The Last of Us Design Contest Winners Revealed

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The Last of Us Design Contest Winners Revealed

Wow. You guys and gals really love The Last of Us. We had more than three hundred and sixty incredible submissions that poured in over just three weeks during our We Love Fine fan art design contest. We saw some silly ideas and some serious designs, but all designs showed an incredible amount of passion and talent. Thank you for sharing these with everyone.

It was very difficult to pick the winners, but after the fan voting and the judging rounds, a few rose to the top. Here they are:

The Last of Us Design Contest Winners

The Grand Prize winner, the t-shirt in the center of this image with the word “Endure” on it, was chosen by your votes. Our guest judges, Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and Troy Baker (Joel), selected the two runner-up winners, while Neil Druckmann (Creative Director) and Bruce Straley (Game Director) awarded the special prizes category winners. All these designs are now available as t-shirts you can proudly wear. You can purchase these and many other cool items on the We Love Fine website.

We loved so many of your designs that we talked it over with the awesome people of We Love Fine and they agreed to potentially make more t-shirts and items based on your art. News about this will be coming once we’ve worked out all the details. Look for more awesome Naughty Dog merchandise from We Love Fine in the coming months.

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  • Very nice…I thought about entering in the contest….but I had no time to draw something majestic worthy to be on a TLoU T-shirt.Good winners though…I remember seeing some of these,some great art and ideas there.

  • That Molotov shirt is so great it should be an Ellie and Joel unlockable shirt in game!

  • This will be sensational can’t wait to order this, i like naughty Dog. And now that they have some clothes i will support them for sure!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All the designs looks pretty awesome, but I love the Endure one so cool! will be ordering one :)

  • Love the smiling Brick shirt.

    The Molotov formula is good too.

  • I’m glad the endure shirt won, that was my pick. They’re all great though.

  • This was my design “Days of Infection” didn’t place though. :(

    Congrats to the winners.

  • Mine was “Days of Infection” but I didn’t place. Congrats to the winners though.

  • I ordered the black Firefly messenger bag…

    I’ll marry the first girl in my city that recognizes the logo.

    (among other things)

  • I love Killin’ Time.

  • Dear Naughty Dog, first off I’d like to say congratulations on the awesome games you guys & gals make!!!! Tlou is a phenomenal piece of work. I would have enjoyed it 100 times more if Ellie were controlled by another person instead of the cpu. In my opinion in this day & age there should be virtually no single player games with the cpu following you around. The only way I see that happening is if you don’t have the internet or give the option to play alone if you wish. Your games are awesome but there’s nothing like a friend at your side all or most of the time.

  • Those are pretty awesome!

  • The endure one looks like something sony would use for marketing. It’s very good.


    Your link is not only amateurish it is also spoiler filled. You will receive no validation from me on your art skills, while not a bad idea to do a faux comic cover, joel’s legs are horrendous and the spoilers make me hate that you posted a link.

    What you posted is what is typically a rough idea which is corrected and made into a polished version. if this is all that your skill level can afford i do respect the attempt but the spoilers are really egregious.

  • The Endure design is not bad, but I did think there were better designs that deserved to win this contest.

    I think what naughtydog and should of done is put hand drawn designs and digital designs in separate categories. Meaning one winner for original hand drawn design, and one winner for digital design.

  • @Skeetlejuice

    I’m a beginner in the digital media so cry me a river. lol

    Btw, my post was accepted by a moderator before it was shown to the public so it seems to be fine with them.

    And lastly, the game is 7 months old now. It’s GOTY so I have no idea why you’ve yet to play it. Your loss.

  • @15 No matter how old it is, you don’t want to have something covered with spoilers. Regardless, the shirt wouldn’t have been able to be published because of copyright concerns with Days of Future Past that you ripped off.

  • @16

    1. Ask the moderators to take it down since they accepted the spoilers.
    2. It’s a homage and if you read the rules of the website, you can still win (which I obviously didn’t) without your design having to be published.
    3. It’s funny that I’m the bad guy for making fanart about a game I love.

    I had fun drawing my design regardless of how good it is and I’m proud of it and proud to show my passion for The Last of Us.

    #dealwithit lol

  • D-Squad

    Nice t-shirt design . Please try not to worry about the naysayers.

    You can either think of your cover as a work in progress that can be changed to remove spoilers or changed how much you borrowed from the X-men.

    The second option is to consider it a first idea draft and just start working on your next the Last of Us t-shirt design.

    Thank you for posting the illustration.

    I have been trying to find the other submissions and your is the only one I have seen.

  • I want all of them!

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