How We Created Kaz Hirai’s CES ’14 Keynote in Real-Time

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How We Created Kaz Hirai’s CES ’14 Keynote in Real-Time

At Media Molecule we’re in love with real-world materials, particularly ones that allow creative expression (just look at our games!), so it was great to be asked to get involved in attempting to make a ‘physical keynote’ for CES as part of Kaz Hirai’s presentation. A presentation where the slides would be made live in front of the camera to present the memories, influences, insights and dreams Kaz would be expressing on stage. A keynote with extremely realistic physics — because everything was real and physical!

So thanks to a 4K camera, a bunch of motors to control the camera, a very talented film crew, and a giant scroll of paper for it all to point at, our stage was set!

It was such a buzz doing it all live, the three of us (Karen, Tim and myself) trying to match what we were doing with Kaz’s speech, whether that was painting, drawing, collaging or sliding real Sony products onto the paper scene. I think it really represents how personal technology can and should be. Phones are made to be held and used, cameras are designed for capturing and sharing beautiful memories, and games give us experiences that make us laugh and shout and fall off the couch.

But the most exciting part for me (apart from meeting Vince Gilligan OMG) was seeing the video of the Mm team, showing the sometimes hard roads we take to make games we really love and want to pass on to others. I had real goosebumps seeing that video playing on the backstage monitors, a little bit of homesickness, missing the team back in the UK, but a whole lot of pride for what they’ve all achieved!

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