Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Launches Today on PS3

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Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Launches Today on PS3

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD

Aveline de Grandpré is no stranger to PlayStation Assassins. Making her debut as the first playable female Assassin on PS Vita a little over a year ago, Aveline has quickly grown to be one of the most popular and praised Assassins in the series. She even took on a few missions on the PS3 and PS4 versions of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (And if you haven’t played those yet, be sure to download them for free from the AC4 main menu!).

Now, Aveline will arrive on PS3 in the fully-upgraded Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD!

Assassin's Creed Liberation HDAssassin's Creed Liberation HD

Liberation HD includes a complete graphical overhaul, fully-remastered audio, and all-new, never-before-played missions designed to engulf you even further into Aveline’s world. For the first time on PS3, you’ll be able to use Aveline’s trademark whip in both combat and navigation. Stalk secretly while hiding in plain sight, dressed in any of Aveline’s three disguises. Dash effortlessly through the trees of the bayou, across verdant jungles and Mayan ruins, or perch over the sprawling port city of New Orleans.

Don’t miss out on your chance to play as one of our most deadly Assassins yet.

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  • Obligatory, Maybe she’s born with it…. Maybe it’s Aveline.

    Installed already, glad you got rid of the grindy trophies for the most part and ripped out MP. Excited to Platinum it again on PS3.

  • *Note too all* Game is up on the store before normal store update because it was a pre-order digital title and those usually are live midnight pacific time on launch day.

  • I just bought it! It was a pleasant surprise to find out that those who have AC4 season pass have 5$ off on this game =D
    Can’t wait to see Aveline in HD!

    Btw, does this game have multiplayer also?

  • @3, no multiplayer. Just a straight port with prettier graphics.

    I *was* going to buy this until the 14 for 14 sale was announced. Now I guess I’ll have to put this off and use that money on sale games. Woe is me

  • @ ubisoft please fix community challenges and make the social chest whales and royal features more frequent!

  • It’s January 14th, no word on you tube, DLNA, Friends notifications, Headset support, mp3…….these things should have been ready at launch come on Sony.

  • Not gonna buy this for US$20.
    Gonna wait for a reasonable price, as I already have the PS Vita version.

    There should be and upgrade program for the ones who already have the original game.

  • why does bioshock infinite not appears in the plus page for download?

  • @8 store is not yet updated

  • @8, as with EVERY WEEK – the PS Store does not update until Tuesday around 5 PM Eastern

  • I’m with DION3TO. Since I own the Vita version already, I’m not going to pay whatever counts as full price for this game. Should have been free for us, or $10 upgrade like PS3 -> PS4.

  • FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU i want bioshock :c

  • @jedi-kriss –

    You can download the trial in the mean time. No need to download again and wait until the store updates.

  • Gabriel / Ubisoft. How can we access the AC4 missions? Everywhere online states a code in the box, but there wasn’t one in mine. In this post you state from main menu, yet I can’t find it. I am a PS4 owner. Also not sure if you can adress this but DLC codes for items I bought. One from getting the figurine from Amazon and the other from Schick razor. When you log on to get code PS4 is not listed. Kind of ticked off cause I bought these extra items with promise of “available for all consoles” right on the packaging. Thanks.

  • This game’s release date is perfect. Black Flag has been out for a while and hopefully we’ll learn the next location for the series this spring/summer.

    I’ve already played the Vita version and I’ll get this too. Good game. For those wondering, it doesn’t have the depth of the console versions in terms of world size. But the missions, controls and overall experience is definitely on par with the series. I’d say on average it will hold you over for 15-25 hours, depending on your pace.

    However, it’s a portable entry so don’t compare it to Black Flag or ACIII because it’s an unfair comparison. Think God of War PSP games instead.

    And yes, I think it’s worth $20.

  • @13 I have never thought of that!!!

  • I have asked this question on every assassin’s creed liberation hd post thats been out so far and have not gotten an answer. I shall try again. Does this connect to assassin’s creed 3 and unlock the missions on it like the original ps vita version did?

  • I was going to consider buying this even at 15$, but when I saw the deals the PStore will have later today I passed on it.

    FYI- If you bought the season pass for AC4 the game WAS $15 if you bought it before today (1/14) but now it’s $20 (just in case some say hey I have season pass….game is 20$ now….da frick?)

    Im sure this game will be on sale with PS+ sometime in summer so I can wait (played the vita version already).

    @17 No I don’t think it does. I tried the demo and on the menu there wasn’t anything about Inter connectivity like the PSV game. also it does not have ‘multiplayer’ but it’s no real loss since I highly doubt players were really necessarily playing it since it is not like the console MP’s

  • So in AC4, Aveline’s missions are downloaded instead of on the disc. I was actually wondering about this as I didn’t want to beat AC4 and end up with her missions having not played Liberation HD before. Also I heard this is like AC3, so should I beat AC3 before playing this if it does end up spoiling AC3’s story for me.

  • Nope thanks….I ain’t buying a cash-grabber version of the game….will wait for this to come for free on Plus or something like that….I’m good with the Vita version where it should have never gone off.

  • Welmosca why should it “never gone off”? That makes absolutely no sense. There are plenty of Assassin’s Creed fans that do not have any interest in the PSVita. It would be idiotic for a company to leave it as a portable only title when they can make so much off of releasing a console version as well.

  • I wish I could transfer over my save from the vita version to play the HD version with. It would be a definite buy for me then. Do you think they could patch that in?

  • @22 Highly doubt it. They’re ignoring everyone mentioning any sort of discount for those who own the Vita title; it seems as if they don’t care about the people who own the Vita version in any way.

  • @4

    It’s definitely more than a straight port. It’s a complete remake made by the original studio (Ubi Sofia).

  • @23 Get over it. The game is $20 and the dev team had to completely rework the game. This isn’t some big budget $60 game. Whether or not you own the Vita version, $20 is a fair price for a complete Assassin’s Creed storyline.

  • @19 No, it won’t ruin the story. It’s in the same time period, but different locations and events except for one small meeting between the two characters.

    @23 I don’t think it’s a matter of them not caring about Vita owners.

    When we buy a CD or mp3 and a few months later the artist comes out with a live version or remix, do we expect to get that version for free or discounted? If we go to a theater to see a movie do we expect to get the Blu-ray discounted because we’ve already seen it?

    I think Ubisoft said they’ve sold about 800,000 copies of the Vita game. I have no idea if that’s enough to cover production costs, but if they can earn some extra income for the work they’ve put into the game then they will.

    Remember, we need production teams to make money so more projections can be created.

  • YAY! I’ve pre ordered it the day it came to PS Store. I’m currently downloading it, can’t wait to play, specially because it’ll be my first AC saga game. I don’t have the PS Vita one (I don’t even have the portable ;p), but I think $20 is worth. Because they had to rework the game, putting new graphics, new missions, just to make us feel like “It was made for consoles!”. Thanks for letting us download the game before the Store update (same thing with every pre-order). I think Ubisoft, until now, is the most promising company of 2014, with this one, Watch_Dogs, The Division, etc…
    Oh, looks like my game already downloading, so LET’S PLAY! (:

  • Already downloaded *
    Sorry (;

  • @ #25 & 26 – Completely agree with both of you. How is it unreasonable of Ubisoft to ask us to pay $20 an HD version of a game that’s only a little over a year old, and is a full game, not a downloadable experience? And why should they give a discount to those that bought the Vita version of the game. Better yet, HOW WOULD THEY EVEN ACCOMPLISH THAT? How would a person prove that they bought Liberation on Vita? If you say “check whether someone bought it digitally,” how would that apply to those with a physical copy? What if you traded it in already? Please people…THINK before you post these asinine, negative comments.

  • I’m a ps plus member too guys !

  • Notice I c an download the game before the store updates. So downloading now plus the DLC. Gonna play this later when it finishes downloading.

  • Owned and platinum’d the Vita version, I’d love to see them bring the PC version to the PS4. I hope they try again with Assassin’s Creed on the Vita because I thought they did a very good job condensing the game onto a portable.

    Maybe by than Sony’s game cards will allow over 4gb and there won’t be a 100 app limit on the Vita

  • I am playing this right now on Vita but the low frame-rate is really distracting. Maybe it would be better experienced on the PS3.

  • LOL so many cry babies. It’s only 20 bucks! which you could easily just waste at a convenient store (or something), it’s nothing! I look forward to spending my $20 on this game when I get home! I knew I should have called in sick today! :-D

  • @34 you should get fired.

  • For anyone that needs this game now or any other game in the upcoming update for that matter. Just do this:

    1. Go to the PlayStation Store
    2. Go to the Search tab and search the specific game you want to buy and it should appear.
    3. Enjoy!

    Reason for this is because it takes time to upload all the content in each upcoming update. The games are on the server per se, but they just keep them hidden until everything from the update is uploaded. This little trick usually works around 1 or 2 PM EST the latest every week for me.

  • what? my vita isn’t hd??? oh my…

  • Well I know what I’m spending $20 on later tonight.

  • late to the comment game. T-T
    This is the only Assassin’s Creed game I’ve ever played. While a lot of fun, I have no idea what’s going on. From what little I know, it seems like the Templars are the good guys, Assassins are backstabbing no good cutthroats, and Aveline is one of the coolest protagonists ever.

  • @39 Yeah, it’s not exactly the easiest to understand if you haven’t played the entire series. Although I’ve played every Assassin’s Creed game and I’m not 100% what’s going on all the time.

    I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, but for those of you who didn’t know Agate (Liberation) and Adewale (Black Flag & Freedom Cry) are voiced by the same individual.

  • Why did you guys at Sony remove the ability to shop on the store using Visa giftcards? I was going to use the remaining money on my card to take advantage of the 14 for 14 sale, but apparently I’m locked out of trying to add funds to my account for trying too many times

  • Thanks to somebody yesterday (was it JimmyHack?) who said to check after midnight,, I downloaded @ 1 am so it’s all ready for me to play.

  • I would purchase a physical copy without any hesitation, but investing $20 for a digital copy only equals no buy.

  • I like how ubisoft completely abandoned the PS Vita version.

  • I pre-ordered assassins creed liberations HD in the Psn store for 19.99 and for some reason it says TRIAL VERSION some one help i was looking foreword to playing this….

  • I have pre purchase Assassins Creed and its still Says trial version please help :)

  • Assassins Creed Liberation HD is so amazing, it is exactly what I wanted it to be. The 3rd person camera angle is closer than the other console Assassins Creed games which is always something that i wanted. So far the glitches and bugs i found in the vita version seem to be fixed in the PS3 version. This is def. a must play for anyone who likes the Assassins Creed series.

  • Release it on retail and I’ll pick it up at full price.

  • Finally I get to play it…on PS3

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