Basement Crawl Blasting onto PS4

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Basement Crawl Blasting onto PS4

Hello everyone! Scary clowns, abandoned circuses and explosions sound appealing? Well, dive on in…

Basement Crawl is a PS4 exclusive that allows you to play locally with friends, a feature that hasn’t been especially prevalent in games lately. Basement Crawl brings together retro gameplay, modern mechanics and grindhouse horror to create a completely addictive experience.

Basement Crawl on PS4

As soon as you dive into the game, you can face off against four players locally or eight players online in dynamic grid based arena mayhem. Even better, you can play 4-player local and 8-player online. There are a total of four different classes and nine arenas to choose from. Depending on the setting and your class, you will have to tailor your approach and style for each match. Beyond that, there are unique bombs and power ups granted to each character.

Basement Crawl focuses very very heavily on skill. We don’t care how many hours you grind in other games to progress and get the highest rank or unbeatable weapons. Here, it’s all about reflexes and strategy. If you are the more skilled player — whether you’ve played for a minute or a year — you will win.

Basement Crawl on PS4Basement Crawl on PS4

Fast Paced, addictive and fun local or online multiplayer is what we really want to push with Basement Crawl. There are endless ways for players to refine their strategy and execution but the best players will always win. Skill beats grinding levels in this game, every time.

This is a great game to destroy your friends in — or to be destroyed by them. Speed, reflexes, strategic thinking and planning all play into the game. Combining all of these skills is the only way to become the champion.

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  • This has looked interesting for a while, are there any gameplay videos out there? Looking at the screens it screams Bomberman, would that be an appropriate comparison?

    The PSN store has this as coming out this coming Tuesday, is that accurate? And of course, the what most likely want to know: what’s the price and will there be a demo?

    • Hey Gorvi, There will not be a Demo however we will be looking at around the 10 dollar price mark. As for the release date we are waiting to get that 100% confirmation but expect it very very soon.

  • No release date? :/. Was supposed to have been released for the launch.

  • how much will this game be?? I wonder.

  • Details on gameplay in this article are incredibly vague. It looks like a Bomberman clone

  • Very pretty looking game. Would love to see it in motion.

  • Fantastic. Love Bomberman local competition, but tired of the cartoony look. This looks grittier, yet funnier.

    Can you talk about features of the DS4 that are used?

    The texture detail looks great, but the lighting looks pretty static (the explosions in the third screenshot don’t appear to be casting any colored light). Will the game have global illumination or other modern techniques in place by the time it ships?

    Any word on who’s doing the music? Hoping for another PS4 game with HD audio assets and great explosions with high dynamic range :)

    • I’m going to have to verify some of the information before I get back to you on this, I don’t want to give you bad info (and it is 2am for me right now so perhaps my brain isn’t functioning as it should) I will get back to you soon. If not you can always drop me a mail at

  • Jan 21st apparently.

  • @8 That’s the date shown on the game’s page on the PSN web store.

  • Heres what i think about this post and the many others like it: there is no useful information! You may as well have just said ” basement crawl is a thing”. If its supposedly coming out Tuesday, but you or sony cant be sure, and arent certain of the price, then there are real problems over there. So tired of the lack of real info on the blog. Even on Mondays they wont confirm prices or download sizes! Get it together!

    • Hey, the game will be out soon but it will not be out on Tuesday, this must be an error on the PSN store, I will send an email now and see if I can get some more info on that. As far as price goes, as I mentioned above we will be looking at around the 10 dollar mark for the game.

  • I will need to see more about this game like a trailer.

    • We will be dropping the gameplay trailer for Basement Crawl here on the Blog in the next few days. Keep an eye out! :)

  • I’ve got to agree with yowzagabowza, though this blog post is more guilty than most. It tells us that Basement Crawl is a game, and a game with local and offline multiplayer, and that’s it. Sure, there’s a couple of screens, but would it have been so hard to throw a video on YouTube and put it in the post? How about some actual explanation as to how the game plays? The screens make it look like Bomberman, but is that how it actually plays?

    I’m sorry, posts like this, especially posts that are so close to when the game is likely to be launching, that don’t include the price, are asinine. Why would you not include the price? It’s not like obfuscating it is actually going to do you any favors. If people thing it’s too high it doesn’t matter when you show it, they won’t buy. Same with whether or not there will be a demo.

    These things should be basic things that are in every post talking about a game’s release. It’s not complicated, it’s called knowing your audience and what information they want. This should be PR 101.

    • Hey buddy, I think I have answered most of your points in these comments but I will write them here as well. We will be looking at around the 10 dollar mark for the game, The gameplay trailer will be out here on the PS Blog very soon, there wont be a demo, the release date we are almost sure of but until we are 100% we don’t want to go public with it. Really, we weren’t trying to obfuscate anything, just didn’t want to put out info that hasn’t been set in stone just yet ;)

  • I was hoping this was like an adventure or stealth game after seeing the well-made trailer, but it just looks like Bomberman.

  • and of course the links for the pics are “404’d”

  • Bomberman style gameplay+horror?

    count me in!

  • So is this mp only?

    I do enjoy the ability to couch co-op on any game that uses it, but 95% of the time I game, I’m offline/solo.

    Looks neat either way, scary clowns are always fun.

  • Looks interesting. Will be on my radar.

  • I just read that “outlast” will be ps4 February plus game of the month.

  • “Basement Crawl focuses very very heavily on skill. We don’t care how many hours you grind in other games to progress and get the highest rank or unbeatable weapons. Here, it’s all about reflexes and strategy. If you are the more skilled player — whether you’ve played for a minute or a year — you will win.”

    Finally, a game that doesn’t baby the player and give them trophies just for participating. I love the old-school approach to this game. We need more games to return to the classic formula where you actually have to earn your way to success. I’ll be looking into this game when I get a PS4.

    • Glad you’re excited for it Primer, we love old school games here at Bloober Team and it really shows in what we put out… no hand holding, hard as hell, retro hardcore.. it’s not for everyone but hardcore gamers do seem to enjoy that thrill :)

  • sorry to sound like a hater.but can we get something that is made for a ps4?resogun.dont starve the dumb shadow game and this bomberman clone.all looks like dam vita games.i understand all you who like these kinda games i get it.but dam i got a ps4 to play next gen games not vita knockoffs.get sick of mp shooters after awhile need a game with substance.
    closest game comin out is a remake of tomb raider which i beat on ps3.was good enough i will be happy to play again to see whats dif.then end of feb for thief.

  • ^^^^^ My thoughts too.

  • Platinum Trophy?

  • Sorry to sound like a hater, but can we stop complaining about what we get made for the ps4?
    I can’t believe that you guys have the guts to complain about actually getting games all, and if you were to use your brain for a bit, know that the games for the system are currently in the works, as in, getting made.

  • this game sounds cool, like my butt

  • This is more directed at Sony, then this specific developer, but didn’t Sony say there would be a demo for every game with the PS4? I was pretty sure I saw this.

    The only thing I liked about this post was that the game is reportedly all about skill, which is awesome, if its true. Unfortunately I’m going to need to wait for some reviews and game video before I’d be willing to consider getting it. Even at $10.00 which is pretty close to an impulse buy I’m tired of being raked over the coals as a consumer by developers/publishers releasing work that is broken or not worth it because they didn’t provide a demo knowing it would cost them sales. If you’d like to point a finger at someone you can start with DICE and EA over BF4.

    At any rate, I’m looking forward to more details about this game.

  • Hey ExPresident,
    The game is primarily focused on skill, most definitely. As far as gameplay and whatnot, we will be dropping a video in the next few days and as I mentioned above feel free to send a message across if there is anything you want to find out that I have missed out!
    Have a good weekend.

  • looking at these screens from far i see bomberman >_<

  • I’m pretty damn excited for this game, I love classic Bomberman, and I am a HUGE horror fan… So this is great!

    I am curious though, the trailer was amazing! Had a great looking and very interesting back story to it, will we hear more about that through the gameplay itself? A cut scene or something after completing a stage?

  • man i am sad see i am there ususally everybody needs old member of first resident evil 5 person of best players history usually shadows person years of 2008 past play but this is so need for cool players returning for 7 times already ^O^ everything is awesomes

  • Not what I was expecting, I was looking forward to a new horror game. Sure it will be good for some but I was hoping for something like a Next gen fatal frame.

  • Thanks for releasing this game on the PS4! It looks exciting and I eagerly await some more footage of this title. I miss playing Bomberman with friends, and having a new-school grid-arena game should look to resolve that!

  • Marc, I’m glad to see your comments, thank you. My post wasn’t meant to be rude, and it wasn’t only spurred by this blog post. There have been many posts about games that just say “here’s a game”, post a few out of context screen shots, then give very little information. It’s frustrating on the consumer end when we want to be excited about your game, but aren’t given enough information to even know if we’re looking forward to a game or not.

    Again, I appreciate your replies, thank you.

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