Basement Crawl Blasting onto PS4

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Basement Crawl Blasting onto PS4

Hello everyone! Scary clowns, abandoned circuses and explosions sound appealing? Well, dive on in…

Basement Crawl is a PS4 exclusive that allows you to play locally with friends, a feature that hasn’t been especially prevalent in games lately. Basement Crawl brings together retro gameplay, modern mechanics and grindhouse horror to create a completely addictive experience.

Basement Crawl on PS4

As soon as you dive into the game, you can face off against four players locally or eight players online in dynamic grid based arena mayhem. Even better, you can play 4-player local and 8-player online. There are a total of four different classes and nine arenas to choose from. Depending on the setting and your class, you will have to tailor your approach and style for each match. Beyond that, there are unique bombs and power ups granted to each character.

Basement Crawl focuses very very heavily on skill. We don’t care how many hours you grind in other games to progress and get the highest rank or unbeatable weapons. Here, it’s all about reflexes and strategy. If you are the more skilled player — whether you’ve played for a minute or a year — you will win.

Basement Crawl on PS4Basement Crawl on PS4

Fast Paced, addictive and fun local or online multiplayer is what we really want to push with Basement Crawl. There are endless ways for players to refine their strategy and execution but the best players will always win. Skill beats grinding levels in this game, every time.

This is a great game to destroy your friends in — or to be destroyed by them. Speed, reflexes, strategic thinking and planning all play into the game. Combining all of these skills is the only way to become the champion.

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