This Week in PlayStation

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This Week in PlayStation

CES 2014 is in the books, PlayStation Now has been officially unveiled, and it’s back to business as usual in Videogame Land.

Don’t Starve is out now on PS4, and accomplishing the task proposed by its title has proven more difficult than anticipated. If you tuned in to one of our two livestreams of the game this week (hint, hint), you saw us struggling to build fires, gather supplies, and eat flower petals to stay alive in an unforgiving wilderness. I think we could use a few tips.

Ryan, being the lucky devil he is, got to play both Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Thankfully, he’s a generous devil and he’s published his impressions from both right here on PlayStation.Blog. I never got to Tomb Raider on PS3 myself, so Lara’s next-gen debut can’t come soon enough.

But we’ve got a couple weeks until Tomb Raider comes to PS4. Until then, I think I’ll dive back into Assassin’s Creed IV and destroy some of Sid’s scores in The Pinball Arcade a bit more soundly. What are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: Don’t Starve, The Pinball Arcade
  • I’m watching: Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive
  • I’m listening to: The Bird and the Bee, Janelle Monáe (thanks Ryan!)

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