Hands-on with Strider on PS4

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Hands-on with Strider on PS4

Strider on PS4

The wintry streets of Kazakh City are teeming with soldiers, automated sentry turrets, and terrified citizens. This striking blend of Russian architecture and dystopian elements set the stage for Strider, which launches for PS3 and PS4 next month. When we first saw Strider running last year, we enjoyed an early look at the PS3 version. This time the PS4 version took the spotlight.

Set in an alternate future of Earth, the world is ruled by the mysterious Grandmaster Meio. Hiryu, the youngest recruit of the Strider program, accepts the mission to eliminate Meio and end his tyrannical supremacy. Hiryu arrives in Kazakh City and is quickly engulfed in conflict.

At its core, Strider is a side-scrolling action game with breathless combat and a near feverish pace. Players explore Kazakh and earn upgrades and powers along the way, which in turn enable them to access more areas of the map. All the action revolves around Hiryu, who blazes across rooftops, over wires, through buildings, and down walls with an absolute dominion over fear. Anything that stands in his way gets sliced to ribbons by his indestructible plasma weapon, the Cypher.

Strider on PS4Strider on PS4

The PS4 version of Strider runs about as smooth as Hiryu does (read: smooth). As players traverse the environment and cut up the opposition, the screen explodes with light effects, smoke, laser fire, and the sizzling remnants of fallen soldiers. The tension rarely lets up, and keeps a breakneck pace throughout the opening sections of the campaign.

DualShock 4 fits Strider perfectly, with responsive controls and a satisfying, oft-used attack button. The developers at Double Helix have made a tremendous effort to align the visual and aural feedback of Strider together. This makes cutting through lines of enemies blissful, as the sound effects and on-screen feedback mesh with intoxicating elegance. Who knew that pounding away at the Square button could be so sublime?

Clicking the touchpad opens up a map of the world, which is crammed with useful information. Based on the starting areas, Strider’s play space is sizeable. Pulling up the map for reference and doubling back for secrets is critical to Hiryu’s success, and also helps players keep track of secret upgrades that might otherwise be missed. And like other action games of this type, health and energy upgrades are paramount to survival.

Strider on PS4Strider on PS4

Strider on PS4

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Kazakh itself is laced with details both large and small — which are easy to miss with Hiryu leaping frantically from one location to another. Massive buildings rise up through the snow in the backdrop. Monuments stand rigid and gaze down with a menacing air. Citizens wait for trains in the station, and computer monitors flicker on their ceiling mounts. Hiryu sprints through homes, libraries, storage facilities, and palaces — all while avoiding enemy fire and cutting down his enemies.

But don’t linger on the sights for too long — Hiryu has a mission to complete, and Kazakh’s military is hell bent on stopping him. Fortunately for us, taking them on is a lot of fun, and gives players a lot of stuff to split apart with a glowing energy weapon.

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8 Author Replies

  • I CANNOT WAIT! One of my all time favorite (classic) franchises is making its return!

  • I actually never played a Strider game before, but i am interested in this one, Any info on price?

    • Currently, Capcom has stated in its documentation that the price will be $14.99. That may be subject to change, as I can’t speak on behalf of that team!


  • Ya this looks pretty cool would like to know price also


  • are these screenshots from the PS3-version?

  • “Clicking the touchpad opens up a map of the world,” — Ah, so the touchscreen’s “R/L3 ‘button'” is the DualShock 4’s “SELECT” button. Sneaky devils.

    Anyway, needs more Vita-as-a-controller functionality, if it’s not there. Just assign the map to the Vita’s screen, like that neat-o (and ahead of its time) GameCube-Game Boy Advance compatibility.

    But aside, slick that a new Strider’s comin’ out, even though any appreciation I have for the property is through others’ adulations.

  • Sooo how about preparing for this upcoming release by making available on PSN the PSX Classic Strider 1&2? This seems like an ideal moment for allowing us to play the rest of the series on the PS Vita….

  • Oh god, Double Helix. PLEEEASE don’t screw this up. I’ve been a huge Strider fan since I was a wee lad (and still play the arcade cabinet of it to this day over at Barcade in Brooklyn) and when I heard that Capcom wasn’t developing it internally, I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Strider 2 wasn’t perfect but it did the character and gameplay justice.

    This new one looks pretty good from what I’ve seen but I guess we’ll find out on release. Will end up buying it regardless but I still wish Capcom would stop handing off all their main franchises off to other developers.

  • @4, Hey Justin. Join Playstation plus! Where is your symbol? lol

    • Hah! Good catch, I never noticed that. My Plus symbol doesn’t show up here because the account I use to write on PS.Blog is separate from my personal PSN account. :)

  • Looks like a PS3 game. The models, textures, environments… none of it looks like it’s even flirting with the power of the PS4.

  • Loved Strider back in the day on the Genesis!

  • REALLY looking forward to this game! Can’t wait!

  • Cross – (buy/play/save/trophies) with the PS3 version?

    What advantages does the PS4 version have over the PS3 version?

  • Never played a Strider game before but looks at the shots remains me of Mega Man X so color me interested.

  • In Japan, the PS3 version is going to come with Strider 1 and 2. What I would like to know if this is going to have those games for free too for the US? Also, if they will come with the PS4 version too? I am really hoping the PS4 version has those games for free, if not I’ll probably get the PS3 one just for those two free games alone. Been dying to play the first two for a very long time.

  • Wow! I haven’t played Strider since the NES. Cant wait!

  • Release date release date release date release date!

  • One of my top 5 games of 2014. Loved both the NES and arcade versions.

  • Will the game have a platinum

  • 2 questions for you Mr Clements

    1). Release date?

    2). Price?

    • Release date: no specific date, outside of “February.”

      Capcom has stated in its documentation that the price will be $14.99. But I can’t speak on behalf of the team, so that information is subject to change!

  • Not interested on the PS4 version…now where’s PS3 version?…anyway…Strider is by far one of the best and coolest video game characters…..I can’t wait to play this game…hope its good.

  • @ 14 KazeEternal – None.

  • I look forward to getting this… on my PS3.

    And I agree with others commenting here that Strider 1 & 2, the PS One releases, should be put out as a PS One Classic for PS3 and PSP/Vita.

  • Loved this franchise since the Sega Genesis\ MegaDrive days. Looking good Double Helix. Capcom bring Strider 2 to PSN!

  • Aww, this would be such a better PS4 PS+ collection game than Outlast.

  • I would not mind paying $15 for a metroidvania style ninja game.

  • will the US Version include the PS1 Strider 1 and 2 games like Japan is getting in their own release?

    would love to play all the official Strider games in one console.

  • Hopefully this comes out when it’s supposed to. Because this looks to be the year that games are getting pushed back more than once like Drive Club.

  • dude i just to love this game on Genesis. can’t wait to check this out. it’ll look gorgeous in motion.

  • I hope US gets a bundle with Strider 1 and 2 as well…

  • Looking to come to PS+ for PS4 along with Outlast??????

  • I’m gonna be refreshing the PS Store every minute that day until I can download it. I remember playing the Sega Genesis version and beating it then playing it again & again & again till I could beat it without being touched.

  • Not just yes but hell yes … I knew strider was coming out but not this soon … Strider was one of my favs back in the day and at 14.99 Shut the front door! I would easily pay more to have Strider on my Ps4

  • @ 23 I’m thinking it may look better on Ps4 ?

  • @Welmosca #22+23 – Where’s the PS3 version? If you bothered reading the article, they mention it, and even link to their previous hands-on for that version. Also, Capcom specifically stated that they’re targeting 1080p and 60fps on the PS4 version, implying that’s definitely not happening on PS3.

  • I was watching them stream this on capcoms twitch the other day. reminds me a bit of the one xbla game I always wanted on psn, but never got (shadow complex). anyway, looks like double helix nailed it on this one

  • I remember playing this game in the arcades when they were in every candy store. I can’t WAIT for this!

  • I will be getting this for ps4.Though of course i will wait for awesome ps store sales.

  • I wish someone would bring road rash to the ps4 with online multiplayer

  • Can’t wait for this game. I didn’t think i would ever see a strider game again

  • UMVC3 has made me beyond tired of strider, but this game does look cool.

  • Man if this game had a preorder bonus of the original Strider game, it would be a must buy for anyone. I’m excited to see what the new take on an old classic plays like. Hope there is a demo to try soon.

  • sooooooooo….. ANY info on …. oh, I don’t know, mercenary kings? or tower fall ascension…. hell divers, planet side2? something that was supposed to be out yet? this is looking good as far as something awesome to play, don’t get me wrong, but this isn’t what my interest has been invested in, please, please PLEASE give me something about some of ( or all, or any really) of those long awaited games that ive been waiting semi patiently for lol……… PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEE!?

  • Day one buy for me! I use to play it on Sega genesis back in the day for sooo many hrs.

  • I remember buying the Genesis version for like $75, because it was like the biggest cartridge game at the time or something. Strider is a long time favorite, but I cannot understand for the life of me why Capcom can’t get it through their heads not to outsource such franchises. It’s Strider! come on Capcom. I love the metroidvania-ness of it, but the art-style isn’t that catchy to me, definitely not for a next gen console version. I’m still gonna keep an eye on it, but I really wish Capcom would actually follow through with what they say sometimes. They said the constant outsourcing would stop, yet, here we are again. Anyhow, I still hope it turns out to be good.

  • Cannot wait for it this great. I hope capcom keep it going they have so much material to work on

  • These games really need to be Cross-Buy. I am still enjoying the PS3, but in a month or 2 I plan on moving over to the PS4.. So my only choices are to pay twice for the same game or wait a few months to buy it. Either way most people will only pay once so why not make it a Cross-Buy title?

    I also think this should come with Strider 1 & 2 like the Japanese are getting with their purchase.
    At the very least they should be offered for sale, but I think offering them as a pre-order deal would make more sense.

  • Where are the PS4 demos??


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