CES ’14: The Creative Vision of Media Molecule

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CES ’14: The Creative Vision of Media Molecule

On Tuesday, Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai gave the opening keynote speech of CES 2014. He spoke about some of the successes (And failures!) that Sony has had in the past, and took the opportunity to lay out his vision for the future of the company, emphasizing that its products and services need to deliver “wow” experiences to its customers.

We were honored that Media Molecule was highlighted in the keynote as a kind of apotheosis of this concept (Yay, us!), embracing the desire to deliver something special and truly unique and “wow” in each of our games. We were excited to work with the team to put together this little video for his prezzo, where we discuss our creative process and vision for our games.

If you didn’t catch the livestream, we wanted to share this video with you here on PlayStation.Blog, as it gives our fans and the gaming community another look into the happenings that go on behind the scenes while we work on developing our creations.

That wasn’t our only involvement though — if you watch Kaz’s full speech you’ll spot our very own Rex Crowle, Tearaway’s creative director, taking part in the live performance shenanigans on the live animation screen behind Kaz.

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  • Please make LittleBigPlanet 3 on PS4! The PS4 without a full LittleBigPlanet would always feel like there’s a hole in it’s game library

  • More Vita love. Thanks. Love Mm

  • Did they mention anything about dlna, mp3, usb storage and audio CD support?

  • If you own a Vita, and you haven’t purchased Tearaway, you are doing yourself a disservice. It’s an amazing little game! Don’t let the paper-craft/kid like look of the game put you off, it’s an utterly beautiful handheld game.

  • You Guys at Media Molecule always continue to amaze me. Your unique creative thinking, to the different art styles, and Gameplay, always leaves me wondering what great ideas you guys have floating in those “LittleBig” Heads of yours. :P “I cannot wait to see what you guys have in store for us next.” You are the kind of Developers that continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world, And I for one am proud that a gaming company exist such as yourselves, who does just that, and is willing to take risks, to write great moments in the history of gaming, that will always have a place in everyone’s hearts. Thank You.

  • Tearaway is absolutely fantastic. I have so much respect and admiration for the creativity that comes out of Media Molecule. Thanks for being so awesome Mm.

  • So when are the Vita IGN mainstays going to leave and make way for LBP Vita?

  • I can’t wait to see Mm’s project for the PS4!!!

  • Thank you guys for making such amazing games. Tearaway is so damn good I actually delayed playing it for weeks half way through because I just didn’t want it to end.

  • I need LBP 3 for PS4. I was hoping soo bad that’s what this thing was when they came up at CES

  • Make GTA San andreas for the PS4
    and tell us hoow much will be the plastation´s now price

  • The background animation was so good, so creative that it almost distracted me from Kaz’s speech. Lucky for him he spoke so well he overcame the entertaining background. Honestly, CES was a win-win for Sony in every way that I saw.

  • if you read this mr.young .please be aware that you guys and gals really opened a door full of really special games for me,so many thanks to you all .Mm means alot to me :)

  • ” jluvsc on January 9th, 2014 at 11:15 am said:
    Did they mention anything about dlna, mp3, usb storage and audio CD support?”

    Oh course we all still want this stuff, but I don’t think asking in the Media Molecule section is going to help.
    Your best bet to get anything done is to keep emailing and calling PlayStation support. I too hope they follow through on their promises to “investigate the possibilities” as they have said and proceeded to go radio silent since the release of the PS4.

    Back on topic, I can’t wait for the inevitable LittleBigPlanet 3 PS4 game. I’m sure it will look unreal.

  • just here to say that TearAway was so awesome that i already want a sequel XD.

    and i want to say too that i really feel bad that the game had to be released on the same day as mario 3d world, Zelda 3ds and the xbox one…. the game couldnt be in any worst position. despise that, the game deserved all the sales it could handle. i bought 2 copies of it.

    anyways just waiting on LittleBigPlanet 3D for ps4!!! cant wait to play and create worlds on super mario 64 style!

    NOTE: the only complain i have with ur games Mm…. there arent enough/more intuitive enemies/bosses… pls make the games a little bit more challenging next time around with more things to beat. sometimes it gets a little boring just walking around with no enemies or dumb enemies :)

  • U know what its sick that a company like sony has downgraded their charm Playstation 3 To Playstation 4 and selling the product with false views to customers … Just bought a PS4 yesterday its really really pathetic u dont have a media player or usb player in PS4 where as PS3 had it all .. I was expecting PS 4 to play MKV files like mobiles do these days…. I dnt think its good to fool customers this way … Really upset coz had a lot of expectation on this console to be better than previous PS3 but in short i have been downgraded paying extra 400 gbp….. NEVER BUY PS4 …

  • I LOVE that you folks got showcased during that great presentation. Well deserved. Congrats!

    It’s one thing when a company gobbles up a little dev. and assimilates it, and it’s another when the spirit of that dev. clearly ends up influencing the company itself :-)

    Did the folks in the room know the animation in the background was live? If I hadn’t seen the livestream shot of you guys waving I might not have known…

  • Let me just add my voice to those praising Tearaway. I’m a couple of hours in and I’ve been charmed by every moment of it.

  • Loved LPB, loving Tearaway. Giving papercraft blueprints as prizes…Genious! Everyone wanted a Sackboy figure, and now your giving us Tearaway figures as prizes for playing the game and promoting creativity outside of gaming. I know I had fun making the real life LBP crown outside of gaming. I can’t wait to see what you guys are up to for PS4. Taking a guess, I’m thinking something to do with claymation. You’ve tackled Plushies, and papercraft, and given your E3 showing I’d say claymation would be your next creative genre.

  • This video was very inspirational & assuring that you have to fail & take risk in order to succeed. This is why Media Molecule is 1 of the best because of there pursuit of creating a game that’s never been done ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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