Beat Killzone Shadow Fall’s Lead Designer at His Own Game

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Beat Killzone Shadow Fall’s Lead Designer at His Own Game

The interactive event known as First To Greatness, which celebrates the many different gaming firsts to be had across the PS4 launch lineup, is drawing to a close. Only a single challenge of the 64 remains open, and today we’re going to reveal how you can complete it to become part of PlayStation 4 history.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

The “Ending Ebolt” challenge requires you to take out Killzone Shadow Fall lead designer Eric Boltjes (a.k.a. Ebolt) in an online multiplayer match. To prove that you’ve truly ended him, you must upload video evidence of your actions to your Facebook account using the DualShock 4 Share button, and submit the footage to by signing in with Facebook.

Finding and eliminating Ebolt has been no easy feat, but we can make it slightly easier by revealing when and where he’ll be online: a little OWL has told us that Eric will be playing Classic Warzone on Friday, January 17th at 9:00 PM PT.

So be on the lookout — you might just go down in PlayStation history as the first player to beat Killzone Shadow Fall’s lead designer at his own game. Good luck!

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  • I think you mean only two challenges remain, not just one. Besides this one there is also:

    Blacklight – Missle Defense

  • Eric, where is the coop?

  • People still play this game?

  • Hey Ebolt. I’ll be looking for you…

  • Well that’d be just fine if the share button’s “last 15 minutes” recording worked consistently. More often than not, my footage is 15 minutes taken from an hour or two before I pressed the share button.

    I hope Sony is aware of this and working on patching it.

  • @ 5 Ryuzha You could press the “Share” button twice and it’ll start recording from that point.
    But yeah, they must fix it.

  • If I find you, then you’re done Ebolt. Done. I am a god at this game. My rank 500 might be misleading, but that’s only because I have a 100+ game backlog. You. Will. Go. Down.

  • @5 OMG! So I’m not the only person that has this problem? They really need to fix this ASAP.

    I use the share button constantly and some of my favorite things (like a dolphin swimming through land in AC4) couldn’t get captured because the share feature glitched up.

    What is really weird is that the screenshot for the clip is accurate, its just that the clip itself is from 30+ minutes ago. Has probably happened at least 10 times now.

    What I do is after I played a game for over 15 to 30 minutes I hit the share video button and it seems to un-glitch it later down the line when I actually need it to work. I’ve only just started doing this but it has worked so far.

  • This is cool to see developers in game challenge, at some point i must get back in the game & play.

  • 1st I dont have a PS4
    2nd Facebook again not a member (and never will be)
    So I’m out

  • You had me until Facebook… ewww.

  • Yeah haven’t logged into facebook in two years. So sick of it. I will be on playing tonight though =D

  • Not gonna get this done, but I love Killzone, one of the biggest reasons I went with launch PS4!!

    Still have to hop online with it though, too much snow to shovel = game backlog.

  • Challenge accepted!

  • Double-checked to make sure I was recording properly by resetting the record stream. Got a confirmed kill on Ebolt (not pretty, but a kill). Go to edit and upload the video…File Corrupted :'(

  • I was able to get him. I teabagged him though. I’m sorry Ebolt :P Nuurgle I was in the match with you, I remember your PSN. Lol.

  • I rejoined after my corrupted file and was on his team, so I uploaded a video of me reviving him. Probably won’t win, but worth a try ;)

  • I’m way late to the “first to greatness” thing, since I just got my PS4 two days ago, but this thing needs to be extended as new games come out.

  • ebolt sounds stupid

  • It’s funny how the only people hating don’t have Plus and can’t even play the game in the first place!

  • Are we getting another chance?
    I tried but couldnt find him, had a lot of fun in Classic Warzone though :D

  • Gah, I want a PS4 so bad. Sure, I wouldn’t last two minutes against him, it sure would be one heck of a fun time!

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