle of Z Vita) and not even giving us an option to get the free preorder content that other countries get for free. Its hard to support you guys when you treat us like less than every one else with overpriced games and less content.

  • Will this have a digital release for the PS3, and not just the PS Vita, in the US?

  • @39 i want to know this answer has well.

  • I love how everyone says budokai 3 was the best but I hated it with a passion. Yeah it looked better than 1 or 2 but they removed the what if characters and simplified the combat. I hated how all you had to do for an ultimate was use r2 and r2 again there was no combos except for the original ppppe foe Kamehameha and stuff. I liked the fist two because they were combo heavy in 3 it was so easy to go burst mode dash to enemy transform and break their guard then use ultimate but every one loves it ugh.

  • Thanks a lot for answering, Bandai Namco! But the question is, will this DLC be also available stateside for the Vita? For the digital copy, as a day 1 purchase incentive? And if not, will it be available at some point? Because if the US version does not get the DLC, then I will simply import the EU version, to get a physical copy of the game, which I prefer.

    Soo….Will we get Free DLC for Day 1 purchase in the US, or at least get the DLC later on?

  • No Japanese voice for the Vita version ?

  • Is there a digital version releasing for the PS3 as well? if not i won’t be able to get this game until next friday or the week after.

  • Everything for me after Tenkaichi 3 has been meh , i need that roster back in full next gen glory

  • Man, no mention of Vita version’s existence and there’s no way to get the DLC because there’s no physical version for Vita in NA and EU. And Namco wonders why the Vita versions of their games dont sell…

    Anyway, the Vita demo was very impressive and im glad to see it looks like the Vita version is a full port. Glad its 20% off Day 1 for Vita w/ PS Plus (something else that should have been mentioned in this post).

  • I just want to say I think its scummy to offer characters only from certain retailers. Why do this to your fans? I really do not like these marketing tactics.

    I enjoyed the demo but that puts a sour taste in my mouth.

  • i didnt enjoyed battle of the z, the game consist in battles of 4 players vs 4 plyrs but you cannot do in game transformations, thats a feature that gives the game more depth, and also gives the player more confidence.
    thats just my opinion.

  • i want the ps vita version

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