OlliOlli Launches Today for PS Vita

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OlliOlli Launches Today for PS Vita

OlliOlli Release Day Instructions

OlliOlli is out today, exclusive to PlayStation Vita for $12.99. Those of you with a PlayStation Plus account will get a 20% discount on that price for the first week.

We’re super chuffed (yes, chuffed, we’re chuffed), we can’t wait to get your feedback and see what scores you post, especially on the Daily Grind. We’re giving you a five-day head start before Nikos, our senior coder, is allowed near a Vita and starts busting some serious high-scoring moves. You have been warned…

Once everyone has trained up enough and we start to see some ludicrous scores, we’ll be running a competition to see who can get the highest score on a particular day of the Daily Grind. The lucky winner will receive one of our exclusive (There’s literally only two of them!) OlliOlli Skateboard, Helmet, and MANDATORY First Aid Safety kit, but more about that soon!

We really hope you enjoy OlliOlli. We poured a lot of love, time, and devotion into this project, and we hope that shows!

OlliOlli on PS VitaOlliOlli on PS Vita

If you fancy any tips and advice on how to rack up some radical scores, then do check out our Creative Director John Ribbins displaying his uber skills in these videos here.

For full details on all the modes, please check out our previous post and feel free to take a peek at our YouTube channel


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  • Looks sweeeeeet!

  • Just waiting for the store to update so I can pick this up!

  • Downloading it as soon as it’s on the browser PSN. :) Been waiting for any sort of skating game on this device.

  • I still waiting for Don’t Starve man man man ~~~~

  • #Spyro #Crash #Vita

  • Yesssss! I don’t often buy games on the first day anymore but I’m picking this up today.

  • This is a really fun game, despite being so brutal at times. But that’s what made Hotline Miami so great. One bail is all that is stopping your nameless faceless skater from reaching his full potential.

  • Ready to shred on my vita this evening! =)

  • Cannot wait for this game! I have had at least $15 saved on my PSN at all times in anticipation for this game!

  • Is it 60fps? Any Day 1 DLC?

    • 60fps for sure, no DLC planned at this point in time, but there’s over 100 levels for you to get started with :)

  • Any inspiration from Skate or Die Bad N Rad on the original GameBoy?

    • Hey, there was def influence from a lot the skating games but we took more influence form games like SUper Meat Boy and Hotline Miami, we wanted to get the instant restart feel!

  • I’ve been previewing this game for the past 2 weeks and it is AMAZING. at first glance it doesn’t look like i t would be a game you would sink tons of your time into….but once you crack open this HIGHLY addictive game open, you will not be able to put it down! Deff worth checking out!

  • Glad to see some new skateboarding games. There aren’t many of those nowadays. Buying day one, please keep up the good work.

  • this game looks dope!

  • Looks interesting but wouldnt pay over $2 for it. Looks like a free game ive played on my phone.

  • I had a dream not long ago that I was playing this game, and it was a **** ton of fun. I think I know how its going to feel, cant wait.

  • I´m gonna give them my support and buy it hoping this is a great game like i saw on the video releases.

    Glad it´s getting great scores on review sites.

  • Day 1 buy baby!!!! So hyped.

  • Congratulations on the high scores that have been coming in from some of the major video games media outlets, Roll7! A 95 from Destructoid, 90s from God Is A Geek & Eurogamer, and 80s from Game Informer and Edge?! Not to shabby at all (especially that Edge score…they’re notoriously brutal). Must have a hit on your hands. I’ll be picking it up soon enough! Cheers!

    • Yeah, we’re still buzzing to be honest, had no idea how it would be received considering its our first console title!

  • I’ll be picking this up after I’m finished with classes today (assuming the store is updated by that time). Can’t wait!

  • Well, it’s on the store… but it’s not the PS Plus price right now. :/ I guess I’ll wait a couple more hours. x_x

  • Game looks sick and I bet it’s the perfect file size for a download too! Sweet!

  • I hope that i can pick this up eventually soon, this game has that appeal to it that makes me want to play this.

  • The PlayStation Store website isn’t reflecting the 20% price discount. Just a heads up. Doesn’t look like its a visual disparity, either. When I go to checkout it still says $12.99.

  • I will be playing this today along with the Lightning Returns demo.

    Question how much space will this game take on the Vita? My 32 gb card is starting to be filled up with all the great games. And what about online multiplayer?

  • Ps vita store already updated! 10.39 for plus members 223mb required! Downloading it now! :) Cheers!

  • This game looks awesome. The trailer is great, and from what I can tell from reviews. I can’t wait for RAD MODE. Thanks Roll7!

  • Shahid Kamal has been talking up this game for months! Will there be a demo?

  • i wouldnt pay 12 for this. so tired of these games that look like they r 20 yrs old. come on now ppl we want new games tha dont look like something for nintendo.

  • @Hologram00 (#29), the game is designed to look older (an homage you could say), and a lot of people like that. Why do you care so much about graphics anyway? A game is fun regardless of how it looks.

  • I’m kind of confused as to the timing the game expects for tricks. I press the stick in a direction, then do a quarter, half, or 3/4 circle fast or slow, and then half the time I just get an Ollie. I press a direction right as I’m about to hit a rail and then go right past it without grinding. That’s not to mention that I constantly get mixed up on pressing X to land and pressing a direction to grind, since they’re basically both landing actions, and I can’t seem to keep them straight in my head.

  • @30 i care what the graphics look like and i agree with 29, for a game like this it shouldnt be $12 bucks or even with my plus memebership $10 is alittle much. also playstation seems to be putting alot of these kinda games out there. i am a 70’s child so i had all those kinda game back in the day, guess the younger generation likes it. you all should wait a few months, u know price will drop or it will be on plus for 7 bucks.i’m just gonna save my cash for something better.

  • The game looks great! I’ve noticed a lot of enthusiasm from reviewers. I think I’ll have to give it a try.

  • It won’t unlock anymore levels. I have 3 starred the first 3 and pro versions on urban and now no other ones will upload. Any thoughts?

  • so far its hard as hell.. and i’m loving it!

  • @34 You have to reach the end of the level safely to unlock the next level.

  • very challenging so far, lots of fun…I can see many many hours of my life in the near future spent playing this great indie title.

  • @ Hologram00 & allnewfie

    And what makes you two geniuses so sure that the whole world needs to hear or even cares that you feel that way?

    “Man, I just gotta post on that developer’s blog and let them know how much better I think I am than them! I’m so cool! Yeah, you guys aren’t reaching my standard, just thought I’d let you know…”

    See, boys, what you’re doing is considered “trolling”, and no one (aside from other trolls) appreciates that.

    Would it bother you to find out that this game becomes a huge success? Can you do better? Just wondering…

  • Wow, was totally feeling Hotline Miami almost immediately. Really tricking awesome work guys, really solid design work, one of the most satisfying games I’ve played in a while (probably since hotline or spelunky).

  • @38the blog is here to post what we think about these games. idt i said anything that bad. i just gave my opion that there r so many games out there like this and that the game is over priced. i suggested ppl hold of on buying until the price drops on this game.this isnt trolling, this is just my opion. u dont need to be so upset about my post. gzzz someone needs a chill pill, lol.

  • Why there is no trailer in the post? I want to see it in action.

  • this got great reviews. please make it on ps3.

  • @ allnewfie

    That is trolling. Albeit mild trolling, but still trolling nonetheless. To be fair, Hologram’s post was more of a troll than yours. But you weren’t offering constructive feedback, nor reporting a legitimate problem with the game, so it falls under the category of trolling. (Negativity that serves no purpose other than for negativity itself.)

    The proof is in the pudding. You must be getting some kind of satisfaction out of announcing your opinion that the game isn’t worth the price (when you haven’t even played it, silly) and suggesting to others that they don’t buy it.

    Wait for a sale if you’re on the fence, sure, but you ended your post by saying you’re saving your cash for “something better”. (And again, you haven’t played it). Now what does that suggest? You tell me.

    Why couldn’t you ignore it if it truly didn’t interest you? Do you need people to join you in your rejection of OlliOlli in order to feel some sort of accomplishment? Why not leave it alone and allow the consumer to make their own decision?

    I’ll never understand why people post these kinds of things on devs’ blogs: “This game looks crap! Don’t waste your money people!” Why??? :|

  • Damn this looks sweet. If a Vita slim is coming I could be grabbing that and this rad game.

  • wow, so i didnt think my post was that bad. i mean ppl here say the game looks gret just by a few pics and videos without playin just as i done the same and said i wasnt interested in this game. i suggested yes ppl wait for a sale, i dont see any harm in that. i didnt mean to come of as trolling or bad mouthing the development team who made this game, not the least. nore wasi looking for ppl to join me and say this game sucked.
    as said didnt mean to upset anyone. i am just a voice like 1000’s of other users here and i just added my 2 cents.

  • I purchased this game today, and it keeps having an error that causes the game to reset.

    The game was fun when its worked.

    I have buyers remorse for paying 10.39$, since it contnues to encounter an error causing it to reset.

    l wish I waited till it was on sale for cheaper and all the bugs were fixed.

    Bummer Dude.

  • I turned off my vita and turned it back on and so far no more crashes.

    great game, lots of fun.

    no regret (if it continues to work as advertised)

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