New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

Featured Releases Now Available, Week of 1/14/14:

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Music Unlimited Highlights:

  • New music from Bruce Springsteen, containing songs written for previous albums and performed live for over 10 years, but only now recorded and compiled.
  • The long-awaited album from Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, originally postponed last year while she bravely battled cancer.
  • An extended version of Bastille’s 2013 album Bad Blood, featuring the infectious song “Pompeii.”
  • New singles from Shakira, Foster the People, The Dead Weather & a Music Unlimited exclusive remix of The Who’s “Join Together” (as heard in the Sony ad during The 2014 Golden Globes).

For further exclusive access to all the new album releases – see details here.

Video Unlimited Highlights:

Strap yourself in because this week’s New Release Recap is packed with both heart wrenching and heart pounding films! Award-winning Director Ron Howard delivers an epic, action­ packed drama about the golden age of Formula 1 racing in Rush, and the inspiring film Dear Mandela takes us on an emotional journey with three young people from South Africa striving for political change. Enjoy these great new films and more, plus new seasons of some of your favorite shows now on the Video Unlimited service!

Ron Howard returns to the Director’s chair to deliver Rush, an exhilarating true story of a legendary rivalry that took place during the glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing. The two most talented drivers mercilessly clash on and off the Grand Prix racetrack: gifted English playboy James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and his methodical, brilliant Austrian opponent, Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl). Both push themselves to the breaking point of physical and psychological endurance, where there’s no shortcut to victory and no margin for error.


In the new film Dear Mandela, follow the journey of three friends who live in a vast shantytown and refuse to be moved after South Africa’s government promises to ‘eradicate the slums’ and begins to evict shack dwellers far outside the city. In this inspiring, devastating and funny film the trio travels from their shacks to the highest court in the land as they invoke Nelson Mandela’s example and become leaders in a growing social movement.


Want to get more Video Unlimited scoop on all the new releases? View further details here.

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  • Will we get music unlimited 3 months for $3 lime EU?

    The current price is steep for the service, hopefully ps4 gets mp3 playback soon

    • Hi oshkoshbagosh1, yes Music Unlimited is currently offering €3 for 3 months subscription (€3/£3/$3 or 27kr local equivalent) from now until January 31, 2014. This is available to all users, except for current trialists or paid subscribers. You can purchase through our web store, PS3 and PS4 stores. For further details, please access here:

  • I still dream of the day that you can get Music Unlimited without a credit card subscription. I know that it will probably never happen, but the dream still remains.

  • @2 I think the dream should be for the day MU is included qith PS+

  • ULTRAVIOLET Still Missing :( — Please fix this glaring weakness with your service offering

    It is time for VideoUnlimited to join the UltraViolet digital rights sharing consortium. I would buy a bunch of movies through VideoUnlimited’s if the purchases were UltraViolet compatible and could be using through any UltraViolet streaming services. It’d be foolish for anyone to buy a movie or TV show through VideoUnlimited’s closed system. To provide much better value to customers, VideoUnlimited needs to stop living in the past and move to the future of UltraViolet digital rights sharing. Plus, adding UltraViolet streaming would give me another reason to get a second PS4 and mroe Vitas in my household. Until this big weakness is fixed I’ll keep using other services through my Roku. Sony Pictures is already part of UltraViolet so it seems extra silly that VideoUnlimited isn’t also a part of it.

    • Hi MKPACK, thanks for your feedbacks. We’ll definitely keep in mind if anything further develops with Ultraviolet for Video Unlimited. :)

  • Is it true Sony will never allow the ps4 to play audio CDs or play mp3s or video files off of usb storage? why?

  • Where is Kid Ink’s new album.. and What about Migos: YRN? it is on iTunes..

  • Seriously that price point is steep give me that $10 for a year deal again heck Id drop $20 for the year maybe $30

  • I agree with @4. Please bundle 3D,HD &n SD movies. Why can’t I buy Wizard of Oz 3D? Rent only, really?

  • Huge fan of Rammstein here, any chance it will be added?

  • When is the MP3/CD update coming to PS4?

  • I second what people are asking. But even more important, When will the rest of the videos be available on PS4. I wanted to rewatch Tester on it. The latest 12 episodes of Fairy Tail 73-84 don’t show, Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown. I’m waiting for it to work. Also Railguns second season. And though I don’t care about it, me Charlie’s Angels movie lol

  • Also, I don’t know who to contact about quality issues. For Fairy Tail the sound quality in episodes between 49-60 are bad, they sound about 50% lower and it’s sound is drown out. Idon’ know exactly but it’s obviously low quality sound. It’s not my streaming speed cause it doesn’t happen to eps 1-48 and the issue is on all 3 PS3, PS4 and Vita. Can those be fixed please, if I’m buying episodes of shows in HD I should have HD sound too.

  • I will have to check these out & see what these are about.

  • I as well would pay for a cheaper subscription for music unlimited , Europe did get theirs for 3$ I believe ..intill then no mulah from me

  • Hi,

    MU is an awesome service that I’ve had for over a year now.

    When renewing the $3.00 subscription over the PSN about a month ago, it was asking me to confirm my CC information.

    I went through the redundant process of offering my CC information, only to immediately turn around and disassociate my CC information from my PSN account.

    Why on earth are you guys asking for CC information on a $3.00 purchase? It’s mildly infuriating, especially given Sony’s history of being hacked (and even more so with the latest news of Target being hacked).

    I’m not sure if I will continue to subscribe to MU unless you guys drop the requirement for CC info… It doesn’t take long to associate, then disassociate my CC information on the PSN account, but it’s a total waste of my time and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Hi Elina,
    Thanks for listening and for your reply. I hope your smiley face is a very subtle hint that UltraViolet is on its way!
    Cheers :)

  • @MKPACK you can use the VUDU app for your UltraViolet titles on the PS3 and PS4.

  • I can’t seem to get the 3$ deal , I clicked on the link above u provided #1 but every time it says something went wrong.

  • Is Sony working on fixing the previously purchased video licensing problems and video playback glitches? Plus not all my prior purchases are showing up on PS4 video library. Some videos are missing, others have sound problems like hissing with no real audio other than noise, certain other titles have copyright permission issues.

  • How can I get a one year MU premium subscription? I have had the trial and now I can only find the $9.99 per month option. I thought for PlayStation Plus members it was $49.99?

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