Bodycheck Coming to PS Vita

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Bodycheck Coming to PS Vita

Hiya. I’m David, the de-facto Chief Person at Ludometrics, based in Glasgow, Scotland. The team here has been around for a long time in various forms, prior to teaming up again at Ludometrics; we originally made games for mobile phones way back last century, if you can imagine that.

Today, though, I’m here to tell you about Bodycheck, a game I’ve been waiting to make for quite a long time. Sometimes, as it’s said, all you need is a little patience.

Bodycheck on PS Vita

Bodycheck is a sports game for people who don’t necessarily like sports. Personally, I’m a fan of sports. I can sports with the best of them. But I find most sports games of recent years lack a certain something-something. Perhaps they’re not physical enough, or they manage not to capture the chaos of play, or sometimes they’re just a bit ponderous.

Bodycheck will (hopefully) contain that certain something-something. I love reading about the origins of football in the Middle Ages, with 500 players per team and matches lasting days — and the ball was actually a pig’s head.

We won’t have that many players per team in the game, and matches will be a tad shorter, but punching, scratching, and general unnecessary roughness are all actively encouraged during play. Just remember to score more points than your opponents.

Speaking of the Middle Ages, we’re also taking a cue from tales of sorcerers, witchcraft, and alchemists. You’ll have the ability to cast spells (need to resurrect one of your teammates? No problem. How about taking out your opponents with lightning bolts?), and use powerful items (the portable hole is a firm favourite). Perhaps you need a few more seconds to score the winning points in a match, or the reverse: to stop the match early while you’re in front? Simply bribe the timekeeper.

Bodycheck on PS Vita

So Bodycheck is a sports game with no rules against foul play, magic powers, and (explicit) corruption. And it will be multiplayer. Did I mention that you can have four-way matches?

It’s definitely our most ambitious game to date, and PS Vita is the perfect platform for it. That’s why I’ve had to be patient — finding the right platform and team to bring your idea to life can take time, never mind finding yourself in a situation where the amazing team at PlayStation listen to your crazy idea and give you the opportunity to work on that right platform.

We’re working hard on the game as I type, and we’re aiming for a Q3 2014 release. We’ll be posting regular updates at, and you can find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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2 Author Replies

  • Platinum Trophy?

  • Sounds intriguing. Any chance of a gameplay trailer? I look forward to playing something else on my vita. =)

  • This sounds right up my alley; the last sport game I really got into was Sega Soccer Slam.

    Is it Vita exclusive, or also mobile bound? Either way, definitely on my radar! Good luck!

  • Wow, really impressed with all these new games coming to vita this year! I will be adding this one to my list!

  • Doesn’t sound too hot

  • Good I dont like sports at all so this game may be good for me haha….looking forward to more details and possibly a gameplay video.

  • Some of my favorite sports games were those that deviated from real sports. NFL Blitz, Looney Tunes Basketball, and the recent resurgence of Wind Jammers of course.

    We need more fake sports games. Thanks for giving it a go. I look forward to what you guys come up with.

  • Sounds pretty interesting. I’ve been yearning for a sports game that eschews the typical rules in favor of, shall we say, overpowered brutality. I used to love this game called Base Wars for the NES, if you recall that.

    In any case, I’ll be keeping my eye on this.

    Please consider adding AI/Bots for offline play though, as I don’t always like playing online.

  • Yay, more new Vita games, thanks! This one sounds hilarious.

  • I’ll be keeping watch on this game. I’m a big sports fan, but over the years, I’ve preferred to play the more arcade type of sports game (mutant league football, nba/nfl street series, pigskin footbrawl, arch rivals and so forth). It’s about time somebody has thought to bring one to Vita.

  • Great news tnx :) btw David any news from inFamous on PS VITA? Please please inform us

  • @akisuo there isn’t a trailer, but there’s an early footage video that was posted on the Playstation EU blog for it:

  • This game looks awesome. It’s like NFL Blitz but with vikings. When watching the video footage, it reminded me of Mario Strikers Charged in that it’s sort of a sports game, but really it’s about hitting people. I’m really looking forward to it. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Sports games have all been far too serious lately. I miss the quirky and weird ones of the 90s that I grew up playing. This seems like it may scratch that itch and for that sir…I thank you.

  • I miss the crazy sports games of yore. Will check this out. Thanks for supporting the Vita. :)

  • Looks and sounds like some of the ideas from Pigskin , I loved that game

  • Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the encouragement – hopefully we can at least meet your expectations for the game, and we’re definitely happy Sony are letting us bring this to the Vita!

  • From the sound of it, and the look of the images, it feels like this has more than a little shared DNA with the Bitmap Brothers Speedball series.
    And that can only be a great thing. As much as I love the minis version of Speedball 2 on my Vita, a new, updated version could be glorious!

  • Sounds cool

  • Only a small amount of sport games that breaks the rules such as Kunio Kun series(5 nes titles) Tiny Toons and Blitz and so finally a new game added to it.

  • I’m usually into sport games, but something like this might be right up my alley.

  • This sounds like fun, and something I might pick up. Hopefully you guys drop a demo. Glad to hear of something else new and unique coming to Vita.

  • Now this is the originality that the PS Vita needs to stay relevant & to bring in new PS Vita owners.

  • If it’s as fun as Pigskin, I’m all over it. Remember Pigskin?

    “Bring out the TROLLLLL!!!”

  • Mutant league football anyone?

  • This actually sounds pretty awesome! I freaking hate sports games, but this sounds like it’s in a class of its own. I’ll look forward to seeing more…

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