Hands on: PlayStation Now Game Streaming

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Hands on: PlayStation Now Game Streaming

PS Now

It works! That’s the biggest compliment you could pay the newly revealed PlayStation Now game streaming service formally unveiled at CES 2014. Set to roll out this summer on PS3 and PS4 — followed by PS Vita and an array of internet connected devices such as 2014 BRAVIA TVs — PS Now will enable users to stream a library of PS3 titles in real time over the internet.

Update: Want more information on PS Now? Watch these new video reports filed by PlayStation’s community blogger team straight from CES.

At the show, gaming media went hands-on with PS Now across two devices, a 2014 BRAVIA TV and a PS Vita. The test drive featured four titles — Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us, and Puppeteer. And across the board, the experience was encouraging. PS Now’s advantage lies in its immediacy and access; the ability to hop easily between multiple games across a host of devices without downloading huge files or swapping Blu-ray discs represents a major evolution of the medium.

The Last of Us

On the BRAVIA, I picked up the DualShock 3 and launched into The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s critically-acclaimed survival drama. Following a brief loading screen, I launched an early scenario set in the ruins of Boston. So far, so good: the experience looked and felt faithful to playing the game locally on a PS3. I crept through abandoned skyscrapers, evaded marauding Clickers, and engaged in a bareknuckle beatdown against a mob of Infected.

In the test demo I played on both the BRAVIA and PS Vita, gameplay latency was a non-issue. I had no trouble controlling the camera, aiming at enemies, or fending off incoming attacks. In fact, after a few minutes of play I forgot that I was “streaming a game” — I was just getting absorbed in playing The Last of Us. I also fired up Puppeteer and God of War: Ascension, and the experience was similarly convincing.

At this early stage of PS Now’s development, pixel counters and graphics aficionados might spot some minor concessions in the visual department, such as compression artifacts, consistent with high-quality internet video or gameplay streamed via PS Vita Remote Play.

And as with all bandwidth-intensive streaming content, a player’s experience with PS Now will depend on the overall quality of their broadband internet connection. The PS Now team is currently estimating that a 5 mbps connection will provide a good experience for most games, and they’ll be gathering user feedback during the closed beta before announcing more details.

There are still plenty of things we don’t know about the service that will surely be revealed as we get closer to its summer launch in the United States. But for now, as far as first impressions go, PS Now is looking promising, indeed. Sign up here for more information.

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  • I can’t wait!!!! I already signed up for the closed beta!

  • i dont get it…

  • hey where can we do that?

  • I hope to see the following playable on PS Vita and PS4.
    -Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
    -Virtua Fighter 4 (original version)
    -Gex: Enter the Gecko
    -Tomb Raider: Chronicles

    Would love to play these on PS Vita and PS4.

    Really can’t wait, i just signed up to try to get into the beta.

  • So the R2/L2 and R3/L3 on Vita will work by tapping in the touch screen from the back?

  • Hey Sid, dd you prefer PlayStation Now on Vita or the Bravia TV?

    • PS Vita looked *nice*. It’s sort of an oversampling situation, where the high-res master feed is squished down onto the PS Vita – so visually it looked excellent. But on the Bravia, you get the big screen and the physical controller with triggers. Both are good in their own way!

  • us(dot)playstation(dot)com/playstationnow

  • Sony should have specified that the beta and that the final product will be available in only the US or other countries.

  • The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls on vita *.*

  • Will we be able to use our old saved games on PS Now? For example, if I only got through half of The Last of Us on PS3 (hypothetically speaking of course, I played through it twice!), would I be able to sync my progress with PlayStation’s servers, and continue where I left off on a device running PS Now? Or would I have to start over?

  • So long as this isn’t the first step in eliminating local game play I’m cool with this. I can see myself renting rare games that I can’t find, but preferring to have a local copy on hand if I like the game. Which means I need to start seeing some emulation out of you Sony. I’m not a fan of something so unreliable and suffering from higher latency than my controller already give me.

    • No, it’s more like a complementary service. If you like playing games natively on console – that ain’t going anywhere.

  • Exciting stuff! Can’t wait to try it myself.

  • I registered, thanx afigueroa. I’m Canadian, so it likely won’t count. Who’s to say that my Zip isn’t 90210?

  • Signed up, have a Vita too so my body is ready NOW!!!!

  • will I be able to use this for other features the ps4 lacks such as streaming ps3 compatible mp3s and audio cds?

  • I really don’t understand how anyone can say Microsoft is better at this point. But yeah, just signed up. I really hope I can play Last of Us, Beyond, and God of War on my Vita.

  • First up afigueroa what you signed up for isn’t for the beta. You need to read the article again, info on the beta will be sometime this month.

  • Well, you’re right. It’s for information about when the Beta comes out :P
    Sorry, I just got excited.

  • Thanks Sid.

    Can’t wait.

    Hopefully the upcoming Beta will also include Canada as well as the US.

    Keep the posts coming for this..excited for the actual time it’s live this summer !

  • www(dot)ign(dot)com/articles/2014/01/08/heres-how-you-can-maybe-sign-up-for-playstation-nows-beta

  • I am SOOOO excited about this! I didn’t get to play The Last of Us before selling my PS3. I’m excited that I’ll get to play it on my PS4 and Vita!

    If this really works as well as they say it does it will totally revolutionize gaming. I’ll take a small hit in visual quality for instant access.

  • PLEASE Add dbz Ultimate Tenchaichi 3!!!!!!
    This feature is the best I’ve ever seen!!!!!!! Thank you so much Sony!

  • Death of the console race begins here. :(

  • Please bring PlayStation Now to Mexico, we’re in NA too.
    Will you guys add trophy support for classics games as well? i’d replay lot of classics if you do

  • I can’t wait. I hope we get Skyrim on PlayStation now. I wanna play that game on the Vita.

  • is it true sony does not plan to bring the ps4 to mexico because mexicans like music and wold.expect the ps4 to play cds and mp3s when it doesnt?

  • Playstation Now looks very promising. Can wait, i need this NOW wooo!

  • @26 what are you talking about? PS4 is already available in mexico since Nov 29th, i have mine and is amazing, now just waiting for PlayStation Now :)

  • I would like more info regarding the back end of Playstation Now. How many servers, etc.

  • I guess i won’t be able to use this. My internet speed sucks. Hopefully i can upgrade my speed soon.

  • will we be able to play the ps now games offline too or is it online streaming only.

  • will we be able to play the ps now games offline too or is it online streaming only?

  • IT IS FOR USA ONLY!!!!!!!

  • It will be good as long as I don’t have to pay for games I already own like NHL 13

  • Canada is part of NA too but they arent getting it

  • I need to know how :v how i can do that

  • Will the games that have trophy support on disc and download also have trophy support via streaming?

  • Why does it require a last name to be at least 3 characters? I know I’m in the minority (and also a minority) kinda not fair since my last name is 2 characters long.

  • I recently got Tonsil Surgery on January 6 & I know it has nothing to do with this article or PlayStation in general but I just wanted to wish that everyone has a healthy & long life :) I am in so much pain (legit) but I hope everyone also has a lot of fun in their life c: just try to keep positive (:

  • Sony don’t forget about your Canadian fans with playstation now!!!!!

  • LOL Sony Canada has better internet infrastructure then US it’s a part of north america…….I don’t get it.

    Also, why is this being allowed on Tablets, phones? That will just hurt hardware sales.

    Where is MP3, DLNA, you tube, Friend notifications, wireless headsets??? Still nothing.

  • So I’ve heard that you have to have a dualshock 3 to use the service. Does that mean that DS3 will still be needed if you use the service on PS4?

    I’ve also noticed mixed things about PS now being the answer to backwards compatibility. Is this sony’s answer to it or will there be something else in the future?

  • Thanks afigueroa

  • So excited for PSNow! I just signed up for the closed beta. Hopefully I get an invite so I can experience this awesome technology first hand. Going to be a fantastic experience :)

  • @42

    No, all PS1, PS2 and PS3 games that streamed to the PS4 will use the DS4. If you stream to a Bravia or Tablet, it looks like it’s only DS3 right now. Hopefully you’ll be able to use the DS4 on the Bravia TVs and Tablets as well.

  • I want trophies on older games (ps1/ps2 classics) in the service. I also don’t want to have to pay extra if I’m already a plus member and I definitely won’t bother if they won’t be implementing that patent people are talking about to trigger trophies in older games.. However, in all honesty our technology is not where it needs to be to have a service like this work without an enormous amount of problems. The main one I can already tell is graphical quality. I have a 50 MBPS download speed and even netflix takes a second or two sometimes to change video quality, and those are just TV shows. Not games that are true 1080p resolution….

  • I really wonder if Sony knows how many people do not have or have access to the minimum internet speeds required for this to work smoothly. Japan, sure, high speed internet is everywhere and cheap. I live in a small fukui town of 10,000 people and still have a 50mps connection. Stateside however I wonder.

    That said, can’t wait to use it.

  • I wonder if we can use our old save game files from games that we previously played?.

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