VidZone Brings Free Music Videos to PS4 in Time for the Holidays

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VidZone Brings Free Music Videos to PS4 in Time for the Holidays


For all music lovers across the nation, we have exciting news for you today. VidZone, a free music video service, is now available on PS4!

For those of you who have familiarized yourselves with the app on PS3, you will find that the new and improved VidZone has been fully optimized for PS4 to offer faster start up times and quick navigation. This means no more waiting to get to the music videos, your playlists, TV channels and everything else you already know and love about VidZone. With PS4’s enhanced social integration features, your recent VidZone activity can be displayed in your friends’ “What’s New” activity feed; you can also share screen grabs of your favorite music videos with friends on Facebook and Twitter with a click of the Share button on the DualShock 4 controller.

Katy Perry

For those that haven’t yet checked out VidZone, here is a simple breakdown of what the service offers. We think you’ll be impressed. VidZone is a completely free music video app that lets you:

  • Choose from thousands of music videos and stream them in stunning HD quality on your PS3 and now PS4.
  • Create unlimited playlists and build a library of your favorite music videos in My Zone.
  • Watch hundreds of VidZone TV channels and let the music videos roll.
  • Let your friends know which videos you love by recommending your favorites via Facebook or Twitter.

EminemDavid Guetta

VidZone brings you a world of music videos tailored completely for you. Download it now for free from PlayStation Store under the Apps category. As always, keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook. We read everything and love your comments, so don’t be shy! Got any requests for VidZone? Let us know!

The VidZone App for PS4 can be found in the TV & Video section of PS4′s home screen, or in the App section of PlayStation Store.

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  • Merry Christmas :)

  • Is this US only? Or should it be available to Canadians as well? Thanks!

  • I love that Sony is bringing all the great Paid and free services from PS3 over to the PS4 :)

    Now if Sony could just bring over Playstation Home, MP3, CD and DLNA support to PS4 I would be one happy PS4 user!!!

  • PS4 is the best gaming console ever released and I see no reason why it can’t also become a great media device as well! I hope Sony is planning to improve the the Blu-Ray player on screen controls to at least match the PS3 And please keep released more and more media Apps on the PS4.

    And last but not least please release a Sony Blu-Ray remote for the PS4!

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

  • US Only? Can I see the videos in South America?

  • Great news!

    Sony, Can you help us Audiophiles and fix how you control surround sound by the system. Basically can you have the system native switch to 2 channel when necessary so my receiver can convert it to “pro-logic”, That way I can still enjoy surround sound and not have Netflix play on just 2 speakers on non-surround content. thank you.

  • Just a heads up Went to download it, unfortunately,: I don’t see the VidZone app currently up on PS4 Store or TV & Video section 11:09 am NYC EST… Or probably I’m missing it??

  • It not out yet please add that to post its misleading currently

  • Wow! while vidzone is better than nothing. It’s a joke compared to Vevo which you Sony are owners & content providers of. It boggles the mind to wonder why Sony provides this to Xbox One and Xbox 360 users while PS3 and PS4 users are made to make due with the half-arsed vidzone app.Way to compete with Xbox live. Provide the competition with better services & give your loyal customers 2nd rate apps.

  • Niteight sony does not owm vevo .content for vevo is viewable on youtube on ps4 just go to youtube .Com /tv on the web brower .

  • You are partially correct erico316ecw. While they are not the SOLE owners of Vevo they are owners none the less. They are also one of the ”Big 3” content providers for Vevo as well. content they are providing for Xbox live users. Not you and I.

  • Can we see some christain artists on this app please.

  • Canada’s getting no love on PS4 no joke, our joke list of apps is ridiculous. Also can apps we choose not to download not appear on my app list. I don’t want Sports apps showing with my Netflix, Crackle, Crunchyroll and IGN, also. What is the Video Categories? Cause in Canada Netflix sits by itself at the top then everything else is at the bottom, yet Crackle, and Crunchyroll are both Streaming apps like Netflix and I’d rather them grouped together or me organizing it

  • Niteight sony isnt intentionly giving xbox live content . Vevo can do what they want if they are provided content and have right to it . By your logical sony is providing thier video content to xbox live thanks to netflix .

  • @wickedhost187 they do have a wide range of christain music granted is nothing compare to what music unlimited offers . currently they have ‘red’ the Christian rock group

  • I don’t see it showing up yet under apps.

  • But does it have all the 1980’s hair metal videos I grew up with? That’s the most important question!! I want all King Diamond videos on there for instance. :)

  • Protip: If you want awesome Christian music, check out Joy Electric’s Christmas album!

  • NICE! This will hold me over until ya’ll fix Music Unlimited on PS4.

    (Please fix Music Unlimited on PS4. Please? Pretty please???)

  • @erico316ecw No Vevo cannot do what it wants. Only what the companies that own & operate Vevo ( Universal, Google, Sony & Abu Dhubai Media ) wish it to. And yes if Sony were joint owners of netflix as they are Vevo I would say the same of netflix. There is nothing wrong with my logic.

  • Is there going to be a vidzone app for the ps vita?

  • When can we expect a VEVO app? You’d think they’red already be a VEVO app on PSN/SEN since Sony Music Entertainment co-owns VEVO.

  • Would there be any hope of you giving the community and update on the Singstar app for the US and other territories I love it and buy a lot of songs off of it and want to make sure it is coming to the PS4 their website will not give us any updates of information if it will be coming to Ps4 along with songs we purchased and new accessories. If you can’t give us information would you pass it along and let them know the community for the Singstar is getting really restless waiting for information to find out about it especially with it being a deciding factor for some for purchasing the new PS4. BTW really excited for Vidzone on the Ps4 I loved it on the ps3 thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • lol it doesnt even let us download it

  • Yeah, it finally showed up, not even in the main new or popular apps, you have to go into all apps to find it. Then it says it can’t be downloaded and gives an error. I was hoping that PS Store and updates and such wouldn’t be as sloppy with PS4. It seems they still aren’t quite there yet. Even the time that the PS Store updates on Tuesday is still random.

  • Yes we finally got an good free app. Now can we get an youtube app & mp3 support. It is Xmas sony:)

  • Another cool app that i can’t use, just like music unlimited this one is unavailable in my region. :C

  • I can’t find it in the store apps or tv/video section…

  • Is it at all possible to listen to the music video in the background as you play a game like killzone or call of duty for example?

  • I want content manager for PS4/ PS Vita, not just PS3.

  • is it availble in UAE store or ONLY USA? , And please we need an items to be add in Our store like others

    and Happy new year ^^

  • Can we please get YouTube, full media playback (CD, MP3, MP4, AVI, MKV, etc.), and War Thunder available in North America yet? Seriously, I love my PS4, but I want it to be a full out next generation console… not just a faster, more fluid stripped down version of the PS3.

  • mine stopped working, please fix Sony or add a Youtube app!!or any other free music outlet.

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